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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Ye Xi’s world spun around as he was firmly pressed under Shen Xiulin’s body without any power to resist. The gasp that almost left Ye Xi’s lips was forced back into his throat by Shen Xiulin’s mouth.

Erotic sucking noises percolated from the motions of their intertwined tongues. With sensual moans, Ye Xi tried to turn his head away, but was swiftly punished with a bite on the tip of his tongue. Ye Xi immediately glowered at Shen Xiulin with righteous admonishment, only to receive more passionate kissing in return.

“Wait, something feels wrong…” Ye Xi managed to squeeze out a few words between kissing.

“Hmm?” Shen Xiulin let out a disinterested groan.

Ye Xi speculated, “Why didn’t you release any thunder when I finished my conquest?”

Actually, I suspect the Chief Executive is just pretending to be angry!

A cunning gleam briefly appeared in Shen Xiulin’s eyes before swiftly vanishing out of sight. It was completely missed by the little idiot, who had only perceived Shen Xiulin’s chilling silence.

“Because you broke my heart.” Shen Xiulin replied in an indifferent tone, but his eyes looked like they were holding back a smile. Then he quickly kept his emotions in check to avoid any slip-ups in front of Ye Xi.

Sob! I’ve really hurt the Chief Executive this time! I’m such a manipulative bastard that I deserve to be punished!

Ye Xi sheepishly avoided Shen Xiulin’s gaze, then became filled with an inexplicable sense of expectation, one that he would not admit even to himself. So, he ceased resisting and carefully asked, “What are you going to do to me?”

“What else?” Shen Xiulin nimbly removed Ye Xi’s belt. He may have sounded firm with his retort, but he was really just testing Ye Xi.

Ye Xi knew that there were only so many things they could do in bed, so he did not interrogate Shen Xiulin any further. With a miserable grimace, Ye Xi began to bargain with the chief executive, “C-Could you please not finish me off with the final act? Or I’d definitely cry from the pain. The size of your thing is so scary, you’d run me straight through…”

Shen Xiulin almost cracked up from Ye Xi’s pitiful look. He straightened his face and put on a solemn expression to hide his suppressed laughter. Showing generosity, he replied, “Fine. Now lie down and stay still.”

Ye Xi kept his eyes tightly shut. He laid motionless on the bed with his arms crossed over his chest like a corpse. A crimson flush rose to his face while his eyelashes trembled nervously.

His clothes were peeled off one layer at a time. The cool air and the sweltering heat from Shen Xiulin’s body enveloped Ye Xi at the same time. Like eating a delicate and precious little snack, Shen Xiulin gently and carefully pressed featherlight kisses onto Ye Xi’s eyes, brow and face.

Rose petals raced each other out of Ye Xi’s hair, and against the laws of physics, danced in the still air. Under the forces of the system’s predefined settings, the petals gently floated into the air, then gradually fell back down and scattered all over the pillows.

Resting his weight on one arm, Shen Xiulin grabbed a handful of petals with the other. He held them over Ye Xi’s face and released the petals like drizzling rain.

Shen Xiulin arched his brow as he asked unequivocally, “If I remember correctly, your character design stipulates that you would only produce these when you feel happy. Do you still refuse to admit that you love me?”

Ye Xi licked his lips and decided to resist till the end. He fibbed, “Maybe I’m having a psychotic breakdown?”

“Maybe.” Shen Xiulin chortled as he reached down, then replied in a low voice, “Then let me cure you from it.”

Ye Xi panted as he dug his fingers into the bed sheets. With his flat chest rapidly rising and falling, his calves tensed against Shen Xiulin’s waist and even his toes had curled up…As Shen Xiulin used all the tricks up his sleeve, Ye Xi surrendered in no time. A rainbow-coloured liquid that looked like blended fruit juice sprayed onto the chief executive’s gorgeous abs, the visual effects were ridiculous to the extreme.

Shen Xiulin’s lips curved up in wicked amusement as he wiped off the liquid with his finger, then slowly licked it with the tip of his tongue, “The taste isn’t half bad.”

“Ahhhh!!! Don’t put random things in your mouth!” Ye Xi howled in embarrassment and desperately wanted to dig a hole in the bed to bury himself in.

Shen Xiulin pried open the hands Ye Xi was using to cover his face and placed them in the appropriate position, then demanded, “My turn.”

Ye Xi held onto Shen Xiulin’s member and stared at it with his mouth agape. He was so overwhelmed by the situation that his mind went completely blank, looking very much like a hamster who was suddenly given a super-sized sunflower seed.

With the air of a leader, Shen Xiulin commanded, “Move.”

Ye Xi replied mechanically, “Yes sir, right away sir.”

Then he started to move.

Half an hour had passed, but nothing came from Shen Xiulin.

Ye Xi grimaced as he forced himself to continue. He had exchanged hands four times already and his anaemic arms from this world felt heavy and sore. Ye Xi asked apprehensively, “D-Do you feel anything?”

Why hasn’t he cum already?! Am I pulling on a fake cock?!

Shen Xiulin leaned back on the soft, small hill formed by his pillow and duvet. With a languid expression, he half closed his deep, gorgeous eyes and enjoyed the service being rendered by Ye Xi. A thin layer of perspiration appeared on his firm, smooth skin. He ran his hand through some stray hair and tucked them behind his head. He reminded Ye Xi of a majestic male lion with a thick-mane and powerful body.

Shen Xiulin replied in a deep voice, “Very much so. Keep going.”

The room was awkwardly quiet, so Ye Xi began to search for topics of conversation. He asked, “Does your fluid have direct current or alternate current? How many watts does it carry? And how many amps?”

Shen Xiulin curved his mouth into a wicked smile, he teased, “You’ll find out shortly.”

Ye Xi worried, “Will it kill me?”

“No.” Shen Xiulin drawled, “But it’ll make you feel amazing.”

Ye Xi, “…”

I made the Chief Executive so angry that he degenerated into a pervert!

After further efforts, Ye Xi finally helped Shen Xiulin generate electricity with his conducting rod. However, he was too slow to move out of the way, so…

“Aaahh!!! Why didn’t you warn me beforehand?! My face is all numb from your electric shock!” Grabbing a duvet off the bed, Ye Xi wiped his face with the back of his hand as he frantically sprinted off to the other side of the bed, then dropped down onto the mattress and sprawled out flat.

Young Master Huangfu’s bed seemed to be slightly larger than Young Master Murong’s. The chief executive sat on the edge of his bed and had no idea where Ye Xi had ran off to. So, despite knowing that his missus was somewhere on the same bed as him, Shen Xiulin felt quite ludicrous that he was not able to find Ye Xi at all.

Shaking his head, Shen Xiulin chuckled as he called out, “Ye Xi, come back!”


Have I lost my mind just now? What came over me that made me do all those things with the Chief Executive? Aaahh!!! …And why did it feel so good?!

With his brain in a hot mess, Ye Xi played dead in the furthest corner of the bed from Shen Xiulin. Refusing to respond, Ye Xi sprawled out as flat as possible and pulled his bedsheet-coloured duvet over him. He was well camouflaged.

Shen Xiulin, “…”

Hence for the entire evening, the chief executive was unable to find the missus he had recently shared intimate acts with on his own bed,

However, on the next morning, Ye Xi woke up to find himself forcefully shifted back to the centre of the large bed by tyrannical system settings and successfully rendezvoused with the chief executive who was subjected to the same forces each day.

Fortunately, Shen Xiulin was still asleep.

This was because the chief executive was so giddy with excitement from being able to do all the lewd things that he had only dreamt of doing to Ye Xi, that he did not fall asleep until late into the night.

Ye Xi climbed out of Shen Xiulin’s arms surreptitiously, before discovering a warning letter and a rose placed on each side of his and Shen Xiulin’s pillow.

“At 10AM this morning, I will come to retrieve Young Master Huangfu’s helicopter and his fiancé. Yours Sincerely, Tuoba the Burglar.”

That was the letter addressed to Shen Xiulin.

“At 10AM this morning, I will come to retrieve Young Master Murong yourself. Yours Sincerely, Tuoba the Burglar.”

That was the letter addressed to Ye Xi.

Ye Xi watched the two warning letters in his hand in a stupor.

That burglar definitely has OCD!

Ye Xi felt somewhat anxious since it was already past eight in the morning, there were less than two hours before the burglar would come to steal him and Ye Xi had not managed to conquer him yet.

Since the burglar’s moral compass and brain circuits were obviously corrupt, he differed from the male extras who were attracted to timid little white bunnies. Ye Xi’s adorable idiot act might have worked wonderfully in front of the other male extras, but it had absolutely no effect on the burglar. Lacking empathy, the burglar was not attracted to the sweet, adorable type at all. He was wicked to the core with only thievery on his mind and seemed to take pleasure in other people’s anger and suffering.

This male extra is so hard to figure out! Exasperated, Ye Xi scrunched up the two warning letters and climbed off of Shen Xiulin’s bed in silence. He hurried through his morning routine as he wanted to make a last-ditch effort to interact with the burglar and try to conquer him before 10AM. Since the main quest had stipulated that Ye Xi had to live on the island for seven days and seven nights, he could not just leave with the burglar and take his time seducing him.

Forty minutes later, Ye Xi left the villa’s front entrance and hastily sprinted towards the burglar’s cottage.

As Ye Xi turned a corner from the sandy path wedged between rows of coconut trees and flowering shrubs, he casually glanced at the ocean, but was horrified to find two majestic fleets sailing towards the island. On one side was a navy fleet painted in military green; while on the other side, gleaming under the brilliant morning sun, was the royal fleet which seemed to be plated in gold. The two groups sped closer to the island in record speed…

Shit! Ye Xi took a deep breath while large beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Both the admiral’s rescue party and the prince’s Golden Guards are arriving together at this exact moment – is the system trying to kill me?!

“Don’t be afraid, my fleet has arrived.” As if Ye Xi was not having enough of a meltdown already, a deep, seductive voice sounded next to Ye Xi’s ear. Without giving him time to protest, an arm reached out from behind Ye Xi and yanked him into a tight embrace. Ye Xi grimaced as he looked up and was met head-on with the admiral’s handsome eyes. 

Perhaps due to the full moon occurring not so long ago, the admiral was still somewhat under the influence of the sea monster and a wild savagery could still be seen in his eyes.

“Has he been keeping you under close watch? I didn’t see you all day yesterday, it’s been driving me crazy…” Like a thirsty desert-traveller who chanced upon a clear spring in an oasis, the admiral placed the tip of his nose against Ye Xi’s neck and took a deep breath. When he looked up again, his eyes had cleared up considerably.

Ye Xi was so distressed that his eyes darted aimlessly as he desperately searched for a way out of his predicament, “I was put under house arrest yesterday by Young Master Huangfu…”

The admiral’s heart ached at that. Without a second thought, he scooped up Ye Xi into his arms and rushed towards his fleet in quick strides.


Author’s Notes:

The System: Let the carnage begin.

The Chief Executive: This is not smut, it’s at most a taste for things to come.

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