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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“So – did you beat that werewolf into a ball?” Imagining the posture described by the other party, Doctor Shang’s expression became somewhat indescribable and couldn’t help but shake his head gently, “I still don’t quite understand the way you huskies – ahem, the snow wolf clan, and the wild wolves outside fought…Your allergy has been cured?”

“You do not understand, we have racial differences. Wolves change their hair in the spring, dogs change their hair in the summer, and I change my hair from spring to summer.” Still inspired by his feat of taking down a werewolf with his bare hands, He JiaLun was no longer sensitive about his own bloodline and replied smugly as he casually pulled out a chair and sat down, “So you didn’t see that I didn’t even change? By the way, that guy’s hair felt really good. When I’m over the hair change period, I should also go have an ionic perm…”

“After an ionic perm, the hair is prone to split ends. You have to remember to care for it, or wait for a long time before the next one, or else you will blow up into a hair ball.” Already adapted to the rather scientific existence of these unscientific beings, Doctor Shang thoughtfully explained, and curiously looked out the door, “How come you’re the only one back? Where’s the other one?”

“Doctor, Doctor, you don’t even know – my brother Lun was so powerful, he went up and punched that bastard werewolf with two fists and knocked him out!” The young man came out after saying this, and described the situation. Then excitedly pulled Shang HaoJia’s arm, “I’m not bragging to you, this werewolf’s claws look like a plow. If I were a normal person, I would likely be dead…”

“This I do believe. It’s not a surprise after all, the one who almost killed you should be that werewolf.” Shang HaoJia nodded with a light smile, replied in a serious manner, and patted him on the shoulder, “Let me ask you, you said you went to a concert – what kind of concert was it that had singing until so late?”

“It’s just wild music, singing some rock and roll or something. We only went to get ourselves high…” The youth shook his head as he laughed. Then he suddenly reacted, quickly straightened up, and waved his hand with a straight face, “You can rest assured that I’m absolutely clean- absolutely nothing illegal or drug-related! I have just explained to the police comrades, although we are rebellious, we are also patriotic, respectful, honest and friendly law-abiding citizens!”

Listening to this rebellious law-abiding citizen’s skillful slang, Shang HaoJia couldn’t help but laugh lightly. He casually pulled out a chair and told him to sit down, “Don’t be nervous – I’m a doctor who does emergency medicine. I wouldn’t know if you are a law-abiding person, but I can still see if there is anything wrong with your body. I just want to ask, if you know someone from the band, could you introduce me to them? It’s best if you know someone who knows how to mix and do post-production, or a studio person. I have some work I want them to do.”

“Yes, I do. I will not lie to you, I am a man who has been in the music world for years. Even if a normal person is just speaking, I can find a way to turn it into a song!” The young man thumped his chest and enthusiastically claimed.

Shang HaoJia raised his eyebrows and exchanged glances with Wei Long before nodding gently, “In that case, it’s a lot easier to do. It is just as well since before the serum is in place, you still need to be isolated for a period of time. Go back and help me tune it, and the price will certainly not be a loss to you.”

“Okay, okay, this will be a piece of cake. Just give me a computer and I can even make the news broadcast sing.”

Although he was still not quite clear why Shang HoaJia needed a sound mixer, the youth nodded confidently. He glanced again at Shang HaoJia’s expression before smiling and walking over, “Doctor, I just want to ask, why on earth can’t I turn, ah? I heard that if you are nicked by a werewolf you will also become a werewolf, so am I also transformed?”

“In fact, you have already transformed once, only you were delirious at the time, so there is no relevant memory.” Seeing that things have basically come to light, and only the final stage of aftercare remained, the obligatory overtime Doctor Shang finally couldn’t help but yawn. He relaxed and leaned back in his chair, “You all have also worked hard, go rest and relax first, while you wait for the serum to be delivered -“

Before he could finish his sentence, his phone suddenly vibrated once again.

“I really should go test whether I have the gift of summoning – I just mentioned it and the serum seems to have arrived.” Looking at the screen caller alert, Shang HaoJia could not help but lightly laugh. One hand rubbed his temple as leaned back in the chair, “Eli, you better tell me you’ve got the serum. I’ve really had enough today, and I’m counting on you to hurry up and help me get this done…”

“Well…okay, I’ve got the serum.” The voice on the phone was someone with a naturally thick accent, and had a deep resonance equal to the vampire’s beside him. Such a slightly hesitant tone of voice, which had a natural gentle patience, could easily attract a group of screaming fangirls around him.

The werewolves and vampires had excellent hearing, He JiaLun instinctively stretched his ears to listen, and winked provocatively at Wei Long, his gaze carrying some meaning of gloating.

The vampire looked back at him calmly, and did not seem to be concerned by this matter, but the inky eyes faintly gleamed with a trace of blood. The werewolf who felt the intimidation from the vampire’s power, instinctively took a step back and reluctantly pursed his lips before he finally reluctantly behaved.

“I feel that I should know something from the tone of your voice.” Doctor Shang’s attention was on the serum, and apparently did not notice the darkness between the two friends. He slightly frowned and sat slightly straighter, “Speak, where is my serum?”

“Let me explain first – I know this whole thing is unbelievable, but it just happened…” The other party’s tone took on a bit of helplessness, and after a moment of stammering, his voice lowered unconsciously, “You know, just – you gave me the serum, and didn’t you tell me to sterilize it and make it into an injectable anti-venom? But just as I was about to start heating it up, suddenly a dragon jumped in through the window and snatched the serum away.”

“…” After hearing the other party’s words, Shang HaoJia was silent for a moment, and finally couldn’t help but sigh, “Eli, you might as well tell me that it was your hand that slipped while doing the experiment and you dropped the test tube inside the water bath…”

“Look – I knew you wouldn’t believe me, but that’s really what happened!” A soft sigh, as if the result of a headache, came over the phone. Apparently even the person on the other side of the line didn’t really believe this, “If I didn’t have the habit of recording my experiments on video, I’d also think I must be dreaming. Do you want to come and see? There was really a dragon, and it spat a little fireball, and it burned a lot of my hair off…”

“Based on what I’ve seen and heard in the past two days, I should actually believe you – but to be on the safe side, I’d better consult a professional first,” he responded thoughtfully. Shang HaoJia covered the microphone with one hand, and elbowed Wei Long beside him, “My classmate said he saw a dragon. Are even dragons running around all over the place these days?”

Realizing that he had become a ‘professional’ according to the human doctor’s words, the vampire was in a good mood. He purposely cleared his throat twice before nodding with a smile, “In theory, there can be. Personally, I have seen the Norwegian Ridgeback and Hungarian Tree Wasp around here, as well as the Chinese Fireball which is common in this area…”

“I see – it seems that I thought wrong. I thought it was the traditional Chinese sense of the phoenix.”

As a generation that grew up watching Harry Potter, once they heard these familiar terms, Shang HaoJia nodded in a daze and rejoined the phone, “I see – I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt about the dragon. We’re heading your way, the blood donor is still with me, and we’ll have to make another serum as soon as possible.”

Hearing his words, the other party was very relieved and agreed without hesitation, “Good, it’s great if you still have a blood source there. I’ll remember to close the window this time…” 

The two of them chatted for a few more minutes, discussing the time and place to meet before they hung up. Shang HaoJia did not intend to delay any longer, after he let his workaholic father know where he was headed, he led the people back to the school laboratory.

The sun was at its most poisonous when one is used to sleeping for most of the day. Although the vampire had earlier assured that his sunscreen was really effective, Shang HaoJia still gave him his mother’s sun umbrella. By the time they walked into the school gate, the sky which was originally bright and sunny suddenly became cloudy. A thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere, and the rain poured down.

The change in weather was so unexpected that, except for the vampire who was holding a sunshade, the rest of the group were drenched in water in the blink of an eye. The vampire blinked innocently and looked at his miserable werewolf friend. But before he even opened his mouth, from the sky suddenly dropped a small dragon amongst the pouring rain.

Unlike the European and American dragons which the crowd had imagined, this one had golden scales, double horns, and five claws. It was the most typical image of the Chinese dragon in traditional Chinese culture.


Unfortunately, this small five-clawed golden dragon had no legendary majesty at all. Looking up at the vampire who was staring at him with interest, he sniffled twice and let out a cry, “Ah, Mommy! Demon!”


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May 19, 2021 9:52 am

Lol, supernatural creatures popping out one after another… and to think nothing like that ever happened before in dr. Shang’s life. But if this is a little dragon calling for his mummy, does that mean that his mother is somewhere around? I mean thunder storms and dragons usually appear together.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 19, 2021 6:00 pm

The good old doctor adapting to his surroundings lol I can’t believe the thunder and lightning followed by the dragon lol loving this novel! ❤️❤️

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But teacher a dragon really did steal my homework….

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