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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Michala


While Fei Cheng was eating noodles, he was also calling Nan HuaiLin, “Where have you gone?”

Nan HuaiLin said on the other side, “My classmate just called me and asked me to go out, so I made you a bowl of instant noodles before I left. You can eat a couple of bites of that and I’ll bring you a snack when I get back.”

Fei Cheng knew he was lying, but didn’t poke holes in his story. He just smiled and said, “Okay, well, you have fun. There’s no need to bring a snack back, this bowl of noodles will fill me up.”

After hanging up the phone, Fei Cheng shook his head and laughed. His future wife was too cute!

Fei Cheng sat down to eat the noodles, and unexpectedly found the taste was not bad.

After finishing the noodles and drinking water to rinse his mouth, he heard the doorbell ring and he rushed to open the door.

“Brother,” Fei Cheng said with a smile. “Welcome.”

Fei Zheng came in, and Fei Cheng took a pair of slippers from the shoe rack for him to change into.

“Are you alone?” Fei Zheng asked.

Fei Cheng smiled and replied, “Nan HuaiLin was scared off when he heard you were coming.”

The scared off Nan HuaiLin had nowhere to go, so he strolled along Chang’an Street as an after-dinner exercise. He walked all the way to Tiananmen Square, then turned back the way he came, and sat by the fountain at the Dongfang Xintiandi to continue his afternoon’s progress with the Star Country novel.

At nine o’clock at night, the fountain turned on. With the gorgeous lights as well, it really was beautiful.

Nan HuaiLin raised his cell phone to record a small video, and then “Mr. Rabbit” called.

“Come back,” Fei Cheng said with a little smile in his voice. “My brother is gone.”

Nan HuaiLin knew that Fei Cheng must have caught his lie, so he just gave a cheeky “ooh” and asked, “Do you really not want me to bring some food back?”

“No,” Fei Cheng said. Then he paused and added, “Bring back two cans of beer, I suddenly want to drink.”

Nan HuaiLin went to the nearby China Resources Vanguard 1 and bought a dozen cans of beer and some snacks to drink, and carried them back home.

Fei Cheng greeted him at the door with his hands in his arms, and when their eyes collided, Nan HuaiLin looked down to change his shoes and whispered, “Sorry, I lied.”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “So scared to see my brother?”

Nan HuaiLin was very weak. “He is the president of Ming Xi! It’s normal for me, a small employee, to be a little afraid of him.”

Fei Cheng nodded. “In fact, my brother just looks cold, but he’s not bad. You’ll know when you get along with him.”

Get along with?

I don’t think so.

“Drink with me?” Fei Cheng asked.

Nan HuaiLin nodded, “Sure, I’ll just have a can.”

The two of them went out onto the balcony.

There were two hanging wicker chairs on the balcony, which were very comfortable to sit in and they swayed like a swing.

Nan HuaiLin drank a small sip of beer, looked up at the sky, but could not see the stars. The city’s dazzling neon lights covered up the starlight, but he knew that the stars were still there.

Suddenly, he was a little homesick for his parents.

His old home was in the ancient city of Suzhou. The house was old, dilapidated, and small, with black tiles and white walls. He had lived in the small attic on the second floor for as long as he could remember. It had a small skylight on the roof, where he could see the stars from his bed.

He hadn’t seen such a bright starry sky in a long time.

“What are you thinking about?” Fei Cheng asked.

“Nothing,” Nan HuaiLin said. “And you?”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “I’m just thinking.”

Nan HuaiLin looked down and smiled, “That’s good.”

Fei Cheng asked, “What’s good?”

Nan HuaiLin said, “Everything is good.”

The air was good, the breeze was good, the night was good, the people around were good, everything was good.

Nan HuaiLin finished his beer, got out of the chair, and said, “I’m going to bed.”

“I’ll sit here a little longer,” Fei Cheng said with a smile. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Nan HuaiLin smiled back.

After washing up, Nan HuaiLin changed into shorts and a T-shirt. He turned off the overhead light, leaving only the bedside lamp on, and sat on the bed to continue reading the novel. He had to finish the original book first, before reading the script, as that would help him figure out the role better.

Nan HuaiLin put down his phone, and went to the bathroom to pee. Then he washed his face and went to the dining room to drink two sips of water, before heading back to bed.

The alarm clock woke Nan HuaiLin up at 8:00 a.m.

He was so sleepy that he didn’t want to get up, but he had to make breakfast for Fei Cheng, so he couldn’t stay in bed.

After lying down and relaxing for a while, he got up, put on his slippers, and walked out in a daze. When he pushed open the bathroom door, he heard the sound of water, and when he looked, Fei Cheng was standing there peeing!

Nan HuaiLin instantly woke up and hurriedly closed the door. He hovered twice at the door before he heard the sound of water stop inside. He was about to knock on the door when it was pulled open from the inside.

“Good morning,” Fei Cheng said cheerfully.

“Good morning.” Nan HuaiLin, on the other hand, smiled a bit awkwardly.

The two stood side by side in front of the sink, brushing their teeth.

Nan HuaiLin lowered his eyes to avoid eye contact with Fei Cheng.

Fei Cheng stared at Nan HuaiLin in the mirror with unrestrained attention. After a long time, he suddenly turned around and sat on the sink. He faced Nan HuaiLin and said, with his mouth full of toothpaste foam. “I think you’ve changed.”

Nan HuaiLin looked up at him. “Huh?”

Fei Cheng said seriously, “You’ve become better looking.”

Nan HuaiLin smiled, “Have I?”

Fei Cheng nodded, “Yes.”

Nan HuaiLin looked at himself in the mirror. He turned his face to the left and then to the right, but he didn’t feel like it looked any better. It was still an ordinary face.

If anything had changed, it seemed that his skin was much better than before. He was from the south, so his skin was already fair, but now it was not only white, but also very shiny. He raised his hand to touch and it was smooth like jelly.

Fei Cheng couldn’t help but reach out and pinch his cheek, smiling and commenting, “It feels good.”

Nan HuaiLin, who was caught unprepared, looked at him with wide, deer eyes, “…”

Fei Cheng brought his face over, “Here, I’ll pinch it back for you.”

Nan HuaiLin did not dare, and, as if nothing had happened, bent down to spit the toothpaste foam into the sink. Suddenly he felt a wave of nausea from the stomach up. He hurriedly turned around and within two steps rushed to the toilet, before kneeling on the ground dry vomiting.

Fei Cheng rushed over to pat his back.

The nausea came and went quickly. Nan HuaiLin did not actually vomit anything, but he was stimulated enough to produce hot tears. They were contained in his eyes and did not flow out, but only moistened his eyelashes, causing him to have a pitiful look.

Fei Cheng looked at his eyes and almost became hard, as he remembered the dream of Nan HuaiLin letting him fuck him until he cried.

“What’s wrong with you?” Fei Cheng asked, in a slightly hoarse voice.

“I don’t know, I just suddenly got a little nauseous,” Nan HuaiLin stood up. “But I’m fine now.”

Fei Cheng smiled and said, “Usually when they do that in TV dramas, you’re pregnant.”

“Fuck you,” Nan HuaiLin laughed. “I probably over-squeezed my toothpaste and it caught in my throat.”

After washing up, Nan HuaiLin went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Fei Cheng followed him in. He poured a glass of warm water, added some salt, stirred it well, and handed it to Nan HuaiLin who was frying an egg. “Drink a glass of light salt water to make your throat feel better.”

Nan HuaiLin said “thank you.” He took it, finished it in one gulp and felt much better.

After breakfast, Fei Cheng went to work. Nan HuaiLin finished his chores as quickly as possible, made himself a cup of coffee, and continued to read the novel on the living room couch.

When Fei Cheng returned from work, Nan HuaiLin had finally finished the 400,000-word novel.

Star Country was indeed a wonderful immortal novel and very suitable for a TV series. Not to mention the ups and downs of the story, but the characters were also very well portrayed. The most colorful character was the one he was about to play, the second male character, Lu JinQin. If he had to use a few words to sum up this character, it would be bro-con, sickly, hateful and pathetic.

Lu JinQin was the younger brother of the first male character, Lu Guanlan. The two had a tragic life. Both of their parents died in their childhood, so the two brothers were dependent on each other. The older brother was all that Lu JinQin had. By chance, the two were involved in a fight between good and evil, and were separated as a result. Lu JinQin was mistakenly abandoned by his brother in order to live, so his love for him turned into hatred. He gradually grew into a ruthless, sickly teenager who stood in opposition to his brother Lu Guanlan, thereby becoming the biggest villain in Star Country.

In short, this was a very complex, charming, and very difficult to play, tragic role. If he were to act well, he would shine, but if not, he would be scolded.

After reading the whole book, Nan HuaiLin had only one thought in his mind, This is the role that will make him shine! He must play this role to the best of his ability, only success is allowed!


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Translator Notes:

  1. China Resources Vanguard, doing business as China Resources Vanguard Shop or Vanguard, operates the supermarket chains of China Resources. It is the third-largest supermarket chain in Hong Kong.


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October 18, 2021 11:27 am

Oh! The role sounds interesting! No wonder the audition acting out a “breakup” got him the role! I’m now re-imagining that phonecall scene like he’s a villain, and it hits different! 😍😈

I’m a bit of a simp for pitiful villains, like Doctor Horrible, or Loki. 😅

October 18, 2021 12:31 pm

Sounds a great role, but one audiences love to hate, yet often sympathise with too. He’s sure to shine.
Oh dear, is this morning sickness? I cannot imagine how a pregnancy is going to be handled.
I just want to eat this story up and wish I’d held off, for a binge read.
No cheesy pickup lines today? 😢 Fei Cheng can’t have run out 😉
Thank you for translating and editing.

October 18, 2021 12:41 pm

Oooh the morning sickness is starting to show up. I hope Nan HuaiLin finishes shooting his movie before anything drastic happens 🥺😭

October 18, 2021 10:32 pm

Hahaha, he went out because he got scared of the brother-in-law. 😂 I wonder when this misunderstanding will end…

This role sounds interesting, so Good Luck, NHL!

A morning sickness? The eggs are in making! I hope they will come after he finishes the TV drama. Looking forward to Fei Cheng’s surprised face!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 19, 2021 11:05 am

Oooo…that was fast..pregancy symptom😆😆😆😆

December 13, 2021 9:43 pm

Nausea = morning sickness = pregnancy symptom! Although he’s lucky he doesn’t get sick from the oil fumes from cooking.

What a great role for him! Go NHL go! Shine like a star!

January 1, 2022 8:37 am

Everytime FC gives NHL water I always think that he spits on it 😆

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