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Chapter 726 (Extra 13) : Getting Rid of a Cannon Fodder in One Second

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The atmosphere was so stifling that they could hardly breathe when Ling Xiao had finished speaking.

Everyone could see that the Lycan was getting angrier and angrier, but not a single person stepped forward, including the Captain of the two man team, Johnson. They were not ignorant and were vaguely aware of the strength of the Lycan.

However, some people were also very worried about You XiaoMo. You Bo and You Lu stared at You XiaoMo’s back. They already had an answer in their hearts even without needing confirmation. The You XiaoMo in front of them must be the one they were thinking of.

“You XiaoMo, you idiot!” You Bo, whose temper was fiercer, suddenly disrupted the weird and silent atmosphere around them as he bellowed at You XiaoMo. Flames of anger shot from his eyes as he fixed a withering glare on You XiaoMo who had hunched his head. When he saw You XiaoMo’s actions that resulted from being frightened by his words, You Bo’s anger raged higher in his heart.

You Lu, who had a sedate personality, did not bellow like You Bo. Instead, he stared at You XiaoMo with serene eyes that were like a deep black pond, without saying a word. Contrary to expectations, this made You XiaoMo’s hair stand on end even more than You Bo.

You XiaoMo rubbed the goose bumps that appeared on his arm. Sure enough, they had guessed it, but he did not have the courage to turn around. In any case, he did not think it was suitable to talk about family matters now.

Just then, a soft voice that was choking with emotions suddenly reached his ears, “XiaoMo…”
You XiaoMo once again experienced an earth-shaking feeling. This was Mother You’s voice. It was the first time he had heard Mother You call his name with a tone that was brimming with emotions. This was what he had always been hoping for in his past life. It was unfortunate that he did not even receive it even when he died. Instead, he only heard it after he took on the identity of another person. He did not want to experience that feeling of misery again.

Behind him, Mother You saw his refusal to look back no matter what and her face, which was dampened with tears, revealed a hint of grief. She looked extremely frail and Father You could only hug her.

A red glint flashed through his eyes when the Lycan in the sky saw this scene. He abruptly gave a quick signal to Li Hong. The latter received the message and immediately passed the order to the black-clad men behind him. The group of people launched an attack without warning and an overwhelming majority of the men rushed towards the You family.

“Everybody, be careful!” Johnson had been watching the men in black. He immediately warned everyone in a loud voice when he saw them make a sudden move. With prior warning, everyone was prepared and did not act with confusion.

Four black-clad men dashed to You Bo and You Lu. However, they could not score a single hit on the brothers, thus they immediately slammed into You Bo and You Lu without disregard for their lives. These men were puppets of the Lycan who did not have any awareness even if they were injured.

You Bo was irritable because You XiaoMo did not respond to him. Since there was someone who deliberately delivered themselves to him, he smashed a punch over, hitting one of the men in black on the side of his face with a ‘boom’. The punch was extremely heavy and the the seven apertures of the man in black started bleeding as he flew out and heavily collided onto the floor. The sound of bones breaking was amplified several times.

If You Bo could be described as fire, then You Lu was ice as he silently released one of the men in black. It was only when the others had reacted did they find that the man in black that You Lu had released was in a more miserable state than You Bo’s. His neck was directly broken by You Lu.

You XiaoMo, who had been a little worried, fell silent in an instant.

Even in a Lower Level Realm like Earth, You Lu and You Bo’s cultivation speed did not lose out to those in the Higher Level Realm. This was clearly a civilized society, yet they were even more brutal than the people in the TongTian Continent. Sure enough, they really proved that they carried the You genes!

“Wife, are you sure you weren’t picked from somewhere?” Ling Xiao’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

You XiaoMo, “… To tell you the truth, I was actually carried here.”

Ling Xiao pondered and was about to start speaking when the Lycan who was unwilling to be left out, intruded. A black fist smashed towards their heads as the Lycan’s voice sounded. It was bigger than You Bo’s punch, instantly creating a deep pit of about three to four meters in the ground.

You Bo nearly hissed seeing this scene. Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly caught a glimpse of that figure he cared about under a pillar. However, he did not know when that figure had instantly moved under the pillar. His back was facing You Bo and he seemed to be arguing with Ling Xiao about something. It was as if they were in a different world. You Bo suddenly felt like he was worrying for nothing.

“You Bo, concentrate!” You Lu suddenly appeared behind You Bo and helped him block the attack of the man in black before turning back, “He now… doesn’t need us to worry for him any longer.”

The fretfulness on You Bo’s face stilled. They were not dumb. Naturally, they could see that those two were certain of their chances of winning when they provoked that Lycan. But this was You XiaoMo – the You XiaoMo they had protected for eighteen years. In his heart, he was forever that dumb elder brother who needed to be protected. Yet, someone was telling him now that his dumb older brother had become stronger than him, he really felt that it was a little hard to accept.

“You Bo, you must come to terms with reality. He already has someone by his side.” You Lu’s tranquil voice sounded again with a trace of relief that was hard for outsiders to detect.

You Bo’s eyes reddened. It wasn’t that he did not know that You XiaoMo had an unusual relationship with the man named Ling Xiao. He just did not want to admit that his foolish brother who he had carefully protected for more than ten years did not need to be protected any more. The one by his side had changed to another man who had completely replaced his position.

There was nothing more for You Lu to say. You Bo needed to figure out these things by himself.

On the other hand, the Lycan saw that his punch did not hit You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. However, he was under the impression that they were afraid upon seeing that they did not counter-attack, and promptly pursued them relentlessly while sending punches at them. The orderly Thunderclap University was riddled with a thousand gaping holes. Yet, his goal was still leisurely wandering outside the range of his fists. His anger surged and he dashed towards the two languid figures that seemed to be chatting or quarreling and howled, “You humans, can you guys only act as turtles hiding in their shells?!”

After the words fell from his mouth, the two looked at him in at the same time. Two pairs of unreadable black eyes stared straight at him, “You’re so noisy!”

The Lycan was shocked and instantly flew into a rage out of humiliation after he recovered. He had actually been eyed as if he was retreating from fear by two inferior human beings. This must definitely have been a illusion. In order to prove that he was not afraid of them, he howled at the sky. A powerful aura burst out and swept through the Thunderclap University in an instant. Everyone who had been fiercely fighting retreated in terror.

Although they knew that the Lycan should be very strong, they still held a trace of hope in their heart that it would not be so. It was only at this moment that they truly believed that the Lycan had come prepared.

Everyone quickly divided into two groups on the sports field of Thunderclap University. Li Hong led the Li family and the black-clad men back to the Lycan’s side. Pride shone on his face, he was even more deeply convinced that he had made the right choice.

“I’ll say it for the last time. Submit to me or die.” The Lycan looked down at them and gave his final warning.

“A trifling Lycan wants to climb over our heads?! What wishful thinking!” The vice principal of Thunderclap University rudely sneered. He looked more like a stern principal at this moment. His words could represent almost everyone’s stand.

“Master, why not kill them and let them witness your means since they are so arrogant?” Li Hong stated ruthlessly. He did not want the Lycan to let these people off. There were no lack of his enemies, such as the You family, but he did not want them to share in his spoils even if they were not enemies. They would become the ones who has rendered the most outstanding services once the Lycan conquered this realm, and the Li family would become the largest and most powerful family on Earth.

However, he did not know that the Lycan did not think as such. These big families had a good foundation and what he lacked the most now was manpower and resources. So if it was possible, he would rather they submit to him.

Thinking of this, the Lycan’s gaze immediately locked on the still whispering You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. These two had constantly been challenging his bottom line. In this case, he would start with them first.

You XiaoMo still wanted to try wrangling over the matter with Ling Xiao, “I think that you’re really the one who was picked up. A man can’t carry a child for ten months. You could only be conceived through in vitro gestation.” He even appeared to be saying it in all apparent seriousness.

“… In vitro gestation is tantamount to being picked up?” Ling Xiao felt that his conclusion was quite novel. Of course, as a skillful husband, he was very much in tune with his wife’s tempo.

You XiaoMo immediately said in a ‘children can’t be taught’ tone, “How did you get so dumb? This is the invention I created!”

Ling Xiao fell silent for two seconds, “Wife, aren’t you reaching out for a yard after taking an inch?”

You XiaoMo broke into mischievous laughter and patted him on the shoulder, “Don’t be like this, how about letting me get the upper hand once in a while? Otherwise, I’m the one losing out every time. This is your duty and as my man, you should be a little more magnanimous.”

Ling Xiao, “What should I do if I become frustrated?”

You XiaoMo lifted his finger and pointed at the Lycan that was obviously harboring malicious intentions, “Look, is this not a readily available doormat? I’ll get rid of the other people and leave this half-man half-beast, who thinks he’s the best Lycan in all the land, to you. He’s thick and meaty, and should be able to withstand your beating for some time.”

Ling Xiao glanced at the wolf and retorted in disdain, “Wife, you think too highly of him.”

The outrageous conversation between the two men made the Lycan feel madder and madder. Finally, he could no longer restrain himself. The howl of a wolf rent the air as his appearance rapidly changed. His tall figure stooped down as dark gray fur speedily grew from his rough skin. His square-jawed face was covered with fur as it lengthened, becoming the face of a wolf which was set with a pair of dark green eyes that were staring savagely at the two people.

The crowd heard a threatening growl from the Lycan just as a cry of alarm sounded from below. Then he shot towards You XiaoMo and appeared in front of him within two seconds. A mouth full of sharp teeth opened, preparing to bite down when, unlike what he had expected, the latter jumped up and started yelling.

“Foul!! Why are you deliberately aiming at me?!”

Just as the Lycan was about to bite him on the head, You XiaoMo smashed the Lycan’s head with a great punch. The force of the punch was quite strong and the Lycan’s green eyes protruded out as he hit the ground with a loud bang. The huge Lycan lay at You XiaoMo’s feet, prostrating himself on the ground.

Father You and Mother You, who had been so frightened that their hearts were about to jump out of their mouths, instantly had the two words ‘be careful’ stuck in their throats. They were at a loss for words as they watched their second son perform a play called ‘Getting Rid of a Cannon Fodder in One Second’. The Lycan that made them feel as though they had been confronted by a formidable enemy was dealt with just like that. It was so fast that they felt what was happening in front of them might just be an illusion.

“Wife, it’s you who fouled!” The faint voice of Ling Xiao broke the profound silence was prevailing.

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