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Chapter 118: Veteran driver. Ouch – Dirty Master

When Auguste got up this morning, instead of touching Hai’an’s warm body, he was wearing a pair of underwear on his head. Auguste reached out and pulled down the white underwear on his head. The black embroidered dragon on it seemed to laugh at him. Hai’an did not want to get absolutely forced to wear them today.

Not only did Hai’an dislike wearing underwear, but he refused to wear even tighter pants. He had to wear loose clothes, of which robes were his favorite.

Auguste couldn’t sit still at the thought that Hai’an might be wandering outside in a long robe, wearing no underwear and walking away.

After getting up quickly and washing, Auguste went out to catch Hai’an.

Auguste saw Hai’an in the hall, sitting cunningly, playing mahjong around a small square table with XiaXia, Colin and Corson. XiaXia also installed more than a dozen monitoring alarms, but Auguste did not know what he was using it for.

Seeing Auguste get up and come out, Hai’an waved excitedly to him: “Auguste, play mahjong with us.”

Auguste was not very happy, maybe playing mahjong would make him happy.

Colin also saw Auguste coming. He threw out a red one and said humbly, “How did Daddy get up so late today? Was he crushed dry by JianJian last night?”

In fact, most of the soldiers in the army were so dirty. After all, there were no women in the army. Everyone was a rough man. He couldn’t take back the Yellow comment once he said it. The vagrant was more civilized. Colin wanted to tease Auguste when he saw his serious expression.

When Colin finished speaking, Corson kicked him under the table. Before, Corson would choose to hit Colin’s head or give him an elbow, but because they were playing mahjong now and he was sitting opposite Colin, he could only kick with his foot.

But Corson forgot two things: first, he had long legs. Second, the table they are sitting at was just a small square table. And another unexpected thing happened: Colin sat with his legs open.

So after he kicked his foot, he only felt that he had accidentally kicked something soft. Although he didn’t exert much energy, a man’s crotch was still very fragile. Before he could reflect what it was, he saw Colin sitting opposite him scrunch up immediately. He shook violently, covered his face with pain, bowed his head and scolded. “Corson… I want to kill you…”

“Are you okay, Colin?” Corson was shocked, and then came back to his mind, knowing that he was kicking somewhere he shouldn’t, and stood up and went to Colin. “Brother, I didn’t mean to…”

Hai’an and Auguste were also attracted by Colin. No one noticed XiaXia. He stretched his neck and wanted to peek at Corson’s card. As a result, the alarm next to them “buzzed!” The ground exploded in one blow.

“XiaXia, don’t peek at Corson’s cards.” Hai’an quickly turned around and put an end to this immoral act of XiaXia’s.

“Alas…” He sighed and sat back in his seat.

“Does it hurt?” Corson was sweating. “Shall I rub it for you?”

“Rub it my ass! Give me a shot!” Colin bit his teeth.

“Okay!” It’s okay to fire ten cannons for you. (It’s innuendo.)

Auguste: “…”

How did he feel that since last night, JianJian had started to learn bad, now all the people on the Vagrant began to turn nasty.

“Eat your meal.” Lydney came out of the kitchen with the dishes and invited everyone to lunch.

When the meal arrived, the mahjong team could only break up temporarily.

Having ordered a meal, XiaXia took two bowls and went to the main control room. “Hey, hey, I’m going to have dinner with Leston.”

But today Carl and Hai’an ate less, Hai’an’s food was usually light as it was, so Auguste found that Hai’an ate less, and gave him a few vegetables so that he would eat. While Carl’s side, Lydney found that he ate less – Carl drank two spoonfuls less soup.

Lydney swallowed his meal and asked with concern, “Carl, why did you eat so little today? Are these dishes not good?”

“Oh, I’ve eaten something in the morning. I’m not very hungry. You should eat more.” Carl finished, learning from Auguste as he picked up a few pieces of meat and put them in Lydney’s bowl.

Everyone was satisfied with the meal, including Hai’an, who was forced by Auguste to eat a bit more. After lunch, dinner was not far away. When dinner comes, will it be night?

However, until Lydney took the bowls away, XiaXia still did not bring the bowl back, mahjong team was only three.

At Hai’an’s strong request, Auguste did not leave.

As a result, Mahjong could be played. Hai’an had been shooting at Auguste, and Corson had been shooting at Colin.

“Auguste, I have no money for you. I’ll pay my debts with my body.” After Auguste had won all Hai’an’s chips, Hai’an sat upright and said earnestly with his little hands on his knees.

When Colin and Corson heard this, they immediately stared at Auguste with a strange eye.

Want to pack up mahjong and pretend that Auguste didn’t win: “…”

You really don’t blush when you talk about it.

Auguste felt that everybody was not normal on that day. Jamie began to be melancholy and deep after looking at the map. He said, “My wife would surely kill me if she knew I had forgotten what she looked like.” Then he hid in a room and wrote a love letter. Colin was kicked by Corson, and he has been complaining since the afternoon. Colin was restless and wanted to go up and rest. While XiaXia and Leston did not come down until dinner, and no one dared to go to the main control room to see what they were doing, for fear of seeing something they should not see.

At dinner, Hai’an’s food was still unusually small, but Carl had restored his normal food intake and even ate an extra bowl of rice.

At the dinner table, Hai’an hurried through dinner, ate a banana, while staring at Auguste through dinner. Auguste was stared at by Hai’an and was unable to swallow. He put down his spoon and pinched Hai’an’s face. “Let me have a good meal.”

“Oh.” Hai’an now responded to Auguste’s request. When he heard Auguste’s words, he sat back straight and ate up the banana in two or three mouthfuls.

Colin, sitting opposite, now saw people eating bananas and eggs, and he felt a sharp pain. After picking up the meal in a hurry, Colin went back to his room with a pale face and lies down.

Corson chased after him and shouted, “Colin! Colin? Are you still in pain? Take your pants off and show me…”

When Auguste was still wondering what was going on, night came.

He was caught off guard.

When Auguste entered the room, Hai’an turned and threw him against the wall. He pressed his hands against his side and raised a clean face. His pale green eyes were like a green pool. Occasionally, a leaf fell into the water, and the pool was filled with tenderness. His red lips closed and opened as he spoke, “Let’s take a bath together Auguste.”

“What’s wrong with you today?” Auguste remained motionless, hugged Hai’an and threw him onto the bed. He sat down beside him and asked.

Hai’an’s long pointed ears trembled, then drooped down and said in frustration, “I just want you to be happy. I can feel that you’ve been depressed ever since you saw the star map.” Hai’an looked up at Auguste with some apprehension. “Don’t you want to go back?”

Auguste rubbed Hai’an’s head, pulled him into his arms and held him fiercely. At the tip of his nose, he smelled the light grass on Hai’an’s body and sighed with satisfaction, “I’m not sad, and I do want to go back. I’m just thinking about something.”

“Really?” Hai’an asked quickly, with doubts in his tone.

“Really.” Auguste sighed. He was really thinking. He had left his hometown for more than 500 years and said it was impossible not to want to go back. But the main star of Ayulon was very dangerous. The memory of Ayulon’s successive generations had always engraved a kind of awe in their blood.

That’s the awe of the main star.

Even after the Ayulons madly transformed everything on the main star, they never cut down a tree. They had an inexplicable awe of everything on the main star. This awe led them to find themselves so powerful after going to other planets, and thus created a yearning for the outside world – the so-called freedom from oppression.

He worried that after going to the main star, it will not protect everyone’s safety. There was also the moonlight flower. In his memory, there was no moonlight flower on the main star. If they can’t find the moonlight flower after going to the main star, what will Jamie do?

Nearly a hundred years of waiting can only be exchanged for a mirror-like hope?

Auguste knew how important Cedar was to Jamie, just as much as JianJian meant to him.

Some people will only fall in love with one person for a lifetime, as if his life was to meet the person he loves deeply, willing to let him give up all the past and regain his new life. Every meeting was the dividing line of life. Every touch was like a new page of life. The moment of love was the turning point in life. From then on, each other had become the only reason in each other’s life.

Just like Ariella, who was tall but always looked like a little girl in front of Ivan; Dean had a thousand years of life to live, but he only wanted to embrace Abel for a moment; Palatine only said that in his eyes, Uncle Ye would be the only one to put on a black robe for him, and then only let Palatine appreciate the blue eyes like sapphires.

Jamie and Cedar left their original planet and set out on an interstellar merchant ship not to do business or for money, they just wanted to have a home. No man liked to conquer the starry sea, but every time Jamie set sail, he just wanted to find Cedar, the turning point in his life, his eternal lover.

No matter how dangerous the Dark Universe was or how lonely every silent night, the night was awakened by sunshine, the moon was accompanied by stars, and they just wanted their partner at sunrise and sunset every day.

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