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Chapter 106: What a big eye!

A magnetic storm is made from a type of invisible and intangible energy, which exists in every corner of the universe. It carries a lot of force, destroying all electromagnetic equipment and power systems on the ground. None of the high-tech products can be used and when it comes, a stone is more useful than nanocomputers.

Among the twelve original machine armour fighters, only Red Shield can hold up the protective shield against the magnetic storm. Pier can only rely on his own body to protect Cessie. He usually prepared a lot of food and daily necessities for Cessie in the cab in advance, and then digs a pit to bury himself and Cessie before the magnetic storm arrives, waiting for it to pass…

Although he can “archive,” the “archive” range was only as large as a planet. As magnetic storms were not generated on the Tomb Star, he simply cannot use “archive” to protect people on the planet.

There were no seasons on the Tomb Star, even the change of day and night was not obvious, but sometimes there was a little wind. These winds were weak enough to barely blow up a piece of paper that falls to the ground, but the magnetic storm can temporarily change the magnetic field of the Tomb Star, triggering a violent hurricane. Cessie placed weapons underground, on the one hand, to prevent their discovery, on the other hand, for fear that the magnetic storm would destroy those weapons and armours.

And the robots on the Tomb Star didn’t know why but they couldn’t go deep into the center of the earth so they couldn’t hide in the underground chamber dug by Cessie. They could only learn to dig a pit and bury themselves, hoping that the hurricane wouldn’t blow them away. Those robots who can’t dig a pit, can only fly in the air with the strong wind and collide with metal debris. A magnetic storm lasts for a long time and they don’t need to eat, but in the long run, their bodies will be damaged even if they are strong. Sometimes they will even be taken off the surface of the Tomb Star and frozen after flying into space.

So even if the planet was stable, Cessie, no matter how many times he repaired the robots, their hands and feet would break in a magnetic storm and would only get worse.

At-6765453 jumped into the pit early, but on first reading, he turned back to sitting at the edge of the pit. The wreath on his head and the hockey ball in his hand disappeared. He felt as if he was not in the right position. He opened his eyes and found himself running out of the pit. He screamed and jumped into the pit, scratching hard at the metal wreckage and shouting in fear, “Ah! Help, this pit is too shallow! I don’t want to lose my leg any more!!!

At that moment, a distant whining sound suddenly came, like a howl of a huge wind passing through a tight crack. At-6765453 heard the sound and fell to the ground. “It’s too late…” After a few murmurs, he began to sob in a low voice, and his childish voice sounded pitiful.

“What’s wrong with At-6765453?” Queltan saw him and stood up to comfort him, but was almost blown away by the wind at the moment he got up.

Queltan had already been taken off his feet by the hurricane, but Lydney threw himself forward, grabbed him by the ankle and dragged him down. Meanwhile, Hai’an propped up a wind wall and protected everyone in the pit.

The whole pit became dark in an instant. There was a soft white light on Hai’an’s fingertips, which illuminated the small space.

“Wow, I’m scared to death. What’s that?” Queltan caressed his chest and looked up at the sky outside the wind wall. Countless metal debris flew over their heads. It was so fast that people could not see their shapes. Only a few black lines of different sizes could be seen.

“Huh? I’m all right?” At-6765453 heard Queltan’s voice, released his hand covering his eyes, gazed at his intact body, touched his legs, and then laughed happily, “Haha, my legs are still there!”

“That’s what Pace calls a magnetic storm.” Lydney raised his right hand and poked at the nano computer on his wrist. He found it impossible to open it at all and could not reach anyone. He frowned and said with some worry, “We seem to be trapped, and we don’t know how long it will take for this magnetic storm to end.”

“My shield will last a long time.” This pit was not very deep, Hai’an just stood up and was able to expose his head outside the pit. “Unfortunately, I can’t see the way, so I cannot take you out of here.”

The hurricane outside was fierce. Hai’an could still hold up the windshield to protect everyone, but he did not know the way back to the cheap houses. Lydney and Queltan’s nano computers were not connecting. Even if they could leave the pit, they could not find the way back. They might even go the wrong way, heading in the opposite direction to the temporary tents, and then getting farther and farther away from Auguste.

“Hee-hee.” When At-6765453 found himself safe, he was less anxious. Instead, he was happy. He moved his body and sat beside them. “The scale of this magnetic storm is not very large, much smaller than the last one, and it will stop soon.”

Queltan’s eyes lit up when he heard At-6765453. He came up to At-6765453 and asked excitedly, “How soon will it be?”

“Just one month.”

Queltan: “…” The Tomb Star was not small. What they saw was only the tip of the iceberg. If they got lost on the Tomb Star, Auguste may not find them before the magnetic storm disappeared, and most importantly, they did not have enough food.

“A month later we will all starve to death…” Queltan wrinkled his little face and said with tears in his eyes, “I’m still a man. Yesterday Winchester agreed that I could marry my YanYan… I don’t want to die yet…”

Hai’an did not know how to comfort Queltan, but clumsily patted him on the shoulder, “I can grow some fruit, should be able to support us for some time.”

“What about Lydney?” Queltan turned his head and looked at Lydney worriedly. “Lydney, drink some of my blood when you really can’t stand it.”

“Blood?” Hai’an blurred for a moment. He didn’t understand them. “Why do you drink blood?”

“Lydney needs some salt.”

Lydney was a pure human. He needed food. Hai’an can grow some fruits, but they don’t have salt. Lydney will die if he doesn’t eat enough salt for a long time. There was some salt in human blood. Hai’an was a “plant man”. Queltan felt that his blood might be different from that of human beings, so he volunteered.

“Don’t be so pessimistic.” At-6765453 stroked his leg. “The last magnetic storm lasted for four months. My legs were not there at that time. I heard that Ex-546237 left its head after the magnetic storm ended. Now that I have legs, I’m still in such a safe place. I’m sure your friends will find you.”

Lydney nodded, picked up the magic book that had fallen on the ground and read it carefully. He memorized the mantra on it. “Now calm down and continue to learn magic. It’s no use rushing.”

“Okay, okay, that’s the only way.” Queltan shrugged and sat cross-legged. “It’s too hard here. Let’s make chairs for ourselves. We can just practice our control over magic.”

With that, several thin vines grew under Queltan’s buttocks and they quickly twisted into a bunch of clusters. Hai’an had also made a basket chair in a few seconds.

“I want one too, Brother Sharp Ear. Can you get one for me?” At-6765453 saw green plants for the first time. It was very novel. He carefully touched Hia’an’s finger and said shyly.

“Okay.” Hai’an agreed, and soon got a chair for At-6765453. He saw Lydney still sitting on the ground. “But Lydney can’t do magic yet.”

Lydney smiled and waved. “It’s all right. I’ll study it myself. I’ll ask you for help if I need it.”

As soon as Lydney’s voice fell, there was a violent vibration at their feet. Then they felt the sky darkened over their heads, as if covered by something. The fierce hurricane seemed to have stopped, and the whirring wind was silent. Only a little farther away came the sound of metal clashing.

“The wind has stopped?” Queltan was the first to be impatient, and to pick the edge of the pit and popped his head out.

“What do you see? Has the wind stopped?”

“The wind has stopped, but it’s dark outside. I can’t see anything.” Queltan rubbed his eyes, and the metal wreckage outside the pit lay fragmented on the ground. There was only light near the pit, and farther away there was darkness, and nothing could be seen.


“Huh?” There was a strange noise in the darkness. It seemed that something sucked its nose. Queltan stretched his neck longer and stepped on the indentations of the pit wall, trying to see farther.

Suddenly, however, two large dark red eyes appeared in front of Queltan. The narrow vertical pupils turned around and looked at him. For the first time, Queltan saw such a large eye at such a close distance, several times bigger than his head, so he screamed and fell back into the hole.


“Queltan!” Lydney and Hai’an quickly lifted up Queltan. “What did you see?”

“Eyeballs! What a big eye! It’s red! “

Red eyeballs?

Lydney and Hai’an were stunned, they climbed to the edge of the pit and looked out directly.

The huge red eyes seemed excited when they saw Lydney. Their long pupils enlarged, and then they rubbed towards Lydney. Together with their eyes came a pink tongue, which directly drooled on Lydney’s face.

“Carl?” Lydney exclaimed, “Why are you here?”

“He can’t talk now.” In the darkness, Auguste came to them with a fluorescent stick, two large black bags in his hand, some wounds on his body, as if he had been hit by something hard, some of them even bleeding.

In response to Auguste’s words, Carl retracted his tongue, uttered a whisper from his throat, nudged at Lydney with his chin, and almost knocked him down.

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