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Chapter 108: A bunch of white roses

The storm did not end in a month, as At-6765453 said, but on the 23rd day.

During this time, Carl kept his dragon shape to block the magnetic storm, and did not appear to be in a state of uncontrollable temper. He was glued to Lydney, sweet and sticky, the entire time. He did not vomit after the end of the magnetic storm. He had been eating frozen for more than twenty days in a row and what he used to hate the most was that gel. Now, even if it was shit, he would still eat it all willingly.

Queltan’s magic power had been booming in the past few days. Except his still poor control, Hai’an estimated that his magic level had reached the level of a senior magician, while Lydney has just learned to cast elementary Magic – he still couldn’t make a vine chair, but he made a necklace for Carl and hung it on his dragon neck.

“How are you doing?” Auguste just returned to the temporary shelter and received a video call from Jamie. “I couldn’t reach anyone two days after you left. I almost flew to see you on the rover. But Pace stopped me. He said it was a magnetic storm, and I’ll be able to reach you after it ends.”

“We’re alright and nobody’s hurt. What’s going on with the Empire and the Freedom Alliance?” Auguste was wearing a black shirt, sitting on the bed wiping his hair with a towel, and Hai’an was still bathing in the bathroom.

This time, Hai’an was a good student and refused to take a bath with Auguste, especially since they hadn’t been close for more than twenty days. Hai’an was thin-skinned and dared not even kiss Auguste during his time in the pit. Auguste was too tired from watching Lydney and Carl.

“It blew up.” Jamie shook his head. “It’s a mess. At first, the Freedom Alliance beat the Empire back and forth. Think about it. There’s Dean’s big killer in there. No one can kill him. But it’s strange that Ivan didn’t fight with Dean in Raven. Instead, Ivan ran to another battlefield to fight with Patrick Fernan. Instead Ariella was sent to stop Dean and got beaten.”

Jamie paused, put his head close to the camera, lowered his voice, and mysteriously said, “Here comes the big show. To elaborate Dean beat Ariella into tears and she cried out to her father and mother. Then, just three days ago, who knows what madness got into Dean. He left behind a group of Freedom Alliance forces that he had led and disappeared. After the collapse of the Freedom Alliance army, Dean suddenly appeared again, beating Ariella half to death, and then disappeared. Not only did the Empire not find him, but even the Freedom Alliance people over there don’t know where he’s gone either.”

“Maybe he’s going back to the street stars.” Auguste frowned. “Go check it. I want to know who Dean saw last.”

“Yes, give me two days.”

“Are you talking to Jamie?” Hai’an came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bathrobe, stepped on the floor with his white feet, and his long silvery hair dripping with water left a trail behind him.

“How many times have I said that you need to dry your hair?”

Hai’an climbed into the big bed and sat cross-legged. He saw Auguste’s serious face, and some of his pleasures came up. “Won’t you wipe it for me?”

Auguste pinched Hai’an’s ear expressionlessly, then pulled him in front of him and wiped his hair with a clean towel. “Where do you want to go after the war?” When he said this, Auguste thought about it and added, “Don’t leave me.”

“Huh? I’m always following you.” Hai’an rubbed his pinched ears, and it was strange to hear Auguste’s words.

“Aren’t we going to accompany Jamie to find the moonlight flower? I’m not familiar with the world, as long as I go anywhere with you…” Hai’an was shy and his voice dropped a little.

Auguste gave a light laugh and rubbed Hai’an’s head. “Shall I take you to my hometown to see it?”

“Your hometown?” Hai’an couldn’t help looking back at Auguste. “You don’t mean it’s already…”

“Whatever it becomes, somebody will go.”

“Yes… That’s your hometown…” Hai’an was happy for Auguste, but he thought of the white elf tribe, the burning Elune Forest, and was somewhat confused. Palatine said that if he stayed with Auguste all the time, he would find the truth, but how long would it take? Decade? One hundred years? Or a thousand years longer?

Seeing that Hai’an was somewhat melancholy, Auguste knew that he was reminded of the world called Nore Continent.

Auguste hugged Hai’an’s waist from behind, just clinging to him and offering him silent comfort.

Titus Legion Headquarters——

Ariella lay on a snow-white hospital bed. In the purple vase on the bedside table was a bunch of pure white Lorimus roses. Several petals fell on the table, some yellowed.

The brilliant sunshine outside the window shone in and threw several beams of light, which clearly showed the dust floating in the air. Ariella sat up in the bed and looked out at the scenery. She felt a wrap on left eye, which was empty below. Dean dug out one of her eyes, and even though she became a dragon, she could not beat Dean.

No, it was Nightmare. The shell of the machine armor was so hard that she couldn’t even bite her teeth into it. She had no idea that Dean would suddenly leave the army and disappear, and then suddenly attack her.

Did he find out that…

“My poor Ariella.” Ivan pushed open the door and held a bunch of Lorimus roses still covered with dew in his arms. He took out the old roses from the purple vase on the bedside cabinet and replaced them with new ones. He bent over and stamped a kiss on Ariella’s forehead. Then he sat down beside her, took her left hand and asked softly, “Are your eyes still painful?”

Ariella looked at Ivan’s bright golden hair and yellow amber eyes in the sunshine and was stunned before she answered his question.

“It doesn’t hurt much.” She hung her head and leaned into Ivan’s arms.

“It’s my fault.” Ivan caressed her long hair. “Abbott’s reading of the original mechatron’s abilities was a little slow. We didn’t expect the rock to be in Dean’s hands, but his deciphering speed was faster than Abbott’s.”

“I don’t blame you!” Ariella suddenly broke away from Ivan’s arms, looked into his eyes and shouted, then lowered her voice: “As long as you love me all the time…”

Ivan was shocked by Ariella’s sudden action, then laughed and took Ariella’s hand again. “Of course I will always love you.”

“Well…” Ariella stared straight at Ivan with her only eye, and was relieved to see that his eyes were as spoiled and loving as ever.

“Don’t think too much. We’ll be together after the war. No one will disturb our life anymore. I’ve always loved you alone. You know…”

Ariella closed her eye and tugged at Ivan’s collar tightly. Ivan had a strong desire for partners. Ivan never let other women or interesting peers approach him, she was so relieved.

So what Dean said before he left must have been to provoke her and Ivan’s feelings…

“Oh, what? Do you really think he loves you?” The grey armor crushed a dark red eye, and Ariella wailed in pain. The long dragon wail sounded through the dark universe. Ivan, wearing a soul stone, could hear it, but he did not come in time. He clearly chanted the moon and could be transferred in an instant.

But Ariella never asked Ivan why he hadn’t come to save her. Maybe he knew that Dean would not kill her. Ivan was always so smart, so smart as a child. Ariella looked at the bunch of roses on the cupboard and was dazed. She had been around Ivan for hundreds of years. They grew up together. On the day of the collapse of the Fernando family, she helped him kill Patrick…

“Randall… What on earth do you want?” Ariella looked up and looked into Ivan Randall’s eyes. “You’ve got it, either in the Empire or in the Freedom Alliance. If you’re afraid of the public opinion of citizens, you can overthrow the Empire. Why do you want Dean to find it?”

“Shhh -” Ivan put out a finger to stop Ariella’s unfinished remark. “Dean is my negligence. They haven’t appeared yet. My rule will not be stable, let alone Dean’s betrayal now. But what worries me most is you.”


“Yes, you are my wife now. When the Freedom Alliance overthrows the Empire, Ivan will surely die. What about you?” Ivan frowned slightly and his eyes were worried. “I think you have been standing beside me, whether Ivan or Patrick, I want to give you the best, but you have shown up in front of the people, an Ayulon’s body is too hard, I cannot change it for you. If Dean did not rebel, Nightmare and rocks are in his hands, he must have a way, but now…”

“That’s all right. I can keep my face as long as you’re still with me.” Ariella closed her eye. “I’m sleepy.”

“Then have a good rest and I’ll be here with you.”

“No, go ahead and deal with it. Dean’s not settled yet, is he?”

“Yes.” Ivan bent over and kissed Ariella on the face, then pushed the door open and went out. “If you have something, send me a message. I’ll come over.”


At the door came the sound of locking. Ariella turned over, opened her eye and stared straight at the Lorimus Rose on the table. Its fragrance diffused through the room, its petals were beautiful, solemn and quiet, and dazzling white.

Ariella burst into tears.

She knew why Ivan was with her and why she fell in love with Ivan. This was fate. It’s also a surrender, a surrender to the blood, a surrender to the thirst for love. She couldn’t stop, and they’re entangled with each other until the day they are hanged by fate, until they die.

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August 18, 2019 3:14 pm

I don’t understand…. What’s happening now?

But I kinda pity Ariella now, Ivan or Patrick as we now knew is only using her.

August 18, 2019 10:15 pm

Ohhh, then… Ivan’s feelings are not honest? He doesn’t love Ariella? She loves him, though. I don’t know if I should feel bad for her.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 18, 2019 10:36 pm

Hm… Interesting development. I bet everything will be explained sooner or later. I still think Ariella got what she deserves.

Thank you for the chapter!

August 19, 2019 6:51 am

High chance that Ivan is the last final boss who is using poor (but crazy) little Ariella.

Thank you for the update!

August 31, 2019 2:11 am

She’s so pitiful. Oh Ivan or Patrick. You’ll eat shit for using a woman’s love sooner or later. >_<

November 15, 2019 2:33 am

I dont understand though? I thought Ivan and Randall is the same person??

September 25, 2021 7:12 am

What?! So many questions:
• So Patrick Fernando, rebel leader, never escaped, but was killed by Ariella & Ivan?
• Has a male Ayulon been impersonating Patrick & Ivan, leading both rebels (fid they become Alliance?) & Empire? It’d explain Ariella’s love for him.
• If so, what happened to real Ivan?
• What do they want Dean to find?

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