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Chapter 125: She’s coming back

“Kai, wake up, and don’t sleep.” Colin stabbed Kai in the head with the oar to wake him up, but Kai just frowned, pulled up the quilt, covered his face and went back to sleep.

Colin couldn’t help but row to Kai’s side and shook the boat vigorously. Kai was so disturbed that he lifted the quilt and said, “What are you doing?”

“Auguste asked me to give you dinner!” Colin shook his lunch box.

“Rice?!” Hearing something to eat, Kai straightened up immediately. “Do you have meat?”

“There must be.” Colin handed Kai the lunch box along with a small table and tableware.

Corson also opened a small table on his and Colin’s boat, laid out meals, and prepared to eat with Kai. Kai choked when he ate. “When I was young, my parents were still alive. I thought I was going to eat vegetarian food all my life on this planet. You all don’t know that the original super express delivery of the Empire didn’t send an express to the main star, saying that it was too far away to pack the mail! How can I afford meat?”

Colin choked and said hesitantly, “We found your mother’s diary on the expedition ship. It looks like he killed your father…”

“Huh?” Kai paused for a moment and carefully recalled his life on the expedition. “That’s what my mother wrote before. He really stabbed my father, but he didn’t stab him to death.” Kai shrugged his shoulders. “Why can Ayulon’s die so easily? My dad was so badly injured that my mom couldn’t bear to let him suffer. After giving him a knife, he ran into the room and hid. He almost starved himself. My dad climbed into the ambulance cabin and lay down for several days. Finally, he opened the door and forced him to eat before I was born healthy. But my mother suffered from depression at that time and died a few years after I broke my shell. My father followed him after he told me everything.”

Corson and Colin held their bowls and finally choked out a sentence: “… You’re really destined.”

Kai raised his eyebrows, “Inheritance memory has not taught me how to make aircraft, how do I fly back to the main star without my father? By the way, are you two lovers?”

Colin sprayed out a mouthful of rice, and all the residue stuck to Corson’s hair and face, “Are you blind? My brother and I look so alike. We are brothers.”

“Oh.” Kai picked up the rice and gnawed at the meat. “It can also be interpreted as husband and wife, my father and mother look alike.”

“We’ve seen pictures of your parents, and we can’t see where they look alike.”

“Are you blind? They were both men!”

“…” Colin was speechless.

Corson wiped his face with a paper towel and tried to raise his foot and kick Colin to make him eat faster. But he remembered that he accidentally kicked the place he shouldn’t kick when he played Mahjong. He coughed and said, “Colin, eat soon. We’ll go and deliver dinner to Jamie later.”

“Ah, speaking of your little companion, Jamie, is he looking for his parents like I am?”

“No, he’s guarding his wife.”



Kai looked at Colin suspiciously. “You have men on board who like women?”

Colin raised his lips coldly, approached Kai, and whispered, “What’s that? We have women on board and men who like vegetarians. You know, Auguste, your fellow countryman, his target is JianJian, don’t you know? That’s the sharp-eared one.” Kai nodded, and Colin continued to point to the trembling grass that had grown into a big tree at the junction of shallow and deep seas, “Auguste fell in love with him when he was a pot of grass. When he became human, he laid hands on JianJian. You don’t know, when JianJian was the size of my palm, Auguste had already…pa pa pa pa.”


Corson couldn’t bear to watch Colin continue to smear Auguste in front of his fellow countryman. He hurried to say goodbye to Kai and then went to take Jamie a meal.

After watching the two brothers row away, Kai opened his nanocomputer, found his new boyfriend, and excitedly opened their chat.

[Lonely Kai]: Hey, honey, I met my fellow countrymen!

[Bone Black]: Oh? Didn’t you say you’re the only one left of your race?

[Lonely Kai] No, no, no, no, there will be many new races soon, but then I may not have a planet. Maybe I will have only one tree left by then… Well, there’s still a sea of flowers.

[Bone Black]: Trees and flowers… I like it very much. You don’t have to prepare the engagement. I’m on my way there. I’ll help you prepare the engagement.

[Lonely Kai]: Dear you are so kind to me, I’m going to stay with my parents and love you = 3=

[Bone Black]: I love you too.

Kai shut down his nanocomputer with some little excitement. This Bone Black was his good friend, he had been accompanying him when he was still a little new online. How to use the nanocomputer to communicate with the outside world? The result was that Kai registered on a dating website, but ignored Bone Black for months, until a few days ago when Kai was reported by the 100th blind date. After, Kai could not help crying and chatting with Bone Black. They began talking together.

This was the only one who has not reported him. Kai couldn’t wait for Bone Black to come to the main star to find him.

“Huh? Speaking of Bone Black, he has pointed ears too…” Kay frowned and then loosened up. “Ah, maybe it’s popular to find someone with sharp ears right now.”

Kai was confident to continue lying down and basking in the sun.

Jamie didn’t close his eyes all night, so he looked at the moonlight and could not turn his eyes away.

Could Cedar lose weight? Will she forget herself? How do you explain that you are poorer now than before? Ah… I should have remembered to extort a sum of money from Cessie at the time of Tomb Star. I gave him all my salary for more than a hundred years. Now they eat and dress with Auguste.

Jamie was a little melancholy, with his head hanging.

“Jamie, eat!” Jamie raised his head and saw Colin waving at him, while Corson paddled hard towards him.

Jamie took Colin’s lunch box and said, “What about Auguste and they?”

“Oh, Auguste and JianJian went to find the big trees for settlement, and Carl and Lydney said they would be their neighbors.” Colin blinked at Jamie. “Would you like to pick one when Cedar comes back? All the houses here are free, and Corson and I are planning to settle down here.”

Jamie hesitated a little, and when he heard that the house here was free, he felt a slight heartbeat.

If there were no accidents, everyone on the Vagrant would probably stay here in the future. After an extended stay on the Vagrant, he also had a deep feeling for the crew and worked together as a neighbor. That was a good idea.

“Okay, I’ll talk to Cedar when she comes back. If it’s all right, we’ll live here too.” Jamie nodded and finally showed a smiling face.

Colin consoled him, “JianJian says that Cedar will be back in seven days. It’s not even been a day. Don’t worry. Six days will be over soon.”

Jamie sighed, looked at the moonlight, and murmured in a low voice, “Yes… Six days later, I waited so long…”

Waiting was the most prolonged period of a person’s life. It not only killed your perseverance but also wastes your life. But many people in the world are willing to wait – no matter how long they wait, whether the person who waits will come back or not.

Those who wait are always willing.

When they were young, the miserable life made Cedar and Jamie treasure each other very much. In their world, the other was their only relative and the most loyal lover. When they got married, they did not have a grand wedding, nor the blessings of their relatives. They bought the cheapest wedding ring. They went to the marriage bureau and pulled a red book. In the column of personal information and marital status in their minds, the wedding was over when they changed from unmarried to married.

Jamie held Cedar’s hand countless times and asked her to wait until he gave her another wedding that all women expected. But even after their marriage, they had no spare time. Jamie and Cedar worked part-time and saved some money so they could go to another planet. The house prices on the planet were too expensive, so they had no other choice.

But Jamie never thought that he would lose her after boarding the ship, that his wife would die in a few hours, and he could not even find all her body parts.

“Sometimes I wonder if you would not have died if we hadn’t left and stepped on that merchant ship.” Jamie curled his index finger and gently scraped the petals of the moonlight.

After Colin and Corson left, he sat like this for half a day until dusk and night came, and he still couldn’t bear to close his eyes.

Light blue soul stones floating in the sea, emitted bright but not dazzling blue light, moonlight glows into little white stars, floating on the sea, when the night wind blows, they converged into a light belt, showing a breathtaking beauty.

“The only planet we were on was sand. I told you before that I wanted to see what the sea looked like.” Jamie raised his head and looked at the stars in the sky. “But I saw countless seas and found you in one where I wanted to see you most. Even if it was in the stars and deserts, I just want you…”

Jamie’s voice was trembling. Only those who missed their loved ones knew that you could not forget everything, so he chose to be busy still in his mind. Now that the Star Wars were over and the moonlight had been found, he had no chance to be busy. He could only tread on every corner of his heart with these long latent thoughts. Jamie did not understand how he had survived the centuries but felt that the seven days were longer and harder than anything.

You will miss the bright lights because of the dark night in your heart; you will think of the warm blanket in front of the fireplace; you will miss a person because she has left you. How painful the time of missing is, how pure the joy of the past is. Even though I have waited for you for a hundred years, I would wait for you longer than a million years.

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August 27, 2019 8:51 pm

Well, it may be surprising to find men liking women on board of that Ship, especially since the only woman looks lika a man.

Jamie hang in there, she will be back soon! You won’t be lonely anymore!

Thank you for the chapter!

August 27, 2019 10:31 pm

I’m so glad to know the true story about Kai’s parents. It was not that ruthless, after all.

Who is this black bone? Someone we know, maybe. An elf, for sure.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 28, 2019 12:49 am

Somehow I have an inkling that Black Bone is a dark elf….

August 31, 2019 5:38 pm

Ah, I want poor Jamie to be happy. And I hope this dark elf is not nasty.

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