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Chapter 641: Recovery

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The outcome of the battle at TongTian Palace was very tragic. According to observers’ descriptions, an earth-shaking explosion nearly razed the entire TongTian Palace to the ground. Not many people had escaped by that point, so nobody knew how many were dead or injured.

But there was one thing that they were sure of: TongTian Palace was really destroyed. Moreover, it wasn’t just the building, even the people were mostly destroyed.

This became TongTian Continent’s hottest topic.

Ling Xiao and the rest genuinely became famous across the continent, especially Ling Xiao himself. Back then, being able to escape twice from You ZhenTian’s grasp was already extremely skillful. Now, not only did he escape from right under the TongTian Emperor’s eyes, he even destroyed TongTian Palace. This level of skill left everyone else far behind in the dust.

Even though a large part of it was because there were other powerhouses helping secretly from the dark, it couldn’t be denied that the main reason was still because of Ling Xiao. This time, TongTian Continent’s experts really considered him to be the number one expert.

When speaking of this matter, there was no choice but to bring that up. Some people even predicted that a major power on the level of the Vermillion Blood Clan and the other powerhouses would appear with Ling Xiao as its head, a dark horse that needed to be reckoned with, just like the Black Spider.

As a result, some people wanted to go and throw in their lot with Ling Xiao, so they could be there at the set up stage of Ling Xiao’s powerhouse. After joining his powerhouse, they would definitely be considered senior figures.

This way of thinking wasn’t bad, but the prerequisite was that they first had to find Ling Xiao. If they couldn’t find him, what the hell was there to join? However, this was all something to be discussed later.

Presently, the lingering effects from the war still hadn’t passed yet.

After this battle at TongTian Palace, it had basically destroyed half of it.

Some of the white-robed people died, while others fled. A large part of the prisoners in the dungeon also escaped, and only a small portion was affected. But the biggest damage was still the stone stage that You XiaoMo’s destroyed. That was what the TongTian Emperor had spent several tens of thousands of years’ worth of meticulous care on, and it was destroyed all in one go.

Seeing these circumstances, the Mage Assemblage that would be taking place a year from now most likely wouldn’t be able to be held.

However, there were rumors that XiaoYao Institution would very likely hold its own Mage Assemblage. In the past, it was always because there was TongTian Palace there to support from behind. This time, even though it was gone, there was still the Mage Association and Beast Transfiguration Guild. The two associations had ample resources, so they would still be able to give awards.

In addition, the Mage Assemblage could still be considered a grand occasion. Each assemblage, there were numerous amounts of mages who signed up to enter. Even though the competition was fierce, it was also a good chance to make friends. Moreover, it could allow the disciples in the association to train themselves and let them know that, in the world outside, there were always people more talented than themselves.

But this was just everyone’s guess. Whether or not the Mage Assemblage would actually happen would still depend on XiaoYao Institution’s interest. If they didn’t hold it, everyone could only express their regret.


Ghost Tomb Mountain Range, which had been calm for several thousand years, recently had many practitioners come and go from White Bone Town. The desolate mountain range grew lively because of these people, and White Bone Town gradually became more prosperous. The streets were crowded every day, and hotels and inns basically had to announce that they were full almost all the time.

With Boss Wang as the head, the other bosses took advantage of the situation to raise the price of lodging and food. Everyone earned lots of money, and a day’s income was equal to the revenue that they would receive from a whole month in the past.

The reason for this phenomenon was because of the battle at TongTian Palace.

Nobody knew who spread the information, but somebody said that Ling Xiao lived in Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. Even though nobody knew the exact location, as long as they knew that he was in Ghost Tomb Mountain Range, then that was easier.

In order to join Ling Xiao’s powerhouse, there were people entering Ghost Tomb Mountain Range nearly every day to find them. Using You XiaoMo’s words, it was just a bunch of fellows who were full and had nothing else to do.

However, nobody cared about that.

In that battle, even though You XiaoMo had successfully escaped, everyone had received injuries that weren’t light. Some people had nearly lost their lives, such as the black-robed man that You XiaoMo had saved on his way out.

His opponent was two stars higher than him, so for the black-robed man to have killed him, it was already extremely skillful. It made sense that he would receive heavy wounds. Luckily, he was saved by You XiaoMo, and only through the use of magic pills was his life saved.

As for the rest, after undergoing a period of rest, most of them could leave their sickbeds already, except for the ones that were still unable to get up.

Don’t look at how miserable they made TongTian Palace. In reality, each and every one of them had paid quite a high price. The most tragic one was Tian Hen, the one in TianGou who liked to quarrel with Tian Ming the most. His body was gone, and only his soul was left. Rumor had it that he fought too selflessly, and he ran a step too slowly, so he lost his body.

Fortunately, as long as the soul wasn’t wiped out, the person could still be resurrected. Afterward, he was scolded quite harshly by Tian Ming, because when he was fighting the white-robed people, he actually went as one person against five. Even though that insane enthusiasm wasn’t as amazing as the black-robed man’s, it was still enough to make someone scared witless.

Compared to TianGou’s members, the other people that the powerhouses had sent over fared much better. They were all experienced veterans and knew when to advance or retreat. The most heavily injured one’s life wasn’t in danger. After the incident, they went back.

Without mentioning the Cang Alliance for now, Ling Xiao owed the Four Ancient Beast Clans, besides the Qilin Clan, a huge favor. He would have to return this favor later.

In the dimension, You XiaoMo laid next to the spiritual water lake. He stared with eyes full of joy at the man floating in the middle of the lake. It has almost been three months.

Ever since the man entered the lake, the spiritual water was decreasing every day. Now, there wasn’t even a third of the spiritual water in the lake left. At first, You XiaoMo was worried, but now, he was already calm and collected.

The speed at which the spiritual water was decreasing had already slowed down. This meant that the condition of the man’s injuries was already slowly stabilizing, or they had already pretty much recovered.

Just when he was enthralled watching, the man moved.

You XiaoMo happily climbed up. It was really hard for him to have waited three months. Thinking of this, he immediately jumped into the lake impatiently and swam to the man’s side. When he saw him open his resplendent eyes, he said, “Ling Xiao, you finally woke up?”

That day when he escaped from TongTian Palace, he hadn’t left immediately. Since he knew that activity was caused by Ling Xiao, there was no way he could run away by himself.

After he flew in that direction searching, he saw Ling Xiao kneeling on one knee amidst ruins, his entire body bathed in blood. It looked as if he had received a very heavy internal wound, but as for the TongTian Emperor, he was nowhere to be seen.

At that time, You XiaoMo didn’t say anything else before putting him inside the dimension. Along the way, he also found several other similarly injured TianGou members.

In retrospect, speaking of TianGou’s members, he really felt like they were a bunch of lunatics. Everyone else had long since listened to Ling Xiao and left TongTian Palace. Only they were a bunch of crazy people who fought for the sake of fighting, dragging it out till the very last moment before leaving. In the end, they were affected by the explosion of the residual power on site. If it weren’t for him, they would have all probably fallen into TongTian Palace’s hands.

As for that black-robed man, after confirming that his life wasn’t in danger, You XiaoMo threw him into the dimension and let the Weasel Beast take care of him.

Since Ling Xiao’s injuries seemed the most serious, You XiaoMo was scared of an accident occurring, and so he threw him into the spiritual water lake. He spent three months waiting before he finally woke up.

“There are no longer any huge problems.” Ling Xiao reached out his hand and patted his head so he could be at ease.

On that day, he had made the area self-implode. Even though he had indeed inflicted heavy damage on TongTian Emperor, and he had grafted the damage from the self-imploding area onto the Demon Phoenix Clan’s secret technique, he had only tried it once before. He hadn’t recovered completely from it that time either, so using it again heavily injured his body.

Thankfully, his wife was clever and promptly moved him into the spiritual water lake, or else he might not have recovered even within a year. He couldn’t use the Demon Phoenix Clan’s secret technique of rebirth by fire later either, since he couldn’t use it for at least another five years.

Only when You XiaoMo saw that his complexion did indeed look better than it had three months ago did he release a sigh of relief.

Ling Xiao pulled him ashore and asked, “Did anything happen outside while I was recuperating for three months?”

“Many things happened…” You XiaoMo said.

Around the time of the battle at TongTian Palace, the development of the situation at TongTian Continent was just about the same as what happened right before the ancient war broke out. Every powerhouses’ conflicting views started to intensify more and more.

Like South Continent, the Vermillion Blood Clan and Cang Alliance didn’t see eye to eye in the first place. Now that Cang Alliance had one more South Continent expert, they naturally wouldn’t let this good opportunity go. Therefore, their war with the Vermillion Blood Clan was becoming more and more intense.

Zhong Tian wasn’t stable right now either. After the faith in TongTian Palace collapsed, the two associations seemed to have decided to draw a clear line between them and TongTian Palace. They turned a blind eye to the white-robed people who came seeking help. Zhong Tian’s people also avoided them as if they were the plague. If it weren’t for them being afraid of TongTian Emperor, there would definitely be quite a few people who would want to drive them out of Zhong Tian.

Ever since a portion of the prisoners escaped, the things that TongTian Palace had done for thousands of years was finally revealed to the public. Because XiaoYao Institution’s past top three experts were included in the people who were imprisoned, there were quite a few people in Zhong Tian who recognized them.

Speaking of Dong Zhou, everyone knew about the grudges between ShuiXi Tribe and Guma Tribe. They fought quite fiercely, and ShuiXi joined hands with WanSha. Guma Tribe’s holy maiden also secretly contacted them, so now Dong Zhou was also quite unstable.

However, the most chaotic place was still Xi Jing.

After the Black Spider was exposed, they started to do evil all over Xi Jing. Several demon beast clans were persecuted, and after enduring it for a year, they finally could bear it no longer and sought help from the Four Ancient Beast Clans.

The Four Ancient Beast Clans long since couldn’t stand the Black Spider. One more powerhouse coming to fight for territory with them already made them somewhat unhappy, but the Black Spider didn’t even know to exercise restraint. They constantly expanded their strength for an entire year, and if they continued to stay silent, they would really have the Black Spider crawl right up to their doors.

These were all things that You XiaoMo found out from other people, as well as what happened during the three months Ling Xiao was recovering.

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