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Chapter 105: Magnetic Storm Comes


“Can I really…” Lydney looked at his hands and murmured.

He was a pure human being. The level of science, and technology, and medical care in this era was very developed. He could live to at least one hundred years old. This age, if placed in the ancient earth period, can be called longevity. But if placed now, this age may not be enough for an evolutionary human to grow up completely.

Long ago, human beings pursued immortality. They used every means to seize the passing time and longed to retain their immortal face. After thousands of years, they finally succeeded, but they also lost their moral bottom line and conscience, mated with various interstellar creatures, and gave birth to an “evolutionary human” in human skin.

Evolutionary humans have a very low chance of conception, and they may not have a child for hundreds of years. Ironically, pure humans with weak vitality still maintain a very high rate of conception. Evolutionary humans with “noble” blood will often raise a group of pure humans for family reproduction, and at the last moment maintain the inheritance of blood, and only pure humans can aid its inheritance. The species mating produces new blood lines. Evolutionary humans have been contemptuous of pure humans, but they are inseparable.

In the view of evolutionary human beings, pure human beings are no different from reproductive machines. They only have a short life span of 100 years and an ugly appearance that will continue to grow old after 50 years at most. No evolutionary human will fall in love with pure human because life was not equal, will you fall in love with an ant that will die tomorrow?

When Lydney was very young, his whole world was only as big as the pure human orphanage in Freeport. His parents abandoned him when he was born. When he went to school later, he had changed, he learned a lot of knowledge, and found that the world was so vast. When he went to college, he knew his planet. How small compared to the entire empire and galaxy, he fell in love with the world under the microscope.

He has seen in textbooks that the distance between atoms was very large. If every atom was gathered together, a person was only as big as an ant.

Lydney once stood naked in front of a mirror and looked at his body. It was smooth and white, but very fragile. How big was an ant? How old was a person? Both evolutionary and pure humans were made up of most of the same elements, and when the distance between atoms changed, they become equally insignificant.

He once envied the evolutionary humans because they had a complete family and a long life. They had so much time. Even if they couldn’t visit all the planets in the stars, they could read all the books in the Freeport Library. It took Lydney nearly ten years to finish reading one shelf of the Freeport Library. He spent ten percent of his life to finish reading one percent of the Freeport Library.

In a twinkling of an eye, that little figure has grown into a beautiful young man, his time has passed too fast.

Lydney’s evolutionary human classmates skipped classes almost every day ten years ago, ate, drank and played in various places of entertainment in Freeport. Ten years later, Lydney was a junior in high school. He was rejected from college for three years because of insufficient test scores. The paper that Lydney could not give all the answers to at a glance actually held him back for three years.

What was the meaning of their long life?

With such doubts, Lydney went to Titus for a year as an exchange student and participated in the study of the closed wall. There, Lydney met the most authoritative scientific team in the whole interstellar space and many famous scientists. But there was no doubt that they were all evolutionary human beings. Lydney only asked them one question – how about Guigeng this year?

Lydney counted their average age:

Top Scientists: Average Age 1000

Senior scientific research personnel: generally 600 years old

Other General Bachelor’s Degree: General 400+

The youngest cleaner: 200 years old

It was amazing that the scientific evolutionary human beings has accepted a pure human being.

Many scientists had visited Lydney. They all wanted to know how old Lydney was. When they saw Lydney as young as they are, they are very disappointed. How can he be so young? But when they asked Lydney’s age, they will look at him with disdain and indifferent compassion: How old are you? Know your ass? Want to do research with us? You have no more than 80 years left to live. You are dying. Maybe by the time we study it, your body will have turned into white bones.

So Lydney only got the right to watch the research. He wandered around the lab all day, writing indifferent experimental reports in a notebook. He looked at the top scientists pondering over a formula that he had worked out the answer to. The top scientists took eight months to write down the design inspiration on the draft paper. Lydney was able to write it down on his first day in the lab. 

One day, standing behind a senior bachelor, he couldn’t help pointing out one of his mistakes, but he got a slap. From that day on, Lydney knew he had to leave.

Even if you are a noble evolutionary human, once you fall in love with a pure human there are only slums waiting for them.

No one wants to die early, neither did he.

Lydney didn’t expect it. He also thought how good it would be if he could have a longer life. He could read the books of Freeport Library, go to other planets and see the scenery. He could even study the closed wall before the old fools of Titus. But these were impossible. His expectations would turn into regrets. When he die, they would turn into a sigh and disappear. Lost in an unknown corner, in another hundred years, all pure human friends who remember him will die, and no one will remember them.

But he fell in love with Carl, and since then these regrets have turned into hate and pain, blocked in his throat, and strangled his breath. He cannot say, or even dare mention his life in front of Carl, because Carl will be in more pain than him.

Sometimes Lydney would even regret it. Maybe he should have refuse Carl when he invited him to the rover, so that Carl would not be sad with him.

When he saw Lydney’s red eyes, Hai’an was a little panicked. He didn’t understand why he made Lydney cry just because he said he wanted to give him a gift.

Hai’an wasa used to crying due to Auguste. This time Hai’an made Lydney cry. He felt uneasy and sorry, which made him very uncomfortable. Hai’an could not help thinking that when Auguste made him cry, Auguste would feel guilty. If so, it would be unnecessary to be angry with Auguste.

“Lydney… Are you okay? Do you not like this gift?”

“No, I like it very much.” Lydney grabbed Hai’an’s hand, adjusted his mood, and solemnly thanked him, “Thank you, JianJian.”

With a goal, Lydney worked harder to learn magic. He was not dumb, but his talent was not as good as Queltan’s, but diligence could make up for his weakness. One day later, Queltan could already produce intermediate magic, and Lydney could just mobilize magic elements.

But both of them were learning very fast, far more than most of the magic apprentices in Nore’s mainland, and Queltan was learning so fast. Hai’an guessed that it may be because he has the blood of animals and earth. By contrast, Lydney’s talent as a pure human was amazing. After all, he has nothing to add.

Hai’an, Queltan and Lydney sat in the pit for a day. At-6765453 squatted on the edge of the pit and played with them for a day. He harvested a hockey ball from Hai’an and a rose wreath from Queltan. But in the evening, At-6765453 suddenly stood up and shouted, “A magnetic storm is coming! Let’s run!!!” Then he jumped into the pit and shrank.

The robots, which were attacking Colin and Corson, stopped, and the world suddenly distorted and fragmented — “retrospecting” itself.

All of them returned to their original position at the time of filing, and there was a small vibration on the ground. They traced back to the prototype and ran to Winchester. From the opening Cessie’s voice could have been heard, which proved that he had been in Pier’s cockpit.

“Hide away, the magnetic storm is coming!” Cessie cried anxiously, “There’s no way to archive Pier if you’re taken away by a magnetic storm… It’s a really death…”

Cessie wanted to say something else, but backtracking quickly shut down the voice, found a piece of land and started digging pits. He grabbed a few robots, pushed them into the pit, and then buried themselves. After seeing the backtracking action, the robots started digging pits, but they were not as efficient and their pits were shallow and small.

“It’s too late to dig, find somewhere to hide!”

“God! I don’t want to die yet! My arm was gone in the last magnetic storm.”

“Whoo, I don’t want to die, I don’t have a body, who holds me whine for a while.”

The headless robot cried. Alia trotted around holding the robot’s head and shouted to Winchester, “Gather around Red Shield and climb up if you can!”

Red Shield also opened the cockpit to let some soldiers in. Other soldiers heard Alia’s voice and quickly approached her. They gathered around Red Shield, whodrew out her huge sword and drew a circle on the ground. “This is the largest area of my protective shield. Only here I can protect you.”

“Lydney… Lydney is still outside!!!” Carl’s breathing became urgent, and he turned to run out to find Lydney, but Auguste caught him.

“Don’t go out.” Auguste’s voice did not fluctuate.

Carl waved his hand angrily and stared at him. “Are you crazy? JianJian is outside!! They will die!”

“Don’t go out.” Auguste looked calmly into Carl’s eyes and did not change his breath at all. “I’ll go.”

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August 17, 2019 9:24 pm

Oh, poor Lidney. He has suffered so much discrimination. Go kick some scientific’s ass!!

Can’t Hai’an protect them with his magic?!

Thanks for the chapter!

August 18, 2019 9:56 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

Almost caught up with the novel after a week of holiday. One thing to say, if those “scientists” are still alive they won’t have any chance with Lydney now. He is young, smart, mated with Carl and learns magic which will give him a very long life. In other words his life made a turn for the better when he met Carl. The sad past can now be slowly forgotten.

August 30, 2019 11:14 pm

Wuwuwu. This book always on a rollercoaster ride. Some happy, some sad.

September 25, 2021 2:36 am

How pitiful natural humans are. Used as breeding machines and discarded.
Lydney is unique and a lovely character.
This is not a good situation. Will Hai’an’s magic protect them?.. and Auguste.
Thanks for translating.

May 22, 2023 4:40 am

Lydney is a genius UwU those scientists that have long lives won’t ever understand. He may be young but his potential and ability are deep. Still happy that this novel is portraying the diversity in ages and diff scenes of them

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