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“What?” Studying Moqi’s complex expression with the same appreciation as a new toy, Tuoba teased with a hint of sarcasm, “Did you think I was going to kiss you?”

Through clenched teeth, Moqi panted and puffed like a bull.

“Hahaha, looks that way!” Tuoba cracked up laughing again. When he was finally done, he sat up slightly and cast his eyes down over the admiral’s stern, handsome face, before suddenly giving him a wink, “Then I shall let you have your small wish.”

At that, Tuoba lowered his torso over Moqi and kissed him. Tied into a low cue at the nape, his fiery red hair flowed down onto the ground from his shoulders and the admiral’s broad chest. Under the moonlight, his pose was as graceful as a vampire suckling the neck of his prey.

The prey he had ensnared glowered at him with disbelief. Under Tuoba’s lead, the admiral opened his mouth and clumsily, but passionately, returned Tuoba’s teasing kiss, then blushed crimson upon hearing Tuoba’s amorous, yet seductive laugh.

When the kiss was over, Tuoba gently raised his head, keeping their lips barely touching. With a slightly husky voice, he sounded sexy as hell, “Your Admiralship tastes exceptional.”

Being uncontrollably flustered from the provocation, Moqi swallowed hard, while his heart pounded like a drum.

His resolve began to soften again.

“I’d like to taste some other places, if I may…?” Half closing his attractive eyes, Tuoba studied the admiral’s flustered and disoriented state from his provocations, the navy admiral who was renowned for having an iron will and steely resolve. Then, Tuoba’s nimble hand reached down like a slippery snake…

“Enough!” Almost losing his self-control from the onslaught of desire, Moqi suddenly recalled why he was afraid to become intimate with other people all these years. In an instant, all of his passions and romantic notions had cooled, as if the icy blue seawater poured into him from the ears, extinguishing everything in its path. Moqi boorishly pushed Tuoba, who laid almost completely on top of him, away as he gruffly declared, “This is as far as it can go.”

It seemed the admiral’s wavering resolve had firmed up again.

Tuoba dazed for a moment, his expression looking like he had just spotted a tightly guarded treasure. The harder it was to acquire, the more he wanted to have it.

With bright, flickering eyes, Tuoba took Moqi’s arm, then implored in a gentle, enticing voice, “It won’t hurt, I promise.”

Moqi’s expression instantly became unreadable again.

It sounded like a lie told to naïve, trusting youths.

Tuoba explained in a flippant tone, “You can be on top, admiral. I’ll be on the bottom.”

The miserable old virgin resisted this great temptation with difficulty and replied through clenched teeth, “No.”

Tuoba was stunned, revealing a rare look of astonishment, “You want to be on the bottom? Really?”

I never would’ve guessed!

“That’s not it!” Moqi angrily glowered at Moqi before continuing in a sombre voice, “I’m a sworn bachelor. I can’t take any responsibility for you.” At that, as if lifting a heavy burden off his chest, His Admiralship turned around with his back against Tuoba and urged in a stiff and cold voice, “Go to sleep.”

Then he began to quietly recite military regulations in his mind to calm himself.

Due to his traditional mindset, Moqi did not want to have intimate relations with anyone he neither had feelings for nor wanted to develop a relationship with. That was the main reason the admiral remained a virgin at age thirty.

And the reason he did not want to develop a relationship with anyone was naturally due to the sea monster inside of him. Moqi was extremely self-conscious of his grotesque appearance after transforming into the Kraken, and at the same time, terrified that he would hurt others in his madness…so the admiral had no choice but to become a sworn bachelor.


Tuoba paused for a moment, then, with his hands covering his belly, began to howl with laughter, “Hahahahaha!”

Sensing he was being mocked, Moqi remained silent.

Tuoba could not stop laughing. He retorted while pointing at his own nose, “Do I look like the kind of person that need you to take responsibility? We’re just a couple of consenting adults, looking to have some fun.”

Moqi, “…”

It really does look like he doesn’t need me to take responsibility for him.

So, the admiral’s resolve began to soften again.

The ravenous old virgin was about to change his mind when Tuoba suddenly withdrew his smile. He turned his back against Moqi with a haughty expression and coldly declared, “Nevermind, I don’t want it anymore. I’m going to sleep.”

He was in a particularly fickled mood.

Thus, the admiral became extremely conflicted.

Should I do it? How should I do it? He meant I could do it without taking responsibility, right? Then why did he tell me ‘nevermind, he’s going to sleep’?

Didn’t he say we were going to have some fun together?!

The admiral laid perfectly still on the ground like the stone statue of a passionless god of war, but on the inside, a tsunami was sweeping through his heart. A thick aura of discontentment formed into an almost tangible shape and fell heavily over Tuoba.

At that, Tuoba reached back with his toes and teasingly wrapped them around the admiral’s ankle. When he sensed the admiral stiffen into a steel plate, the devious burglar could no longer suppress his chuckles, “Puhaha.”

“You…!” Vaguely sensing Tuoba toying with him like a cat playing with a mouse, Moqi became extremely vexed. He finally decided to yield to his lustful desire, which burnt so fiercely that it felt painful. Moqi turned around and pressed the jeering Tuoba under his body. Squeezing Tuoba’s sharp, delicate chin between his fingers, Moqi kissed him with desperation. Tuoba adjusted his posture by circling his hands around the admiral’s neck, then with his amorous eyes and brow, he released seductive looks like a siren luring its prey to shore. Moqi became so roused that even his eyes became somewhat reddened. In his excitement, the Adam’s Apple that bobbed in his throat became even more seductive.

Between kisses, Moqi quickly removed all of his clothing, exposing a powerful, muscular frame. Under the moonlight, a number of criss-crossing scars could be seen all over his body. They were real testaments to his valour, decorations of honour that could not be stolen.

As he scanned his eyes across Moqi’s body, Tuoba’s eyes darkened with desire. Brushing his tongue over Moqi’s earlobe, he whispered, “Your Admiralship is even more adorable than I expected…”

The comment made Moqi’s blood boil. He punitively bit Tuoba’s alabaster neck before savagely kissing him again.

After making out for a while longer, Moqi looked like a huge German Shepherd that had tasted a meat bone for the first time after a lifetime of being on a vegetarian diet. The dog huffed and puffed noisily as it turned the bone over and over, licking and sniffing hungrily with saliva flowing out of its mouth. But the dog hesitated to eat the bone, as if not knowing how.

“My dear admiral,” Tuoba held Moqi’s head still as he griped, “you’ve already kissed everywhere on my body.”

Moqi, “…”

Tuoba held up three fingers, “Three times.”

Moqi, “…”

Tuoba laughed with wicked amusement, “Could it be that you don’t know what to do?”

Moqi defended the old virgin’s pride with silence.

As if stumbling onto a rare treasure, Tuoba pushed Moqi down with a scorching gaze. He buried his head between the admiral’s thighs and languidly insisted, “Then I shall teach you.”

A few minutes later, Tuoba wiped his mouth as he looked up, “You came faster than I expected. But it’s quite understandable, this being your first time.”

Flushing from ear to ear, Moqi demanded in a low voice, “Spit it out.”

“No.” Tuoba’s Adam’s Apple bobbed in his throat, as if he had just swallowed something. Then smacking his lips together, he praised, “An earthy, rich flavour with a smooth, full-bodied texture. A credit to His Admiralship’s thirty-year-old vintage.”

With each word from Tuoba, a strained nerve from Moqi’s mind would snap. By the time Tuoba had finished his sentence, Moqi pounced on him like a ravenous wolf.

Once it had tasted the deliciousness of meat scraps, the big German Shepherd bit down onto the meat bone with a growl and picked it clean.

It was quite miraculous that the meat bone was also very accommodating.


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