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Chapter 4: Mathematics Genius and Mental Troll

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Before Su Nuo entered the entertainment industry, his name was Han Yi, and his brother was called Han Wei.

Around a decade ago, their parents died in a car crash. Their so-called uncles and seniors started discussing about the share of fortune and turfs only a few days after their funeral. Han Wei, who was just twenty something years old at the time, had to bear all the responsibilities and humiliations. Receiving only a small potion of money, he had to bring his little brother and hide with one of their uncles in the south. At the time, Su Nuo was still very young, so he didn’t remember much details. The only thing he remembered was that not long after they were at their uncle’s place, his brother went back to their home, and they were separated for two whole years.

When Su Nuo was officially welcomed back to their own home, Han Wei’s status in the business had already surpassed their father’s back in the day.

As such, Su Nuo continued with his care-free life, graduating university without any obstacles. Under his big brother’s continued spoiling, he directly entered the entertainment sector. As for the things at their home, for one thing, he was never really interested, for another thing, Han Wei seldom let him get involved in any of them, so he knew very little.

Beside Han Wei’s office was a huge control center. Inside were loads of monitors of different sizes, they could almost see every corner of the casino beneath them.

“Who did you say had a problem before?” Su Nuo asked.

Han Wei pointed to a screen, “These people have been playing for almost two months, everyday they win a whole lot more than they lose, they are definitely up to something.”

Su Nuo stood in front of the screen, he realized that they were playing blackjack, also known as 21. The only props needed was a deck of cards. To win, players only had to make the cards in their hands add up to 21. Because of it’s simple rules, among all types of gambling, this was one of the hardest ones to cheat at. About half a year ago, someone tried using a high-tech detector disguised as a plain phone to cheat, the phone was placed on the gambling table to peak at their opponents’ cards.

After Han Wei uncovered that, he made a new rule, except for the deck of cards provided by the casino, no other objects could be placed on the gambling table. Even the players’ rings and wrist watches had to be removed. The chances of someone cheating under such circumstances was extremely unlikely.

“Maybe you are wrong?” Su Nuo stared at the screen for a while but still found nothing out of the ordinary, “I mean if they are good at math and smart, to continuously win is not such an impossible thing.”

“Not everyone has inhuman calculating abilities like you.” Han Wei said firmly, “I’ve checked up on these two. They are just labor contractors with an education level below junior secondary school. If they had to compare their math skills, they definitely can’t win against the others.”

“How about I try gambling with them?” Su Nuo tried asking. He was a born blackjack player, let’s not even start with normal gamblers, there was a time when a mathematician came after hearing about Su Nuo, but he still wasn’t able to win against him.

“No, you can’t.” Han Wei said. Han Wei said, “You are becoming more and more famous, the less you go out into the gambling center, the better.”

“Okay.” The reply he got was what he had expected, so he just gave up on the idea.

“This person here is the one I’ve found to help with the situation.” Han Wei pointed to another person on the screen.

“So young!” Su Nuo was surprised, the man captured onto the screen was no more than twenty years old.

“He was introduced by someone I was close to, his name is Tang XiaoYu. Prior to today, he had already been observing them for a week. Yesterday he called me, saying that he had discovered something, and he was going to catch them red-handed today.” Han Wei said.

“I seriously don’t see how they could have cheated.” Su Nuo was completely lost. Two hands and a deck of cards, how could anyone cheat?

“You don’t need to understand that.” Han Wei laughed, “To be honest, I still regret teaching you gambling because I was bored, even to this day.”

“What does that have to do with anything? I’m just going to gamble with you anyways.” Su Nuo didn’t put what he said on his mind. He thought of how famous he was instead. Out there he was regarded as an enchanting highland flower.

After the siblings chatted for a while, they received a phone call, telling them that they had received Tang XiaoYu’s signal, and that they can act now.

“Have fun on your own, I will come back in half an hour or so.” Han Wei lightly patted his head and left the room.

Su Nuo stared at the two person on the screen, feeling a little sympathy for them. Seeing the guards near the room had already started surrounding them, seemingly ready for a fight, Su Nuo decided to leave the control center, figuring that not seeing means that he was innocent.

Seated in front of Han Wei’s office desk, model Su was playing with the computer in boredom. After he turned on the computer, he went to Qiu ZiYan’s homepage naturally, surprisingly seeing him sending out pictures of muscular men again.

How shameless! Su Nuo was extremely jealous and angry, he stared at those sweat covered muscles and swallowed a gulp of saliva. After that, he perversely commented with a proxy account, “Hahahaha! That’s obviously photoshopped, this blogger’s stomach must be full of fat, he must be stupid!” After posting the comment, he immediately went offline, in case model Qiu’s fans started bombarding him.

As a muscular and manly person, of course Qiu ZiYan wouldn’t stoop so low as to bicker with fans, so all he could do was look at the ID called [I’m your bald and evil nemesis] blankly. Over the years of his career, as much people as the number of hairs on a cow supported him. Of course there were also scores of people who hated him. So naturally, he wasn’t fazed by the mean comments. But your average troll would just come and leave some bad comments once in a while, no one was like this [Bald and Evil Nemesis] who kept on spreading hate all the way.

When he posted a new status saying that he was going on the runway soon, he immediately saw, “Hahaha, I wish you trip down and eat dog shit!”

When he posted a photo, emphasizing the muscles on his chest, the troll was the first one to say, “Shorty! Your breasts are so big, what brand of silicone rubber do you use? You know you shouldn’t do those enlargement procedures, feeding human milk is good, you know.”

When he posted a nude shot from his back, that person came running again and said, “I beg you, blogger, post a pic of you showing off your tender chrysanthemum blooming?”

In short this person had an extremely foul mouth, but was also extremely fast in replying! Though every time his fans would fight with that person, he still didn’t quit just like a mental disease patient.

Looking at the baldy’s cartoon profile picture, Qiu ZiYan found it amusing.

After Su Nuo finished spreading hate on Qiu ZiYan, he suddenly felt very refreshed. He happily logged onto his own account and posted a picture of himself he took before—wearing a bathrobe with a lollipop in his mouth.

As expected, once the photo was posted, his fans all commented that they couldn’t handle it, saying that their noses were bleeding non-stop. Some of the girls commented that, of course Nuo Nuo became even more bewitching after just one day, such a fine waist, such slim legs. At the other end, some users said, Nuo Nuo, your face is just so pretty. At the other, other end, they said that eating a lollipop is so indicative, is that really daijoubu?

However, most of the girls commented that they had enough with the shower robe covering everything! Please, please post a naked one with no smog!

Su laughed hard inside, feelings of proudness overflowed his heart!

Even if I didn’t have chest muscles or any muscles at all, I have more fans than you! Plus I could even snatch your gigs! Hahahaha!

So after that, he was bored again, so he opened Baidu to look up on RenRui’s Ouyang Long, wanting to see what that person looked like. When he finally found it, he immediately froze.

Why was this dog-faced human wearing a suit on the stage so familiar? He looked similar to that worker from the suburbs, who he met at that little shop the day before yesterday. No, no, no! Not just alike, that was exactly who Ouyang Long was! No wonder he felt like he knew him the moment he entered! He thought it was because they had a good affinity or something, he never thought the truth was so horrifying! He was dead for sure! Model Su was disorientated, pretending to be cool and failing miserably was the lamest thing ever!

My dear AiFei, your emperor is so sorry. Su Nuo cried, as he apologized to his manager in his heart, he had once again lost to that muscle idiot!

After half an hour, Han Wei opened the door and entered his office. The first thing he saw was his little brother squatting on the windowsill. Shocked, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“So embarrassing!” Su Nuo sobbed, “I’m not living anymore!”

Han Wei laughed, walking forward, he lifted Su Nuo off the windowsill, “Don’t be unreasonable.”

“I’m not… You are hurt?!” Su Nuo planned on playing innocent a little while longer but was interrupted by the bloodstains on him.

“It’s fine, these aren’t mine.” Han Wei opened the wardrobe and took out a new shirt, “Let’s go for food.”

“So what’s up with that cheater just now?” Su Nuo was still very curious.

“It was quite a technique, they even needed a lot of patience.” Han Wei threw the old shirt to the rubbish bin, “Those two found a kind of colorless nail polish, you seriously won’t notice even if painted it on, they don’t dry up easily either. Everytime they got a card, they would use the polish to mark on the side of the card, they wait until they got a touch on all of the cards. Along with a pair of specially made glasses, only he could see the things marked on the nail polish, so everyone’s cards were transparent to him.”

Su Nuo understood but suddenly started worrying, “You didn’t do anything too bad to them, right?”

“Don’t worry, your brother has already mellowed down a lot already.” Han Wei patted Su Nuo’s head, “But this time, I really need to thank that Tang XiaoYu, I didn’t really think he could accomplish the task.”

Su Nuo nodded, “It must have been really hard having looks like that, but still be a master at gambling.”

Though he only saw him through the camera, Su Nuo could see that his face was quite handsome. In his eyes were calmness that didn’t quite suit his age, it was quite a memorable face.

Looks like that are great for a celebrity, but for a gambler, that’s dangerous. In normal cases, unless your family background was deep and strong, to work in a place like this, it was best to have average looks. A face that won’t be recognized in a crowd, that was the best. After all, the less people who remember your face, the less will come after you.

“I planned on going out for food, but your sister-in-law called that she made dinner already. Let’s go home.” Han Wei said as he pressed the lift button.

“Great!” Su Nuo nodded, “Recently, I’ve been eating out every day, I’m totally fed up with it.”

“Do you want Yu sis to cook for you then?” Han Wei truly loves his precious baby brother.

“No, it’s fine. Dai An has been taking care of me really well.” Su Nuo rejected the idea. Though sister-in-law Yu’s cooking is super tasty, she was already a woman with age, it would be better for her to get more rest at home!

I’m such a considerate, good kid!! Su strongly complemented himself in his heart! Of course I’m a noble person! I definitely defeat that muscle dude!

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April 29, 2019 10:59 am

Well, looks like I found an MC just as adorabable as LMW’s MoMo.
And, his troll persona?
Mr. Fashionable Baldy, keep targeting that muscle-man’s chrysanthemum!!!
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April 29, 2019 2:05 pm

Nuo Nuo is a mathematics genius? Wow… People really have positive & negative sides.

And why do I have a feeling if QZY know that his troll is SN, he won’t get mad and possibly their relationship become closer.

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President you better get ready
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Welp NuoNuo has started to fill the gaping hole MoMo left… I’m looking forward to the rest!

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You will definitely beat that muscle dude, Nuonuo! But, I kinda want you two to be friends too:)

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September 18, 2020 11:19 am

😭 This is so sad it’s funny. Nuo Nuo is thirsty + badmind. Why do I have a feeling he’s gonna expose himself one day by posting on the wrong account. The second-hand embarrassment is real.

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MC being a troll is too adorbs…. love the siblings’ relationship

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Short attention span Su Nuo. Did you just forget why you wanted to jump out the window? Cause the company boss caught you eating like a glutton and acting like a moron? Too funny!

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January 24, 2022 1:20 am

I’m feeling second male lead vibes or bff vibes from QZY…

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