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Chapter 135: Back to Cessie 2:  I want to leave all my tears to you.

“Master, your father died…”

Cessie stood on the ladder of dreams, shaking a glass of wine gently. After hearing this, his eyelids twinkled lightly and invisibly. After half a minute of silence, he took a sip of wine and whispered to his subordinates, “You go and find some craftsmen to design a castle for me. My only request is to pour these primitive armored fighters into the wall. That’s right.” Cessie stopped the guard who was leaving, lowered his eyes, and opened his mouth faintly. “Pour that purple armor into the wall of my bedroom.”

The guards listened to Cessie’s request and, although somewhat strange, went on as they were told. Cessie went to Pier’s side, looked up at the vast armor, drank all the wine in his hand, took out a brown bear from his space button and climbed slowly up Pier’s leg until he stood in the cockpit.

“Nightmare is right. Only a child can be deceived.” Cessie sat in the driver’s seat and looked at the overwhelming stack of toys and cushioned pillows in the cabin. Maybe Oliver did take Pier as a child, so even his cockpit was so childish and dreamy that it was not like the cockpit a fighter should have.

Cessie sat down for a while and stood up and put the bear in the driver’s seat. “But I didn’t lie to you…”

He grew up cheating. When he was young, his mother cheated his father, and he would come to see him. When he grew up, he cheated himself and didn’t hate Oliver at all. But Cessie found out that the lies will eventually be torn down one day.

“Will you cry too?” Before leaving the cockpit, Cessie asked a question to the empty cockpit, but no one would answer it at all.

“I’m sorry.”

Oliver said that the first mechatron fighters he designed had masters who could resonate with their souls, who were waiting for the first mechatronic fighters to find them somewhere in the vast universe. But Pier, there was no master. According to Cessie, Oliver gives all that human beings can have, including freedom.

But he did not think that because Pier existed because of Cessie, he was born as a shadow of Cessie, embracing him in the dark with light, warming him in solitude, like a bear doll in every little bed in childhood, accompanying their master into every sweet night of Cessie’s life.

After the black market riots ended, Cessie sat in ruins for a while, turned his head and saw his broken body Pier. He suddenly went mad and quickly got up and looked in ruins for the mechanical Handbook Oliver had left him.

Cessie sold most of its industry, leaving only a few profit-making companies that could make direct profits. He donated two-thirds of the proceeds of the sale to the Star Orphan Welfare Agency and used the remaining one-third of the assets to buy the Tomb Star and a Nadine Core.

While Palatine and Uncle Ye were having fun, Uncle Ye’s nanocomputer suddenly shook – someone was looking for him. Palatine turned over and sat up and grabbed Uncle Ye’s wrist. “Hello? What’s wrong with you?”

“Are you the owner of the Knight Planet Shop? I want to buy a planet…”

“Shopkeeper, he’s under me. You want to buy a planet? You can tell me what you want.” Uncle Ye helplessly patted Palatine’s shiny buttocks sitting on himself.

“You said you wanted to live with a robot? Just right, Uncle Ye has a pair of double stars here. The companion star has just been bought by a couple. You can buy the host star. Just as you can be neighbors, after all, you can live with robots and exchange experience.”

After the Cessie bought the planet, he still had to buy a Nadine Core. After all, he couldn’t make it by himself now, and he doesn’t know whether the Nadine Core sold in that year still exists. Cessie opened the Star Shopping Street and found the Nadine Core on the shelf of a store named “Qizhen Shop,” but it didn’t specify the specific price. So Cessie dialed the owner’s nanocomputer to ask about the price.

Just hanging nanocomputer Palatine was buckled by Uncle Ye, turned over and pressed down. As a result, Palatine’s wrist shook. This time, Uncle Ye clasped Palatine’s hands and hit him severely. He grabbed his nanocomputer: “Hey? Are you going to buy anything?”

“Are you the owner of Qizhen Shop? I want to buy the Nadine Core on your shelf, but the price is not marked…

“The shopkeeper, he’s under me.”


“The core of Nadine is priceless. Are you engaged in weapons research? If you would do me a favor, this Nadine Core will give you free of charge, and I’ll give you two more waking stones as a reward…”

Cessie, which just had a nanocomputer voice, was somewhat confusing. Why are all the shopkeepers engaged in some disharmonious sports today? But Cessie finally agreed with Uncle Ye’s request to build some high-tech weapons and machine armor for him.

After receiving Nadine Core, Cessie couldn’t wait to install Pier, but he’s not going to wake up Pier yet. Instead, he’s going to buy some imitation human skins on Star Trek to create a human body for Pier.

Pier with the human shell was just as cute as an angel. Cessie pinched his soft face and twisted arms. He felt itchy. So he found a set of teddy bear pajamas and put them on Pier sleeve. When he was ready to pick him up and carry him into the spaceship, he was frustrated.

Although Pier was a little lighter, only a little, how could Cessie hold him?

Cessie, who finally found himself a weak chicken, had no choice but to wake up Pier first.

He sat beside Pier, looking at Pier’s eyes blinking a few times, and finally revealed the bright eyes of amethyst.

“Pier? Pier?” Cessie’s census waved and shook a few times before Pier’s eyes. At the beginning of Pier, there was still some stunned. After seeing Cessie’s face, Cessie suddenly sat up, followed by a small mouth, red-eye, a rapid condensation of water mist, a few flickers of nose wings, “wooo” and cried.

“Whoo… You pulled my wires…” Pier wiped tears with his little fat hand and Cessie’s sleeve as if he were afraid of leaving suddenly.

Cessie was somewhat at a loss. He could only hold Pier in his arms and pat him awkwardly on the back like a kid: “I’m sorry, I’m not…”

Pier sniffed back, rubbed warmly in Cessie’s arms, put his arms around his waist and cried, “You have to compensate me.”

“Okay.” Cessie touched Pier’s hair and whispered, “I’ll take you to another planet to live on.”

“Another planet? Are there only two of us?” Looking back up at Cessie, Pier raised his neck and looked curiously at Cessie.

Cessie looked back at this innocent and lovely little image and could not help saying in his head, “Yes, I also bought you a new teddy bear…”

But Pier soon found that he had been deceived by Cessie.

There are only two “normal people” on the Tomb Star, but there were many “robots.”

“Look! Two men are coming!”

“Wow! That little man looks so heavy. He tramples on me so painfully.”

“Are they peeping at my body and trying to take me for themselves?”

Pier frowned, his eyes were murderous – how could anyone destroy his world and Cessie?!!

Pier was very unhappy, unhappy footsteps would become more serious.

“Ah!” A robot screamed, “My legs whine…”

Hearing this scream, Cessie quickly pulled back a little, squatted down and began to examine the robot’s legs. Who knows Cessie had just assembled the broken mechanical part of the robot, and saw Pier next to it, pattering with tears.

“Whoo… Do you dislike me, Cessie?”

“No, no,” Cessie stood up and held Pier tightly in his arms.


He stamped his feet back and screamed louder with his neck up. Soon he stepped out of a small pit where he stamped. He looked down at the pit and Cessie’s face. He whispered, “It must not be strong…”

Cessie: “…”

Cessie and Pier lived on the Cemetery. Cessie did some research during the day, but he never forgot the time to go back to sleep together. And every holiday, Cessie would take him back to other planets to play on the fun planets. He did not forget his home because of his research as his father did.

Back in the past, it’s still the same hegemony. Once other robots get close to Cessie, he got angry. He sticks to Cessie all day, separated for a short time, and ran away, bullying innocent robots on the Tomb Star every minute.

“Cessie…” When Cessie and Pier visited the companion stars, they sat together on a hill to admire the stars, pulled Cessie sleeves back and shouted his name.

“What’s wrong?” Cessie lowered his head and went back and asked him softly what had happened.

But Pier didn’t say anything. He just played a short recording for Cessie.

“That… How does it compare with your son?”

“They have no comparability at all. First machine armor fighters are perfect, precious and shining like gems, while Cessie is just a human being. He will cry and be sad. He is not yet grown up, like a child, but my favorite son…”

After listening to the tape, Cessieia remained silent for a long time, and finally, some puzzling words came out: “If I am really his favorite son, then why would he not come back to see me…”

Pier, he couldn’t answer the question. He played the recording to Cessie, but he didn’t want him to carry his hatred for his father all the time. He plunged into Cessie’s arms and diverted from the sad subject, “Have you bought my new skin yet?”

“Er… Yes, I did.”

“So what are you waiting for? Quickly change it for me, and then send a message to Auguste and tell them we’re going to get married! “


“Wouldn’t you like it?! Do you think I’m fat? Uh…” Pier’s mouth was flat, and he was going to cry again.

Cessie had to hold him tight, “Okay, I’ll change it for you right away.”

From an angle Cessie couldn’t see, he smiled back proudly at Nightmare standing in the Rose Garden at dusk not far away. Nightmare was silent and turned a blind eye: the next time he fought against the landlord, he must kill the fat purple dumpling.

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August 31, 2019 11:10 pm

So atrificial skins for robots are bought at Star Trek, huh? (please stop, I’m whizzing from too much laughter!) There is this rule with eavesdropping, if you do eavesdrop, do it till the end. Unfinished eavesdropping always leads to misunderstandings, breakups and what not.

Uncle Ye… you really didn’t have to mentione that you had the shop keeper under you, seriously! I choked on my tea laughing, yet again.

Thank you for the chapters!!!

September 1, 2019 8:53 pm

This Pier learned to be manipulative! Haha

Thanks for the chapter!

October 21, 2019 6:20 am

Pier is cute.. ❤

September 26, 2021 2:27 pm

Too funny; how many businesses did Pallatine have?! They certainly made up for lost time & were packing it all in (excuse the pun).
How sad Cessie misunderstood his father (he still wasn’t a good one); he should’ve listened fully.
Pier is thoroughly spoilt though… will it grow up?
Thanks for translating.

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