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Chapter 59: Stewed Beef

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is laughing at the interaction between the two cubs


The snow leopard and husky looked at each other less than ten meters away.

A calm face with high vigilance, an excited tongue lolling out, and a grin. The little husky was stuck in the hole he had gouged out, only showing a small head. His brown eyes were rolling, excited, and confused, where was his body?

Snow Leopard, “…” He’s probably dumber than I thought.

Little husky, “Awoo?”

What’s the matter with the barking? Does this fool really treat himself as a wolf? The snow leopard thought.

After the initial fury, the little snow leopard quickly calmed down with years of experience, and the hair on his neck also flattened. He lazily lay back on Gu YuMian’s shoulders, calm as usual, and quickly thought out several plans.

The moon was still.

The baby panda rolled itself into a small silkworm chrysalis in the quilt. Gu YuMian picked up the baby panda and the quilt, and let the little fox also shrink into the ‘silkworm chrysalis’. His sight was blocked for the most part.

He had yet to find the cub stuck in the hole in the wall.

“TuanTuan, what’s the matter?”

The little snow leopard sat up quietly with his long tail around Gu YuMian’s neck, which naturally blocked his view towards the wall. At the same time, he yawned impatiently.

Gu YuMian understood, “Sleepy? Then we’ll go back.”

The little snow leopard nodded with satisfaction.

The little husky was in a hurry. He had smelled the delicious food coming from the human youth’s home. How could he let him go? “Awooo!” cried the little fellow, shouting!

But within that same second.

——In the living room, the TV automatically unfolded it’s the light screen and played the evening pop-up song channel. Suddenly, the heavy metal rock music drowned out the little husky’s cry!

Little husky, “…”

The little husky was shocked by the sudden rock and roll, shrunk his head, and thought it was too disrespectful. He cheered himself up, then glared fiercely at the place where the voice came, and cried.

He was covered by another rising sound wave.

Gu YuMian wondered, “Did I just turn off the TV?” This is too disturbing. I hope neighbors don’t knock.


The baby panda and the little fox also came out of the quilt with their two small heads. They were confused and looked at each other on the ground. The little fox also took a careful look at the snow leopard.

Gu YuMian held the quilt and the children. He couldn’t control the TV with his optical computer. He could only walk into the room quickly and put the children down first. The soundproof glass door closed slowly behind him.

As long as the door was closed, no matter what happened outside, no one inside would hear. The little snow leopard’s plan had been successful. His eyes were full of sarcasm. He swept over to the door and closed it lazily.

At the last moment, the little husky suddenly burst out with unimaginable strength. He pushed his body through the hole in the wall, and the stray wild dog rushed to the glass door. However, the door was closed. He watched the alloy door in front of him and wagged his tail. He was only troubled for a second.

There was no wall in the world that the husky couldn’t tear down. If there was… No, no if.

Three seconds later, Gu YuMian turned off the TV with a long sigh of relief, when suddenly, he heard a loud noise in his ear.

The little snow leopard’s face sank.

Gu YuMian turned around and saw that the wall in his courtyard had a hole, and the edge of the hole was still falling. The little husky half hung on the glass door, spitting out his tongue, then let out an exclusive giggle, “Awoo, Awoo!” Hello, human!

Gu YuMian, little fox and the baby panda, “…”

Their three expressions changed from surprise to stupidity.

But the little snow leopard was depressed on the floor and put out his claws from his small paw pads.


Because of the accident, Gu YuMian had to suspend the live broadcast to deal with it — in fact, he would like to take the opportunity to be lazy, but presently, he had a long time limit due the rookie competition. Now it was a little before nine o’clock, so he needed to broadcast a little longer.

Once again, the long-awaited audience immediately swarmed in, and in a blink returned to more than 40 million, rolling out with the bullet screen.

[Looking Back: Eh, there is another hairball. Where did it come from?]

[A cucumber: Wait, a little husky?? Hahaha, it’s also a husky that I’m chasing, but unfortunately there’s no photo.]

“Um… It’s like this,” Gu YuMian could not help laughing and explained the story to the audience briefly, “I don’t know where this little guy came from. No one has lost a child after asking around. He looked hungry.”

It was a small matter to fix the hole. He could have it finished by the robot in a few minutes. It was mainly this kid… Huskies were born with thick fur. The back of the husky’s back was gray and black. The pattern spread to his forehead and became a burning torch.

At this time, the little husky sat majestically at Gu YuMian’s feet.

His brown eyes were slanting, with a wolf-like sense of ‘ferocity and contempt’ — if one ignored the empty plates and wagging tail at his feet. The snacks and food reserves in the refrigerator were swept away by the husky, but he was still hungry.

“All right, I’ll cook right away,” Gu YuMian squatted down and touched his little head. “How about stewed beef?”

He guessed the age of this little husky and thought he was a little older than a puppy. He could eat meat, and should have beef and chicken breasts. Gu YuMian didn’t have time to stop his sweeping. The little guy had eaten some meat.

The little husky’s scornful eyes changed for a second. He rubbed his head against Gu YuMian’s palm, “Awoo!”

Like the leopard TuanTuan, the little husky had a high liking value for Gu YuMian. He grinned and wagged his tail to show his love. Gu YuMian wanted to squeeze the puppy directly into his arms several times. Of course, the little snow leopard, who had been lying on Gu YuMian’s shoulder was very unhappy and tight on his back, stretching out his paws and threatening to open them again and again.

The autumn night was deep, and the warm yellow light was shining in the room.

The baby panda and little fox were next to each other’s heads. Looking at the little husky, they were obviously curious about the new kid, but they were a little afraid because of his exaggerated and domineering way of playing. The more outgoing and cheerful baby panda slowly moved to the husky’s side and reached out with his soft claws, which meant he wanted to greet him. The little husky didn’t understand what it meant. He tilted his head and pondered for a while before opening his mouth to hold the paws of the baby panda. 1

Gu YuMian, the little fox, the little snow leopard, and the audience, “…”

There was silence.

The baby panda, “Chii!!!!!”

The little husky didn’t mean anything. He watched the baby panda’s frightened response and silently let go of his paw. The baby panda hiccuped again, and thumped into Gu YuMian’s arms.

“YuanYuan, this is also to express friendship with you,” Gu YuMian had planned to start cooking, and had to touch the round head of the baby panda. He squatted down again, holding the right paw of husky and the left paw of the baby panda together, bending his eyes, “It should be like this. Haha.”

When Gu YuMian laughed, he became more gentle and softer than usual. There was a tiny light in his eyes, which was the kind of smile that was easy to fall into.

Now the audience was watching from the baby panda perspective. The bullet screen was looking at the interaction between the two children happily. At this moment, a sudden attack from the beauty came, and immediately:

[Six Six: Fuck, anchor is so gentle and handsome. My heart is thumping.]

[Dolly Ma: Aaaaah! Why is there a star in MianMian’s eyes when he smiles? If I were one of these children, I would never wash my claws all my life! 555]

The biggest traffic period had passed, but the popularity of the broadcast had been rising rapidly, and the number of viewers was about to reach 60 million.

The little husky suddenly realized what he had done wrong and he was a little embarrassed. He grinned at the baby panda, and put both claws on the baby panda’s claws to show his friendship.

The little husky was fierce in appearance and a little stupid, but he was very friendly in essence. The baby panda carefully touched the husky’s paw with his, and the little husky pushed back even harder.

After a while, the two children played together.

The baby panda didn’t remember the previous experience at all. After playing for a while, he brought the husky to the fox and introduced his two good friends. The little fox was a little shy and timid. The baby panda pat his back with his claws to tell the little fox to reach out and touch the little husky.

The fox plucked up his courage and held out his paw.

The little husky looked at it for a moment with his head askew. As soon as Gu YuMian had a bad premonition, he saw the little husky hesitate to open his mouth before putting the paw of little fox into his mouth.

The expression of the baby panda and little fox gradually dulled.

Gu YuMian and the snow leopard, “…”

Gu YuMian didn’t raise a husky, but at this moment, he finally understood the reason why netizens were crazy for them in his last life. No wonder some people said that when God sent intelligence to others, only the husky held up his umbrella.

In a short time, the number of spectators had increased by several hundred thousands. At this time, 60 million spectators: 


[He doesn’t understand? When Er Ha falls into a pit, he will continue to fall into it countless times.] 

[I smiled enough for a whole year.]

Five minutes later.

It was not easy to deal with everything. The three children had a good time together. The little snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, one claw was pressed against Gu YuMian’s nape, without any intention of playing with the other children.

There was another stupid thing in the family.

And I have a hunch that I can’t shoo him away in a short time.

…He was sour.

“Now I don’t think I’m the head of the family.” Gu YuMian thought it was funny.

The little snow leopard usually had a family leader’s style, and felt that he and the little fox were not in the same generation at all, but he was still so sour when he was jealous.

[Throwing Cosmetics: The head of a family is the head of a family, but it doesn’t affect TuanTuan’s sourness. After all, this is the race talent of a little lemon, hahahaha!]

[User 129794: There’s also a night snack. Anchor, what shall we eat later?]

“Because it’s kind of cold, let’s have some stew,” Gu YuMian had given the little husky the name ‘Er Ha’ without permission. He thought, “Stew is a little bit soft and tender, which is better for digestion.”

Gu YuMian put on an apron and figured out how to deal with ingredients better. It wasn’t too early. Although the essence of eating night snacks was not healthy, he should try to make it healthier.

Stewed beef cooked in a Chinese style, Gu YuMian chose beef ribs.

Gu YuMian washed the beef ribs with water, spread a layer of mustard on the surface and marinated them for a while before washing them off — so that the meat would be more tender and easy to ripen. Then, he turned his knife and cut the ribs into big squares, soaked them in cold water for a while, and put the big pieces into a pot to boil them a little bit.

“This stew needs to be cooked twice,” Gu YuMian said as he scooped out the ribs and cooked them until they were soft and tender. “First, boil them with water, then add seasoning to the stew.”

The seasoning was mainly clove, cinnamon, angelica and some cardamom. Of course, they were not named in the interstellar era. In addition, the regular seasoning was onion, ginger, garlic and a little salt. Gu YuMian also added a little rock sugar and hawthorn slices to enhance the taste and deodorize the sinewy smell. All these were packed in a small cloth bag.

Gu YuMian changed the pot of water again. First, he put down the cooked beef ribs, and then used a spoon to skim the floating end. Then, he boiled them over high heat, turned it to low heat and added seasoning.

“The seasoning should be finished at one time.” Gu YuMian thought about it and added some tea — just a little tea. Although he liked it, he didn’t dare to open it up, but he was willing to cook for the children.

With the help of the special devices, the time needed for stewing had greatly shortened.

Before long, Gu YuMian uncovered the pot. Along with the hot white steam came the sound of stewed beef soup, bringing the delicious stew flavor to every corner. In the process of stewing, the soup had been boiled into a slightly thick red sauce, and wrapped around the soft, fragrant beef.

The meat was already soft, and crispy. It was fat, beautiful and thin, tender and soft. When it was touched with the chopsticks, it fell away from the bone. Because of the addition of cinnamon, nutmeg, hawthorn and other spices, the whole dish was beautiful but not greasy. The sauce was full-bodied, which made people salivate just looking at it!

The color and fragrance were all the best.

The baby panda gulped twice, but the saliva could not help but flow out. The little fox bit the handkerchief anxiously and kneaded it. The little snow leopard was so depressed that he was not drowsy any longer. At this time, he sat up and waited to eat without trace.

The little husky’s tail was wildly swinging, his eyes were shining, and he was excited enough to spit out his tongue and circle Gu YuMian.

At this time, the audience and the little husky were magically synchronized, “Awoo!!”

[afjhdkf: Awoo Awoo !! At the moment, I am the Er Ha. It’s really delicious!!]

[Junior B: It’s delicious. I’d like to have a drink of this soup to see what it tastes like. Taking a sip of water!]

[Strawberry Biscuits: Is it really good to eat at night? I’m afraid I have to chew on biscuits. The meat looks so soft and tender, and it’s too fragrant.]

On the screen, many gift effects exploded at the same time. A series of bullet screens rolled by one after another. There were many gift giving expressions that urged the babies to eat.

The number of people rushed up 80 million in one stroke, even climbing several people directly into the top three of real-time popularity list!

“Don’t eat too much,” Gu YuMian scooped out the stewed beef ribs with a spoon, poured a spoonful of hot thick soup directly on the surface of the ribs, and admonished, “If it’s too much to digest, you won’t be able to sleep at night.”

The little fox’s head was in a position where both the children and the audience could still hear him. Gu YuMian smiled helplessly and brought the plate out to the living room. He easily separated the meat from the bone with chopsticks and fed one piece to the four children in turn.

——The red and bright beef had been stewed until it was falling off the bone. It was not hard to chew at all. It scattered in the mouth. When a bite was taken, a thick soup flowed out immediately. The soft and tender beef ribs were stewed into the mellowness of the rich and fragrant sauce. All kinds of delicious dishes were mingled together on the taste buds!

Although there were soup dumplings before, they were large. This was the first time the little husky could really taste the hot dishes made by Gu YuMian, and was completely shocked by the taste.

The little husky’s tongue spat out dumbly, his white front teeth showed, and he smiled brilliantly and foolishly. When being held by Gu YuMian and fed the meat, the puppy was floating in excessive double happiness, completely losing his expressions, and felt that he had ascended to heaven.

The baby panda and the little fox were not so good. The baby panda happily chirped twice holding his belly. The little fox shyly asked Gu YuMian to feed him a little more. Even after the snow leopard finished eating, he put down his sour mood and looked satisfied.

At the same time, a heat wave was rising in the bullet screen!

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Ahh!! Good! Good! Eat more!]

[There’s a family in the mine: !!!! I’ll never forget this taste. I strongly ask Elbet to serve this new dish as well!]

[User 1979: Aigo, do you think my kneeling posture is standard? This beef has a good taste. It’s neither heavy nor light. It’s delicious and comfortable to eat!]

[There’s a Cloud: The meat is crispy, delicious, suitable for the thick and light sauce, delicious and palatable. The cooking skills and various abilities of the anchor are getting better and better. Thank you anchor. Roses in September, my heart is only you, five fireworks for you!]

[Dangerous and Charming Villain: I’m stunned, I need to get up and call for takeout…]

In a few minutes, the popularity of the studio was further pushed up.

It was only a little more than half an hour since the broadcast had started. The number of spectators jumped from 80 million to 90 million in the blink of an eye, ranking first in the home page real-time popularity list!


That night, Gu YuMian’s ranking on this week’s popularity list had quietly climbed to the top five from tenth. It was not the end of the week, so it was not a problem for him to be in the top three at that time. This was the second time he was in the top three weekly list, it was really amazing.

As for the rookie competition, there was no doubt that he would come first.

Before, the second RMB player in the rookie competition would try to compete by lottery. Now it seemed that he just gave up by lying on his back and would occasionally watch Gu YuMian’s live broadcast to enjoy it. After all, how could he fight??

After the broadcast, Gu YuMian went over his lost children’s claim again and didn’t see a response. The little husky was going to stay at his home tonight. Fortunately, the family was full of cubs. There was no lack of anything. There was more room for another bed.

The husky’s character was such that he was not afraid of anything. He was more familiar with himself than the baby panda. Soon he was familiar with Tangyuan and QiuQiu. He was not even afraid of the snow leopard, and he tried to talk with the snow leopard. Of course, he was pushed away mercilessly and wearily.

When the little husky spoke with the little snow leopard, the baby panda and little fox looked at him with admiration and thought it was very incredible.

“It’s bath time.” Gu YuMian rubbed the bath soap into the palm of his hand to create bubbles, and took all four babies to the bathroom. “Er Ha, you… You’re really dirty. It’s as if you’ve made a hole in the soil.”

He hadn’t noticed it until now. Gu YuMian thought that this little guy was white, not gray. He was just dirty from drilling through the dirt. Gu YuMian thought, after cleaning him, Er Ha was a young man who was still very dignified and handsome, how could he be stupid?

The little husky thought Gu YuMian was praising him, and he was very proud to open his mouth to reveal his front teeth. He looked up and held his chest up, “Awoo!”

Gu YuMian looked at him and thought that the little guy was indeed stupid and funny, but somehow… he was lovely. The baby panda and the little fox were close to Gu YuMian’s arms. One side of their heads could touch the baby snow leopard’s plush head.

Gu YuMian was also floating, and his life was complete.

At a glance, the little snow leopard saw Gu YuMian’s thoughts, and the acid which was hard to press down came out again and began to bubble. He pressed Gu YuMian’s eyes with one claw, and his small face was very unhappy.

Don’t feel your life is complete because of other wool balls!

Fortunately, there was the fox at home. Although Gu YuMian didn’t raise a husky before, he had some previous experience in canine breeding. After bathing and combing, Gu YuMian sat and drank some milk and digested it for a while, and then he took the children to sleep.

It was midnight.

The little husky was beside Gu YuMian and he slept with all fours in the air. He was adorable. Gu YuMian didn’t know what he was dreaming about. He was even drooling. The baby panda and little fox were sleeping together, and little snow leopard was not found.

A well-defined hand grabbed the little husky’s nape. The little husky’s expression in his sleep was stupid, which made the man laugh mercilessly. He first threw the little husky on the sofa in the living room, then the baby panda and little fox.

The three cubs slept on all fours, folded like carrots on the sofa.

After that, Shuo Han finally relaxed his eyebrows, lay down lazily again, put his human in his arms and went to sleep.

He had a good night’s dream.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Addis: Random thought after reading this. Did you know that cheetahs in zoos are matched with dogs (usually labs) so that they have friends and someone else to learn from? Learn more here.


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