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Chapter 92: Wilderness is exciting! 

“No, I didn’t mean that…” Hai’an busily denied it, but Auguste kept moving as if he hadn’t heard his explanation. Hai’an turned sharply, separated his legs, knelt in front of Auguste, then grabbed Auguste’s collar with both hands and began to undo his clothes.

He couldn’t continue to indulge this hooligan!

Anyway, today was a day to escape, but not only to escape light ah, Auguste also wanted to escape, so it was fair.

Auguste gave Hai’an a light laugh, which fell onto Hai’an’s forehead. He intentionally sprayed his burning and heavy breath on Hai’an’s cheek, “Why are you so active today?”

Hai’an squinted his eyes slightly, raised his chin, took the initiative to lick Auguste’s lips, and satisfactorily heard Auguste’s more urgent gasp, “I want to… is there no way?”

“No, I’ll satisfy you.” Auguste wrapped his hand around Hai’an’s waist and blew a breath into his sensitive young ears. He saw that the sharp ears trembled. Auguste’s clothes were half taken off by Hai’an, and his strong pectoral muscles were exposed. Then he could see neatly arranged and lumpy abdominal muscles moving downward. “Go on, why don’t you move?” Hai’an stopped picking at his clothes and Auguste impatiently urged him to take them off more quickly.

Hai’an was just a little upset. Although he knew it would happen, he never thought that the first time he and Auguste would join together would be in such a place. 

“Augu… Shall we go back and do it there?” Hai’an tugged at Auguste’s half-open clothes and tried to consult with him in a soft voice.

Auguste rubbed against Hai’an skin with his erection. “Do you want me to go back like this?”

“It’s not impossible just cover it a little with your coat… Don’t tear it!” Auguste heard Hai’an’s words and did not think about it. He took the coat next to him and tore it. After a few seconds, it was in tatters and the handsome windbreaker became a pile of frayed strips.

When Auguste finished tearing his clothes, he put his arms around Hai’an’s waist again and looked innocent. “Now I don’t have a coat.”

Hai’an: “…”

“Don’t talk so much, don’t you really want it?” Auguste slid his hands down into Hai’an’s trousers, took hold of the semi-rigid object and kneaded it a few times. He kissed Hai’an’s sharp ears and murmured, “You see, I’m satisfied with you. Why are there so many conditions? Who did you learn these bad tempers from?”

How shameless! Hai’an finally knew that hooligans could not be trained overnight. It took a lot of time, like Auguste, who looked serious and calm, but had a dark interior and was a first-class hooligan.

“Well… No, hands out.” Two of the most sensitive places were wantonly played with by Auguste. Hai’an groaned and murmured, pulling at Auguste’s hand. But Hai’an’s strength was like that of an ant trying to chop down a tree with a toothpick – with no movement. 

“You learned badly, JianJian.” Auguste held Hai’an in his arms, laid him flat on the grass, and towered over him. Hai’an’s long silvery hair was scattered along the ground and Auguste put his clothes underneath him. Hai’an’s skin was tender and he could leave a red print with a little strength on normal days. It would not disappear until a long time later. The grass on the ground was hard, and Auguste could not bear to let Hai’an be hurt by them.

Auguste lifted Hai’an’s chin and gently printed a kiss on his eyelids. “Now you can cry.”

“Why…” Hai’an looked at Auguste with misty eyes and asked a question that he would rather not know the answer to, but he forgot that he had also inhaled the fragrance of the evening rose, and now Hai’an’s face was red.

“Because… I’m going to bully you now.” Auguste murmured softly, his voice was incomparably gentle, but his eyes were filled with the most primitive desire of the aggressors.


The petals of roses floating in the distance rose up and fell to the ground, and some of them fell on Hai’an. They were against the mottled kiss marked snow-white chest. They were red dots and very striking. Hai’an lay trembling on the ground with his red and swollen lips gasping violently. Occasionally, he swallowed hard, and his long eyelashes were covered with glittering tears. Man was powerless when he was emptied by fierce sex.

Hai’an’s legs were wide open, as he was without the strength to close them. His small hole along his buttocks, which had not yet closed, was still shrinking slowly, swallowing and spitting out the murky white liquid that Auguste had shot inside.

Auguste stretched out his finger, deliberately fiddled with a little of the liquid and stuffed it inside Hai’an’s soft and hot lower mouth, but in return, he received Hai’an’s fierce struggle.

“The bad man is you!” Hai’an’s voice is full of bitter grievances and uncontrollable sobs, which made people feel distressed when they listened to it.

But Auguste’s voice was more wronged and innocent than that of his, “You seemed very comfortable. You kept begging me to go faster and harder.”

Hai’an turned away so he did not have to look at Auguste’s shameless face.

“You don’t have to move.” Auguste lifted Hai’an from the ground and stroked his smooth back. Hai’an leaned on Auguste’s shoulder.

The night breeze of the companion stars at night was a little cold, and they had just sweated all over. Hai’an was blown by the wind. There were tiny goosebumps on his smooth skin, which shivered with cold. Auguste was afraid that Hai’an was cold so he took the clothes on the ground and put them on Hai’an.

“Clothes are sticky…” The clothes were filled with the liquid they had just shot. Suddenly they touched the skin, which was really cool. Hai’an frowned and hummed uncomfortably.

Auguste touched Hai’an’s head, wiped the sweat off his face, and soothed him softly: “But it’s all yours.”

Hai’an stared at this.

Would Auguste get more on him? It was still flowing out from behind him.

“I gave it to you. It’s yours. Anyway, I still have a lot of it, don’t I?” Auguste raised Hai’an’s chin and stamped a kiss on it. “Would you like some more?”

What a shameless man! Hai’an’s face was red and hot, but he didn’t know whether it was from blushing or anger.

After putting on Hai’an’s clothes, Auguste put on a set of clothes at will. The buttons were tied at will. The strong pectoral muscles were almost completely exposed, and the bloody tooth marks on his shoulders were clearly visible.

“You always bully me.” Hai’an buried his face in Auguste’s broad neck and said sullenly.

It was completely dark, they had been outside for a long time, and Hai’an had no strength to walk. Auguste had to carry him and walked slowly back. All the way back, Hai’an was quiet, breathing slowly, and Auguste thought he had fallen asleep.

As a result, he suddenly heard Hai’an curse. Auguste could not laugh nor cry. He had just wrapped his legs around his waist so hard that he could not leave. He bit himself like a puppy and saw blood. But if these words were uttered, he would probably die of shame.

“Then I made you uncomfortable?” Auguste began to play a hooligan again. If he could not bully him in practice, he would bully him verbally.

Hai’an was silent for a long time before he said something lightly, “Yes.”

Actually, it’s still quite refreshing. It’s just a little painful in the buttock. Hai’an sighed to himself. Why did Auguste always like to do these things in public? Can’t you hide in the room and do it quietly?

Auguste walked across a hillside with Hai’an on his back and looked at the huge tree house not far away.

The tree house in the daytime was filled with green oil leaves, now, unexpectedly, covered with purple light the layers of leaves interlaced densely around the tree house and the leaves appeared as bright as day.

“This tree…” Hai’an hugged Auguste’s neck, straightened up slightly, and looked at the tree house in bewilderment.

“This kind of tree is called the moonlight tree. Every night, its leaves will shine, even inside the branches, but it is warm yellow and soft. Anyone living in this kind of tree does not need to prepare lights.”

“What if you want to turn off the lights when you sleep?”

Auguste: “…”

Auguste was asked a simple question, so he answered but he was not a botanist. He only knew of this tree because of its reputation in the interstellar system. After all, such wonderful flowers, would catch anyone’s eyes. Auguste remained silent, answering no more questions.

Hai’an looked at the back of Auguste’s head and suddenly grew bold. He pushed forward and “Omm” bit Auguste’s ear. Auguste had bitten him so many times, can’t he bite him back too?

“XiaXia! Don’t run around! Come back!” Leston roared in the tree house, so loud that Hai’an and Auguste at the door could hear him clearly.

Just as Hai’an was still holding Auguste’s ear, the door of the tree house suddenly opened. A teenager with purple hair rushed out and saw Auguste and Hai’an’s ambiguous movements. Two purple eyes opened wide. Then he immediately covered his eyes and shouted. “I haven’t seen anything!”

Leston rushed out the door at the next moment and grabbed the purple-haired teenager. “XiaXia!”

“… Leston, haven’t you rested yet?” Hai’an let go of Auguste’s ear and looked at them stupidly. It was very late. Both Auguste and Hai’an thought that everyone had gone to bed, but they didn’t think it was still very lively here.

“Huh? Auguste, you’re back. We haven’t slept yet. We can’t sleep. We’re running around.” Leston hugged the purple-haired teenager tightly, while the purple-haired teenager still covered his eyes and earned a living in his arms.

“Is this XiaXia?” Hai’an asked hesitantly, not forgetting what Leston had just shouted.

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August 10, 2019 2:25 pm

Wow este capitulo fue muy hermoso y divertido jajajajajaj. Pobre hai’ an. Auguste siempre lo intimida jajajajaja. Pero bien que se dejo comer por el jajajaja.
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I noticed that this chappie was too short from what I remembered…I realized “that” part was missing 😆

The parts here are mostly complete, especially those harmonized scenes.

August 10, 2019 10:36 pm

How could XiaXia grow so fast? He’s a teenager already!

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So now all the plants have turned human. And XiaXia is with Leston? Well, at least Carl won’t be jealous anymore.

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