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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

The admiral’s powerful arms circled Ye Xi’s body like steel braces, not giving him any opportunity to escape. Ye Xi wriggled anxiously in the admiral’s arms, but received only a tender glance from him in return.

“This is not the time to be bashful.” The admiral cheerfully arched his mouth and admired the ruddy cheeks of the person he held.

Ye Xi was so distressed that he wanted to cry, “…”

This is so nerve-wracking! Fuck! Can’t you see I’m all stressed out?!

Meanwhile, the naval fleet and the golden fleet approached the shore at the same time.

The admiral watched the golden fleet with a puzzled expression. He murmured to himself, “This is Louis X’s escort vessel, why would it be here…?”

The mystery was quickly solved: The prince and the high priest could sense each other’s location due to their blood oath.

Coming out of the small cottage where he resided these past few days, the prince followed his psychic connection with the high priest and accurately walked in the direction of where the golden fleet was moored.

The prince held a white cane in his hand made from the legs of a laundry rack. In what should have been a pitiful, clumsy scene, any lack of decorum was easily negated by the prince’s natural grace. With his back ramrod straight, the prince wore a jovial smile on his face. He was so eager to return to the royal palace and announce to the world that he had found his Fated One, that it almost seemed like he wanted to grow a pair of wings and fly home.

The admiral was stunned for a moment. He groaned, “Is that Louis X? Why would he be here?”

Ye Xi wiped his face in agony.

“So he also stayed in a small cottage like mine. And the food you asked of me every day…” The admiral muttered to himself with a frown on his face. He darted his eyes all the way around in disbelief, then looked down at Ye Xi, “Was it you who saved him?”

In a last-ditched effort to hide the truth, Ye Xi decided to toughen his skin and play dumb, “Hmm? What are you talking about?”

As soon as Ye Xi had spoken, with his keen sense of hearing, the prince aptly perceived Ye Xi’s voice and looked in Ye Xi’s direction with a puzzled look.

Shit! That prince has better ears than a dog!

Ye Xi quickly shut his mouth, his eyes darted around frantically, looking very flustered.

“Tell me,” The admiral’s voice was so gentle that it was heart-wrenching, with a sense of apprehension that perhaps he was not even aware of himself, “what’s going on?”

Since the prince was still looking their way, Ye Xi gritted his teeth and remained silent.

Guessing at the truth, the admiral’s expression turned grim. He urged in a sombre voice, “Speak.”

Seeing that he could no longer hide the truth, Ye Xi cupped his hands around his mouth and hastily retorted in a breathy voice, “So I did save him. But I didn’t know you knew each other. Saving a life is a virtue and the rest isn’t that important. Can we please just get out of here?!”

The admiral remained quiet. He scanned Ye Xi with a complicated look and dug in his heels where he stood.

At that, the prince imperceptibly wiggled his ears and resolutely walked in Ye Xi’s direction. Meanwhile, under the command of the vice admiral and the high priest, men from the naval fleet and the golden fleet boarded the shore and started to march in their direction.

FUCKING HELL!! With a tormented expression, Ye Xi covered his face and urged the admiral, “Hurry up! Let’s go!”

The admiral dutifully walked towards the prince.

Ye Xi, “…”

Hey buddy, do you know that your jealousy is about to trigger a serious diplomatic incident?

Ye Xi was so distressed that he had worked up a cold sweat. Cherry blossoms rushed out of his hair and scattered everywhere like free money. In an attempt to free himself from the admiral’s confinement, Ye Xi wriggled wildly in his arms like a stranded fish in its death throes. He even poked at the admiral’s nostrils at the risk of breaking his character design. But the admiral had a firm hold on Ye Xi that made it impossible for him to let go. He even managed to dodge what seemed to him like a slow-motion attack from Ye Xi.

“Beloved princess, is that you who is speaking?” The prince followed their voices and arrived in front of Ye Xi and the admiral.

A spectacular expression suddenly erupted from the admiral’s face, “Princess? What princess?”

“Princess means…it means…Ha! Ha! Ha!” From the gaps between his fingers, Ye Xi sneakily watched the admiral’s scowl grow more livid and attempted to disrupt the awkward atmosphere with laughter.

But it only seemed to have made the admiral more furious…

The prince gently cocked his head towards the admiral, labouring to recall his voice. He asked hesitantly, “I know your voice from before the shipwreck. Am I speaking to Admiral Moqi, who controls the forces of the ocean?”

“It is I.” The admiral spoke in a sombre voice. Various emotions flashed across his face as he deliberated whether to launch an attack on His Highness, the Prince of Kingdom X.

“Then we have met before the shipwreck.” The prince gave the admiral a nod, then gracefully extended his hand towards Ye Xi, “Beloved princess, I need your touch.”

I can’t avoid this forever. The earlier I die, the earlier I can move onto the next life!

Ye Xi took a deep breath. Under the admiral’s needle-sharp gaze, Ye Xi cringed as he extended his trembling hand towards the prince and gently touched the prince’s wrist.

At that, the prince took off his blindfold. He saw Ye Xi curled up in the admiral’s arms in a rather compromising position. He blinked and asked in confusion, “Beloved princess, what are you and Admiral Moqi…”

Once the admiral had confirmed that the prince did not mistake Ye Xi for someone else, he took a step back with Ye Xi still in his arms and interrupted through clenched teeth, “This is my wife.”

“Your wife? What is going on?” The prince firmly held onto Ye Xi’s wrist. With a slight tremble in his voice, he seemed somewhat lost, but was still trying to maintain decorum, “Beloved princess, I believe you owe me an explanation.”

The admiral concurred in a frosty voice, “Me too.”

Ye Xi warmed up his acting skills for a few seconds, then using all of his strength, he feebly cried out and clutched at his chest, “M-My heart feels strange…”

It’s not that I don’t want to explain, it’s because I really can’t. Would you rather hear me say that I did all of these because I wanted to conquer you for your experience points, so I can go back to the real world?

So my only choice is to feign illness!

However, the admiral ignored Ye Xi’s enthusiastic performance. With eyes full of shock and disappointment, he hesitantly accused, “A-Are…you…lying to us?”

“No, that’s not possible…” The prince let out a tormented groan. His body swayed as if he had suddenly lost his balance. The high priest coincidentally arrived at this time. He held the prince steady while shooting fierce daggers out of his eyes at Ye Xi, as if he was staring down a little slut.

Ye Xi, who was forced to play the role of a trollop, felt inexplicably misunderstood.

Just slice me in half already!

“You’re the only person in this world who can calm my aggression.” The admiral’s face turned livid, “You said it was because you loved me! That it was the power of love!”

The prince’s gorgeous eyes, which looked like priceless artworks, were full of recalcitrant tears, “You said you will let me see your smile every day. The starry sky was so beautiful last night, but why…”

The high priest, who towered behind the prince, held onto him firmly with a look of despair.

Ye Xi sheepishly hung his head, cowering so desperately that his chin was almost touching his chest. Since playing dumb and feigning illness had both backfired, Ye Xi could only offer a feeble apology, “I’m sorry, really sorry. I have my reasons.”

As if he was ready to transform at any moment, the admiral ground his teeth loudly as his face contorted in agony. He forced himself to calm down for a brief moment before speaking in a strained voice, “Then you must choose between the two of us.”

Ye Xi hesitated, “Umm…”

If I tell him I choose the burglar, will the admiral throw my corpse into the sea to feed the sharks?

Meanwhile, both the admiral and the prince’s forces had finished congregating behind the two male extras. They glowered at each other, ready to strike. The admiral carried Ye Xi in his arms while the prince clutched onto Ye Xi’s wrist as the high priest steadied the prince, it was like a messy love quadrangle.

While everyone waited with bated breath to hear Ye Xi’s choice, in this chaotic moment, another black mass of bodyguards began to emerge around them. Coming at them with earth-trembling force, an army of ten thousand bodyguards rushed towards the beach. Shen Xiulin stepped out in front of the bodyguards with a menacing scowl as he approached the quadrangle.

Shen Xiulin coldly sneered at the admiral who carried Ye Xi in his arms, “Ha, how dare you touch my fiancé? Don’t the two of you value your lives?”

Why is there another male extra? He told me there were only two!

Once the chief executive had made his threat, dark clouds amassed in the sky at a speed distinguishable by the naked eye and piled up heavily above them. Bolts of dreadful lightning sliced through the deep purple storm clouds as if trying to tear everything in this world apart, while the thunderclaps that followed completely drowned out the prince and the admiral’s voices.

Shen Xiulin stepped between the two male extras and formed the third leg of a tripod, adding his own forces to the confrontation. The chief executive looked at Ye Xi, who was firmly clutched by the admiral arms, then turned to look at Ye Xi’s right wrist, which was tightly gripped by the prince, before calmly holding onto Ye Xi’s left hand.

If the burglar arrived around now, he could only grab onto Ye Xi’s foot!

Caught between the three jealous rivals, Ye Xi felt desperate and helpless. He did not know how this would end, “…”

Just let me die already! I’m the type of dangerous beauty who destroys empires!

The admiral’s fury and disappointment were growing increasingly out of control and the ocean started to transform with his mood. It was a majestic scene where fierce gales swept across the surface of the sea while savage waves grew taller and bigger. With wild winds battering the shore as if trying to destroy everything in its path, there was a hint of a tsunami on its way.

Ye Xi felt like his face was about to be blown sideways by the gale!

The chief executive coldly hmphed and waved his hand in an imposing manner. His Aura of Tyranny brought on a strong hurricane that blew in the opposite direction from the island to the sea, cancelling out the admiral’s winds. Like Doctor Xuanyuan’s hairline, the shoreline seemed to have shifted by at least three metres1

Ye Xi felt like his face had been blown straight again by the chief executive’s hurricane!

Rumbling thunderbolts exploded above the tempestuous waves, leaving many sea creatures scorched in their wake. Ye Xi watched on with his mouth agape and felt like he was witnessing an epic battle between Zeus and Poseidon.

Then, the clock struck ten.

A dashing shadow suddenly appeared out of nowhere and approached Ye Xi in a hurry. As nimble as a seabird, he zoomed across the heads of the bodyguards, navy infantry and golden guards, his long hair trailing behind him like a fiery red flame against the dark gloomy background.

The burglar swiftly arrived at the scene of the standoff. In a blur, he reached out and gently caressed the admiral’s face, dispersing a pinkish red powder before his nose. The admiral immediately lost his strength, his arms drooped and loosened their hold on Ye Xi. Seeing this, the burglar tapped the prince and Shen Xiulin’s wrists, forcing them to let go of Ye Xi.

At that, the burglar picked up Ye Xi. Pushing his toes off the ground, he leapt into the air with Ye Xi in his arms. In this split second, the burglar’s eyes suddenly darted around. He bent down mid-air, scissored the prince’s crown between two fingers, and pulled. The prince’s whole body ratcheted up in response, but the crown stayed firmly on his head. The burglar dazed for a brief moment before releasing the crown. Then running across the sea of heads with Ye Xi in tow, he vanished without a trace.


Author’s Notes:

The Burglar: My bad.


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Translator Notes:

  1. ~10 feet
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February 20, 2021 12:51 am

What a thrill! Im so excited for the next chapter, as in super duper excited… Man, it’s so hilarious… Hahaha…

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