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Chapter 120: I’ll take you to catch fish.

“Auguste, Carl, that dragon seems to be your family.” Colin squinted his eyes. It was night now, and the Ayulon was in the air and merged with the dark night. It was hard to see his exact location again.

Carl was speechless and looked at Colin with an insane eye. “Nonsense, he looks nothing like us.”

Auguste raised his head, and his dark red eyes tracked the Ayulon. Half a minute later, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Here he is.”

As soon as the voice fell, a man fell in midair, plunged upside down into the shallow water and was ejected again. He shouted and rolled several times on the sea.

The man’s waist was surrounded by a circle of leaves, his black hair was messy, like weeds growing in the back yard that had not been cared for years, and Hai’an took a glance at them. His chest muscles were only a little smaller than Auguste’s. His abdominal muscles were arranged like chocolate boards, his skin was healthy like wheat, and his body was full of strong masculinity. With his arms open and tears in his eyes, he shouted, “Tong Zhi!”

Auguste: “…”

Auguste stepped towards Hai’an’s side and avoided the embrace of the man, who looked back incredulously at Auguste, shriveling like an abandoned loyal dog, then he moved towards Carl.

“Comrade! I missed you so much. Ahhh…” Carl was so careless that he could not escape. He was hugged by the man around his neck and could not earn a living.

XiaXia hastened to cover his eyes, “I did not see anything! I won’t tell Lydney!”

Standing aside, Lydney saw everything: “…”

Carl patted the man on the back. “Brother, can you talk well?” His partner was still on the side, what did this look like to him?

The man was still holding Carl and crying loudly, “Comrade, why are you back so late? I’ve been waiting here for hundreds of years, eating nothing but plants and crying every day.”

Carl pulled the fellow man off him with a cruel heart and stood up with him. “Fellow, can we talk?”


How would you feel if you were the only living person on a planet? Kai lived alone on the planet for more than two hundred years. There was no second Ayulon on the main star of Ayulon except him. He was the only Ayulon surviving on the expedition on the meat planet, as Auguste thought.

He used his eggshell as material according to his inheritance memory, then dismantled some equipment in the expedition ship to make a small spaceship. He returned home with the soul stones of his two fathers, but the inheritance memory did not tell him that the Ayulon race was almost extinct.

Other surviving blood vessels may never return to the main star without maps, or die on an unknown planet before they reached adulthood.

When Kai returned to the planet, he found innumerable soul stones in the shallow sea. The main star was like a graveyard. But maybe he was born with few roots, and Kai actually lived directly on the main star, releasing the seeds he brought back from the flesh star and some birds, allowing them to grow freely here.

Fortunately, Kai had a nanocomputer that can be connected to the Internet, so he had been an otaku dragon on the main star for more than two hundred years – not that he refused to go out, for two hundred years, he had almost gone to every corner of the main star except the deep sea, but there was no second living person besides himself.

The inheritance memory of Ayulon told him that the deep sea was a terrible place. Maybe he would never come back after he went down. Kai had thought that if he were the only surviving Ayulon in the interstellar space, the great cause of success would depend on him.

So he couldn’t die.

But there was no food on the planet except the deep sea. The birds Kai brought back were not enough for him to stuff his teeth. He may really eat leaves all his life, so he only dared to catch a bird every few days to eat.

Kai was so upset that he came up with a compromise. He used his tail as bait to catch deep-sea creatures. When Kai wanted to eat meat, he would bite off the tip of his tail, spill some blood, and then throw it into the deep sea. There were many times where he could catch some meat-eating creatures.

But biting his tail was so painful that Kai only did it occasionally, so he had to eat the leaves all the time.

“Woo… I knew I should not have brought so many flowers. It would have been nice to bring some fruit and vegetable seeds. I can only gnaw at leaves and cry every day.” 

Until they were all in the middle of a sea of flowers, and Kai was still crying.

“The rainbow is… Fake?” Hai’an touched the rainbow of this entity and asked in a stunned voice.

“Oh, I just stuck it there yesterday. Be careful not to touch it.” Kai cried and sniffed. Suddenly, he picked some flowers and handed them to Hai’an. “These flowers are real and fragrant. You can smell them.”

Hai’an did not take the bunch of flowers, but nodded: “I know it’s true, you don’t have to take them off.”

Auguste was still watching. What if he got the flowers back?

“Don’t worry, it won’t be wasted.” Kai saw that Hai’an did not take his own flowers, so he put them into his mouth, chewed them and swallowed them. “You don’t know how lonely I am on this planet. Just a little bit, I’m going to be the first lonely and dead Ayulon in history.”

Kai once thought he was the only flower left by Ayulon, so he wanted to find a partner to marry and have children. But he registered his account on the popular Star dating website a hundred years ago, and also registered his personal information completely, but no one wanted to marry him. This made him very angry and aggrieved.

[Personal Data]

Name: Kai

Gender: Male

Age: 250

Marital status: Unmarried

Occupation: Unemployed vagrant

Assets: A huge planet and its affiliates

Hobbies: Eat meat and carry on the lineage

Self Description: Likes small animals, likes planting flowers, there’s a huge garden, but the heart is empty, the body lonely, and the man poor.

Ideal object in my heart: the more people I can have children with, the better.


It doesn’t matter if Kai was an unemployed vagrant. He had a planet, so what work was needed? But Kai’s conversation with others often ended in the same way:

[xxxx]: Honey, I heard you have a planet?

[Lonely Kai:] Yes, my planet is big. We can have many babies together.^^

[xxxx] Gee, you hate it. ~How big is your planet, dear?

[Lonely Kai]: At least 1000 Titus stars are that big.

[xxxx]: Ha-ha.

[You will be offline forcibly after 10 seconds when 100 people report suspected fraud. Countdown: 10, 9, 8… ]

Kai: “…”

Why was it so difficult to find a partner? He was telling the truth. He had deliberately reduced the size of the main star. How come no one believed him?

“Do you have meat? The edible kind.” Kai looked at Auguste expectantly after his indignation.

Auguste immediately sent a message to Alia, who was still on board, asking her to bring some barbecue down.

Kai looked at the meat and was in a good mood, “Great, go to my house and sit down!”

“Wait, Kai.” Jamie took out the original map of the moonlight and asked Kai, “Have you ever seen this kind of flower?”

“Moonflower, I’ve seen it. I planted a large area.” Kai looked down at the map for a few seconds and shouted, “But they don’t blossom. I’ve planted them for hundreds of years, but they don’t blossom.”

“Can you show us?” Hai’an holds a finger of the shaking grass pot and suddenly pinches it tightly. The moonlight in this world can also revive people, so he… Can they also be used to revive the Elves?

“No problem, but it’s a long way from here… Why?” Kai turned around and was ready to take everyone to see the moonlight, but suddenly turned around and stared at Hai’an’s hand… Shaking grass, “Where did you get this flower?”

Hai’an was stunned for a moment. He didn’t know how to answer. Should he tell Kai that this flower was my own body?

Kai approached Hai’an, reached out to touch the pot of trembling grass, but was blocked by Auguste. Kai had to explain aloud, “This is a kind of flower that my parents have been looking for. All the flowers on the main star were brought from the expedition. I never found them after I planted them all.”

“We have seen the records of expeditionary ships, which say that this flower can control the agitation of Ayulon. Is that true?” Colin asked, curiously.

“It’s true, and later I found this kind of flower.” Kai half looked down at the shaking grass. “Ayulon sent countless expeditionary ships far from home to search for this kind of flower in all corners of the universe and took the lives of countless dragons. But the most ironic thing is that I found this kind of flower blooming in the deep sea.”

Carl was stunned, apparently because of his childhood experience, he had a deep fear of the deep sea, “The deep sea?”

Kai ran quickly to a nearby tree, ripped off a vine bearing unknown red fruits, and then beckoned everyone to follow him, “Come, I’ll take you to catch fish. I thought, since I can eat vegetarian food, there must be vegetarian food in the deep sea. See this vine?” Kai shook his vine as he walked. “The fruit on it is very sour and astringent, but there is a fish in the deep sea who likes to eat it. If you put the vine into the deep sea, you can catch it.”

“What does this have to do with shaking grass?” Lydney didn’t understand.

“You call this flower shaking grass?”

“Isn’t it shaking grass?”

Kai shrugged. “I don’t know. My parents call it a starflower. Maybe I didn’t make it clear that after you catch that kind of fish, you can find this kind of flower in their stomach. That kind of fish was also strange. They have no viscera in their stomachs. When you open it, you can see several such complete flowers.”

“Maybe it’s in their stomachs?” Colin shrugged along.

Corson said to Colin, “If this flower blossoms in the belly of a fish, what is the potted flower in the JianJian’s hand?”

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August 24, 2019 2:04 pm

Is Jian Jian actually man eating flowers??

Is the deep sea actually place where elves live??

Thanks for the chapter

August 24, 2019 10:35 pm

0_o it is fate for Hai’an and Auguste to meet. How else can you call it with so many coincidences?

Thank you for the chapter!

August 24, 2019 11:32 pm

So Hai’an is a starflower? And he’s not the last one of his kind!

I’m glad that baby survived and now found friends.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 31, 2019 4:15 pm

Oh, I hope they can revive both the dragons and the elves!

September 26, 2021 3:56 am

Is this why Hai’an was changed into what the dragons call a star flower, that calms Ayulons? To end up with Auguste? Is it all fated?
Thank you for translating.

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