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Translated by J.

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Hearing this, despite wanting to plant a kiss on Ye Xi, the admiral awkwardly released him, then turned around to put on his underpants.

Fortunately, the admiral stripped off all of his clothes in record time before he lost control and transformed, otherwise his clothes would have been torn to shreds by the Kraken’s enormous body, and the admiral did not bring a change of clothes when he drifted to this island…

With so many considerations to be made before his transformation, it sounded mentally exhausting rather than wild or spontaneous.

But once the admiral was fully dressed, he was unwilling to just let it go, so he repeated his question, “Do you really not know how you were able to revert my transformation?”

“I genuinely have no idea.” Standing on the tip of his toes, Ye Xi looked into the distance with fake teary eyes and emoted, “Perhaps, this is what people call ‘the power of love.’”

The admiral chuckled at the little idiot and once again pulled Ye Xi into his embrace. He lifted Ye Xi’s chin with his thumb and index finger, then slightly adjusting his head, attempted to kiss Ye Xi again.

“Stop! Stop!” Ye Xi was so horrified by the admiral’s behaviour that all the hairs on his body stood up on end. Ye Xi boorishly covered the admiral’s mouth and pushed against his head, then glared at him in admonishment.

What are you trying to get at, buddy? Only the Chief Executive is allowed to kiss me, alright?!

After all, the chief executive was part of the main quest that he could not avoid. Plus, the male extras would only appear if he completed the main quests.

“You said ‘the power of love’ just now…” The admiral’s expression turned from joy to disappointment as he furrowed his brow, “Have I misunderstood you?”

“No, you haven’t. But can we please slow down?” As he spoke, Ye Xi rubbed the goosebumps on his arms that came from the scare earlier, then clarified, “Like, maybe you could…profess your feelings for me first?”

The admiral dotingly watched the bashful youth before him. His lips curved up into an attractive shape as he raised his hand in a lazy salute. The admiral spoke with a voice so seductive that it could have impregnated the ears of those who heard him, “Your wish is my command.”

It must be said that had the admiral used this move on women or real gay men, they probably would have fallen head over heels for him already. Unfortunately, the one he encountered was Mr. Ye Douchebag, who only had eyes for experience points…

The admiral, “Mr. Murong, I’m not actually a sworn bachelor. I only said that because I was afraid of hurting the ones closest to me when I transform under the full moon…”

However, Mr. Ye Douchebag was not paying attention at all. He was singularly focused on waiting for the system to announce the admiral’s experience points. Like waiting for final exam scores to be published, Ye Xi quietly prayed:

Dear system, I beg you, just a little bit more please! I was almost eaten by a giant octopus1 this time, it just wouldn’t be fair if you gave me anything less than 50,000 experience points!

Meanwhile, the admiral continued his passionate confession, “…Your pure and compassionate soul had saved me. I could sense your love in my state of delirium and a warmth flowed into my heart…”

Ye Xi fixed his dreamy gaze on the admiral and nodded at regular intervals, as if he was listening intently.

Sigh, speaking of giant octopuses, it reminds me of the takoyaki balls from that shop inside the subway station. It makes me drool just thinking about it. Crispy batter grilled to perfection, with firm octopus meat wrapped on the inside. Top it up with extra wasabi and bite into it while hot – so delicious…mmm…it’s sweeter than first love.

The admiral began his proposal, “…Fate had chosen you to be the only one who can stand by my side in life. You said you loved the ocean and dreamt of marrying a naval officer, so…will you marry me?”

Ye Xi snapped out of his daze, but did not catch the last part, “What?”

The admiral adoringly watched the not-so-bright little creature before him and repeated his proposal, enunciating each word clearly, “Will you marry me?”

The system alert for a successful male extra conquest had not yet sounded, so Ye Xi played along, “Yes, I will marry you.”

At that, the admiral’s eyes, which were as deep as the ocean, shone so brightly as if something burned fiercely behind them. He clutched Ye Xi’s hand and placed it upon his chest, where his medal of honour used to be, and affirmed with resolve, “From now on, my heart beats only for you… Having you is the highest honour of my life, I love you.”

The system alert sounded in Ye Xi’s ears. Maybe it was due to the danger associated with this conquest, Ye Xi finally received the highest possible reward of 50,000 experience points and shared it with his teammate.

A bolt of bright purple lightning sliced through the gloomy night sky. In rapid succession, thunder roared almost without intermission and rumbled through the clouds like an indomitable tempest. However, the thunder and lightning only continued for a short while, then vanished as quickly as they had appeared.

It was obvious that the chief executive was reciting, ‘Say No To Anger.’

Ye Xi exuberantly jumped on the spot, delirious from the 50,000 experience points. With his head swimming from the onslaught of cuteness from his bunny-like fiancé, the admiral held Ye Xi and attempted to kiss him for the second time. But this time Ye Xi squatted down in a nimble manoeuvre. His slender body slipped out of the admiral’s embrace and ran away without looking back.

The admiral was slow to react to the sudden turn of events. By the time he realised what had happened, Ye Xi had already darted out the door and moved out of his reach.

What a skittish little creature…The admiral smiled with both joy and disappointment. He felt his heart brimming with a honey-like sweetness, while his whole being glowed with renewed vigour – even his short, dark emerald hair seemed to sparkle with a green incandescent light.

Hahaha, it’s such a thrill to see him flee after seducing me! The admiral broke into a joyful smile.

Meanwhile, Ye Xi swiftly sprinted towards the villa, his beautiful face covered in a gleeful, idiotic grin.

As he ran, Ye Xi realised a strange-looking hill had appeared on the road back to the villa, blocking his way completely. The hill had an odd, angular shape with sharp edges and corners – it looked just like an enormous pyramid.

…There shouldn’t be any hills on the way back to the villa. Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? Baffled, Ye Xi sprinted towards it.

As Ye Xi approached the bizarre pyramid, he realised that it was actually a ginormous tent, measuring at least five hundred square metres2 at its base. The tent was opulent to the extreme and covered in embroideries with gold and silver threads and ornaments of pearls and jade. At the top of the tent stood a cluster of lightning rods made of lush green jasper, so tall as if they had pierced through the clouds.

The tent reflected a cold, eerie glow under the moonlight. Ye Xi could only see one of the tent’s corners where he stood. The golden chains attached to its edges were anchored into the sandy shore with diamond stakes, which looked very secure indeed.

Ye Xi stood at the foot of the tent with his mouth agape, “…”

Such a magnificent tent could only belong to the Chief Executive! But why the fuck did he put it here?

Meanwhile, an attendant appeared not too far away. When he spotted Ye Xi, the attendant bowed politely before speaking, “Young Mistress, the Young Master is waiting for you by the eastern entrance. Please follow me.”

Just how many entrances does the Chief Executive’s tent have? Speechless, Young Mistress Ye quietly followed the attendant to the eastern entrance, which was the one facing the ocean. Shen Xiulin’s tall, slender figure stood on a large boulder against the wind, the sea in front of him emitting an iridescent blue glow.

Shen Xiulin turned towards Ye Xi, impressing upon him the perfect side profile, then beckoned in a soft voice, “Come.”

The attendants retreated in succession. Ye Xi stepped over finely crushed gravel and smooth hard boulders to reach Shen Xiulin’s side. Pulling himself up by Shen Xiulin’s outstretched hand, Ye Xi climbed onto the rock where Shen Xiulin stood and looked into the distance…

The wisps of dark clouds enveloping the moon were retreating like a defeated army. Like a layer of thin blue frost, the cold moonlight lit up the softly swaying ocean veneer. In a distance, the murky sea seemed to have dissolved into the blackness of the distant night sky. However, the closer it was to the shore, the lighter and brighter the sea became, with the water by their feet rendering into a bright azure as it emitted a cold, eerie blue glow. Then, like the folded pleats on a shiny chiffon skirt, waves with distinct layers lapped at each other ceaselessly…

“It’s bioluminescent algae.” Explained Shen Xiulin. As he spoke, he turned his wrist and firmly held onto Ye Xi’s hand. As Ye Xi tried to struggle free out of reflex, Shen Xiulin tightened his grip without hesitation, stilling Ye Xi’s hand. As they held hands, Shen Xiulin continued, “I asked for the algae to be cultivated and placed here in this shallow bay for you. Do you like it? It’s quite a rare sight back in the real world.”

“It’s very pretty, I love it!” Ye Xi replied cheerfully. With the corners of his soft lips curving up like a pussy cat, he rolled up his pant legs to his knees, kicked off his shoes and got down from the boulder into the shallow water. He let the sparkling saltwater wash over his ankles and slender calves. Cupping his hands, Ye Xi leaned down to scoop up some seawater, then watched the glowing algae float in his palms like fireflies before droplets leaked from the gaps between his fingers, forming trails of light as they scattered.

Meanwhile, Shen Xiulin coldly asked, “Did you conquer a male extra just now?”

Ye Xi’s chest tightened as he quickly replied, “Don’t start. You promised you won’t get in my way. There were 50,000 experience points at stake! Let’s just go home.”

Without reacting to Ye Xi’s objections, Shen Xiulin kicked off his shoes and rolled up his pant cuffs. He stood beside Ye Xi in the shallow water as he asked, “So, what did the two of you get up to?”

“We didn’t get up to anything, I swear! He hugged me and wanted to kiss me…” Ye Xi hastily tried to demonstrate his faithfulness, “But I covered up his mouth and didn’t let him, haha.”

“I’m going to do everything he did to you.” Shen Xiulin declared with the expression of a peeved child. He pulled Ye Xi into his arms, then lifting up Ye Xi’s chin, he slowly kissed Ye Xi on the lips. Perhaps the ocean was too beautiful and the atmosphere too romantic, Ye Xi stood there like a clay statue and did not resist Shen Xiulin’s kiss at all, only blushing from the tip of his ears to the heel of his feet. 

After a short while, Ye Xi stuttered as he admonished, “Kn-knock it off.”

Once the kiss ended, Shen Xiulin gently pressed his forehead against Ye Xi‘s and spoke in a soft voice, “Why didn’t you cover my mouth just now?”

Ye Xi blushed crimson, but refused to give in, “Because…I got used to it.”

“So, you’ll let me do this to you going forward?” Shen Xiulin chuckled in good humour.

“I-It’s not like I’d lose a pound of flesh from kissing. But you’re not allowed to do anything else, okay? Don’t push your luck!” Blushing from ear to ear, Ye Xi squatted down and frantically splashed water everywhere in an attempt to hide the inexplicable joy he felt inside.

“I am quite content with this small indulgence.” Shen Xiulin crouched down beside Ye Xi and swiftly left a peck on his cheek, then quickly scooped up a palmful of seawater filled with bioluminescent algae and threw it high up into the air. Shen Xiulin cunningly tried to distract Ye Xi so he would not backtrack on his concession, “Look, the seawater looks like little stars falling from the sky!”


Author’s Notes:

The Chief Executive: Ha, even the lightning rods on top of my tent are green.3

The Admiral: Even my hair is green, did you hear me complain?

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Translator Notes:

  1. The admiral’s true form has over 20 arms, so strictly speaking, he is not an octopus
  2. ~5400 square feet
  3. Reference to the Chinese saying that to wear a green hat or headdress (especially for men) is the sign of being a cuckold.
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