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Chapter 93: XiaXia: Where are my eyes?

“When I turn back…” XiaXia touched the mirror for half a day before his eyes returned to their original shape.

Leston watched XiaXia’s eyes become normal and took a long breath. He felt more and more that Auguste was special. After all, when he fell in love with JianJian, he was still a plant.

XiaXia looked around, dejected and sad. “I can only see what’s ahead now. I used to have so many eyes that I can see everywhere. I can’t even see my buttocks now! And what’s this? Why should I wear this? Without it, I can move my eyes and look around.” XiaXia looked like he wanted to rip them off.

Hai’an could understand XiaXia, he did not like wearing underwear. Hai’an did not understand why people in this world wear underwear. He didn’t wear them and nobody said he should. Even the elder didn’t wear underwear.

If he hadn’t been used to wearing clothes before, maybe he would have liked running naked and not wearing clothes.

At dusk in the rose bush, Auguste saw that he was green without underwear. Later, the movement of his body became bigger and stronger.

Auguste gave a sneer and stared at his ass. Obviously, he had heard XiaXia’s words and thought of the reason why Hai’an did not wear underwear.

And the world seems to be so serious, Leston put his hand on XiaXia’s shoulder and said very seriously: “XiaXia, from now on, your eyes can only grow in this part, do not grow in disorder, otherwise I will not give you meat. Did you hear that?”

Hearing that Leston was going to break his food XiaXia’s eyes quickly turned red, his eyes filled with tears, his mouth narrowed and he cried, “Wha…Why don’t you give me meat?”

Sure enough…

Hai’an had not forgotten that when XiaXia was a potted plant, he would cry. More than a dozen eyeballs shed tears at the same time. Soon, tears would spill out of the pot. But now XiaXia had only one pair of eyes, and their fighting capacity is obviously not sufficient.

“I want meat! Waaa.. Eat!!!” XiaXia was still howling over there, and Leston’s heart ached after only a moment’s listening.

“All right, don’t cry. As long as you don’t have long eyes, I’ll feed you meat every day.”

When he heard the news that he could still eat meat, he stopped crying and asked piteously, “Really?”

“Really.” Leston looked sincerely at XiaXia.

But Hai’an thought it was weird.

“JianJian, do you want to eat meat?” Auguste made a sudden noise and startled Hai’an.

“No, I don’t like meat.”

“What a pity…” The tone was full of loss, as of a man who had lost his way in the desert and found a well, but was desperate to find that it was a dry well.

Hai’an can’t understand why Auguste was so disappointed. He didn’t eat meat the same way that YanYan didn’t eat vegetables. There should be nothing to be disappointed about.

“It’s so late. Why don’t you sleep?” Auguste’s face was paralyzed. He believed in his fighting ability. And the darker the night was, the brighter the leaves would be. Looking at the brightness of the leaves, he was afraid they lost half the night.

“He can’t sleep. He said he used to sleep with only half of his eyes closed. Now he has one eye open. The purple light outside the window keeps piercing in. It’s so bright that he can’t sleep. Then he wants to go out and find a field and bury himself to sleep.”

Auguste: “…” It’s good JianJian was without this bad habit. Compared with sleeping in separate beds, not wearing underwear seems not so hard to accept.

“Did XiaXia become human from the fruit?” Hai’an raised his head, stretched his neck and asked curiously.

“Yes, speaking of this, I remember that you did not change instantly with the fruit. 

“Yeah” Hai’an also felt that it was strange. Was it because they grew differently when they drink human juice?

“I’m going.”

Auguste was very unhappy. When he dropped a sentence, he went upstairs with his back turned. It was good not to mention the fruit. When he talked about it, he would recall that Hai’an had just become a man. He had no clothes and he showed himself in front of the whole Vagrant crew.

“Augu, where’s my flower?” Hai’an put his arm around Auguste’s neck and whispered in his ear. They all got off the ship but he did not see Auguste bring down his own shaking grass.

“I put it in the thermostat automatic care room and brought it out. I can’t take care of it at the same time…” Before Auguste had finished speaking, there was a tremor on the ground. Even Auguste couldn’t stand up and fell down the stairs, while the white light outside the tree house flashed like a strong group of lightning across the sky, cutting through the curtain of the night.

“What’s wrong? Is it an earthquake?” Colin hurried downstairs from the top. His chest was naked and covered in spots of foam The bottom had only a bath towel, which hold back the key parts.

“Colin – you’re not dressed.” Corson’s elongated voice came from the tree roof.

In pursuit of excitement and the best scenery, Colin pulled him to the top, but the higher he lived, the more obvious the shock was. Colin was taking a bath. The shock not only slipped the soap out of his hand, but he almost fell into the toilet.

“What do you wear? It’s an earthquake. You can’t run fast!”

“This is not an earthquake.” Pace, wrapped in a velvet robe, opened the door of his room and came out. “It’s probably the main star that exploded again. It’ll be all right in a moment.”

“Leston, I see orange light on that star.”

“How did you see it?” Leston was stunned. The main stars could not be seen until they were outside the tree house. They were all in the tree house, XiaXia clasped in his arms. How could he see the outside?

Think carefully and fear terribly.

Leston quickly pulled over XiaXia’s head and saw that his left eye had disappeared, leaving only an empty eye and a beautiful and agile right eye.

XiaXia innocently blinked his right eye to match Leston’s look.

“XiaXia… What about your left eye?

“Thrown out by me, you said not to have long eyes in disorder, you see how obedient I am.”

Leston: “…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have new eyes in a minute.” XiaXia took the initiative to put his arm around Leston’s waist. “It’s only a pity that my original eyes will be gone in a few hours.”

XiaXia eyes were true.

Hai’an admired YanYan who seemed to be very strong. He heard that he could even block bullets. Only his own body, trembling grass, seemed to be able to do nothing but tremble.

Pace smiled lightly. “You don’t have to worry. The explosion on the side of the main star will only cause some small earthquakes on the side of the companion star. That’s why Mian and I chose to live in a tree house. If you’re really curious, I can show you to the main star tomorrow.”

“Pace, do you know who lives on the main star?” Leston was curious that the people on the companion star would live in such bad conditions.

He heard that there were magnetic storms on the main star. When the wind was strong, inhabitants were very vulnerable to injury. The weather was very cold, there  was very little sunshine, and the food was scarce. The bad environment that soldiers used to train in was almost the same. How could one live there?

“I’m sorry I don’t know. Uncle Ye only told us that there seemed to be two people on it, and they had very little food. He often sent radio messages to us for food rescue, but they always left a sum of money or sent a new intelligent system to upgrade me.”

Pace stretched out his right hand and saw his simulated human skin peel off and fold to his elbow, revealing the metal limbs beneath the epidermis. Five fingers deformed and reassembled and turned into a storage cannon.

The people who had joined the army knew this weapon, it is one of the top weapons on each aircraft armor. It can be charged quickly by light energy storage, but the energy needed for launching bullets is very little. As long as the energy level if full, it can play a very lethal role. However, because of the high cost and very fine production process, it has not been fully promoted in the army.

At present, only Ivan’s armour can be equipped with such weapons. When Auguste’s was still in force, he could not afford such equipment. Just making a single fighter with this kind of upgrade would make them poor enough to eat frozen gel.

“Fuck me! Storage Cannon! Where did you get this stuff? Our army cannot afford it.” Colin looked at Pace’s right hand and his eyes were wide open.

Has he been coveting this thing for a long time?!

Storage cannons can be used as magic weapons in the army. He saved his salary for a long time and planned to build a cannon for his own use. However, he couldn’t find a technician.

Without technicians, doesn’t matter how much money you have, it is useless for eggs. Energy storage cannons were so fine that they could only be manufactured manually and that’s why they are so expensive.

And Pace seems to be a housekeeping robot. They were not qualified for this military-grade weapon.

“This is from the guest on the main star. On the day I got up and went out with Mian, we saw a mess in the wheat field. We found a box in the center of the fallen straw. The box contained the parts and assembly instructions of the arm.”

Colin, after listening to Pace’s voice, walked around in silence a few times, put a hand on his face, and stroked his hair full of foam.

“Do you know how expensive it is? I’ve saved a whole decade’s salary… You can’t afford it…”

Leston whispered next to him: “Maybe Auguste paid us too little…”

Colin, “Yeah, it’s a little bit small, I’ve asked other troops, but only Ivan’s legions were paid more than ours.”

“How much is it?”

“Not much. It’s only three times as much as we get.”



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Hai’an and Auguste still need to bathe, but they are so chill about it lool

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