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Chapter 94: wearing underwear inside out

“And they seem to have year-end bonuses, quarterly bonuses, best monthly awards…” Colin wrenched his fingers and counted Ivan’s legions various awards one by one. The more sad he was, the more he cried, “We’re poor.”

Leston nodded with concern.

Black-hearted Boss Auguste: “…”

Colin snapped twice and then asked Pace, “How much delicious food did you give him for such a valuable reward?”

“I just gave him a few more bottles of Mian’s Rose Honey Sauce. When Mian brewed a few more bottles that needed longer to sit.” Pace moved his wrist and retracted the energy-storing cannon. The simulated skin covered his mechanical skeleton and changed back to what it had been before. “And…” Pace hesitated for a moment before continuing, “This energy-storage cannon is now the least aggressive weapon on me. The guest on the host star sent a lot of spare parts, all very advanced mechanical limbs, and all the new advanced equipment that did not appear on the interstellar network at all. Now my body has been almost completely transformed by him. I tested it. Now my attack power is no less than that of a man-operated machine-armored soldier.

Colin: “…” He also wants to have such a neighbor.

“With your right hand, you can hang many soldiers of the Emperor’s regiment, okay…” Leston looked at Pace’s right hand and his own. He felt that he was really weak. Compared with Pace, Auguste’s bare-handed tearing of iron did not seem so fierce.

“So you’ve been exchanging food and spare parts, and there’s nothing else to communicate with?”

“Mian once wrote to him asking if he had any food he wanted to eat. The guest ordered a bowl of noodles the other day and we sent it over in a small thermal spaceship. Later, I told him that I was married to Mian, and he sent us a Nadine core on our wedding anniversary…”

“Nadine core?!” Colin exclaimed.

“Yes.” Pace nodded. He knew the news was shocking for anyone because Oliver, who was able to build the core, had been dead for hundreds of years. Without him, no one could produce a Nadine core, and not to mention that a Nadine core needed expensive wake-up stones as energy. Nadine cores had 351 medium-sized parts and 1897 small connectors. Every part of the manufacturing and assembly process needed manual operation. If you do not pay attention to it, it would lead to a short-circuit and large-scale explosion.

Even if the material was prepared for senior mechanical technicians and supplied in unlimited quantities on the way of production, it will take a lifetime to make it. Pace said that explosions often occurred on the main star, which may be related to the guest making the Nadine Core.

“Mian and I were worried at first, but then we found that no matter how serious the explosion was, the guest seemed to be okay, and we got used to it.”

“It’s not scientific…” Colin muttered, even if he was not as good at designing and making mechanical armor fighters as Auguste and Alia, he knew that no one in the explosion caused by a short-circuit could survive at all.

Everyone thought it was unscientific, but that was the fact.

Colin tugged at the bath towel. He was a little cold. “I want to see the main star. I’ll follow Winchester when they go.”

“By the way, the guest also sent a letter when he delivered the Nadine Core.” Pace went into the room, searched for a letter and handed it to Auguste.

Colin looked up and saw that the letter contained a long list of zeros and ones, which he could not understand at all. “What are they?” 

Hai’an could not understand it. He could only see that it was a series of vertical lines and circles. Now Hai’an finally remembered that he was still illiterate in this world.

“It says,’You deserve a full life’, which is the simplest digital code.” Auguste translated this sentence after only one look and looked at Colin with disdain. He could not understand such a simple digital code.

But after the translation, everyone had a moment of silence.

Who was the man on the main star? What did this sentence mean?

In a sense, a robot with a Nadine core was indeed alive, but according to Pace’s situation, he had his own thoughts and emotions before he had a Nadine core.

“If you can’t figure it out, don’t think about it. Just follow Winchester to the main star.” Leston caught XiaXia and dragged him upstairs, XiaXia went obediently, without struggling. Hai’an looked at XiaXia’ left eye, where a new eye had grown. “It’s so late now. Go to bed first.”

“Leston, go and put my eyes outside my door. It’s still uncovered. I can’t sleep with the lights on.” XiaXia held out his right hand, he directed Leston to run outside the door and cover him.

“Oh, my little ancestor.” Leston was ordered by XiaXia, but could only confess his fate and run outside the door to dig a hole and bury XiaXia.

“Ha-ha-ha, I can’t see.” XiaXia clapped his hands excitedly. “We can sleep in peace.”

“Colin – come up for a shower – you haven’t washed your hair yet.” Corson’s voice came from the tree roof.

“Okay!” Colin stepped onto the third step and vaulted up the stairs.

Hai’an had been held by Auguste. They had been delayed for so long, Hai’an felt that the overflow of liquid was about to soak his trousers. He hurried to Auguste’s ear and whispered: “Auguste, let’s go back, I want to take a bath…”

“Okay.” Auguste bowed his head and kissed Hai’an’s hand around his neck, and steadily went upstairs with him on his back.

The room Pace had prepared for them was very warm, the equipment was not old, and the bathtub was not very big. It would be crowded if two people were lying in it at the same time.

When Auguste was filling it with water, Hai’an held the platform, and his legs were still soft. He could not stand steadily, let alone exert much strength.

When he was outside, Hai’an didn’t know what he looked like until he saw himself in the bathroom mirror. His clothes crumpled, some unknown water stains, his face flushed, and his white neck was covered with dense kiss marks. When he first entered the room, he just grabbed his neck and didn’t show it at all.

So everyone knew that he and Auguste did bad things outside…

After Auguste had tested the water temperature, he grabbed Hai’an’s waist and dragged him into the bathtub. “These pants are no longer useable.”

Hai’an looked sideways at the pants that Auguste had thrown on the floor. Because he did not wear underwear, Auguste got all the liquid on his pants. It was wet and sticking to them. Hai’an did not want to look at them and turned his red face away. 

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Auguste’s pectoral muscles and strong figure, shining naked in front of Hai’an’s eyes, so close to his skin. Hai’an blushed even more, and he remembered how fast Auguste had just come in and out of his body…

Hai’an felt quite uncomfortable, that is, his buttocks ached a little, and his waist and legs were very sore. Now soaked in hot water, the pain became more obvious.

Auguste had a small tooth print on his shoulder, which stopped bleeding and began to heal. Ayulon’s had a strong self-healing ability. Sometimes they were injured and did not even need treatment. They just needed to lie down for a few days. The little tooth print was made by Hai’an when he was making love. Auguste had thick skin, and that Hai’an could bite out a small tooth print proved that his mouth was good.

“You said you didn’t eat meat. You bit me.” Auguste looked sideways in Hai’an’s eyes and saw the little tooth print on his shoulder. He put his finger into Hai’an’s mouth and circled his tongue. He also imitated the movement of sexual intercourse in and out.

“Ohm -” Hai’an struggled to spit out Auguste’s finger, feeling that Auguste was getting worse and worse and could not do anything.

Auguste took the opportunity to put his other hand into Hai’an’s lower mouth, cleaning up the remaining white liquid for him, and intentionally or unintentionally press on the sensitive points, so that Hai’an was powerless and could only be left to him at will.

After a while, Hai’an burst into tears, and he looked innocently at Auguste with watery eyes. He did not understand why Auguste had bullied him so much. It was clear that they had just exercised in the evening rose bush.

“Will you wear underwear in the future?” Auguste lowered his head and nibbled at his already swollen mouth.

No clothes, no death! Hai’an was going to die of anger. Was that why Auguste bullied him like this?

Hai’an shook his head vigorously, slipped down carelessly, fell into the water, and choked on a few mouthfuls of water.

Auguste quickly pulled Hai’an out, patted him on the back and then saw Hai’an’s red eyes. He suddenly thought that he was bullying him too much and felt some heartache, but still did not forget to say: “Underwear must be worn…”

Hai’an had always refused but he couldn’t beat Auguste since he was not as strong as Auguste. He had to sleep with a stiff quilt and a pair of underwear.

Hai’an sat on the bed with a mournful face and pulled the elastic band of his underwear. Like a child, he pulled it open and let it bounce back by itself. He continued “cracking” it loudly. Auguste lay down on the other side of the bed and patted Hai’an’s butt.


“I don’t want to wear underwear…” Hai’an whispered.

Auguste thought for a moment and said with great compassion, “If you really don’t want to wear it, you don’t have to.”

“Really!?” Hai’an’s eyes lit up and looked expectantly at Auguste.

“Yes, but you…” Auguste put his head by Hai’an’s ear, whispered a few words, and licked Hai’an’s ear tips.

“Shameless! Dirty!!” Hai’an opened his eyes and blushed at what Auguste had said.

Hai’an felt that there was not a more roguish person in the world than Auguste, so he wrapped the quilt around his head and slept with his back to Auguste.

Auguste grinned and hugged Hai’an’s waist. He explained the truth to JianJian. He could not help it if he refused to obey it. As a result, when Auguste got up the next day, he found a piece of white in front of him, as if he had something on his head. Auguste pulled it off and looked at it. It was the underpants Hai’an wore to bed last night.

Auguste: “…”

Hai’an, who had done something wrong, was huddled by Auguste’s arm, with his red mouth open and his small mouth breathing quietly. The slightly hot air lightly hit Auguste’s skin, causing it to heat up.

Auguste pinched the bridge of Hai’an’s nose and whispered, “Bad boy.”


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Am I the only one who thinks brothers have something?

August 11, 2019 4:35 pm

This Auguste is shameless! Now that he can, he bullies Hai’an too much. But Hai’an doesn’t dislike it, hahaha.

Hmmm. Who could be that misterious person in the Main star?

Thanks for the chapter!

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Thank you so much for this chapter😘

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Auguste, what’s happened to you? You’re becoming a demon!
Thanks for translating.

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