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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yu Chu stood at the tunnel entrance and watched for a few seconds before cautiously stepping inside. It was bright, with overhead lights blinking at regular intervals, illuminating the scraped white walls and the concrete floor underneath. The surroundings were quiet, with only the humming sound of large ventilation fans.

After he walked down the tunnel for a while, he suddenly heard a boom in front of him, like the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

“Shit! Fucking do it gently! Do you want to die? I have not lived enough.” A rough and testy male voice shouted.

“What are you afraid of? What can happen if it’s dropped like this? Stupid idiot, read more books.” The other voice didn’t show any weakness.

“You fucking study a few years of high school and then you can pretend to be an educated person? The last time that El… El whoever came to the island, you couldn’t even fucking look at him. Could you not understand a word he said?”

“Dumbass. No matter what you think of Laozi 1, I’m better than you guys who can’t read a few words.”

Yu Chu gingerly walked to the end of the tunnel and pressed himself against the wall to look out. This wasn’t a small empty room, it was at least a hundred square feet, and most of the space was stacked with sealed wooden boxes, a few thugs moving to the far end.

Yu Chu looked at the crates and a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

When they talked last night, Yu ShiQing said that Yu Family was doing serious business, but what kind of serious business would make them build a secret room like this? There was something wrong at first glance. Although he didn’t know what was in these wooden boxes, he didn’t think it was something from the right path.

One of the grunts bent down to move the wooden boxes on the floor, and his clothes pulled up a bit, revealing a brown leather holster on his waist.

Yu Chu looked at it and quickly retracted his head.

The tunnel was only straight, so if someone went out or came in, they could see him at a glance. When he first met Yu ShiQing last night, he knew from just one short conversation that this was a ruthless man with a vicious heart. He obviously didn’t take his real son seriously, so if he was found here, there may be some kind of brutal punishment waiting for him.

Yu Chu was just about to turn around and go out when he heard the thick-voiced hitman suddenly speak, “Lin Bashiao, I can’t go on without smoking, I’m going out for a cigarette. Stay here to keep an eye on the delivery.”

Lin Bashiao said, “Every time you come in for a while you have to smoke. Are you so addicted to smoking outside?”

“Oh, next time I’ll do a little more work. Don’t you sit aside and drink tea?”

“Remember not to leave cigarette butts, ashes should also be packed in a cigarette box.” Lin Bashiao admonished.

“I know, that’s why I brought a portable ashtray. See? It’s a stainless steel, small Japanese-made trinket.”

Yu Chu cursed inwardly! While the two people inside were still talking, he swiftly took off his shoes and held them in his hands, wearing only a pair of socks, then he silently and quickly ran to the exit.

He ran like a discharged bullet, and in the blink of an eye, he ran out about ten meters, and in a few seconds he saw the exit. But the door, which was clearly open when he entered, was now tightly closed and sealed.

The door was locked with a code, and Yu Chu’s heart sank as he ran to the door, his mind racing with thoughts, and his face showing a bit of ruthlessness.

——If he was found, then he should just kill them and go to the pier to steal a boat to escape from the island. When he thought of this, his heart relaxed, but also felt a vague hint of excited expectation. He simply bent down and put on his shoes, then calmly waited.

The shadow of the person was cast by the light onto the concrete floor of the tunnel, and was about to come face to face with him. But at that moment, he was suddenly pulled to the side by someone, and while being pulled over, his mouth was covered with a hand.

Yu Chu reflexively tried to elbow the person behind him, but there was a slight sound in his ear, “Shhh…”

He immediately recognized it as Zhou Mu’s voice, lowered his elbow, and then he continued to retreat, back into a dark and narrow space. At the same time, the tunnel wall moved quickly to the right and closed, shutting the two men in, with no sign of any opening on the wall.

The thug hummed a little song in seaside slang and walked unhurriedly toward the exit. When he passed by the wall where the two men were hiding, he didn’t look there for more than a few seconds, only reached out and pressed a few numerical keys on the combination lock, and with a slight mechanical sound, the door was opened to the outside world.

Yu Chu stood quietly in the darkness, listening to the off-key hum of the deserted board and the click of the lighter coming from outside. The thug seemed to be pacing around the room, the humming sound coming from both near and far.

His tense body relaxed, and he felt the solid warmth of Zhou Mu’s chest against his back, radiating a steady stream of heat.

He wanted to whisper something, but when he opened his mouth, he found that it was still covered by Zhou Mu, so he moved forward to get away from the heat source behind him. The space turned out to be unusually narrow, and only when he moved his foot did his calf hit something like a plastic bucket, making a muffled thud.

“Don’t make any noise.” Zhou Mu whispered in his ear.

“Mn…” Yu Chu patted the back of his hand covering his mouth, signaling him to let go.

Zhou Mu let go of his mouth, but crossed both his arms behind his back and held them firmly in place with one hand, while his other hand covered his mouth again, covering it tightly.

Fuck me!

Yu Chu was just about to struggle when Zhou Mu warned in a stern tone, “Be good, don’t move around.” Seemingly afraid that he wouldn’t listen, his hand also used some strength to hold his forearms that were held behind his back tighter.

The humming of the grunt outside the door approached, and he paced nearby again. Yu Chu was afraid that the noise of the movement would attract his attention, so he didn’t dare to struggle again.

“Hou San, it’s your Brother Big Scar! Have you guys got your table put away yet? I’m still sleeping, I’ll come over when I’m up, and make sure to win all your britches today.” The hit man named Big Scar had finished his cigarette, walked into the hallway and pressed the close button on the combination lock, leaned against the wall and started talking on the phone.

“I haven’t returned to shore this month, I haven’t used the day off Eldest Young Master gave me yet. Ask Cai when the next boat is coming and bring me. I’ll use that as my day off… Hey, go ask now, I’ll wait for your reply…” Big Scar put the phone to his ear, while waiting for Hou San to inquire about the news, gently hitting the wall with his heels in boredom.

“Next week? Okay, then call me when the time comes. Hey, how’s your poker game going? Who won today? Tell me…” Big Scar started pacing in the tunnel, talking with Hou San on the phone. Little did he know that at that moment there were two people hiding behind the wall, huddled together in a strange position.

Yu Chu couldn’t see Zhou Mu in the darkness, but the end of his nose smelled a faint hint of blood, mixed with the smell of fabric drenched in rain. After only a moment’s thought, he understood that it was the whip wound Zhou Mu had received last night that had opened and the blood was seeping out again.

His mouth and nose were covered, making him somewhat uncomfortable, but he also didn’t dare to struggle to alert the people outside, so he stretched out the tip of his tongue to lick the palm holding him.

Zhou Mu still didn’t let go of his hand, but Yu Chu felt the body behind him tighten up the moment the tip of his tongue touched his palm, and he couldn’t help but feel a little smug. He was about to try again when pain came from the wrist that was held.

That was Zhou Mu warning him.

Yu Chu stopped moving, and Zhou Mu’s hand covering his mouth and nose relaxed a bit. After two more minutes, Big Scar finally finished his phone call and left, humming a little song. Zhou Mu pushed Yu Chu out of his arms without a second’s delay and pressed the light switch on the wall.

The small space was brightly lit. Since he had been in the dark for a while, Yu Chu squinted, his eyes a little uncomfortable. He was rubbing his wrists held by Zhou Mu since they were a little sore, while checking out this place.

This was like a small storage room, only as big as the bathroom, closed on all sides, and a metal shelf against the wall with canned goods and cookies, the floor was stacked with a few half-high sealed plastic jugs. Since they were translucent, he could see the inside was filled with water.

“Five jugs of fresh water and food, stored in reserve.” Zhou Mu didn’t look at him, and his tone was as if he was talking casually to himself.

Yu Chu knew he was explaining to him, so he asked, “Did you put these things here?”

Zhou Mu turned his head and gave him a faint look, “Do you think I can have a pantry here?”

“Well, it doesn’t seem possible.” Yu Chu half squatted and patted the plastic bucket, thinking that the one who could have a pantry in this secret room was either Yu ShiQing or Yu Feng. Yu ShiQing definitely wouldn’t, because whether it was to hide from enemies or something else, it was forced to this point, and there was no need to store food. Even if he was a gopher, he’d be plowed out.

Then the one who put food in this secret room should be Yu Feng, that idiot.

Turning off the lights and leaving the room, Zhou Mu skillfully entered the code on the door lock, and even when Yu Chu glanced a few times, he didn’t see it clearly. When the door opened, the two dodged out and closed the door.

The rain had stopped, the sky had cleared, and the dense vegetation was washed by the rain, the green was so rich that it seemed to be overflowing.

Yu Chu, wearing a crumpled shirt, with a bird’s nest-like head and slipping on leather shoes with the heels down, slowly followed behind Zhou Mu. Zhou Mu’s short hair was dry, and his T-shirt was worn in a comfortable manner, revealing the muscles underneath. He didn’t look like he’d been in the rain at all, he was no different than usual, his back was still straight and slender.

“Hey, how did you know the password? Old Yu told you?” Yu Chu pulled a leaf in his hand and asked seemingly off-handedly.

He thought Zhou Mu wouldn’t speak, but he replied, “I followed you in.”

“You think I’m a child?” Yu Chu snickered and ripped the leaves to pieces, “Whoever followed me knew that Yu Feng had a pantry there? I just saw them carrying some big wooden boxes, which must have contained something shady.” He peeked at Zhou Mu’s expression, “Let me guess… Could it be firearms?”

“Don’t guess, it’s just ordinary goods.”

“Really? Ordinary goods are this mysterious?”

Zhou Mu stopped and looked at him, “It’s not mysterious. That chamber was built in the past, and originally it was an air-raid shelter to escape from the war, but because of the low temperature and dry air, it was suitable for storing goods, so Mr. Yu simply used it as a warehouse.”

Yu Chu didn’t believe it, but his eyes rolled and he said, “Smuggled goods from the sea?”

Zhou Mu seemed to be too lazy to answer him this time, and just walked forward with his hands in his trouser pockets, giving him a cold back.

Yu Chu followed a few steps closer alongside him, and continued, “When Big Scar talked to Hou San just now, he lied and said he was still sleeping, which means that not everyone can know about this secret room, maybe… Only Yu ShiQing and Yu Feng’s beloved men have the means to get in and out, right?”

Zhou Mu acted as if he hadn’t heard him, his thin lips tightly closed, his eyes staring straight ahead.

“I’m just the second Young Master of the Yu Family,” Yu Chu shrugged and looked at Zhou Mu again, “You’re the bodyguard of the second Young Master of the Yu Family who’s not allowed to be taken seriously.”

The dappled light from the leaves fell on Zhou Mu’s face, making his expression look a bit unpredictable. He still didn’t say a word, but accelerated his pace, his two long legs striding forward, and soon left Yu Chu behind.

Yu Chu jogged after him and asked, “I’ve seen your skill in tracking me, it’s definitely not an ordinary skill. With this ability, how did Yu ShiQing let you be my bodyguard? Also, you’re so familiar with the terrain, it’s definitely not your first time going in. I believe that even if you get the gate code, the process isn’t easy. Why do you want to take the risk—”

Before Yu Chu could finish his question, he felt his throat tighten and was tightly held by a pair of large hands. The hand then pushed hard, and he was pushed back backward several steps, hitting his back against a palm tree.

Zhou Mu had one hand around his neck, one hand on the trunk of the tree behind his head, and under his half-lidded eyes were dark, somber eyes with bottomless waves churning in them.

“Who the hell are you?” he asked in a voice that only two people could hear.


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  1. arrogant “I”


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November 12, 2021 10:16 am

I think he’ll probably respond pretty quickly to Zhou Mu! but with the truth?
Is this really an innocent warehouse?
Thank you for translating and editing.

November 12, 2021 3:20 pm

This is getting interesting, I want to see how it all plays out and why YC can’t leave the island. ZM seems to know a lot of things. Thanks for the chapter!

November 12, 2021 7:56 pm

Well, I’m hooked on yet another novel by you guys. I want to know wtf is up with the secret warehouse, why he can’t leave the island, and his messed up fingers.

My fantastically wild theory is that he’s the son of another crime lord. He was kidnapped by the Yu fam as revenge, and his pinkys were broken during the event. Mu is from the OG fam, sent to infiltrate, and somehow get him off the island.

We’ll see how it goes l!! 🤷‍♀️🤞

November 12, 2021 8:33 pm

YC digging his own pit hole by asking so many Q🙈🙈🙈

November 13, 2021 5:02 am

So will Yu CHu tell his bodyguard the truth or will he make something up… We’ll see in the next chapter.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 3, 2022 7:45 pm

Zhou Mu is impressive. He did not choose to ignore the signs. Zhou Mu quickly suspected Yu Chu and confronted him.

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