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Chapter 725 (Extra 12): Playing Around

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Negotiations began anew after Johnson showed up and apologized. The Li family only found out that they were members of White Shark when they saw Johnson. Even though they still suspected that You XiaoMo was possibly someone from the You family, since they all had the surname You, there was no way they wouldn’t have known if someone named You XiaoMo had appeared in the You family.

However, the Li family didn’t nitpick, but the four members of the You family paid less and less attention. They either stared outside or lowered their head, and it seemed as if their thoughts were somewhere else. As a result, the Li family used that to accuse the You family of not respecting them, saying they had no intentions of negotiating in the first place. If things continued like this, it would just be a waste of everybody’s time.

The Li family was like a plague of locusts. They were always sticking their nose in wherever they could. Not only did they want to show that it wasn’t them who didn’t want to talk peace, they also wanted to stand on the side of reason. Their saliva sprayed as they spoke passionately, making it seem as if they were giving some speech. Some of the others frowned faintly when they heard them speak; even if the Li family didn’t really want to negotiate with the You family, there was no need to make it so high-profile!

The You family’s reaction was also very strange. The people who knew them all knew that this family didn’t like to be at the disadvantage. But today, each and every one of them were silent, thinking about something else. Some people felt that something wasn’t quite right, but before they could think of the reason why, Li Hong led the Li family angrily out of the meeting room.

“Everyone is in such a rush to leave. Are you late for something?” At that moment, Ling Xiao suddenly blocked Li Hong’s path. Originally, it was You XiaoMo’s duty to take initiative, but now he was ignoring all of his problems, so it became Ling Xiao’s job.

Li Hong’s face instantly darkened. He said severely, “Move!”

If Ling Xiao listened to him, then Ling Xiao wouldn’t be Ling Xiao anymore. He moved sideways and crossed his arms, glancing at them from the corner of his eyes. “Don’t be so excited. There should be a good show coming up. As one of the directors, shouldn’t you stay behind and see the performance that you personally brought about?”

Li Hong’s expression was ugly, but in his heart, he was actually shocked by Ling Xiao’s words. Ling Xiao knew the truth? Impossible, their plans were clearly perfect. Not even the other families had discovered that something was wrong. He had never seen this man before, so how would this man know the truth? Since his mind was currently in turmoil from his words, some of it even leaked onto his face.

“Nonsense. If you don’t move, don’t blame me for being rude!” In order to avoid other people seeing that something was wrong, Li Hong instantly shouted loudly, trying to conceal it. Unfortunately, Ling Xiao’s voice wasn’t quiet, and everyone else had long since heard it.

Before he even finished speaking, Li Lin, who was standing behind Li Hong, suddenly made a move against Ling Xiao.

Before his father had even given the order, Li Lin tried to do a sneak attack. That behavior immediately seemed quite shameful to the others.

But Li Lin didn’t care. His sharp fingers clawed directly towards Ling Xiao’s chest, assuming a stance that made it look like he wanted to scoop out Ling Xiao’s heart. The hand was extremely vicious, and if it hit, Ling Xiao probably wouldn’t be able to live.

Just when everyone thought they were about to hear Ling Xiao’s scream, there was another shriek, abnormally shrill. Everyone gave a start when they heard it, since the voice actually came from Li Lin. When they looked, they saw that there was a puddle of blood spilled on the floor, as well as a cut-off hand. Li Lin kneeled, face pale, on the ground.

What happened?

The people who didn’t see it were full of puzzlement.

“I’m going to kill you!” Li Hong’s angry, low roar abruptly sounded. However, as a family head, he wouldn’t lose his reason just because of that. Instead, he said coldly, “It seems like you know quite a lot. Since you’re in such a rush to die, I’ll fulfill your wish. Go!”

Once he spoke, twenty or thirty black-clothed people appeared behind him in an instant. They carried extremely thick killing intent, and they also gave off a very oppressive feeling. These people had definitely gone through extraordinarily rigorous training, and there were probably several dozen lives on their hands, or else the scent of blood wouldn’t be so strong. When they saw this, a few of the smart people immediately understood.

This movement by the Li family indicated that they had planned this for quite a while. They wanted to borrow this negotiation opportunity to take care of them all at once, but in order to prevent the Li family from suffering from it, he was in a hurry to leave.

“Li Hong, your Li family truly has some guts!” Someone from a superior family immediately stood forward and criticized coldly. He didn’t look panicked. They weren’t so bad as to be scared out of their wits by these people. Which one of these people hadn’t witnessed a storm before? The only thing was that they hadn’t expected the Li family to actually be so audacious. Were they not afraid of the other influential families in Kyoto coming to settle the score with them if things fell through and were exposed?

“The Li family should be hiding a trump card, or else Li Hong wouldn’t be so confident!” You Rong, who understood the Li family’s head Li Hong a little, said in a lowered voice. After he spoke, his gaze moved back to You XiaoMo, his black and gloomy eyes unreadable. When You XiaoMo was stared at, he felt sweat continue to appear on his back. One was enough, but unfortunately there were four of them, and each one’s gaze was more scorching than the last.

“Haha!” Li Hong tilted his head back and laughed loudly. “You’ve guessed correctly. Too bad it’s already too late.”

Accompanying his laughter, the sky above Thunderclap Academy suddenly darkened, as if night had suddenly fallen. The entire world grew lifeless in an instant, as an ominous aura appeared.

When everyone lifted their head, they saw an enormous whirlpool appear in the dark sky above them. A shadow stood above it, looking like a person, but also not quite, since it seemed like there were two horns above the shadow’s head. After a while, a subtle noise slowly came from the sky. It grew louder and louder, and if one listened closely, it was actually the sound of somebody laughing very oppressively.

At that moment, all of the Li family and the twenty or thirty people in black abruptly kneeled towards the shadow. They all looked extremely respectful, including Li Hong. There was even some humbleness on his face, which was unimaginable for the others. But once everyone vaguely grasped the strength level of the shadow person, all of their expressions changed.

“Welcome, Master!” Li Hong’s voice carried a difficult to restrain excitement.

In the sky, the shadow gradually revealed its true appearance. Standing far above in the sky, his body was extremely tall, probably over two meters. He did indeed have two horns on his head, as well as a tail. He looked like a Lycan. Clearly, he was a demon beast, and furthermore, it was very likely that he was a demon beast who had failed in transformation, since usually demon beasts who changed shape would directly just change into human shape. They definitely wouldn’t become half-beast half-man.

“Welcome, Master!” The others also started to kowtow to him with a hard to conceal excitement.


Just at this critical moment, an untimely laugh reached the Lycan’s ears. The glowing green eyes immediately locked onto the person who was laughing, sharp like a knife. His gaze held an infinite amount of coldness and killing intent. His voice suddenly resounded through the sky. “Human, you’re looking for death!”

The person who laughed was Ling Xiao. Before he restrained the smile on his lips, he heard the Lycan’s words. Ling Xiao said cheerfully, “There are two things wrong with that sentence. First, I’m not human. Second, I’m not looking for death, I’m just looking to have some fun.”

The Lycan’s face abruptly darkened.

“Be a little more low-key.” You Bo and the rest saw You XiaoMo rush over instantly and scoot close to Ling Xiao’s side as he spoke carefully. This time, their roles were exchanged, and now he was the one warning Ling Xiao. Right now, he was afraid of acting too prominently, or else it wouldn’t be very easy to explain when the time came.

Ling Xiao looked at him sympathetically. “Wife, just give up.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

Pah! Who told you to be sympathetic? If he really wanted to sympathize, then he shouldn’t have said something to shove him in the limelight!

When Li Hong saw that they were already controlling the situation, he jumped up once more and added fuel to the fire. “Master, please teach this person a lesson. He’s truly too arrogant. He actually made a move against my son, and even cut off one of his hands. This cannot be forgiven! I hope Master will bring justice for your subordinate!”

“Li Hong, you’ve really regressed the longer you’re alive! As a human, you consider this kind of non-human, non-monster thing as your master. Indeed shameful for us human practitioners!” You Rong spoke calmly and resolutely.

When Li Hong heard, his face first when ashen and then pale. He smiled grimly. “Whoever is strong will be the leader. My Li family follows the strong, since we adapt to the circumstances. But you all, since you dare to resist Master, sooner or later you will die!”

You XiaoMo opened his eyes wide with shock. This was also the first time he had ever encountered this situation. It was true to consider the strong as superior, but the difference between various races was a horizontal ravine that wouldn’t be crossed! If it was truly as simple as Li Hong was saying, the difference between the races in TongTian Continent wouldn’t be so obvious. The other was clearly being blinded by power. What a poor fellow. You XiaoMo held up a handful of sympathetic tears for him. Good luck in the future, cannon fodder!

The Lycan looked down on everybody. “I’ll give you all two choices. First, vow allegiance to me, or second, die!”

You XiaoMo raised his hand. “Is there a fourth choice?”

The Lycan lifted an eyebrow. “Why is it not the third choice?”

You XiaoMo broke into a grin. “Because I like the number four.”

(*t/n: I’m guessing he’s referring to how four in chinese sounds like death)

The Lycan’s gaze focused in on him, as it revealed a bit of ruthlessness. “You dare to play with me?!”

“Congratulations, you’ve answered correctly. But there’s no prize!” Ling Xiao took over what You XiaoMo was saying, smiling even more sinisterly than You XiaoMo.

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Moist Cracker
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