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Chapter 107: Dark gel

Lydney patted Carl on the tip of his nose to calm him down. Carl grunted rather reluctantly. He put his chin on the ground and slid down to Lydney. Two huge dark red eyes kept staring at Lydney. They all stared at him. Lydney had to go a little farther.

“Well!” After Lydney had only taken a few steps, Carl immediately raised his head. His dark red eyes were wet and innocent. He looked at Lydney with grievances in his eyes as if asking him why he was leaving.

Seeing Carl like this, Lydney couldn’t help but stop and sigh, “I’m afraid you’re dizzy.”

When Carl heard Lydney’s words, he closed one eye and looked at Lydney with one eye open, without blinking.

Lydney: “…”

Why was he so sticky?

“Auguste!” Hai’an was very excited when he saw Auguste. He rushed to Auguste and hugged him directly around the waist, then put his head on his chest. Auguste was holding something in his hands and could not hold Hai’an back. He could only lower his head and rub Hai’an’s head with his chin. “Why are you here?”

“Came to deliver your food.” He held up the black bag in his hand.

“Food?!” When Queltan heard there was something to eat, he popped his head out of the pit and looked excited.

Auguste threw the bag along the edge of the pit, extinguished the fluorescent rod, and put his arm around Hai’an’s waist. “Are you hiding in this pit?”

“Un.” Hai’an nodded. “What about you? Where are they hiding, Colin and others? How did you find us?”

“XiaXia found you.” Auguste stretched out his hand and wiped the blood off his face. Hai’an saw Auguste’s wounds and treated them immediately. Soon they all disappeared. “Colin and others are all protected by Red Shield. Don’t worry about it.”

“These injuries are…”

“I bumped into stuff on the way here.”

While still at the temporary shelter, Carl was clamoring to come out for Lydney, and Auguste had disagreed, because in such a weather, to move on the Tomb planet one would need to become Ayulon, but Auguste found that when they became Ayulon, they would be irritable, bloodthirsty, and had an impulse to fight.

They couldn’t predict when magnetic storms would end, and Auguste disapproved of Carl continuing to leave Ayulon’s tracks on the Tomb Star.

XiaXia volunteered, dug out his eyes, threw them out of the protective layer, and into the hurricane. It drifted on the planet, so that he could see where they were, but the hurricane was too strong. Most of XiaXia eyes only drifted a short distance and were broken by metal debris, a dozen eyeballs were dug without seeing Hai’an’s shadow. It wasn’t until Hai’an lit up the globe and got some green vines, especially those of Queltan twisting in the pit that XiaXia found them.

Auguste finally decided that he and Carl would come out together, swap shapes, and be responsible for sheltering Hai’an and others from the magnetic storm. Carl’s body was covered with metal after he changed to his Ayulon form, and there was no pain in any part of his body except his head. So Carl changed into his Ayulon shape first and once Auguste noticed some damage to Carl’s body, he changed into his Ayulon form and let Carl recover.

“Isn’t this frozen gel?” When Queltan opened the zipper of the black bag, he took out a bag of powder and stared, incredulous.

Auguste, expressionless, pulled Hai’an over. “Yes, you can eat that with a little water. These two packages will last us all for a year.”

Frozen gel was powdered until water was added. The food for a day could be compressed into a single capsule. At any time, every soldier would carry two months worth of frozen gel, sewn on the inside of their garment to ensure that they would not starve to death when in a critical condition.

Frozen gel was rich in nutrients, which could replenish all kinds of elements needed by the human body and provide sufficient energy. It also had a sense of satiety. It only needed a little water to turn into a transparent freezing congee. Modern technology allowed the water to be compressed into small cubes and to be carried in bags. It can be said that this combination was cheap and convenient.

But almost every soldier would willingly eat frozen gel only during crisis. Because the gel was really bad to eat. Each person who had eaten frozen gel had only two words to evaluate it: nasty shit.

Frozen gel was very smelly, and it had fishy and salty aroma after being opened. Although it looked crystal clear and sold very well, but its taste was sticky like shit, and it was transparent.

“Red Shield only had powdered gel, and the water cube is in another bag.” Auguste squatted down and opened another black bag to distribute food for everyone.

“I don’t want to eat shit…” Queltan grabbed the cold gelatin powder packet and said with a pathetic voice, “JianJian said he can grow fruit. I’ll eat the fruit.”

“You must eat it several times. If you don’t eat it, you will be malnourished.” Auguste turned to several packages of pink gel powder and handed it to Queltan. “YanYan’s body is not strong enough for me and Carl to bring here, so he can’t come to you, but he told me to tell you to eat a little more. Don’t go hungry and get thin, or he will feel bad.”

Queltan took the pink gel, and hesitated, “Is it strawberry?”

“I haven’t eaten it. You can eat it.” Auguste said he didn’t know.

“Wow! He really loves you.” At-6765453 and Queltan climbed the pit side together, exclaiming loudly that Cessie often buy food from the next planet, because food was scarce on the Tomb Star, and they usually only eat solar energy, which was also the reason why the planet looked darker. Only a few robots could find small cubes of residual energy in the debris and enjoy delicious and pure energy once the magnetic wind blew. When the storm comes, they would not see the sun for a long time, and when the energy was exhausted, they would shut down automatically until the magnetic storm was traced back out to bask in the sun.

When Queltan was in such a situation, YanYan did not forget to prepare food for him. It’s like Pier’s act of not eating but preparing food for Cessie. It’s absolutely true love.

Innocent At-6765453 did not know that Pier was non-eating because he had a certain core and did not need to consume extra energy. He only knew that Pier never ate, and all the food from the companion stars would be stuffed into Cessie.

Cessie only had two waking stones, one for Pace as a wedding anniversary gift, and the other for Pier as an alternative energy source. He also did not have so many waking stones that he could make a Nadine core for all the robots.

“JianJian… Give me a banana…” Queltan looked at the strawberry flavored gel, and finally decided to eat the fruit.

“Ah, I only grow apples and grapes. What are you going to eat?”


“Ok, wait a minute.” Hai’an went to an open field, took out an apple seed from his pocket, put it on the ground and walked away. Soon the seed began to germinate, then sprouted, grew lush green leaves, and finally blossomed and produced small fruits.

Hai’an took a look at the tree. It was still a green, immature apple. He walked up to Auguste and picked up a packet of frozen gel. “It will be ripe in a day, so let’s eat the gel first.”

Queltan: “…”

So he still needs to eat gel today?

“All the frozen gel has been revamped. It has no stink. The frozen gel prepared by your YanYan was modified on the basis of the Vagrants gel, and it should not smell too bad.” Auguste handed a small bowl and a small spoon to Hai’an, tore the frozen gel for him, poured it in with the water cube, and stirred it into a transparent jelly.

Queltan sniffed, he really didn’t smell anything. With his eyes bright, he also tore off the strawberry flavored gel that YanYan had prepared for him. After the mixture was frozen, he quickly dug a spoon into his mouth, and then showed a painful expression: “Strawberry shit…”

“Shit?! What is that?” At-6765453 curiously gathered around and looked at Queltan’s frozen gel. “Can I eat?”

Lydney heard At-6765453 and quickly stopped him: “You can’t eat it. You can’t absorb it.”

Hai’an took a spoonful of it, swallowed it in its mouth, and tasted the taste of the frozen gel. Then Hai’an could not help but frown. It was really terrible.

“Just take it for a minute. We can only eat this for a while.” Auguste looked expressionless after eating the frozen gel, and then contained a water cube to dilute the taste of his mouth.

“I’m going to feed Carl.” Lydney stirred a bowl of frozen gel, then patted Carl’s nose. “Ah, open your mouth.”

Carl listened, opened his huge jaw, and showed huge tusks, sharp, and Lydney dropped the frozen gel on his tongue, and he quickly swallowed it after he turned back.

“Feed him another bag, dragon energy consumption is relatively large.” Auguste handed Lydney a packet of frozen gel powder, ignoring Carl’s big eyes. Carl wrinkled his face and gently swallowed the gel.

Hai’an patted him on the shoulder. “You don’t have to suffer much if you eat fast.”

“Yes.” Lydney also laughed and echoed, “the frozen gel is good. After all, there is no stink. When I was at school, I ate all kinds of flavors, and I could not forget the smell.”

Carl rubbed Lydney’s body heartbreakingly when he heard this. Lydney smiled and hugged Carl’s head. He was even happier when he thought of the gift Hai’an had said. He planned to tell Carl about it after he could use intermediate magic.

But Lydney suddenly remembered something. The smile on his face disappeared for an instant. He turned to Auguste and said, “We have lost contact with the outside world in this period of time. What if the situation of the war changes?”

Auguste frowned as Lydney spoke reasonably. They fell into a magnetic storm on the first day of training, and they didn’t know why Abbott called Ivan master. They didn’t have much time, and they didn’t know how much progress would be delayed with the arrival of the magnetic storm.

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