Kirei ni Shiteyo

Kirei ni Shiteyo - Sachimo
Artist: Sachimo
Language: English
Chapter 1Mediafire
Chapter 2Mediafire
Chapter 3Mediafire
Chapters 1 to 3Mediafire
Chapter 4 should come out in the next Emerald release (April 28th).


The thing Hara Dai hates the most is people. To him, every single person is troublesome. He was bullied so much throughout middle school that he debuted as a delinquent in high school. However, whether he’s plain or flashy, it seems the only person who isn’t bothersome is the janitor.

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Sensei wa Butchouzura Shite Yatte Kuru
Saiaku na Futari no Hajimari wa

11 thoughts on “Kirei ni Shiteyo

  1. I had to come here to leave a comment on how much I appreciate your work! I’ve seen you popping up in greater quantities for a while now and am astonished by how much you put out (pun not intended).

    As an avid yaoi reader for the last decade it sucks I can’t really get in there and help out you guys (I’m an awful typesetter) so I just want you to know how fantastic you guys are.

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