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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis


Tasting the forbidden fruit for the first time, the admiral greedily ravaged Tuoba again and again like a wild animal.

Jostled between dark sea currents, the deserted island seemed to be its own little world, and the small clearing between giant rocks, a prison. The admiral captured the notorious cat burglar and punished him harshly with a whip until the prisoner begged for his life in a mesmerising voice. Though, Tuoba’s tone sounded less like begging and more like mewing for more punishment…

Since Moqi had saved up so much stock over the past thirty years, it was not until a faint glow broke through the horizon that the admiral reluctantly released Tuoba.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. The old virgin losing his virginity is nothing to be scoffed at.” Tuoba’s legs were so sore that it was difficult for him to keep them closed, but his frivolous spirit had not diminished one bit. Tuoba caressed the admiral’s face and asked with a grin in his eyes, “Had your fill?”

Licking his lips, Moqi looked down at Tuoba’s abused region and nodded, “Mhm.”

Moqi was fully capable of going at it again, but Tuoba looked quite exhausted already.

“We should sleep.” Under the early light of dawn, Moqi could see the peach-blossom-coloured glow on Tuoba’s face after their night together. His exceptionally seductive face looked as if it was painted with tiny strokes from a paintbrush dipped in aphrodisiac, with every pore releasing a sweet, alluring scent. Now that Moqi was hooked, he had never felt as strongly as he did now that the person before him was a siren, bewitching him with his every breath.

Sensing his lust was rearing its head again, Moqi was afraid to keep his eyes on Tuoba, who gave him an amorous grin. Tugging Tuoba to lay down next to him, Moqi picked up the clothes he had tossed onto the ground earlier and pulled it over the both of them.

Using his clothes to cover one person was fine, but it was a bit tight for two. So the admiral placed most of it on Tuoba, making sure Tuoba was wrapped up snuggly, whilst his own back was mostly exposed in the air facing the ocean. The morning breeze that blew into this small clearing from the gaps in the rocks were mostly blocked by the admiral’s body.

Tuoba curved his lips into a smile and fell asleep in the warmth of the admiral’s arms.

Sensing that Tuoba’s breathing had steadied, Moqi sneakily hugged him closer. With a sense of curiosity, Moqi pressed his nose to Tuoba’s cheek and smelled his own scent that seemed to have mixed into Tuoba’s flesh, before leaving a light peck on his face. Tuoba kept his eyes closed, seemingly oblivious to the kiss, while Moqi’s face flushed crimson. Moqi covered half of his face with one hand, as if afraid that Tuoba would suddenly wake up and laugh at him.

The big German Shepherd carefully and thoughtfully placed the meat bone back into its bowl. Unable to tear itself away, it sniffed at the aroma from the bone, even hungrily gave it a lick, before laying down and burying its face between its paws out of joy.

It was obvious that the admiral’s intelligence had been expelled from his body at the same time as his semen, to the point where he had completely forgotten that he was here to demand the return of his medal of honour. He was completely mesmerised by the meat bone’s delectable flavour.

Tuoba woke with a fever. It was unclear whether it was due to not cleaning out the semen inside him from earlier. This was not because Tuoba did not like to keep clean, but rather the thought of using saltwater to clean himself sounded like torture.

“Hmm…my head hurts, my throat hurts, my whole body hurts.” Grumbled Tuoba with a blocked nose as he pressed himself snugly against Moqi’s body. He pouted, “And my butt hurts too. Where are your troops?”

Moqi placed his hand on Tuoba’s forehead and felt it burning up.

Then the admiral’s heart sank.

They had nothing on the deserted island. Not only was there nothing to lower Tuoba’s fever with, they did not even have access to clean water or a blanket to cover themselves in. If Tuoba’s fever did not break soon, the consequences could be unthinkable.

Though Tuoba did not seem to be worried at all. He quipped, “Sigh, if your troops don’t get here soon, they may just arrive in time to find my corpse.” His ruby eyes calmly reflected the blue ocean and azure sky before him, as if dying was no big deal. With his gorgeous eyes curved into a smile, he continued, “At least the scenery isn’t all bad.”

Moqi’s face remained impassive, hiding his thoughts.

Crossing his arms behind him, Tuoba rested his head on his arms as he laid on the ground, his cheeks red with fever, “I never would’ve imagined that after a lifetime of stealing, I’d end up doing a good deed right before I die.”

The tips of Moqi’s eyebrows shot up, he was slow to react to Tuoba’s meaning, “What good deed?”

Tuoba reached out to caress Moqi’s face, “Helping you lose your virginity should definitely be considered charity.”

Vexed and worried at the same time, Moqi deliberated with himself for a while longer, then mustered the courage to reveal his secret, “I have a way to get off this island.”

Tuoba arched his brow inquisitively, “How?”

At that, some of the admiral’s intelligence had returned to him, which reminded him of his original intentions, so he took this opportunity to bargain with the burglar, “You have to promise me something before I tell you.”

Tuoba immediately retreated over a metre away from Moqi. Pulling the admiral’s coat over the hickeys left on his chest and collarbone, Tuoba declared with vigilance, “Don’t you dare try to take responsibility for me.”

The corner of the admiral’s mouth twitched, since this was something that he was indeed contemplating, he deflected, “It’s something else…”

Tuoba let out a sigh of relief and grinned, “What is it?”

Moqi took a few deep breaths to suppress his impulses of pressing Tuoba under him and teaching him a hard lesson, but instead, he insisted with a sombre voice, “Return everything you stole to their rightful owners, including my medal and Young Master Murong’s diamond, and everything else you can track down.”

“No problem.” Tuoba immediately agreed. His answer was so swift that Moqi almost could not believe his ears.

After a brief pause, Tuoba explained, “There aren’t many more things worth stealing. If I return everything I stole, I can steal them back all over again, hahahaha!”

Moqi was lost for words.

“Okay, I promise you.” Tuoba shuffled back to Moqi’s side and curiously asked, “How do you plan to take me home?”

Moqi sighed before slowly continuing, “Actually, the reason I can create tsunamis and control sea creatures is because I have the blood of the Kraken inside me.”

“The Kraken?” Tuoba arched his brow with a gleam in his eyes.

Moqi nodded. He had no choice but to confess to his secret identity, “I can transform into the Kraken and carry you to a populated area. I didn’t tell you earlier because it’s my most intimate secret. Plus…I look hideous after my transformation. If you feel disgusted by my appearance, then you can close your eyes…”

At that, Moqi transformed in front of Tuoba with the expression of marching to his death on the battlefield. Since there was no full moon tonight, and Moqi transformed out of his own free will, he had full control over his faculties.

The terrifying monster looked like a small hill that rose from the ground. Over a dozen thick slippery tentacles brazenly spread from his body. Two gigantic round eyes glowed with a green incandescent hue above his frightening, monstrous mouth.

The admiral nervously puckered up his mouth, attempting to make his gargantuan mouth look smaller than it was.

Once his transformation was complete, Moqi braced himself mentally. His gigantic green eyes, which were larger than Tuoba’s head, carefully glanced towards the burglar, fully expecting his attractive face to reveal signs of disgust or even horror…

However, the moment he laid eyes on Tuoba, the admiral realised he had been mistaken.

Tuoba’s eyes glowed with excitement. He was so moved by the sight before him that his cheeks were coloured with a rosy hue. With his lean hands pressed together in front of him and his chest seemingly heaving, Tuoba’s entire mannerism, from his countenance to his demeanour, looked very much like a high school girl who had just encountered a super famous teen idol…

Moqi, “…”

Hold on, his expression… is somewhat unexpected!


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March 17, 2021 12:18 am

After this cute idiotic couple, I’m hoping also for that “crown” prince to have his happy ending 🙏😘

March 17, 2021 2:24 am

mygod I can’t relete with this two because I am only one sigle soul hahaha but their gesture and sweetness to each other is so lovable to imagine ♥️😍

March 17, 2021 3:44 am

I think that a certain burglar is a fan of tentacle p*rn! 😅🤭

Honestly, I have many expectations from the Admiral’s monster form, but I don’t know whether I’m overthinking things because of my fujoushi mindset. 🤔😓🤦‍♀️

March 17, 2021 8:09 am

Just another interesting thing for him to steal. ☺️
The male extras are really awesome afterall. 😍

May 7, 2021 7:41 am

oh, so THIS was the tentacle prn couple..

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