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Chapter 652: Calculations

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

On that day, Fang ChenLe only stayed in the second floor for half an hour before he came down, after that, he only stayed in the library for a little while longer. During that time, he only exchanged a few words with You XiaoMo.

Once MoQi XiYuan heard of this and the clan member who guarded the second floor library also said there wasn’t any strange activities, he was finally at ease.

That night, You XiaoMo got a jade drive from Fang ChenLe.  

Unsurprisingly, the library on the second floor contained a lot of books, some were about the placement of Spirit Eyes. Fang ChenLe did a quick scan of the materials and copied them into the jade drive.

There wasn’t much he could copy in thirty-minutes but good thing the books were all sorted into categories, so most of what Ling Xiao needed was in the jade drive.

The same night, Ling Xiao started to calculate it whereabouts.

At the same time, the people of the Guma Tribe was also secretly plotting.

Zu Ma didn’t appear personally just to help the Guma Tribe fight against the other two tribes, it was mostly for the transcendent level Spirit Eye.

But, they were much faster than Ling Xiao. When they sent people over, they had already calculated the position of the transcendent level Spirit Eye. It was just that the Spirit Eye was underground in the ShuiXi Tribe, so they hesitated before making a move.

“Be prepared and give me a hundred percent of your attention, we’re going to fight a tough battle from here on out.” Zu Ma said to the three people she brought along as her delicate brows tightened.

The man who sat closest to her, lifted his soft head, as if there wasn’t a bone supporting it, and looked at the holy Zu Ma with eyes that spoke of an devious, yet flirtatious expression, and chuckled, “Master Zu Ma, the show hasn’t even started yet, why so worried?”  

The man was a general under Lin ShaoYi. His cultivation base was unpredictably deep but was downright lazy. His original form was a snake, although not as noble as the Nine-Headed Serpent King, it was still an upper class bloodline in terms of serpents.   

His cultivation base was the strongest after Zu Ma, being a Level Twelve beast, the other two were of the Divine Realm and that was only because the fight in Xi Jing hasn’t finished yet, so they couldn’t lend more people. But, the formation was already really powerful, which was indication enough that Lin ShaoYi really thought highly of Ling Xiao.

“Master attached great importance to this mission.” Zu Ma said lightly.

The man straightened his body, tilted his head and said with a smile-but-not-really-expression, “Of course, it was a transcendent level Spirit Eye after all.”

The man was called Fang Yang. Even though Zu Ma was held in high regards at the Black Spiders, he never really respected her. When the Master was there, he would sometimes make pleasant greetings, but otherwise, he always spoke with a dandiacal expression and sometimes not in good temper either.  

Zu Ma knew of this as well. As for those who didn’t respect her, she didn’t let them off easily either. Hearing his nonchalant tone, she immediately said, “It wasn’t just one side who knows of the transcendent level Spirit Eye, our opponent isn’t just Ling Xiao…”

Fang Yang expression changed and a devious smile appeared, “Just some pests, as if they could achieve anything…”

“Don’t look down on pests, afterall they’re well-known old foxes, it’s better safe than sorry.” Zu Ma furrowed her brows almost undetectably, not in agreement with what he said.

“Okay, enough, you said the same thing before, can’t you think of something fresh?” Fang Yang said and waved his hands in annoyance, “Where is the transcendent level Spirit Eye? I’ll go take a look.”

“No.” Surprisingly, Zu Ma rejected him.

Fang Yang furrowed his brows and looked at her menacingly, “Why?”

Zu Ma explained, “Although you’re strong, your not Ling Xiao’s opponent. If you go now, we can’t be a hundred percent sure that he won’t find out. Then it’ll just alert them of the transcendent level Spirit Eye being in the ShuiXi Tribe.”

“Can’t do this, can’t do that, then what do you say we do?” Being rejected multiple times made Fang Yang’s expression turn dark.

The corner of Zu Ma’s mouth lifted as she said, “Wait!”

Fang Yang stared at her.

Just as she said this, the ShuiXi Tribe went into chaos. Under the dark curtain of the night, lamps lit up one after another. Soon, it was bright as day.

You XiaoMo came out from the room and asked, grabbing hold of a ShuiXi Tribe member, “What happened?”

The member recognized him as an important guest and replied, “It seems that someone barged into our tribe. Our team leader has gathered us over to catch them.”

Could it be the Black Spiders?

The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed. You XiaoMo turned around and ran back to his room, but saw that Ling Xiao was still calculating. Interrupting him right now seemed like a bad idea.

Calculating was something extensive and profound. The closer one was to the Almighty Realm, the closer the calculation was to the truth. There was no need to study such a skill, it was a test to one’s understanding of the world’s order. Due to the complication of such calculations, it cannot be interrupted, otherwise one would have to start again.  

You XiaoMo went out to find out more information as he waited.

The thief still hadn’t been found, it seemed that they were quite strong and familiar with the tribe. Even MoQi XiYuan was alerted.

Once the morning arrived, the person disappeared. Having worked through midnight, the ShuiXi Tribe members only caught a glimpse of their figure, always having them escape without even a frontal image.

It was then when Ling Xiao’s calculations were completed.

You XiaoMo laid in front of him and quickly told him the gossip. With a clear expression that said he was enjoying the show, he asked, “Do you think the Black Spider was behind this?”

Ling Xiao took a sip of tea and answered, “Probably not.”


“From how others description of the ex-holy maiden, they should be a careful and scheming woman. Before she has confirmation that we know the whereabouts of the Spirit Eye, she wouldn’t sent someone over wily nily, unless she wants me to suspect something. Thus, most likely this has nothing to do with the Black Spiders or the Guma Tribe.”

You XiaoMo blinked, “Then who?”

Ling Xiao made a thoughtful face and said as he slowly rubbed his chin, “Good question…but I don’t know.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

His just toying him on purpose right?!

No matter who that person was, if they weren’t part of the Black Spider or Guma Tribe, then they were probably not very threatening. Currently he was more curious as to the location of the transcendent level Spirit Eye. Where was it so that the Black Spider hadn’t made a move yet and needed to partner up with the Guma Tribe?

“Quickly, tell me~” You XiaoMo urged.

But Ling Xiao started to slowly sip the tea. The tea was even one of the good ones given by MoQi XiYuan, which he had drunk quite a bit over the past few days.

You XiaoMo heart ached in curiosity, he needed to know now, but Ling Xiao just loved to keep him hanging. By the looks of things, he needed to be fierce. He went  and locked the door, then ran back, crawling underneath Ling Xiao’s armpits and sat butt first onto his thigh. With both hands hugging his neck, and two legs hooked onto his waist, he started to shake fiercely.   

“Aren’t you going to tell me? If you don’t, I’m not getting off.”

Ling Xiao held back his laughter and stood his ground, “Not telling.”

You XiaoMo showed his teeth, then don’t blame him if he’s ‘heartless’. Thus, he went and grabbed little-Ling Xiao, even squeezing it a little. The ‘sleeping’ little Ling Xiao was quickly ‘awoken’.

Beside his ear, came a weak intake of breath from Ling Xiao. It didn’t take long before it was completely up, like a skyscraper, making a hill between his legs. It was so fast that You XiaoMo was almost unsure of what to do next.

In reality, he didn’t react. Normally it was Ling Xiao who took the initiative, he usually just layed down and enjoyed, sometimes fighting back, but that was usually guided.

“Continue!” Ling Xiao said as his chin rested on You XiaoMo’s shoulder, his eyes half-closed and his burning hot breath landing on the other’s ear.

You XiaoMo’s face went fully red. He had almost forgotten that this beast loved this and he was a meat-bun that gifted himself over. Thinking it this far, he started to bargain, “If you tell me, then I’ll cont…Ah!”

Ling Xiao suddenly took a bite of his ear, causing him to almost scream. When he wanted to escape, it was too late. His hand was forced into grabbing that hot-like-soldering-iron-massive-thing. You XiaoMo wanted to take his hand back but he wasn’t strong enough.

It didn’t take long before You XiaoMo’s clothing fell to the ground, with only a white shirt and nothing on the bottom. He held a massive and ferocious thing deep in his mouth, and swallowed it up and down at a quick pace. The slightly hidden yet racy scene caused one’s heart to race even more.

With a dazed expression, You XiaoMo held onto Ling Xiao’s neck and his two white legs circled his waist. As for the interrogation, he had already thrown that out the window. Not only did he not get the answer, he also give himself up.

That’s called reaping what you sow!

The next day, Ling Xiao’s despicable nature came out again and wouldn’t allow him to drink spiritual water to heal. Good thing he was already used to it, and his body was much stronger as his cultivation base increased, after resting for a few hours, he recovered.

That afternoon, Ling Xiao finally took pity on him and showed him the transcendent level Spirit Eye.  

But once You XiaoMo saw that place, he was so shocked that his chin almost fell off. No wonder the Black Spiders would partner up with the Guma Tribe, if they didn’t, they would have make such a ruckus that everyone would have figured it out.

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