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Chapter 91: The old driver drove 

Hai’an waited for Auguste to finish his meal and hurried him to the rose bush at dusk.

“Where are you taking me?” Auguste was led by Hai’an, walking slowly, step by step. He could see that Hai’an could not wait, but he just wanted to be bad and did not go fast.

“I’ll show you the flowers!” Hai’an said, and dragged Auguste forward a few steps. “Auguste, go faster. You won’t see the moment when the sun goes down.”

“You want to see roses?”

“Yes, it’s over there.” Hai’an pointed to the green grass not far away. The roses had flower buds now. They grew bright red on the branches and were ready to bloom.

Auguste could not see from afar what kind of rose it was. After all, he was not a plant expert. When they neared the rose bush, Auguste found that the rose had no thorns.

“Dusk roses.” Auguste twisted the green leaves of the roses, raised the corners of his lips, looked at Hai’an with a meaningful eye and said, “You brought me to see the rose at dusk. Do you know what the flower language is?”

When Hai’an saw Auguste’s smile, he was somewhat shrivelled. But he thought that there were so many kinds of roses, but the words of flowers were very similar, the core meaning was only one, that is, I love you.

“Of course I know, I love you.” Hai’an looked back at Auguste generously and said this without any shame. He just likes Auguste. Auguste asked him what the rose language was, and that was what he wanted him to say.

Well, Auguste was so sullen that he had to talk in such a roundabout way if he wanted to listen to the love story.

Hearing Hai’an, Auguste’s smile widened. He approached and grasped Hai’an’s hands, clasped his fingers tightly, and put his forehead against Hai’an’s.

“I love you too.” Auguste’s voice was deep, but there was deep love in it. Hai’an looked into Auguste’s eyes and looked straight down into them. His eyes were deep dark red, like mysterious blood jades. The strong love exhibited by these two turned into an invisible net, bound them tightly together, and then gradually merged the flesh and blood so they could not be separated.

That feeling comes from the depths of the soul, like the guidance of fate, irresistible and unwilling to resist.

There were no two identical leaves or two identical stars in the world. They had their own growth and orbital paths. Leaves wither with the change of seasons, stars follow the tide of the universe’s gravity fluctuation, they shine in the brilliant sunshine, or in the Dark Universe, but some could not find the one for themselves, forever lonely.

Hai’an’s eyes suddenly burst into tears. He never felt lonely in the world because Auguste was with him all the time. It was like an accidental overlap of the cone of time. Leaves fell from the branches ahead of time. The orbit of the stars changed forever. But the tree did not die, and the galaxies where the stars were located did not disintegrate.

Leaves departed in the wind, a tree could not be restrained. You are the eternal composition of the web of my universe, even if one day you die before me, I can still feel your gravity, continue to follow your footsteps, always accompany you and never be separated.

“Why are you crying again?” Auguste raised his hand and gently wiped Hai’an’s tears from the corners of his eyes. He laughed softly. “I didn’t bully you again. Why are you always crying?”

Hai’an turned his head and blinked off the mist in his eyes. “My eyes have been open too long, they’re a little astringent.”

Instead of breaking down Hai’an’s lies, Auguste took Hai’an’s hand and sat down on a higher hillside. One corner of the sun had sunk into the horizon, and the pale blue sky was tinged with orange from where the sun had set.

They were surrounded by rose bushes, where the terrain was high, almost half of the red and green rose bushes below could be seen, large budding flowers from the green leaves, waiting for the sunset to blossom at dusk.

“Auguste…” Hai’an hung his head and whispered Auguste’s name. He decided to tell Auguste all about his past without any reservations. He loved Auguste so much that he wished he knew all about him.

Auguste turned his head and saw Hai’an with his little head down. He could not help touching his head and taking him into his arms. “What’s wrong?”

“I want to tell you something.” Hai’an took a deep breath, raised his head and looked into Auguste’s eyes. “I’m not really a man of this world, and I don’t know how I came here…”

On Auguste’s shoulder, Hai’an talked bit by bit about his past, from playing in the forest with his little friends when he was a child to peeping at the mating plant goblins by himself, from the panic of his first arrival in the world to how he fell in love with the man in front of him.

“So you’ve been secretly in love with me for a long time.”

Hai’an: “…”

“It’s clearly you who peeped at me first!” When it came to Hai’an, he did not forget what Auguste had done to him on the Philadelphia and in the bathroom. It was so mean, shameless.

Even if they were married, he could understand doing those things in the bathroom when there were no outsiders, but it was not known if anyone had found out on the Vagrant after facing him so many times.

“Well, well, I was the first to see you, and I always want to…” Auguste’s last words were deliberately light and did not intend to be heard by Hai’an.

Hai’an was about to ask him what his last words were, and Auguste diverted from the subject.

“Will you go back to that world then?” Auguste was worried about that.

Hai’an was silent for a while before he continued, “I don’t know. Palatine said that if I keep following you, I can find the answer.”

Auguste was not satisfied with Hai’an’s answer at all. He grasped Hai’an’s hand and held it tightly. “JianJian… Maybe I’m being selfish, but I don’t want to let you go. Even if you find a way back, I won’t let you go.” Auguste stared into Hai’an’s eyes and spoke earnestly and firmly.

Hai’an was stunned and asked in a relaxed tone, “What if I have to go?”

Hai’an was just kidding. He wouldn’t leave. He wanted to know the answer to how he came to the world, and what happened to the elders and queen in the end. He was afraid that even if he wanted to go back, he couldn’t find his former home when he thought of the scenes that Palatine showed him in the Flower Street Star.

“I’ll eat you.” Auguste lowered his head, caressed Hai’an’s face, rubbed it carefully and felt the warm and soft skin under his hands, but his eyes were full of possession and repressed ferocity. “First bite your neck.” Soft lips rub against Hai’an’s throat, biting small knots, and leaving Hai’an gasping, hot and humid. “Start with your left hand and eat you bit by bit. Then fuck you and my blue flame will melt us into a complete soul stone, and no one can ever separate us.”

Auguste’s tone did not sound like a joke. His lips and teeth on his throat gave Hai’an the illusion that he would bite off his neck at the next moment.

When Hai’an straightened Auguste’s head, he saw that his eyes now had upright pupils, a long slender line, like the most ferocious beast.

“The sun is setting.” Auguste’s voice was quiet, and he broke away from Hai’an’s hand. After rubbing around his neck like a cat seeking comfort, he put Hai’an in his arms and laid his chin on Hai’an’s shoulder and watched the sunset quietly.

“Auguste… You-“

“Shh, the flowers are going to blossom.” Auguste stretched out his finger, pressed it on Hai’an’s slightly dry lips, and pressed back all his words.

Hai’an moved, trying to look back at Auguste’s face, but found himself shackled by Auguste’s great efforts and unable to move. At this moment, the sun finally appeared on the horizon, and then started to sink silently, leaving only an orange afterglow.

As per command, the flowering buds of the rose bushes burst into full blossom, opening bright petals, layering on top of each other, like a burning fire, spreading to every corner of the green bushes. The fragrance of the roses spilled out into the nose and gently touched the soul.

He didn’t know why, but Hai’an suddenly felt hot all over, just like on the Philadelphia that day… The same feeling he had after drinking the wrong wine.

“JianJian…” Auguste held Hai’an in his arms, put Hai’an’s long silver hair over one shoulder, and then dropped a kiss on his white neck. “The roses at dusk speak simply, not I love you… But — love me hard, just like at dusk, the last dying struggle of light before darkness comes.”

Hai’an stared at the brilliant and beautiful rose bushes in front of him, but Auguste’s hands were stretched out in front of him, one by one, undoing his buttons, and the hot and humid kisses went down the back of his spine, licking and kissing each protruding vertebral bone.

“This kind of flower is known as the most tender lover because it has no thorns. If a person planted these dusk roses for his beloved, it would mean that he had the most loving feelings for his lover and would not give up. But –” Auguste’s voice was husky and deeper than before, and Hai’an could even hear that it suppressed a strong passion. “If someone takes another person to see the blooming of the rose at dusk, it means that he wants that person to lay bare before the other. This is the real flower language of the rose at dusk. Because when it is in full bloom, the fragrance will draw out the deepest part in a person’s heart. JianJian… Do you mean that?”

Hai’an only knew that he was finished. He was pulled down by a beast.

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This chapter was rather poetic… but then Auguste showed his beast side, hahaha. Prepare yourself, Hai’an!

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