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Chapter 124: Our bodies will turn into stars to light the dangerous darkness for you.

Carl was so excited when he climbed into the boat that he almost shook Lydney into the water and spent a lot of energy before he sat down on the ice boat.

Hai’an stared at the moonlight blooming on the surface of the deep sea and said, “Flowers are blooming…”

How many years had it been since he had seen the moonlight blossom?

It had been a long time.

From the time he remembered, all he saw was the withering of the moonlight, and the white elf tribe grew smaller with the expansion of the war. At this moment, tens of thousands of moonlight flowers were blooming on the surface of the deep sea. Soul balls floated to the vicinity of moonlight flowers, turned into dots of fluorescence to light up the stamens of moonlight flowers, emitting a calm and gentle light like moonlight, decorating the dark and depressed surface of the deep sea as a fairyland.

Blue flowers on trembling grass growing from branches at the junction of deep and shallow waters drifted down and rippled along the calm coast.

Jaime sat silently on the boat, looking at the moonlight, and Hai’an moved the ship to Jaime’s side. “Jaime, don’t you want to take Cedar home?”

“Yes… But so many flowers I don’t know which one is her…”

“Drop your blood into the sea, and it will take you to find her.”

Hearing Hai’an’s words, Jamie couldn’t wait to bite open his finger and drop the bright red blood into the water. The blood gathered into a silk line in the water and swam slowly forward. Jamie rowed the boat and followed the bloodline.

Auguste looked at Jamie’s departure and at the moonlight beside the boat, “These flowers…”

“Some are completely new life, some are the resurrection of the old.” Hai’an took Auguste’s hand and turned to look at the trembling grass that turned into a big tree. “But to revive the dead, it is necessary to have the blood guidance of the dead man who cares about them most to return to the world, and -” Hai’an settled down and went on to say, “He can’t have blood on his hands. If he kills his own people, he can’t come back anymore.”

There were many ways to bring the dead back to life in Nore. Dealing with the devil, finding angel gifts, or asking the necromancer to return the dead to the world costs a lot. They couldn’t clean their hands. So no one could see the moonlight of the elves.

“Where are the people who can’t come back?” Auguste lowered his head and put his forehead against Hai’an’s to whisper.

“I… I don’t know. The Queen said she was sleeping with everyone at the bottom of the sea. Maybe the dead people are asleep. Maybe one day they will come back. Auguste, are you looking for your parents?”

Auguste was silent for a while and sighed, “No, I can’t find them.”

“I found them!” While Hai’an was still grieving for Auguste, Kai’s voice started to ring. He pointed to the two twin moonflowers in front of him with ice slurry and shouted excitedly, “My parents are here! Look at them!!”

Hai’an: “…”

Although Kai’s parents were warriors in the expedition, their purpose was to find the stars, but they did not participate in the internal and external wars of Ayulon, so Kai could meet them again after bringing their soul stones back to the main star of Ayulon.

“JianJian!” Kai rowed the ice boat to Auguste and Hai’an. “I found the flowers, and then what? How to resurrect my parents?”

Hai’an hesitated for a long time before embarrassingly opening his mouth: “Finding flowers is just to confirm whether the people you want to resurrect can come back, the breath of blood will call their soul. Come here every day to see the flowers, on the morning of the seventh day, they will come out of the water.”

Only the Elves will return from the tree of life. If other people borrow the elves’ moonlight, they will climb out of the water on the seventh day and return to the world.

Kai was stunned. Suddenly he stood up and dropped a sentence: “I’m going to move my quilt. I’m sleeping on this boat the next few days!”

Giant black dragon wings spread out in the sky, the sun on the main star also drilled out of the horizon at this time, with thousands of dawn light cut through the curtain of the night, Kai, flying through the sea of flowers was like in the glory of the early sun.

Already nearing the shore, Colin and Corson looked at the soul stones of the shallow seabed and said in some doubt, “These soul stones seem to be moving.”

“Really moving.” Colin opened his eyes and watched the soul stones, which had been stationary at the bottom of the shallow sea, move like rivers towards the deep sea, and finally slide down like waterfalls from the shallow sea into the deep sea.

“God…” Lydney murmured softly.

They would not forget the shock of seeing these dense soul stones on the main star just now. At this time, the light blue soul stones, which occupied almost half of the main star area, all flowed into the deep sea, as if all the stars in the night sky fell into the sea and illuminated the whole deep sea.

Those soul stones did not slip to the deepest part of the deep sea, but floated deep and shallow in the sea, emitting a light blue fluorescence, and intertwined with the moonlight on the sea with a brilliant light, illuminating every inch of the deep sea for their offspring, the imminent rebirth of the Ayulon.

Our bodies will turn into stars to light the dangerous darkness for you. We will always be with you, in the past and in the future.

Lydney leaned his head on the side of the boat and looked into the deep sea. Those unknown creatures who had lived in the deep sea seemed to have been stunned by the sudden emergence of shining stones. They stared and remained motionless — die! Are you afraid that Ayulon will not be able to catch food? And expose all their hiding places.

“Ha-ha-ha! Now Kai is no longer afraid of the dark when he catches fish.” Carl was thrilled that the Ayulons had been unable to explore the deep sea, because the deep sea was too big and too dark, and no matter how high-level lighting, they could not drive away from the shadow of the deep sea.

Lydney reached out and fished in the water, and the soul stones seemed to feel the heat of his body and approached him one after another. Carl grabbed Lydney’s hand, pulled him out of the sea, and put a necklace on Lydney’s hand.

The necklace was very simple, with a very ordinary black rope hanging from a pale blue stone – Carl’s soul stone.

“Don’t touch those soul stones. Only touch mine.” Carl frowned and said to Lydney unhappily. He looked up to see Lydney looking at him without blinking. “Cough, I’ll put it on for you.”

But before he finished, he was kissed by Lydney.

“Wow! Lydney is so active!” Colin, who watched everything, clapped his thighs and winked narrowly at Hai’an and Auguste. “JianJian and dad, too.”

Hai’an had always been thin-skinned and had never dared to act too intimately with Auguste in public. Now, after listening to Colin’s words, he moved his buttocks aside – away from Auguste.

Auguste raised his eyebrow and pulled Hai’an back into his arms. Then he said coldly to Colin, “If you want to play with your relatives, just tell me. Corson is waiting. I’m sure he’ll be happy to satisfy you.”

Colin was stunned by what he said. He looked sideways at Corson and saw him staring at him. He raised his chin and said, “Kiss your ass! No relatives!” After that, he jumped into the sea.

Corson: “…”

After Colin jumped into the water, the pale blue soul stones gathered around him, bringing light and driving out darkness like a night light with him. Colin swam deeper, but there were too many soul stones in the deep sea. Even though Colin had swum very deep, he could still see his figure clearly. Only a few minutes later, Colin dragged several big fish to the surface. He slapped the fish into the iceboat and splashed the water on Corson’s face. “Tonight we’ll have roast fish.”

“Alright.” Corson wiped the water off his face and was not angry. He looked at his younger brother in a spoiled way. “I’ll roast it for you.”

Colin’s face was hot again: And I just soaked in the water for a while! He would never admit that he just jumped into the sea not to catch fish, but to cool his face.

Hai’an leaned against Auguste’s arms, pulled out the soul stone necklace in his lap and held it in his hand, feeling the light heat on it: “Now the Ayulons should no longer have to go to other planets to capture food and resources, right?”

Auguste bowed his head and stamped a kiss on Hai’an’s forehead, “It was not the stars that the expeditionary ship recovered, but the original nature of Ayulon.”

Ayulon had a splendid civilization, and they had a prosperous period, but later on, they had a better and better life so that they forgot the original nature – unity. No matter how dark and far the deep sea was, every hunt was a collective outing of Ayulons, taking care of each other, going to sea together, returning home together, because they were social creatures.

But memory taught them how to live, but not how to live right. The memory of the inherited fear eventually took them far away from the deep sea, apart from their home, so that their living conditions become better and better, but let them live more and more painful.

Frequent foreign aggression not only destroyed other planets but eventually destroyed themselves. But the birth of dawn must go through the pain of darkness, the burned grasslands will still grow new leaves, and the ruins of war will also open wildflowers. Ayulon, the Empire and the Freedom Alliance, and every race in Nore will bid farewell to the past.

“There’s so much moonlight… I suspect that not only the Elves are coming, but there are other races, and you should expect to have a lot of Ayulons…” Hai’an was worried that there was not enough food to eat. Was the planet big enough to live on?

Auguste knew what Hai’an was worried about, but he didn’t care, “The main star is so big that they can live there. Besides, there are so many satellites outside the main star that they can emigrate to the Federation of Queltan.”

“Ha-ha-ha, you’re right.” Hai’an pulled his finger. “There are only ten races in Nore. Let one race live on a planet each, and then they can’t fight anymore…”


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So sweet! Everyone is coming back. And everyone can live peacefully. Beautiful.

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Good idea Hai’an, but don’t give them space travel technology otherwise, in case of humans it might be that “their planet is bigger than ours, let’s conquer them!”

Only two chapter left!!! Tomorrow our space advanture with Hai’an and Auguste will end! Unless there are extras, are there any???

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