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Chapter 117: What messy things have you learned?

“You both said you hadn’t seen moonlight, so what’s wrong with this map?” Colin waved and scattered the speckle particles. “Can’t it be that the map of the moonlight is false?”

“No way. If it’s false, Palatine should have told us, but he didn’t say anything.”

Jamie turned off the projection and sat back in his chair. “Speaking of this, Auguste, don’t you know where Palatine and Uncle Ye came from?”

“I don’t know. It’s impossible for anyone in the stars, including me, to be traceless, but neither of them has.” Auguste shook his head, and the two men, Palatine and Uncle Ye, appeared almost out of thin air. No one knew where they came from or whether they were human beings or other cosmic creatures like Auguste.

Hai’an remembered the time seal on Uncle Ye’s painting “Beloved”. Perhaps, like him, Palatine and Uncle Ye were also people from Nore. But now he was not quite sure, nor could he tell Auguste that guess.

Because there were no other routes, Auguste could only continue to follow the star map translated by Palatine.

After dinner, Auguste and Hai’an went back to their room, but since Auguste saw the map of the main star of Ayulon, he had been silent and did not speak much. He even gave up the chance to take a bath with Hai’an. Hai’an felt that he was somewhat depressed and did not know how to comfort him.

So when Hai’an went to the bathroom alone, he took out his nano computer and opened the chat group called Plant Wars.—

[Tiny Eared JianJian] My master seems a little unhappy. How can I make him happy?

[President’s Man Are You Afraid?] Unhappy? He’ll be honest after a fuck.

[Pure Human Trafficking in Plants]:… Don’t teach JianJian…

[Do you have more eyes than me, no]: Comfort him with your body, comfort.

After Auguste gave him a nano computer that day, he found several popular children’s books such as “Jenny’s mother teaches the baby to read” to teach Hai’an to read. Hai’an can now write some simple common interstellar languages, but he can’t spell some characters with more strokes.

[Tiny eared JianJian] Ah, how can I comfort him with my body?

[Do you have more eyes than me, no]: Have you ever done sex different ways?

[Tiny eared JianJian] Sex?

XiaXia directly dumped a high-definition adult video in the group. Two men were doing all kinds of difficult movements. Fortunately, Hai’an didn’t make a sound. Otherwise, Auguste would surely find him watching yellow movies in the bathroom.

[Do you have more eyes than me, no]: That’s it.

[President’s Man Are You Afraid?] I called the police.

[Tiny eared JianJian] Yes, but isn’t that hard?

[Do you have more eyes than me, no]: It’s all the same. Every time I’m with Leston, he’s happy enough to die. I’ll teach you a few more words. When you and Auguste have sex, remember to say them he’ll be very happy.

[Tiny eared JianJian] Okay, thank you XiaXia.^^

[Do you have more eyes than me, no]: You’re welcome.~~

[Pure Human Trafficking in Plants]:… Finished.

Hai’an put the words of XiaXia and the private chat behind his back, shut his nano computer, put the water in the bathtub, and quickly washed his body. Wrapped himself up in a bathrobe and open the bathroom door.

Auguste was sitting cross-legged on the bed, fiddling with his original body, the shaking grass. But Hai’an felt that his connection with the trembling grass was almost completely cut off. When he first became human, he could feel all kinds of feelings on the trembling grass, but now he could not feel them, just as the trembling grass was only his mother.

Auguste did not play with the trembling grass lightly. If he had left it before, he would have noticed it. But now, if he hadn’t sensed it, Hai’an would not have felt anyone touch him.

Hai’an was wrapped in a snow-white bathrobe. His silver hair was still wet. His pink toes moved on the dark carpet. He trotted to the bed and grabbed Auguste’s neck from behind. “You’re wearing flowers on my back!”

This was what Auguste said when he was on the companion star. Now Hai’an had misinterpreted the meaning of this sentence and made Auguste speechless. Auguste put the trembling grass back on the bedside table, grabbed Hai’an’s arm and dragged him into his arms. He nibbled on Hai’an’s lips.

Hai’an had learned to respond to Auguste’s kiss. He hugged Auguste’s neck and raised his head slightly. He also held out his tongue and wrapped it around Auguste’s. His long eyelashes kept shaking and his breath was getting faster and faster. Auguste’s hand, which had been hugging Hai’an, was released and he slid into his bathrobe to touch the smooth body. The body that has been developed was very sensitive and honest, and soon Hai’an’s bathrobe rose with a small tent. But then Auguste stopped all his movements, frowned and lifted Hai’an’s bathrobe, the little thing that had stood up was very spiritual, because the bathrobe that was pressing him was suddenly lifted and it shook a few times when it was exposed to the air.

Hai’an opened his eyes. His watery eyes were full of passion and lust. There was a red tinge at the end of his eyes. There were still wet watermarks on his red lips. He opened them slightly, showing his bright red soft tongue. He looked innocently at Auguste as if asking why he had stopped suddenly.

But Auguste put on a gentleman at this time: “JianJian, what about the underwear I prepared for you? Why don’t you wear it?”

Hai’an was silent for a moment, trying to escape the topic, so he separated his legs and sat down on Auguste. He said dryly, “Give me, I want your big member.”

Auguste: “…” What messy things have you learned?

Auguste found that since he had given Hai’an a nano computer, he had no idea where Hai’an had learned something abnormal and would not blush at all with a yellow accent. Sure enough, the Internet would teach children bad things.

After that, Hai’an did not see anything but Auguste pouncing on him like a tiger. He began to rub his belly and gasp gently.

Auguste patted Hai’an’s butt, pinched him at the waist and turned him around. He picked up a clean towel and wiped his hair. “I’ll watch you wear underwear when I get up tomorrow.”

Hai’an: “…”

It’s different from what you said.

Hai’an twisted his neck, turned his head and frowned, and asked Auguste, “Why don’t you come with me? Is my body no longer attractive to you?”

Auguste paused to wipe his hair and chose a more euphemistic way to say to Hai’an, “You’re still young. Wait till you get older.”

“Do you think I shoot fast?” Hai’an has some grievances. He often saw advertisements on the nano computer websites about “treating premature vents and making your life more sexual”. Sometimes he went in late. It said that a man who shoots fast can’t satisfy his lover. In the long run, his marriage will be broken up, and even what kind of messy affairs happens.

Did Auguste begin to dislike him for shooting faster?

Auguste felt that Hai’an shot too fast. He was afraid that it would be bad for him, but he was full of heartache. He did not mean to abandon him at all. He pinched the soft flesh on Hai’an’s cheek. “How could I abandon you? I love you so much that when you’re better, we’ll have all the sex we can.”

After that, Auguste grabbed Hai’an’s hand and put it into his trousers, touching something that was half hard for him, proving that Hai’an’s body was still very attractive to him.

When Auguste turned off the light and fell asleep with his arms around his waist, Hai’an opened his eyes, moved a few times, got into the quilt, and opened his nano computer on his wrist.

[Tiny eared JianJian] Have you slept yet?

[Do you have more eyes than me, no]: No, that’s the only time. Leston is on duty tonight. I’m so lonely, I can’t sleep. Why, your humble dad didn’t talk to you about sex?

[Tiny eared JianJian]: Not only did he dislike me as a child, but he also disliked me for shooting fast and being blind. Do you think Auguste will divorce me?

[President’s man, are you afraid?] Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[Do you have more eyes than me, no]: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

[Pure Human Trafficking in Plants]:… It’s all right, JianJian. Auguste won’t divorce you. I’ll make it up for you tomorrow.

[Tiny eared JianJian]: Okay, thank you, Lydney.^^

[Pure Human Trafficking in Plants]: ^^ You’re welcome~

Seeing that Lydney had promised to help him, Hai’an took a breath and turned to embrace Auguste’s arm and was ready to sleep.

He hoped Lydney’s tonic worked. He didn’t learn how to make aphrodisiacs with the elders in Elune Forest. But even if he did, those medicines couldn’t be found in the world. It was really impossible. He can only buy “Kidney Care, You Care” on that website.

The next day, Hai’an got up very early and went to the kitchen to see Lydney.

Lydney was making breakfast for everyone. When he saw Hai’an coming in, Lydney wiped his hands and went to a small silver pot to fill him a bowl of egg-yellow porridge, “I put some medicine in it. Now you have a bowl first. I’ll make you another bowl at dinner time.”

Hai’an listened, eyes bright, took the porcelain bowl and drank up the porridge in one breath, “It’s a little sweet.”

Hai’an’s height was a little shorter than Lydney’s. When he saw Hai’an’s beautiful pale green eyes shining brightly at him, Lydney couldn’t help raising his hand and touching Hai’an’s small head. Such a little beauty, he knew why Auguste couldn’t resist, “Rest assured, tonight you will see the effect of the medicine.”

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Wow, Hai’an is venturing into a dangerous land.

Thank you for the chapter!

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Plant Wars, hahaha. More like plant gossips.

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