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Chapter 205: Final World (8)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


The first to see Bai Duan was the chamberlain around the carriage, shivering like frightened birds. Once upon a time, they didn’t want to see this Blood Kin, who was pursued by his master. They wished he had left his master early. Now, they saw Bai Duan as a life-saving straw. His eyes were bright and he was going to blind people.

Bai Duan, under the eyes full of expectation, hardened his heart and his voice was cold, “You… Why are you here?”

As soon as the words came out, Daniel, who had already sensed the arrival of his sweetheart by virtue of that connection, pushed open the door and appeared smiling. “They are here, of course, because I am here.”

Bai Duan, “……” Okay, I asked a stupid question. With a frown, Bai Duan sneered, “I know that naturally. I mean, why are you here? As a human being, you’ve come to the land of the Blood Kin. Do you want to die?”

“Don’t you know why I came here?” Daniel was tender hearted, “Because you left without saying goodbye, I couldn’t sleep at night. I’m haggard but even the threat of death can’t stop my missing you. If I can’t see you, life is meaningless to me!”

Bai Duan, who had goosebumps rise over his entire body, said, “Shut up.”

Daniel shrugged his shoulders, and finally narrowed his expression of desire a little, “My intuition tells me that if I don’t come to you, I’ll probably never see you in my life.”

Bai Duan, who could not contradict him at all, “……”

Daniel’s intuition was damn accurate, that or his understanding of Bai Duan had been deeply embedded in the subconscious. Bai Duan really didn’t want to have anything to do with Daniel in this world. He just wanted to finish his task and prove his strength quickly and well. As for love in this world, it was not in his plan at all.

Bai Duan had previously learned from White Light how maintainers could leave the world. One was to wait until the body’s longevity was exhausted, and then they would naturally be excluded from the world after death; the other was to directly break through the world barrier and return to the gray space.

In general, maintainers took the first approach. For one thing, it took some energy to break through the world barrier. For another, most of the maintainers had achieved success after completing the task. The next life was as relaxed as a vacation. One could get the most energy when they spent their time leisurely. So, why not?

However, Bai Duan did not intend to adopt this approach. Because he still had concerns in his heart, he wanted to negotiate with his lover and solve the contradiction between them after finishing the task early. Therefore, Bai Duan hoped to lead the Blood Kin to solve the Vampire Hunters as soon as possible, save his sister and settle down, and then fall asleep and leave the world under the pretext of injury or depression. As for the lover who came after him, he naturally wanted to take him away when he left, but before that, they had no need to continue to get along.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Seeing that his sweetheart was silent about what he said, Daniel immediately realized that his intuition was not wrong. Although he had prepared for it, he could not help but feel a pain in his chest and his face darkened. However, his emotions were well controlled, and he raised a smile again, “So, I came here, as I just said, even death can’t stop me from following you.”

Such a deep obsession made Bai Duan’s subconscious soft. Naturally, his amnesiac lover didn’t know that it was just a short moment in their life. Now Daniel was really pursuing him with all of his own, like a moth drawn to the fire… 

Bai Duan was fond of Guan Wu. His indifference to Daniel was only supported by his aura. Now when he was facing the other’s passionate blue eyes, his face was irresistibly soft.

“That’s a stupid way of pursuing me.” Bai Duan looked away from Daniel in a way that he couldn’t bear. “Once you’re dead, there’s nothing left.”

“Of course I know that.” Feeling the softening of his sweetheart, Daniel was flattered and shocked. He couldn’t help getting off the carriage and walking quickly to Bai Duan with a more tender voice. “So, I’m not really risking my life — I haven’t received your love yet, where can I die like this?” As he said this, he took out a black wooden card from his pocket. “As an emissary of the Queen of mankind, I have made several successful transactions with the Blood Kin. In order to ensure the smooth follow-up transaction, the other party gave me this keepsake and told me that as long as I took it, other Blood Kin would know that I was a friend and would give me a hand.”

Bai Duan glanced at Daniel’s card and frowned subconsciously.

This wooden card was indeed the keepsake of the Blood Kin. It smelled of the blood of Blood Kin and made them smell the other. A Blood Kin’s five senses were much more acute than humans, especially when it came to blood. People couldn’t smell the wood, but Blood Kin could easily judge the status and identity of the same kind.

Daniel held a wooden card, which was equivalent to leaving a mark of a Blood Kin on himself. Unless they had a deep hatred with the marked Blood Kin, there would be no Blood Kin willing to attack the ‘belonging’ of the same race and provoke a senseless dispute.

Hearing Daniel’s reason, Bai Duan only felt that his canine teeth were slightly itchy, and his eyes were red and gleaming with danger. The Blood Kin instinct in his body made him feel challenged, and he could smell another person on his lover, which was an unbearable torture for him.

He tried to control his desire to crush the wooden card. Looking up, Bai Duan said, “It’s just a little count. Do you think he can protect you?”

“If he can’t protect me, don’t I still have you?” Daniel said with a smile, and his words were full of attachment and trust. “I’m sure you won’t let me go and watch me being sucked by another Blood Kin, will you?”

Bai Duan didn’t answer, but he could not help but pucker his lips.

“Then I’ll throw it away, OK? ” Daniel raised his hand, without hesitation and threw the wooden card far away.

Bai Duan’s expression finally eased a little, but the gloomy and tyrannical mood in his heart still didn’t subside. Finally, he could not bear it. He lifted his hand and used the black fog to smash the wooden card that was flying in the air.

Daniel watched Bai Duan’s possessive jealousy, and his mood began to clear up from the other side leaving without saying goodbye. His mask like smile became more real and vivid, and his beautiful face was shining.

“Now, the only way I can save my life is not available. If you leave me alone, I will be dead.” Daniel laughed and joked as if he didn’t care about his life at all.

Bai Duan silently took back his ‘evil’ hand and had to give up, “I’ll take you back.”

“No.” Daniel lifted up his eyebrows and was capricious to the extreme. “I have my own legs. Even if you force me to go back, I will run back myself — in a word, as long as I am alive, you won’t get rid of me!”

Bai Duan stared at Daniel and decided to eat his own. He only felt that his teeth were itchy. He really wanted to leave him alone, but he really didn’t want to.

After all, this was his lover. Despite knowing that even if his lover died, he would just return to the gray space ahead of time, Bai Duan still couldn’t watch him be in danger.

My lover, I can hate him, but other people can not touch him! Just thinking of Daniel being captured and bled dry by other Blood Kin, Bai Duan couldn’t help but resist the surging power in his body. At this moment, he finally realized that he could not continue his duplicity. Even though he knew that Daniel was crafty, he would never risk his life without meaning. Bai Duan dared not gamble at all.

What should I do if I lose the bet? What if he let go of Daniel but made a mess? After all, in the face of the powerful Blood Kin, he was a human being with ‘no power to bind a chicken’.

Bai Duan, who was caught by the other side, fell into a deep depression.

After all, Bai Duan was still too young. Even after experiencing more than ten worlds, he was still a simple and straight forward nimble ermine in essence. How could he compare with Daniel, who had a very deep understanding of human nature and a deceitful mind? ——Even if the other party was currently in a state of amnesia.

At first, Bai Duan’s performance was very successful. He fooled Daniel smoothly and let him worry about his indifference. But with more and more contact and Daniel’s repeated temptations, the mask of ‘I don’t like you, I hate you very much’ was already crumbling.

Daniel endured the joy and elation in his heart, suppressed his impulse to hold the other and kiss deeply at once, and still sustained the sincere and uneasy illusion of a pursuer. He stressed again, “Believe me, I will do what I say!” 

Bai Duan finally compromised. He could not judge whether Daniel was a threat or a bluff. He could only choose the option with the least risk.

“If you have the ability to do it, you can do it.” He said in a cold voice, then turned his hand into a black fog and disappeared.

The attendants suddenly showed a panicked expression, afraid that their only life-saving straw would be driven away by their Master, leaving the poor lambs to survive and die on the land of Blood Kin.

“Master, Master…” Tom’s teeth trembled. He almost wanted to kneel down for his master who had been running on the road to death… 

However, Daniel did not feel the panic that his attendants did. He raised his eyebrows and said happily, “Let’s go to Adrian’s castle.”

Tom burst out crying, “But, Master, your wooden card is gone…” 

Daniel felt Tom’s loyalty and was in a good mood, and smiled brightly, “I have my family’s sweetheart. What else can I do with that ugly and smelly wooden card?”

Tom was in tears, “But, Your Excellency the Blood Kin has left…” 

“He was shy!” Daniel chuckled, sweetly. “When I said what was on my mind, he didn’t want to admit it, but couldn’t refute it. So he forced himself to leave, pretending to be cute.”

Tom, who almost fainted, “……” Master, I’m afraid your fantasy is getting more and more serious, isn’t it? What nonsense were you talking about! QAQ

Bai Duan, who hid his body and was silently frustrated, “……” It’s really… I really want to kill him! QAQ

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