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Chapter 39

Translated by “Stop resurrecting Ra” of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“What? Are you afraid of people finding out?” Seeing Xia Yao’s pale face, Zhang Yang gave a cold smile. He aggressively said, “Let me guess, Wang Hao also knows you like men? Or should I say, you are now together with Zhou Du, right?”

Xia Yao took a step back; he opened his mouth, but could not utter a word.

Zhang Yang smirked, his eyes without a smile, “Or maybe you want both of them?”

“I don’t,” Xia Yao’s lip trembled. He turned around, wanting to escape from Zhang Yang, but his wrist was firmly captured.

“You better stay away from Wang Hao.” His eyes were as cold as ice, “or else I can guarantee that everyone in school will know you like men.”

Both of them were standing in the dark; Wang Hao was standing close by, chattering with Zhou Du. Xia Yao calmed his mind; he shook off Zhang Yang’s hand, took a step back and said, “If everyone in school knows I like men, then I will make sure Wang Hao knows you like him.” After dropping those words, he turned around without looking back and ran toward where the light was.

In the dark, Zhang Yang watched Xia Yao with coldness flickering in his eyes.

The night sky in the outskirts was purer and simpler in comparison to the city. With fewer neon bright lights polluting the sky, they were finally able to see stars sparkling through the darkness of the sky.

It was 10pm at the moment; the late autumn night was especially cold. The four of them were chatting around the heat lamp.

“So cold.” Wang Hao shrunk his neck. The cold wind went under his clothes through the collar, he only wore a thin coat tonight.

Zhang Yang saw him shivering; he couldn’t help but take off his coat and give it to him. Wang Hao saw he was about to take off his coat, he quickly said, “Are you stupid? You’re going to freeze to death without a coat.”

Hearing him say that, Zhang Yang silently wore his coat again. Before he pulled his zipper up, Wang Hao suddenly fell into his arms and hugged his waist, “Come here, let me borrow your chest to warm myself up.”

Zhang Yang immediately went as stiff as a rock, he didn’t even dare make a single move. Xia Yao covered his face; he couldn’t bear to watch them directly.

Wang Hao couldn’t stop his hand from touching Zhang Yang’s waistline. He clicked his tongue and praised, “Such a tight waist, do you have abs?”

Zhang Yang held back his anger, and didn’t dare say a word. Wang Hao gave him a wicked smile, “Come here, let me see if you have a six-pack or eight-pack.”

His two claws were itching to do a bad deed. Zhang Yang couldn’t bear it anymore; he pushed Wang Hao away and then stood up, “I’m going for a smoke.”

Wang Hao came closer to the heating lamp; he tore open a snack packet and asked Xia Yao, “Want some?”

Xia Yao shook his head. Zhou Du looked at the time displayed on his phone, then he looked up to the sky. “Didn’t you say the meteor shower starts at 11pm?”

Wang Hao couldn’t care any less, “What time is it? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“It’s already 11pm.”

Shocked, Wang Hao quickly looked up at the sky. There was only an endless pit of darkness, with only a few stars sparkling.

“Maybe… later?” he asked with uncertainty.

“Let’s wait a bit longer,” Xia Yao helped him.

Zhou Du turned his head around to look at Xia Yao. He moved closer, “Are you cold?”

Xia Yao replied, “I’m fine.”

Seeing Zhang Yang wasn’t there, Zhou Du hugged Xia Yao from behind, and he even looked at Wang Hao with satisfaction.

Wang Hao couldn’t stop himself from mumbling, “Those dog couples.” Then, he turned his head away.

The four of them waited until it was nearly dawn, but there were no signs of the meteor shower.

“Mother-fucker, I can’t wait anymore!” Zhou Du stood up from the ground with force, “So tired! I’m going to sleep.” He signaled Xia Yao with his eyes.

Wang Hao, still staring at sky like an idiot, muttered, “It can’t be, the news said that there was going to be a meteor shower. No way, something must have blocked it from falling, I will keep waiting.”

Zhang Yang swept his eyes across Zhou Du and Xia Yao, then coldly said, “If you two are sleepy, go to sleep first. I’ll wait with him.”

Zhou Du only waited for him to say it, so he lightly nudged Xia Yao with his leg and said, “Hey, aren’t you going to sleep?”

Xia Yao slowly stood up from the ground, and then went with Zhou Du to their tent.

The light was on inside Zhou Du’s tent; he bent down to pulled open the zipper to the entrance, he then said to Xia Yao, “Hurry, come inside, it’s dead cold outside.”

Not until they had left the heat lamp did they realize the late summer night was this cold. Xia Yao couldn’t stand the cold; hearing Zhou Du say that, he quickly went inside. After Zhou Du had stepped in, the space became significantly smaller. Xia Yao wanted to give him some space, but his arm was being held back by Zhou Du.

“This is a tent for two, it’s enough for the two of us.”

After taking off his coat and getting into his sleeping bag, Zhou Du’s tiny heart was thumping faster than that of a rabbit. Xia Yao was the same; he didn’t know where to look, so he had no choice but to lower his eyelids, and he didn’t speak a word.

Zhou Du mustered up courage, he raised his hand and touched Xia Yao’s cheek, then said in a hoarse voice, “Xia Yao, you are so beautiful.”

Xia Yao’s face immediately turned red.

Zhou Du moved closer to him. His ears were bright red. He approached Xia Yao and said, “You haven’t said happy birthday to me.”

Xia Yao finally remembered he hadn’t said it to Zhou Du. “But your birthday is already over,” he whispered.

Zhou Du moved closer again, his eyes gleamed as he looked at Xia Yao, “I, I want to do that with you again.” His face was hot like a sticky rice cake even before he finished saying it.

Xia Yao stuttered, “Wh-what?”

“Yes,” Zhou Du got out of his sleeping bag and squeezed into Xia Yao’s. “The adult stuff.”

Xia Yao suddenly understood what he was talking about. Last time, at the park when he took Zhou Du to the small grove, he had said they could do some stuff only adults could do.

With their last experience, Zhou Du familliarly followed Xia Yao’s waistline down.

Xia Yao’s breathing became heavier. “Wang Hao and Zhang Yang are still outside,” he whispered.

“We can stay quiet,” Zhou Du blew into Xia Yao’s ear.

Xia Yao’s waist went soft all of sudden.The light inside the tent was still on; even though it was a warm orange light, Xia Yao was still embarrassed, “You should turn the light off.”

Zhou Du pretended he didn’t hear anything, he buried his head into Xia Yao’s neck and kissed there.

“Zhou Du.” Xia Yao gasped, “Turn off the light.”

“I won’t.” Zhou Du raised his head to look into Xia Yao’s eyes, “Why should I turn it off?”

Xia Yao got embarrassed being look at. He lowered his eyes, put his hand in front of Zhou Du’s chest and said, “I, I’m not used to it.”

In the previous life, everytime he did it with Zhou Du, the room was pitch dark. He had never turned on the light because he was afraid Zhou Du would put on a forced or disgusted expression.

Ra: I just wanna say, they really should turn off the light…Their silhouettes can be seen through the tent…

Zhou Du used his other hand and hugged Xia Yao, then gave him a peck on his forehead, “I want to see you.” He slowly stroked Xia Yao’s face, his eyes, his nose, and then stopped on his lips. “I want to see you,” he repeated as he lowered his head to kiss Xia Yao.

It didn’t take long for Wang Hao to gradually become sleepier; he raised his head and looked at Zhou Du’s tent. Suddenly, a gust of cold wind passed by; he shivered and talked to Zhang Yang, “We should go to sleep as well, I guess I was tricked by that news.”

Zhang Yang nodded and stood up.

Wang Hao grabbed Zhang Yang’s arm to stand up. He patted the grass off his butt, then smiled brightly at Zhang Yang, “Good night.”

Zhang Yang didn’t say anything and just looked at him. When Wang Hao was about to go to his tent, he suddenly spoke, “Wang Hao, when you sleep, remember to never look outside of the tent.”

After he said that, he just went back to his tent. Wang Hao felt nothing at first, but after he went into his tent, when he saw the trees silhouettes falling on his tent, swaying back and forth slightly, he couldn’t help but snuggle inside the sleeping bag.

The more he recalled Zhang Yang’s sentence earlier, the more afraid he was. He kept worrying about something outside the tent.

It was late at night, only the wind would sometimes breeze by. In the end, Wang Hao couldn’t stand it anymore. He opened the door of the tent and ran toward Zhou Du’s tent with his pillow in his hand.

Zhou Du was burying his head in Xia Yao’s neck as he gasped heavily. Xia Yao was moving his hands up and down, rubbing. Zhou Du held Xia Yao’s waist tighter and tighter.

“Zhou Du——” Wang Hao, who stood outside of the tent, suddenly whispered. It scared Zhou Du enough to make him flaccid.

Fortunately, the lamp in the tent was off at this time. Xia Yao immediately stopped his movements and his breathed in nervously.

“Zhou Du, I’m scared, can I sleep with you?” Wang Hao hugged his pillow, pitifully saying that to Zhou Du who was inside the tent.

“Go away!” Zhou Du angrily roared from inside the tent.

Wang Hao knew Zhou Du had a bad temper, so he pitifully hugged his pillow and looked at Zhang Yang’s tent with expectation. Zhang Yang didn’t seem like he had gone to sleep yet, he could see through the tent that he was sitting inside.

Wang Hao hugged his pillow and stood outside of Zhang Yang’s tent; he continued pretending to be pitiful and said, “Zhang Yang, I’m scared, can I sleep with you?”

The man inside paused for a bit, he then opened the tent’s door and said to Wang Hao, who was standing outside pitifully, “This is a single tent.”

Wang Hao rushed in as quick as he could, he stuck to Zhang Yang and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine, we can get warmer this way.” He put down his pillow next to Zhang Yang, patted the sleeping bag and said, “Come on, let’s go to sleep.” Then, he quickly snuggled in.

Zhang Yang stared at Wang Hao’s back with hidden intentions for a while before following him and squeezing in. Wang Hao’s behind was facing Zhang Yang, but when he found out his face was about to kiss the side of the tent, he quickly turned his body so he was face to face with Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was staring at the back of Wang Hao’s head in silence originally, but when the person suddenly turned around, the face that make his heart jump was right in front of him.

Zhang Yang’s heart nearly stopped beating; he stared at Wang Hao’s sleeping face for a while before slowly closing his eyes.

As long as he could keep this man by his side, even if it meant staying as ordinary friends, it was still the biggest honor of his life.

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January 7, 2019 2:26 pm

Thank you for the back to back updates!!! I’ve missed them all so much!!

January 7, 2019 2:28 pm

Yup, ZD is stupid when he’s with XY. The silhouette, man…

And poor ZY, he prefers to be in a friend zone rather than confessing.

January 7, 2019 2:34 pm

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October 26, 2019 3:06 am

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I have a gut feeling that in Wang Hao and Zhang Yang past life is that of a Servant or a bodyguard Zhang Yang is in love with the beloved Prince Wang Hao but couldn’t confess because of the their status so he suppressed his love for him and only follow him even until death he still followed his beloved prince in reincarnation thus the cycle continued till guard confess his love for his beloved prince 😁

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