Kirei ni Shiteyo

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Artist: Sachimo
Language: English

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The thing Hara Dai hates the most is people. To him, every single person is troublesome. He was bullied so much throughout middle school that he debuted as a delinquent in high school. However, whether he’s plain or flashy, it seems the only person who isn’t bothersome is the janitor.

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Furete, Aishite, Dakishimete

56 thoughts on “Kirei ni Shiteyo

  1. the extra chapter is my fav chapter in this manga ♥♥♥♥
    thank you very much for all your hard work ♥♥
    i love how you never leave any work uncompleted no matter how long it takes for the tankoubon to be released!!!!
    and million of thanks for always working on Sachimo sensei’s manga ♥

  2. I don’t see/read where is written actual color of Dai’s hair? O_O
    I can only presume it’s blond but it can be light brown or something. Also do we add word “hair” to the “color word?”
    These things can be complicated for non English native -_-

  3. Hello, you told me that pw would be removed once next ch is released? But this extra and full vol. download option are still pw locked although two months passed already? 🙁

      1. Since I can’t figure pw (and seems I’m not the only one) I won’t be able read the last chapter and finish manga ever?! O_O
        It’s your work and your call but this simply is not ok 🙁

  4. Tried to download the complete version but it seems like my phone can not read the file. So I had to download one by one. It’s a good read for the rotten me. Thank you very much.

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