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Chapter 119: A Big Monster

Although Auguste had already told them how big the main star of Ayulon was, it shocked those on the ship when they saw the planet.

The planet was like a giant among the stars, rising like a mountain in the plain, standing prominently in the center of the Ayulon constellation, half of which shines with a touching blue shimmer, while the other side was like a vast black hole devouring all the light, which was frightening.

Other affiliated planets surround it silently, like tiny stars around the moon.

“Wow…” Hai’an, barefoot, crawls in front of a big transparent window, looking at the blue planet ahead, with his mouth open and sighing softly.

Auguste took a pair of brown shoes and brand-new white socks to the bedside and patted the opening of the big soft bed: “JianJian, come and put on shoes.”

“Oh, ok.” Hai’an reluctantly took another look at the planet: this was where Auguste was born, and then trotted to the bed.

Auguste grasped Hai’an’s white feet in the palm of his hand, wiped the soles of his feet and put white socks on him. Hai’an grabbed Auguste’s tall nose with another toe that had not yet worn white socks. Auguste scratched Hai’an’s feet, and Hai’an fell on the bed with a laugh, “Auguste, is there really a dragon eater in the deep sea? Is it an animal?”

“I haven’t been to the deep sea, but I’ve heard the old people say it’s true.” Auguste’s voice was as good as ever, like a melodious cello. “It’s almost impossible to escape when you meet a dragon-eater.”

“But somebody escaped, or there would not have been such a legend handed down.”

When Auguste heard Hai’an’s words, he paused to tie his shoelaces. Hai’an knew him well. He also knew Hai’an well, “Do you want to go to the deep sea?”

“Well… I think -“

“I disagree.” Before Hai’an had finished, Auguste refused.


Hai’an wanted to struggle again. Auguste stood up, grabbed his waist, and took a bite on his lip. His dark red eyes were full of worries, “I don’t want to lose you.”

Deep-sea dragon-eating beasts were not legends, they really existed, and some people had seen them and escaped from their mouths – Carl was one of them.

When Carl was a kid, he could fly. The scales of an Ayulon were mostly black, and only a few of them that changed to dark red or bright red. Carl’s scales were the most beautiful dark red. They shined in the sunshine and were the most brilliant in a group of black. Since this color was not seen frequently, because of these scales, he always felt that he would be the salvation dragon to save the whole universe. He was not afraid of any danger.

Before he weaned and was still a red meat dumpling, he sneaked into the deep sea.

Carl had been swimming deep into the sea. Within the darkness, occasionally, some shining fish appeared, but with that little light, nothing could be seen. As Carl swam further and further down, he felt that he had no strength to swim or had not reached the end. In addition to the quiet fear in his heart, he wanted to go back. But at that moment, a vast suction came. Carl did not have the full flesh wings to help him swim at all. His short limbs pushed hard at the water, but he was still unable to escape this attraction.

At the last moment, Carl looked back in tears, only to see two green-shaded eyes, glowing green, illuminating a small piece around them.

Carl was able to see the big mouth, its dense fangs glittering, a bright red, bifurcated top tongue spitting out and retracting. Carl was so scared that he peed himself and gave up struggling. Tears flowing that disappeared in the cold water. In a trance, as if Carl imagined it, several strangely dressed men with swords were sucked into the mouth, then a sharp white light burst out.

The water in the deep sea rolled like boiling water, and a colossal thrust was generated centered on the white light. Carl was almost swallowed by the dragon-eating beast, and then washed away by this thrust and rushed directly to the surface of the deep sea.

Carl stole out of his house at night. The deep-sea was not guarded because of the natural fear of the Ayulons, and no dragon dared to go down. How could it be known that Carl had decided to look? Auguste and his parents were crazy because Carl had been missing for three days, and finally, the surveillance records were sent out to find out that Carl had disappeared in the deep sea.

Carl’s mother’s legs were so weak that she almost fell down. It was their father who took Auguste to the deep sea and tried to find out if Carl could be found. As a result, they went to the deep sea and saw that the water on the deep sea was boiling like bubbles.

Then there was a sudden burst of water. Countless corpses and some unknown animals flew to the sky with the water, then fell down and floated on the water. Carl was in the middle of the pile of meat, motionless, and their father was shocked, thinking that Carl was dead. Carl was only frightened. When he looked back and saw the blood-stained water and bodies around him, he was so frightened that he cried “Ou-Ou-Ou” and swam straight to the shore with the splash.

When he came ashore, he saw Auguste and his father crying. He swayed to Auguste’s feet and began to howl as soon as he sat on the ground. My father took Carl up and examined him and found that he had no injuries. The blood was from the corpses, but he was hungry. After all, he hadn’t eaten for three days.

After that, Carl didn’t cause any trouble, because not long after he went ashore, the image of the dragon-eating beast that had plagued Ayulon for hundreds of millions of years finally emerged – its head was blown up, its upper jaw was missing from its head, its abdomen was blown out seven or eight big holes, and the broken corpses were exposed in this way.

They dragged it out of the deep sea and found that the dragon-eating beast looked like a snake and had fins on its tail, but it was much longer and thicker than other snakes. Its total length was more than 10,000 meters, and its waist was about 1,000 meters thick. When it opened its mouth, it could swallow dozens of Ayulons in one mouthful.

Even more frightening, the Ayulons tested it’s bone age and development and came to the conclusion that it was not yet an adult. This was a young dragon-eating beast that could still grow.

It was a miracle that Carl survived.

The Ayulons were curious about what killed the creature, and Carl told them that it had been killed by several men with swords.

Of course, no one believed it, thinking it was Carl’s hallucination in fear, but then the Ayulons did find human limbs in its belly, and they were fresh, and the time of death was the same as that of the dragon-eating beast.

This was the main star of Ayulon. Where did humans come from? Did the deep sea really lead to another world?

No one could explain it at all.

“Carl went on to eat vegetarian food for several months because he wanted to vomit whenever he saw meat, presumably because he saw the sequelae of those meat pieces…” Auguste sat at the table with Hai’an in his arms, changing the soil in his potted plant with him.

“Did no one go to the deep sea to see it?” Hai’an lifted the nutrient solution and dripped a few drops into the pot.

“Later… The war broke out. Maybe someone wanted to see it, but there was no chance.”

Hai’an was silent for a while, and finally choked out a sentence: “… Carl is fortunate.”

Auguste rubbed Hai’an’s head and kissed him on the side of his face. “I’m lucky to meet you, too.”

Hai’an hung his head and blushed a little, but the corners of his mouth could not help but draw a curved line.

The once high-tech building on the main star had disappeared entirely, and the ship had to descend the water barrier before landing on the surface of the shallow sea.

But when the doors were opened, everyone was stunned. It was not very clear on the ship. When they stepped out of the ship’s doors, they found that the pale blue fluorescence they saw outside the planet was all the light of the soul stones piled up in the shallow sea. Every inch of the shallow sea surface above the central star was covered with soul stones. At this time, although it was night on the Main star, it shined like day under the light of the soul stone, even covering the brightness of the stars in the sky.

Jamie stared and said, “Auguste, this…”

“Step on it directly, and you won’t get wet.” Auguste was stunned for only a few seconds, then said lightly, as if he could not see the soul stone everywhere, only Hai’an holding Auguste’s left hand could feel the slight tremor of his fingertips.

The water was shallower than the deep sea, but it was still half as deep as a person. But when everyone on the ship stepped on it, it was like stepping on the soft mud with no water, leaving only a series of shallow footprints, which disappeared after a few hours.

The crowd followed Auguste straight ahead, in front of them was a tall tree, which was the residence of Ayulon. But the farther forward, the stranger it looked.

“Auguste… DIdn’t you say this was a planet without flowers?” Colin poked Auguste on the shoulder and hesitated to speak.

Under the tall tree was a sea of flowers blooming on the sea, endless, colorful butterflies flying, blooming in all kinds of colors. With the wave fluctuating and shaking, not to mention all types of Cymbidium hanging from the trees, there were many birds hidden from time to time among the tall green crowns, and there was a rainbow in the sky, like a fairyland.

At that moment, a black Ayulon face popped out of the flower bush, and there were many colorful flowers on it. With his movements falling down, he half squinted, as if he had just woken up and looked over to Auguste and them. After seeing the man clearly, the Ayulon opened his eyes sharply and rubbed his paws as if he did not believe what he saw.

“Jie-” seemed to finally confirm that it was not his illusion. The Ayulon roared loudly, startled countless birds and fanned it’s black dragon wings to fly away from them.

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August 24, 2019 10:19 pm

Carl was a troublemaker since young. He went where he shouldn’t have and saw something incredible.

So the expedition that left the ship on the flesh planet did really find the “star” flower. And there is still a live Ayulon on the main star?

Thank you for the chapter!

August 24, 2019 11:20 pm

They’re finally there!!

Thanks for the chapter!

August 31, 2019 4:03 pm

Ahhh, this is so dreamyyy. I love it.

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