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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“When you say ‘disease’, do you mean him sucking blood or that he’s hemophobic?” Having eaten and feeling thirsty after the meal, Shang HaoJia came over to him and snatched a carton of yogurt from his hand. Only then did he sit back down on the bed with a straw in his mouth, satisfied.

Feeling as if there was nothing he could do about this self-made schoolboy, An MuXi smiled. He exchanged a look with Wei Long then looked at Shang HaoJia cautiously, “The two of you are very familiar with each other? How do you know each other, and do you know who he really is?”

Before Shang HaoJia could say anything, the vampire stepped forward gracefully, stopped with one hand in front of his body, and bowed gracefully towards the other, “My beloved Apostle – although we are bound by the Covenant that forbids us to reveal our identities to ordinary humans, as far as I remember, this prohibition doesn’t actually include mates. And in fact, I am working tirelessly to get Doctor Shang to be my companion, and as of now, we are getting along very well.”

The information revealed in a few words was already quite a lot, and Doctor Shang raised his eyebrows, obviously having found out that things were not simple.

As the offspring of criminal investigators, Shang HaoJia had long since honed a wealth of investigative and counter-investigative skills during the more than twenty years of struggle with his own parents. Faced with a situation that was clearly not simple at the moment, Doctor Shang resolutely chose to keep quiet, cautiously sipping his yogurt and wordlessly acquiescing to the vampire’s ambiguous wording.

“You two – what a pairing this is…” The two people who were sitting in front of him, looking  open and frank, An Mu Xi finally felt his world view was seriously impacted, and couldn’t help but rub his temples. “In the future when you get into bed, are you sure that this big clinical background student will not resist trying to give you CPR?”

His words had not yet fallen, but the vampire, who had always been calm and elegant, suddenly clapped his hands and shook his head with considerable chagrin, “Ah…”

Although An MuXi had long been familiar with the pompous expression of the vampires, it was rare to see a vampire with such a chagrined reaction. An MuXi blinked blankly and subconsciously looked to Shang Haojia. “Why? You two haven’t been to bed, have you?”

“Technically speaking – he’s been in my bed, and I’ve been in his.” Apparently having understood what Wei Long was chagrined about, Shang HaoJia took over, and patted the vampire’s perfectly defined waist comfortingly, “Don’t worry, first aid technology is now very advanced. I can directly do a tracheal intubation since mouth-to-mouth CPR is only in the absence of equipment for emergency use – so even if there was a little more delay, you’d probably really die.”

“That makes me feel a lot more reassured. I had thought that our werewolf friend had interrupted a crucial moment, and now it seems that speculation really doesn’t work.” The vampire nodded in relief, met the human doctor’s gaze with sincerity, and smiled as he leaned in closer to him, “But – my doctor, it’s as if I’ve never had the chance to say that to you. When your hands pressed on my chest, the strong force that came from it almost made my heart resume beating again after a long time…”

“All right, all right, you’re a pure-blood vampire so did your heart actually beat at one time?” Impatiently interrupting the vampire who was ready to tease, An MuXi moved the stool and sat down, patting Shang HaoJia’s shoulder in a serious manner. “You better be careful, this guy is a thousand year old vampire after all, although he slept for more than nine hundred years… You should never be easily confused by his fancy words. They all rely on that method for their blood race to find prey for themselves.”

“Actually, I already know quite a lot about him, compared to that, I’m still more curious about you.” Shang HaoJia held his jaw with one hand, scanned up and down the senior who had spent seven or eight years together in front of him, and met his gaze with interest, “You are definitely not a vampire, and from your features, you don’t look like a werewolf either. Just now I heard him call you His Excellency the Apostle, indicating that you have the right to bind the various races, plus you were invited to the police station – my dear senior, are you the legendary prophet who drove the low-ranking wolf crazy?”

An MuXi sighed bitterly, helplessly shook his head and got up, then fervently cleared his throat twice, “Can’t help but say that you becoming a doctor was really a great loss for the general public security police force.”

“Well, please allow me to reintroduce myself – I do serve in the Special Ability and Race Investigation Agency, and am an elf of light. I am not to blame for this disturbance, and I have come here specifically to join forces with my human counterparts to figure out how to deal with the current situation. You have been wondering why I haven’t been able to graduate with a PhD until now, when in fact it is because of the endless disputes and troubles of these races, which have consumed a lot of my energy…”

“The Elves of Light, that’s the coolest sounding race I’ve met so far.” Nodding thoughtfully, Shang HaoJia crossed his arms and raised his head, carefully measuring the elf in front of him, “If I remember correctly, in the legends, elves are all sons of nature with delicate and rich emotions, and speak with the same melody and beauty as when they sing…”

“Ai, stop talking already.” Hearing the second half of his sentence, An MuXi’s face suddenly became bitter. He pressed on his brother’s shoulder, “Give your brother face. How much do you want? When I go back I’ll give you a red packet…”

“MuXi, you should know that I have never been a person who is easily tempted by money.”

Shang HaoJia cheerfully patted his shoulder, about to righteously reject the other party’s proposal, but his look suddenly slightly moved, and he changed his tone. “However – if you are willing to help me pick out two sets of clothes for my vampire friend, I would be willing to continue to help you keep this secret…”

“Good! What clothes do you propose? Casual or sporty? What style do you want to go for, house sitter or youthful student?” It was so easy that when he changed his words, An MuXi’s heart finally settled, as he nodded, and suddenly grabbed the vampire’s hand with enthusiasm, “My dear vampire friend, your skin is whiter and lighter. I recommend you try the warm men’s department at home. Camel and off white can tone down your paleness well…”

For the first time, he was touched by the Apostle with such warm treatment. The high-risk monitoring level vampire blinked, subconsciously backed half a step, then slightly smiled and shook his head, “Beloved Apostle, such attitude really makes me a little flattered…”

“What do you mean flattered? You’re obviously frightened – MuXi, it’s just a harmless little problem, but you suddenly pulled out the Watson’s guide on clothing?”

Shang HaoJia apparently also couldn’t look at the scene in front of the two still clasping hands and slapped him away. He hated iron for not being steel. He sighed, looked towards the elf apostle and shook his head.

Facing his eyes, An MuXi didn’t look much better. With a bitter face, he put his hands together, and then pulled the man to his side, “After a while, come out with me, and I’ll explain it to you alone…”

He didn’t expect the other party to be so concerned about such trivialities, and Shang HaoJia noncommittally inclined his head, but still temporarily compromised to sit back.

After finally calming the other party for a while, An MuXi was relieved. He looked up and down at the vampire’s excellent figure and nodded his head. “I probably understand his positioning and needs – you don’t need to buy those things of varying quality online. I will get a tailor to measure your vampire.”

“No, I can write it down to you now.” Shang HaoJia shook his head with certainty, flipped out a white sheet of paper from the table, and fished out a black pen from his shirt pocket. After writing a few lines neatly, he folded the paper and handed it over.

Solemnly taking the paper, An Mu Xi was silent for a long time, and then he patted the schoolboy on the shoulder again, “I have told you several times – even if you’re a doctor, you need to change the habit you have about keeping your pockets stuffed with two pens. It’s very unfashionable…”

“The doctor’s pen is the same as a man’s lighter, it’s something that must be readily available and ready to be taken out.” Shang HaoJia waved his hand in disbelief, winked toward the door, and nodded apologetically at Wei Long.

The vampire was still in a state of surprise that he could write down his measurements. The vampire nodded slightly, thoughtfully indicating that the two of them didn’t need to care about him, his face still beaming with pleasure and delight.

Seeing that the other party didn’t care, Shang Haojia dragged An MuXi out, then frowned and patted the elf with a bitter smile in front of him, “It’s just singing out of tune – vampires can be hemophobic these days, and elves can sing out of tune. What’s so shameful about that?”

“For humans, singing in tune is nothing to be ashamed of – but for us elves, chanting hymns is originally our way of purifying the lower races.” An MuXi sighed heavily with a bitter smile, holding his head and squatting helplessly against the wall, instantly shrinking into an elf ball, “I’m not going to hide it from you… The werewolf that hurt someone last night was listening to the hymn I sang, before suddenly losing control and falling into madness…”


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May 18, 2021 12:01 pm

Seems Dr. Shang Haojia is surrounded by peculiars.

Now it’s an elf who is tone deaf.. 😅

May 18, 2021 12:15 pm

This is too funny. A hemophobic vampire, werewolf allergic to his own fur and elf with such a bad voice, he drove a werewolf insane!
Thank you for translating.

May 18, 2021 12:39 pm

Oh my goodness! Lol so An Muxi can’t sing well that he drive the wolf crazy lol just critical how is it, that the doctor knows WL size?! Lol looking forward to the wardrobe change ❤️

May 18, 2021 10:48 pm

An Muxi out of tone hymm is equivelant to atomic bomb😅😅😅

May 19, 2021 1:28 am

Wow, his singing was that bad? And until Dr. Shang met that vampire he was completely unaware of supernatural creatures existing, now they are popping one after another and even his friend is one. Talk about life changing event…

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 6, 2021 8:42 am

And they have the vampire stunned to silence as they discuss a camel and off white wardrobe without missing a beat…

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