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Chapter 61: Potato Soup and Pan-Fried Meat

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to hug the family of five ♡


Five minutes into the broadcast, the number of online viewers rose directly to 50 million. Since the audience knew that they were going to the amusement park, they were in high spirits — whenever they went to the amusement park with their families, it was a happy thing, let alone at night. Starting in the evening would give people a special sense of mystery and novelty. All the unknowns were charming. What’s more, there was delicious food to eat before departure.

[Doll An: I’m excited as if I’m going to play myself. QAQ I’m really looking forward to playing in the amusement park with MianMian’s cubs!! Utopia for two days and three nights, Utopia night tour! 5555]

[Strawberry Clip: Why are the children so calm?]

“Yuanyuan, QiuQiu and Er’er didn’t sleep very much last night,” said Gu YuMian, who was neither smiling nor crying. “Er’er peeked at my booking information, told Yuanyuan and QiuQiu and then…”

The three cubs, just like the kindergarten children who were going to autumn outing, were excited and stayed up all night. The little husky was having fun with the silly baby panda. He almost demolished his house in the middle of the night, but Gu YuMian couldn’t stop him.

Even the steady little fox was not steady.

When Gu YuMian got up to clean up the mess, the little fox was in front of the mirror nervously comparing which little bundle he would carry and which little hat he would wear. The expression of anxiety and hope, like a wooden and homespun programmer who went on a blind date for the first time, made Gu YuMian laugh.

Even the little snow leopard had a quiet expectation, although he didn’t show it clearly.

Gu YuMian thought it was funny and felt helpless, but at the same time he felt guilty. He didn’t expect that the children would be this excited, he should have taken them earlier.

——The result of such a night’s entertainment was that the next day, when they ran out of energy, they would fall asleep.

“The kids just woke up,” Gu YuMian said. “It’s going to be noisy again. Let’s cook now.”

As soon as he woke up, the little husky was slightly awake while dozing off. On a small, domineering face, sometimes he was stupefied, sometimes he showed the ferocious expression of trying to remember. He didn’t think about the amusement park yet.

The baby panda leaned against the fox, holding Gu YuMian’s palm and dozing again. The little snow leopard had been lying lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder.

Except for the little fox, who was very nervous because he wanted to help the kitchen, everyone did not wake up completely.

The audience was full of hahahaha!

[Aushe: So cute, let’s hurry up!! In fact, I can’t wait for what the anchor will do today! Hahahaha!]

It was Friday night and had only been a short time since the broadcast began. Now the audience had reached 60 million.

“We will leave for Utopia at nine o’clock. I don’t know what time we will arrive, so we will need to check into the hotel as soon as we get there, so we need to eat a little bit to supplement our physical strength,” Gu YuMian said. “I’m going to make fried beef ribs and thick potato soup. Well, let’s do the soup first.”

After eating Chinese food for a long time, they should change their tastes occasionally. Beef was good for physical strength, and the delicate soup full of potatoes and bacon was delicious and filling at the same time.

With two claws holding the potatoes, the fox carefully put them into an automatic peeler to peel them – all of which were protected and could be operated safely by the children.


The peeled potatoes were automatically cut into small pieces and put into containers. The fox held the glass bowl and handed it to Gu YuMian, who praised him while caressing his head.

The snow leopard sat up and watched the fox and Gu YuMian cook tacitly, with a cold face and a heavy tail swing. Gu YuMian reluctantly kissed his forehead and then washed his hands. He continued to shred the scallions and cut the bacon into small pieces. He put a small piece of butter in the small pot.

After ten seconds, the butter melted due to the high temperature. Gu YuMian put in the shredded green onion at this time, stir-fried it while moving it back and forth until the shredded green onion was slightly golden and softened, then directly stir-fried the potato pieces, added water and continued to cook.

Gu YuMian explained, “Stir fry the shredded green onion until it’s soft. You don’t need to add too much water. The water here is only used to cook the potatoes. Let’s fry the bacon now. “

Like pork belly, bacon itself produced a lot of oil during frying, so there was no need to add extra oil. Gu YuMian immediately put the bacon in the pot and cooked it. Soon, the smoked bacon became dark brown, with a layer of bright oil on the surface. The meat was very tender and crisp!

The little husky and the baby panda raised their ears at the same time.

——At the same time, the boiled potatoes soften slightly.

Gu YuMian used a slotted spoon to put the potato pieces together with the onion shreds into the blender, add two spoons of the soup base, and turned the blender on to make a delicate pureed potato.

“Add cheese to make it taste better.” As he said this, Gu YuMian put the pureed potato soup into a small pot and simmered it on the stove. He added a small piece of cheese and a small spoon of synthetic milk, salt and black pepper, holding the long spoon and stirring constantly.

Soon, the thick potato cream soup was bubbling on the stove, with a transparent bubble on the surface from time to time. The strong milk flavor was mixed with the potato onion flavor, and it floated to every corner of the room!

Looking into the pot, the soft and delicate potato was wrapped with chopped green onion and black pepper, and the milky white cheese. The soup presented a thick and mellow texture. It was not hard to imagine the warm, soft, salty, fragrant and silky taste. 1

The little husky and the baby panda were going to do damage again. At this time, they stopped in a very neat and uniform way. Meanwhile, they looked at the pot under Gu YuMian’s hand and swallowed their saliva obviously.

When Gu YuMian ladled the soup out of the pot and sprinkled it with crispy bacon, the snow leopard and the fox fell over. The little snow leopard narrowed his eyes slightly, stretched out his claws to pull Gu YuMian’s hand, and the little fox, introverted and yearning, raised his head and chirped twice. The audience couldn’t help it!

[Once named you: Aaaaah!!!! It’s really not an exaggeration. My saliva is left on my clothes from my mouth!]

[Vivian: If happiness has a name, it’s the potato cream soup made by MianMian. It’s delicious. I’m hungry.]

[User 18739: Can you draw a lottery for this soup? How about serving it at Elbet Restaurant? Please, please.]

[Because you are too soft: I want it!! I really do!!!]

At this time, the number of spectators rushed up 80 million at one stroke, and it was just after the first half hour that they directly dropped the top three of the home page real-time popularity list.

The atmosphere was very warm. The bullet screens were stacked on top of each other. They were all new in all kinds of expeditions, sweepstakes and restaurants, which made people dazzled for a while!

“The potato soup is still very hot. I’ll make the fried beef ribs, and then we can eat them together, okay?”

The snow leopard reluctantly nodded, and the fox, of course, agreed unconditionally. The baby panda sucked his paw. Although he was greedy, he nodded obediently. And the little husky… he was different. He wanted to eat the delicious food and fly. He happily circled around Gu YuMian’s feet, grinning and drooling.

To keep the cubs from waiting, Gu YuMian sped up. He first washed and cut the synthetic beef bone, salted it with black pepper. Patted the garlic with the back of the knife and stir fried it directly.

“The sauce is a mixture of soy sauce, low alcohol fruit wine and pear juice.” Gu YuMian said as he mixed the juice into the pot and boiled it over a big fire. After a while, he showed them the agate transparent and slightly thick sauce, “Acidic juice can make the meat more sweet and tender.”

It was reasonable to add sugar, but with the few children at home, it was better to eat less sugar. Gu YuMian simply replaced sugar with pear juice. Gu YuMian directly fried the beef ribs in a pot over high heat. He also cooked the low-grade fruit wine, then poured a spoon of boiling juice over the ribs and turned it over to fry.

Gu YuMian’s movements were flowing, skillful and easy to grasp. Just watching was a kind of enjoyment. The children who used to be very noisy all gathered around and watched, and the audience couldn’t help but watch too.

Soon, they were attracted by the bones in the pot.

Part of the texture of the thin crispy bone was black and white, and the oil in it infiltrated into the fresh and chewy meat that was not fat or grisly. Before long, under the sound of hot oil at the bottom of the pot, the beef ribs were completely fried.

The outer layer of the beef ribs were covered with snowflakes, with the luster of burning juice and oil on the surface, the golden crisp surface and the tender and compact meat quality, plus the smell of garlic mixed with the delicious burnt fragrance – full of color, fragrance, just watching and smelling make people’s throats move! 2

The baby panda looked at the fried beef ribs and the hot potato soup on the stove. For a while, he doesn’t know which one he wanted the most and swallowed his saliva again and again.

But there was a heatwave on the bullet screen, and all kinds of gifts rushed in like urging snowflakes!

[This adult can’t make a choice, I want all of them!] [Hurry up and give me this beef ribs and potato soup. I’ll give you everything! 5555.] [Such a nice smell, nice smell, nice smell, awsl!]

“Okay,” Gu YuMian couldn’t help but chuckle as he moved the little ones into the living room one by one. Now he couldn’t hold four cubs at a time, he could only hold two, and then he went back for the food and served them with fried beef ribs

“Have soup first. I’ll get the beef ribs.” He put the soup into four small bowls, gave each one a spoon, and waited until each child had his first bite.

——The thick potato soup boiled with cheese tasted thick, fragrant and smooth. The delicate potato was wrapped with caramelized scallions. The mellow and glutinous thick soup slid from the esophagus to the stomach. The salty and fresh milk flavor was not greasy at all, satisfying and made them expect the next delicious taste.

Plus the bacon crumbs sprinkled on top left a smokey, crisp taste and soft mashed potatoes, a mouthful was enough to amaze the taste buds!

A moment later, the little snow leopard and the little fox were still tasting carefully. The baby panda was exaggerating and fell back happily holding the spoon and was caught by Gu YuMian. The little husky’s expression gradually became happy as his brain shut down and his tail crazily shook!

“Awoo, awoo!!”

The bullet screen had been completely swiped by [Aaaah!] from the very beginning.

And this was far from over.

In order to prevent the children from swallowing the small bones by mistake, Gu YuMian first cut the meat from the bones with a knife, and then fed them piece by piece.

After drinking the thick soup, they could directly eat the fried beef ribs at just the right temperature. Once again, delicacy after delicacy overlapped.

The little fox, who had always been introverted, couldn’t help holding his face with his claws and chirping happily. The little snow leopard rubbed Gu YuMian’s palm with his plush ears. When he relaxed, he unconsciously showed excessive intimacy and affection.

Gu YuMian had not tasted these two dishes himself, but caressed the little heads of the children thinking it was funny, “Don’t exaggerate to this point, right? Is it really delicious?”

Unexpectedly, the response of the bullet screen was more exaggerated than that of the cubs.

[A Little Puppet: It’s really good to drink and eat! Wuwuwuwu. My little kitty has finished it! Send out another bowl!]

[Junior B: Brother, isn’t this the potato you eat every day? How can you cook it so delicate, thick and mellow, absolutely different from what I have tried. And this fried beef ribs are really tender and delicious. After eating, this deer is flying.]

[Matcha broken ice: Delicious, delicious, delicious! While eating, I have to keep swallowing saliva! I’m gnawing on dry bread, while shedding tears! T-T]

[There’s a Cloud: It’s fragrant, salty and fresh. It’s soft, creamy and mellow. It’s a good potato soup. The fire and taste of fried beef ribs are very well controlled. Thank you anchor, the rest of the fireworks on my account are given to you.]

[ahckubf: !!!!! Good and happy life, with such delicious food, I will go to Utopia later just to snack with you! QAQ]

The audience easily jumped over 90 million, still rising rapidly, and the atmosphere was directly pushed to the second peak without any transition!

After the thick and mellow potato soup, it was the fried beef ribs. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The perfect wagyu meat was fresh, smooth and chewy. The stewed juice from the pear wine purified the original delicious taste again. It was so delicious that people wanted to swallow it with their tongues.

“We still have a lot of time,” Gu YuMian said, gently holding the children in his arms. “In a moment, we will pack up a little baggage. When the time is up, we will go to Utopia. Hmm?”

Today, the moon was bright, and there were many stories hidden in the autumn night and wind. The definition of happiness was suddenly very clear at this moment. Who didn’t want to have a hot and fragrant dinner with the people close to them at the end of summer and autumn, pack up their bags and go to the place they had been looking forward to for a long time, and spend one interesting and wonderful or warm and plain night and day together.

Gu YuMian had the ability to visualize dreams.

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: In the days of immortality, I dream of flying to live with Mianmian and the cubs. I’m so happy!]

[Qingnishang: I’ve recommended this broadcast to my whole circle of friends. I heard that the live broadcast will be very long today. I’m looking forward to it!!!]

Today’s time was long enough to give the audience enough time for spontaneous recommendation. The old audience and the new audience rushed in together to further boost the popularity of the live room.

Thousands of bullet screens were spewing out at the same time, with thousands of new viewers pouring in every second. In the blink of an eye, the total number of people was over 100 million, and even within an hour, Gu YuMian was going to be the first on the real-time popularity list!

… This live broadcast was less than an hour in, it was just the beginning.


Gu YuMian’s normal live broadcasts didn’t last long enough, so he suffered a little bit in the rookie competition. At this time, Gu YuMian soared to the position where no rookie anchor had ever reached. His real-time enthusiasm left the second place more than three or four times.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel the double pressure from the strength of that data.

After eating, Gu YuMian helped the little fox to make drinks and food together while taking the children to pack.

“This time, QiuQiu is the chef. I’ll watch,” Gu YuMian said, rubbing the fox’s head. “Can I trust QiuQiu?”

The little fox was shy and nervous for a while, and then answered him more seriously and firmly, “Ji!”

He was making sandwiches, which could be carried in food preservation bags, and it was not difficult.

Gu YuMian specially made a set of kitchenware for the little fox – this was the most sour thing for the little snow leopard. Several times Gu YuMian secretly saw that he wanted to hide the kitchen utensils and take them as his own. He also waved his small claws to calm his face and didn’t admit that he was jealous.

Finally, Gu YuMian had customized a set of pillows for the little snow leopard, a bottle for the baby panda, and a helmet for the husky. Each cub had their own special belongings, and the little snow leopard was barely satisfied.

[Throwing Cosmetics: Qiuqiu is really serious, making sandwiches is like doing experiments 23333]

The little fox did it very carefully. First, he cut the bread, wrapped the slices, fried the chicken breast and eggs in a small pot, and then sandwiched them with lettuce. Of course, I’m diligent and conscientious, but I don’t have enough skills, and finally I made a small sandwich.

It was not really delicious. The little fox had not tasted the sandwich himself. Looking at the appearance of the sandwich, his ears drooped first.

But unexpectedly, Gu YuMian, holding the baby panda and little Er Ha spoke highly of it.

“It’s really delicious.” Gu YuMian scratched the fox’s chin, “thank you for your hospitality. Maybe QiuQiu has a talent for cooking? “

The baby panda and the little husky nodded in agreement: “Chii!” “Awoo!”

The little husky bumped his head into little fox’s head, whining twice. He didn’t want his good friend and family to look sad. Even the snow leopard condescendingly tasted it and nodded.

On the bullet screen, there was also a good praise: [Although it’s not as delicious as Mian Mian’s, it’s not bad.] [At such a young age, he’s so awesome.] [He’s really talented! Maybe he shares genetics with MianMian! It suddenly occurred to me that there is no blood relationship between Qiuqiu and Mianmian!]

From the beginning, the little fox was dubious, then his drooping ears stood up a little bit, blushing and quietly cheering.

Although when they tasted the sandwich that was not delicious, the heat of the live room did not decline at all. On the contrary, the warm and happy atmosphere in the home attracted more audience members.

Gu YuMian looked at the time. At half-past eight, he packed his bags and went out.

“What can I bring with me?” Gu YuMian held the children, “TuanTuan, YuanYuan, QiuQiu, Er’er, find out what you want to bring.”

What Gu YuMian wanted to bring had been packed in advance: Children’s bath gel, hairbrush, and comb, towels, mineral drinks and snacks, laundry, hats, umbrella, raincoats…

The hotel would prepare shower gel and the like, but it was better to bring the things for the cubs.

The children spread out and quickly brought what they wanted to bring.

The fox hugged the kitchen utensils and was obviously boasted of his ambition. He wanted to keep going on this road. The baby panda was holding his bottle and a lot of snacks prepared in the fridge, all of which were eaten, as well as a bunch of flowers picked in the yard.

“You can’t take so many snacks,” Gu YuMian said, rubbing the round belly of the baby panda. “You can take the flowers, YuanYuan is quite romantic.”

The baby panda was aggrieved first, and then he was cheerfully “chii”. He was naive and very easy to coax.

The little snow leopard had nothing to take with him. He took Gu YuMian’s arms. All the other cubs were pushed away.

Finally, it was the little husky’s turn.

“What are you looking for? You’ve taken so long. ” Gu YuMian’s appointment suspension device was coming. He wanted to get up and find the little husky. The little guy bit a big package and ran over happily.

Gu YuMian took a look and tried to calm down his breathing: “…”

There were half flower pots, torn sheets, Gu YuMian’s old slippers, a tile, and a pot in the package… Wait, wait, wait. Obviously, just a few minutes ago, he opened the house again and grabbed everything he wanted.

The little husky was also very proud to stand in the same place, grinning, like waiting for Gu YuMian to pat him.

“It’s very good,” Gu YuMian gently rubbed his little head. As soon as the little husky was about to float, he heard Gu YuMian say, “But I can’t take them with me. I’ll come back to you to settle accounts.”

The little husky: “Awoo, awoo!”

Audience: “hahahaha!!!”

[Come back and find you to settle accounts.] [How can Mian Mian smile and say such cold words? Is it because he has abdominal blackness?] [It makes me feel like I’m watching a comedy!]

The little snow leopard glanced at the little husky with a slight sneer, and the little fox reached out his claws and comforted him. The baby panda walked over to see the little husky’s package carefully, saw a towel of his own in it, almost cried out and reached out with his claws, and wanted to break up with the little husky.

“Awoo, Awoo?” The little husky hadn’t been able to accept the reality yet. He persevered in trying to carry his own burden. He hoped Gu YuMian could think about it again.

Gu YuMian was not going to think about it anymore. At this time, the suspension device had arrived. He held up the little husky relentlessly, took the little snow leopard, the little fox and the baby panda, and the family set foot on the Utopian suspension device.

Twenty minutes later, they would arrive at the hottest and most famous amusement park in the whole Universe.

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  1. Potato Bacon Soup
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