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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Ye Xi checked the vitals of the three male extras before dragging their bodies away. Their breathing was even and their heartbeats steady, they did not seem to have swallowed sea water either. It looked as if they had merely fainted.

At that, Ye Xi ran back to the row of cottages which were built no more than a hundred metres1 away from the shore. Unsurprisingly, the doors were unlocked and the rooms were fully equipped with the expected amenities. The cottages seemed to be reserved for the attendants on the island indeed, but it was clear that no one had lived there in a very long time.

Ye Xi inspected three empty cottages one by one, then went back to the beach to collect the male extras.

It was harvesting season!

The first one to be hauled away was Louis X. Although a large, golden cloth ribbon covered the top half of the prince’s face, based on his exposed nose, lips and jawline, one could discern that he was an extremely handsome man. His dazzling golden hair was drenched with seawater and stuck to the side of his pale face. A magnificent crown rested on his head, with emeralds the size of pigeon eggs mounted on its golden base, which shimmered with varying hues of green as Ye Xi dragged the prince away…

That’s right, the crown did not come off despite the bumpy trip. It was firmly secured onto the prince’s head, as if it had taken root.

Hence one could say that the character designs in this world were indeed a hundred percent faithful to the original novel. If the novel said the prince carried a crown on his head, then the prince must always carry a crown on his head – a crown that would not fall off even if he tipped his head. What was a pesky thing like gravity2 compared to Mary Sue forces?!

Ye Xi lugged the prince along the beach for a dozen or so metres before he yielded to the temptation of pulling on the prince’s crown.

The crown did not move an inch – but the prince’s head did!

“Puhahahahaha!” Ye Xi could not help himself and cracked up laughing. He laughed until his hands and feet felt limp, then sat down and rested on the sandy beach before gaining enough strength to drag the prince back to the first little cottage without stopping. Ye Xi threw the prince onto the carpet and decided to come back here when he had more time.

Next, like a little squirrel that prepared for winter by storing his pine cones in different locations, Ye Xi towed Admiral Moqi and Cat Burglar Tuoba to two of the other cottages.

It was already dark when Ye Xi had settled all three male extras into their lodgings. He decided to start his conquest with the closest target, which would be the last person he transported – Admiral Moqi.

“Wake up.” Ye Xi gently called next to the admiral’s ear, who immediately woke up.

Ye Xi, “…”

Must be a special system command.

Afterall, the admiral bumped into plenty of things while being lugged back to the cottage – things like sea shells, snails and little crabs, and he even hit his head on a rock, but did not wake up at all. However, he coincidentally woke up as soon as Ye Xi spoke those two words next to his ear.

The admiral quickly recovered from his disorientated state after waking up. With his expression suddenly turning serious, he pulled out a dagger from his military boots at a speed faster than Ye Xi’s eye could see. Then pushing Ye Xi backwards onto the sofa, he firmly held Ye Xi down with one hand, while pressing the blade across Ye Xi’s throat with the other. Standing on one leg, he used the other to forcefully keep both of Ye Xi’s legs still.

The admiral demanded in a low voice, “Who are you?!”

While being pressed against the sofa, Ye Xi counted on his fingers and realised there would be a full moon tomorrow.

Holding a dagger from your boot against the bare skin of my neck, don’t you know anything about hygiene, buddy?!

The admiral’s eyes were sinister and wild, something seemed to stir in his flickering pupils, which were as dark as the ocean on a moonless night.  His face was handsome and determined, its outline sharp and clean. His thin lips pursed into a straight line and his jawline slightly trembled where his clenched teeth met, as if he was struggling to keep something contained.

Ye Xi held up his hands in surrender. He batted his large, innocent eyes and used the special voice he reserved for conquering male extras as he softly replied, “I found you passed out on the beach, so I saved you. I mean you no harm…”

Whoosh. The admiral released a large pent-up breath. His eyes, full of poison and malice, looked up and paused slightly, as if seeing Ye Xi clearly for the first time, then softened as he gradually released his grip on Ye Xi.

His chest heaved with sustained effort. It seemed to be too tightly bound by his uniform, so he impatiently tore off the top buttons, exposing a small patch of firm pec muscles, before bringing his breathing under control.

“My apologies…” The admiral forcefully shook his head a few times, then inserted the dagger back into his boot. As if enduring a great pain, he explained in a hoarse voice, “Since the moon is almost full, my emotions are a little unsteady at the moment.”

“That’s okay.” Ye Xi immediately revealed his empathetic side, then repeated, “I found you next to the sea unconscious, so I saved you.”

So, hurry up and fall in love with your saviour already!

The admiral sagged into the sofa, taking several deep breaths before finally calming down. He slightly furrowed his brow while carefully examining the beautiful youth beside him, who looked rather innocent and amicable under his gaze. He asked, “Was I the only one who washed up onto the beach?”

Ye Xi nodded earnestly, “Uh huh, just you.”

I shouldn’t let the three male extras meet each other before I complete their conquest, otherwise things might get complicated.

“Are you…a soldier?” Ye Xi asked deliberately. He adorably poked the admiral’s sleeve before asking another pointless question, “Is this your uniform?”

But the admiral did not think the question was pointless at all. He straightened his back and puffed out his chest, then solemnly replied, “I am Admiral Moqi of the Royal Navy.”

All men want to be revered, especially men of high status. I can’t go wrong with praising him, and I’d win some affection points without looking too pretentious! Ye Xi thought to himself.

Ye Xi fell silent with a blank look on his face while he garnered his emotions, then erupted three seconds later with a face full of reverence. As he opened his eyes wide in mock surprise, he praised in a pretentiously high-pitched voice, “Good heavens! 3 You’re a navy admiral?!”

The admiral dotingly watched the adorable, but not-too-bright youth in front of him, whose reaction time was so slow that the Earth could have self-rotated several times before he finally responded. He asked, “What is this place?”

So, Ye Xi fully divulged his and Shen Xiulin’s identities in this world and fake sobbed as he recounted his experience of forced marriage and house arrest on the island. He repeatedly emphasised the part where he had absolutely no feelings for his fiancé and how much of a deranged lunatic Huangfu was.

“I don’t love Huangfu at all!” Ye Xi repeated for the umpteenth time. Then, straining his neck to look into the distance at the murky ocean outside the window, Ye Xi placed his hands on his heart with a look of yearning in his eyes. In the lilting voice of an elementary school student made to recite poetry in front of his class, Ye Xi emoted, “I have always loved the sea. When I was little, I dreamt of marrying a brave navy officer when I grew up. But…perhaps, it shall remain only a dream.”

I can’t make my hints any clearer, alright! Hurry up and propose to me already!

Looking momentarily astonished, the admiral arched his brow as he bluntly asked, “Are you trying to tell me something?”

Ye Xi replied innocently, “No?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. ~330 feet
  2. The original text said “The Law of Universal Gravitation”, which is the name of the theory proposed by Newton to explain gravity.
  3. as in “OMG”, but without the G part.
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January 29, 2021 5:02 am

it’s so short 😭😭 But it’s fine😌… It shall arouse more interest … I love this so so so much… 💙 Thank you very much…

January 29, 2021 5:32 am

Why does Ye Xi act like dumb and funny when he meets male extras? Anyone would know that he is trying to flirt except male extras.
Thank you for the chapters

January 29, 2021 1:49 pm

Not that Ye Xi put any effort into conquering the extras before, but does he even try? (◕ᴗ◕✿)

January 29, 2021 6:45 pm

This extra seems interesting, like he won’t be as easily fooled. Makes it more exciting!

January 30, 2021 10:36 am

I’m honestly baffled at how easily these extras fall in ‘deep’ love even while knowing it’s a trap….. I guess it’s not a faithful Mary Sue adaptation for nothing!

Sue R
Sue R
May 15, 2021 6:16 am

I couldn’t believe not only the author made YeXi almost no brain, he also made him has no shame. Such a pity creature. It’s fun to read, anyhow. Thank you ❤️☺️

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