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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Cesar was stunned, and his gaze softened at once as he reached out and hugged Finch back.

Do you really think so?

Probably not… Who would think it’s because of such a ridiculous reason? Perhaps you already realized how dangerous I am, but you still chose to accept me.

And you didn’t leave.

Before, I didn’t know that you cared about me this much.

Cesar couldn’t suppress his feelings anymore, and he lowered his head, kissing Finch passionately. He looked at Finch greedily, and the red in his right eye unconsciously faded away, his pupils black once more.

After a while, he finally let go of Finch and said huskily, “I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Finch’s eyes were rimmed with red, and his fingers trembled slightly.

Actually, in the beginning, Finch had been a little scared, scared of this unfamiliar Cesar that wasn’t the person he knew. Fortunately… his gamble had paid off.

When he saw the red in Cesar’s eye fade, Finch finally sighed in relief before scolding angrily, “Look at yourself, going missing because of such a trivial matter. You’re not allowed to do this in the future! What can there possibly be that can’t you tell me?”

Cesar lowered his head meekly to acknowledge his mistake and smiled faintly. “You’re right.”

Seeing Cesar’s good attitude and how obedient he was, Finch didn’t press the matter further, so he said instead, “My sister told me to bring you home this weekend for a meal, so you must come with me tomorrow, okay?”

Cesar replied, “Okay.”

Finch coughed lightly since he suddenly realized he had nothing else to say. He paused and made to leave, but Cesar suddenly grabbed his wrist. 

Cesar gave him a deep, searching look and said huskily, “I also have something to tell you.”

Finch was captivated by his gaze, and his heart fluttered. “What is… mn.”

Cesar pressed his lips to Finch’s again and covered his eyes with his hand. The two of them hugged each other tightly, inhaling each other’s warm breaths as they were plunged into darkness once more.


The next day, Finch rubbed his waist, convinced that the current Cesar was very normal!

And he was still as vigorous as ever, so it seemed that he hadn’t been injured, either.

Finch glanced at the man beside him and said softly, “Say, it’s fortunate that Xie Yan reminded me, or else I wouldn’t have even thought to come here to look for you. How would I know a certain person would be playing hide-and-seek here?”

His anger still hadn’t completely dissipated yet!

However, Cesar focused on the wrong part and frowned. “It was Xie Yan who told you?”

Finch nodded.

Cesar narrowed his eyes slightly. At this moment, he didn’t really understand Xie Yan’s motives. Logically, as a dark creature from another world, Xie Yan should be on Mr. Mu’s side.

But no matter which side Xie Yan was on, he didn’t have any reasons to help Cesar, so why would he do this?

Cesar was silent for a moment, but he didn’t continue the topic. He smiled at Finch and said, “Didn’t you say your sister invited us over for a meal today? We should get going now.”

When Cesar brought this up, Finch wasn’t in the mood to think about anything else anymore, and he was very nervous!

Speaking of it, this was his first time bringing his boyfriend home for a meal, and although Finch was very pleased with Cesar and felt that no one would dislike him, since Cesar’s appearance alone was enough to make anyone happy, Finch was still quite perturbed about letting his family meet Cesar!

Fortunately, Cesar was very calm, which got rid of a little of Finch’s nervousness.

Cesar first brought Finch out to buy some clothes, and after they were dressed up nicely, they went to the mall to buy some gifts for the adults and children before finally driving to Finch’s sister’s house.

Before going inside, Finch whispered to Cesar, “Later, if my sister asks you some questions you don’t want to answer, just reply with whatever, and don’t feel like you’re forced to say anything.”

Cesar nodded, his eyes twinkling. “Just relax.”

Finch drew a deep breath before going in with Cesar.

Xiao JingZheng, Finch’s brother-in-law, opened the door and welcomed them in. Xiao JingZhen was a university professor, and he looked very refined with his stylish glasses. He smiled as he welcomed Cesar in, saying, “You must be Finch’s boyfriend, please sit. Xiao Ke——go pour some tea for him!”

Cesar said, “You’re too kind.”

Xiao Ke obediently went to pour the tea, and when he handed it to Cesar, Xiao Ke smiled and stuck out his tongue, earning a light flick on the forehead from his father.

Fang Yuan, who was in the kitchen, heard them and walked over. She was very capable and hard-working, and she was wearing an apron, having been in the kitchen for a long time already to prepare the meal. She carefully looked Cesar up and down, and her expression became a lot more genial.

Although she had heard Xiao Ke say that Finch’s boyfriend was very handsome, she didn’t believe that brat and was scared Finch had found an unreliable, sketchy person. However, when she looked at Cesar now, he was good-looking and decent, and she couldn’t pick out any flaws, so she was less worried. She smiled politely. “Let’s have a home-cooked meal today. I’m not the best at cooking, so I hope you won’t dislike it.”

Cesar smiled faintly and said, “Of course not.”

Then, Fang Yuan turned around and continued working in the kitchen. Finch and Xiao Ke were playing video games together, and Xiao JingZheng started chatting with Cesar. Xiao JingZheng was very refined and elegant, and he would never embarrass who he was talking to. Thus, he and Cesar chatted with rapport.

Soon afterward, Fang Yuan came out of the kitchen with the dishes, and everyone sat down at the dining table and began to eat.

Although Fang Yuan indeed wasn’t the best at cooking, her dishes still tasted quite good, and they were definitely miles better than Finch’s practically inedible ones. At least, Finch enjoyed the dishes his sister made.

Cesar also ate quite a lot.

Fang Yuan wasn’t as reserved as Xiao JingZheng, and she interrogated Cesar practically as strictly as if she was interrogating her son-in-law. She was a few years older than Finch, so she had always taken care of him since they were young. Fang Yuan was also a lawyer, so she really did seem like Finch’s mother sometimes.

Finch began to get a little worried, but he quickly discovered that Cesar was very good at responding; he would answer anything she asked and didn’t conceal anything.

At this time, Fang Yuan finally asked about Cesar’s career. “What do you do for a living?”

Finch’s heart sank at once.

Cesar said calmly, “I work for a non-profit organization.”

Finch thought, Hey… that’s technically not a lie.

Xiao JingZheng smiled at this and said, “That’s pretty good, it’s always a good thing for young people to be so caring and enthusiastic about public welfare.”

Fang Yuan nodded and didn’t inquire further.

They weren’t the type of people who valued money that much, so as long as Cesar wasn’t a very sketchy person, then they would accept him. Moreover, Cesar’s speech and behavior were very refined, and they could tell at once that he was very educated. Since he had a good background, Fang Yuan and Xiao JinYi didn’t really mind anything else.

This meal was eaten very happily and harmoniously, and when they left, it was already afternoon.

Finch grinned at Cesar, a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry if that was hard for you.”

Cesar shook his head and replied, “Not at all.”

In reality, he envied Finch’s family and how simple and easygoing they were. As for Cesar’s family…

Ever since Cesar had accidentally become his father’s guinea pig and his mother had left in disappointment, Cesar could no longer remember what it was like to have a meal together with his entire family. So he thought that this was quite good, and he hoped that Finch could be like this forever.


Finch and Cesar had reconciled, so Cesar moved into Finch’s house once again. During the day, they both went about with their own business. Finch continued on his path to becoming a superstar, and he finally had quite a lot of fans!

Finch’s and Cesar’s feelings for each other deepened as time went on, and everything was very perfect.

Time flew.

However, under the tranquil surface, there was a turbulent undercurrent. Supernatural events were occurring more and more frequently in all parts of the world, and these things weighed heavily on Cesar’s mind because this meant that that day was getting closer.

Once the two worlds merged completely, no one could stay out of it.

However, Cesar didn’t tell Finch about these things, because if that day was really unpreventable, then telling him would just increase his worries. And if it could be stopped… then it would be even less necessary to make him worry.

This morning, Cesar told Finch, “I have to go take care of some things today, and I probably won’t be able to make it back tonight, so don’t wait for me.”

Finch replied, “Okay, go ahead. I have to take care of Xiao Ke today.” He had agreed to bring Xiao Ke to the playground today.

Thus, after Cesar left, Finch went to his sister’s house to pick Xiao Ke up.

Xiao Ke was full of energy as he walked out with Finch, carrying a small backpack. The backpack was filled with snacks, and as Finch helped him put in the snacks, he half-joked, “You’re getting chubby, and girls won’t like you like this.”

Xiao Ke glanced at him. “It’s not like you’re one to know much about getting girls.”

Finch was speechless as he thought, Must we hurt each other like this?

Although he appeared to be disdainful, Finch still patiently brought Xiao Ke around to play for an entire day, though Finch was extremely tired by the end of it. The sky was starting to darken, so Finch said, “Come on! That’s enough, I’ll take you to eat dinner.”

Xiao Ke shook his head and said, “I want to go see my dad, he should be in school right now.”

Finch was uncertain, “He’s probably still working, why do you want to go see him now?”

Xiao Ke pouted. “He’s always working overtime these days, and I want to eat dinner with him. I don’t care, take me to see him!”

Finch was no match for Xiao Ke’s stubbornness, so he took Xiao Ke to the university his father worked at, thinking that it wouldn’t too big of a deal to ask Xiao JingZheng to eat dinner with them; after all, ever since they had parted last time, Finch hadn’t seen him again.

At this hour, the university Xiao JingZheng worked at was bustling with people, the youthful college students full of energy as they hurried about. Finch, who was wearing sunglasses, pulled down the brim of his hat as he led Xiao Ke around the crowds. He was very nervous the entire time, but fortunately, no one recognized him.

This was the downside of being a famous celebrity!

Just as Finch was walking absent-mindedly and thinking about these, he saw the scenery around him decay quickly. The green leaves withered, and the pretty flower beds wilted. In the blink of an eye, the beautiful scenery around him turned into bleak ruins, just like a dilapidated world!

Finch stared in shock and thought, Shit, did it happen again…?

He looked around and discovered that the people around him had also noticed the changes, shocked as they observed the scenery change. People began to run away from the campus in a panic, but when they looked around, practically the entire world was enveloped in this bubble of decay with no end in sight…

Finch thought, The range this time is so big.

The last time an event of such a large scale had happened was with the world in the book, but strictly speaking, that world wasn’t the real world. Moreover, only Finch and Cesar had been drawn into it.

This time, however, it seemed that the entire world had been changed, and no one was spared.

It was practically like doomsday…

And where was the danger this time?

Finch clutched Xiao Ke’s hand tightly as he hastily dialed Cesar’s number. He had just pressed call when he suddenly realized that this was meaningless; according to what had happened before, there was no way to contact other people in an overlapping field, and when Finch realized that he wouldn’t be able to call Cesar and had gotten into a situation like this, his expression darkened.

However, just when he had lost all hope, Cesar picked up!

Cesar’s low voice sounded through the speaker on Finch’s phone: “What is it?”

At this moment, Finch couldn’t afford to think about anything else as he said frantically, “I’m at the university Xiao Ke’s father works at, and a supernatural event just occurred here. The range is really large!”

Cesar said tersely, “Find a place to hide, I’ll come over right away!”

Finch replied, “Okay.” He looked around and happened to see a few monsters, which looked extremely weird, creepy, and ferocious, charging out of a building on all fours. Finch paled and hastily brought Xiao Ke with him as he rushed into the nearby cafeteria!


Meanwhile, Cesar was in the Foundation’s Asia headquarters, participating in a video conference. All the Foundation’s scientists and directors that were distributed around the world were present.

The plane collisions all around the world were intensifying, and it seemed that the two worlds were being forced to merge. The atmosphere of the conference was very solemn, and everyone’s expressions were dark.

Cesar had walked outside to take Finch’s call, and his expression was very tense as he hung up, planning to leave the headquarters immediately! Something had happened over there, so there was no way Cesar would stay in this conference and discuss such useless matters!

However, when he walked to the building’s front door, the lock didn’t recognize his fingerprint.


Only one person had enough authority to modify the lock, but why did he do this? Why did it happen to be right now?!

Cesar was furious, but now wasn’t the time to find Mr. Mu and confront him. He clenched his hand into a fist and punched the thick, tempered glass door! The bulletproof glass splintered and cracked from Cesar’s punch…

Suddenly, Cesar’s pupils dilated as he quickly leaped backward. The next instant, the metal floor he had been standing less than a second ago was peppered with deep holes from laser guns. Cesar looked up and saw a row of robots that gleamed with a cold, silver light.

As well as the middle-aged man standing in the middle of the robots.

Cesar’s gaze was chilly. “You want to stop me.”

Mr. Mu adjusted his glasses and said lightly, “I know where you want to go, but it’s no use even if you do go, so it’d be better if you just stay here.”

Cesar said, “Since you know what happened, you should have all the more reason to let me go. I can prevent everything from happening.”

Mr. Mu said, “Oh? How would you prevent it?”

Cesar said coldly, “The two worlds used to be peaceful and shouldn’t have been merging at all. I believe that the collisions of these two worlds is related to the first plane collision. Perhaps the other plane has entities that are purposely causing all of this to happen so they can engulf our world. As long as I can close the door from the other side, then all of this will be resolved.”

Mr. Mu looked a little taken aback. “Do you really think so?”

Cesar said through gritted teeth, “Yes, now get out of my way!”

Mr. Mu gave him a long look and suddenly smirked eerily, and the color from his black pupils slowly spread to the whites of his eyes. “Then in that case… don’t I have all the more reason to stop you?”

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