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The vampire clearly didn’t understand the origin of the name, but chose not to pursue it, and nodded thoughtfully. “The only thing that is certain is that both of them belong to the mob, and I can’t get accurate information about the werewolf clan because of the total blockade of the blood clan by the werewolves…”

“It doesn’t matter, we can let go of John Doe for the time being and focus on Wayne Loki’s side.”

Shang HaoJia, with one hand on his jaw, tapped the tip of his pen twice on the paper and wrote the words Wayne Loki in the middle of it. “According to my father’s years of experience in handling cases, a slap on the wrist doesn’t do anything. It must be a dispute between the two sides. As long as you can bite the right side, sooner or later you can find the other side of the traces too. Let’s take a look at our side – the family of dragons is still here?”

“All of them are still here. His Highness Xian Lin’s body needs a long recovery period, and they are worried that they will be hunted down when they return to their original residence, so they have settled here for the time being.” Wei Long poured himself a cup of tea and nodded gently, “Speaking of them – my friend, I believe that with your acumen, you must have found out that I have always intended to leave the two young highnesses in your care…”

“Indeed, but I haven’t quite guessed your intentions. What’s so special about those two little guys? Xian Bei’s fear of heights has almost been cured, and his brother has inherited the husky bloodline, and I have not come up with a solution yet— In this case, there’s no reason why I must keep them.”

“Actually, those two little guys really like you. We had a brief chat after dropping you off, and their two fathers were surprised at how close the two kids were to you.” Looking at the human doctor who seemed to be able to easily cheat all races, the vampire smiled gently, lowered his head and sipped his tea. “Their bloodline is the most pure dragon I have ever seen, and since they are twins, they are born with great power. It is reasonable to say that juvenile dragons are only able to call the wind and rain. Juvenile’s are generally young dragons over two hundred years old.”

“Two hundred years old or more is a young dragon?” Hearing this horrible age division range, Doctor Shang just couldn’t help but whisper a sigh of relief. Seeing the vampire looking over, only then did he hurriedly wave his hand and sat up straight with a light cough. “Nothing, I just think this word young is a bit powerful – do dragons have such a long life span?”

“Yes, dragons are one of the few races with the longest lifespan, and that’s the main reason why I want you to befriend those two young highnesses.” The vampire lowered his head and took a sip of tea, as if he suddenly showed some hesitation between his expressions. The fingertips gently rubbed the wall of the cup, dropping his eyes to avoid the gaze of the human doctor.

“Among the dragons, the divine dragons of China have acquired some kind of very mysterious qi power because they have long been worshipped and believed in by humans as totems. This power has no good or bad effects on them per se, but using this power, they can sign a contract with humans – and any human who has signed a contract with the dragons can share their qi and thus gain the same constant lifespan until the termination of the contract…”

It seemed to be the first time he voiced his selfish thoughts, so the vampire dared not to look at the expression of the human in front of him, he just subconsciously clenched the cup of tea in his hand, ashamed deep down.

His power was terribly strong, and because his mood was too complicated and he forgot to control the force, before he could react, the teacup suddenly snapped apart, and a sharp stinging pain came from his hand.

In the next moment, the human doctor on the sofa suddenly leapt up and lunged towards the vampire.

He had a feeling that he was going to be beaten up. Wei Long reacted quickly and set aside the pieces of the teacup, just to warn the other party to be careful of injuries, but the sofa suddenly sank slightly downward. His eyes were firmly covered by a hand, and the familiar and friendly scent of the human doctor came from beside him.

Shang HaoJia had one knee against the sofa, to ensure that the vampire didn’t see his own hand wounds, and was only finally slightly relieved, “With your hemophobia, you actually will let yourself get injured – you are so anxious to let me give you CPR?”

The elegant and talkative vampire seemed to be lost in a moment. He opened his mouth in a daze, raised his hand and gently put it on the shoulder of the human in front of him, “My dear—”

Looking at the hand where the wounds almost instantly healed, Shang HaoJia finally reacted to how ambiguous this position was now, and quickly straightened up and backed away. The other party’s words were interrupted with a light cough of embarrassment, and his gaze drifted aside with some heartiness, “Your racial talent is really not a cover. It seems that I still have to study it – even if I can make a small contribution to promote human wound healing, my doctoral thesis will be ready…”

“My dear friend – if it helps your research, I’m actually very happy to lie on the dissecting table.” With his eyes still bloodshot with excitement that still hadn’t receded, and a pleased smile on his face, the vampire responded without hesitation and gently took his hand again with concern. “I apologize for my earlier selfishness… Because I want to spend my life with you too much, and as a vampire, my life is too long… won’t you be annoyed at me for such a selfish act?”

“Not really annoyed, I don’t want to wait until I’m seventy or eighty years old and still watch you bounce around in front of me with a face like that.” The other party’s confession was so frank that Shang HaoJia’s attitude became lighter, and the blood on his face faded, “But I’m still curious. Wouldn’t the most convenient thing for you be to change me into a vampire? So why go through all this trouble?”

“Ah, I can indeed change you into my kin, but as long as there are no compelling circumstances, I will definitely not do so.” The vampire helplessly smiled, gently shook his head, sincerely lifted his hand to straighten his collar, which had been torn by the action of the party.

“If I had fallen in love with an ordinary human, I might have considered changing him and turning him into my own kind after asking his opinion. But you are different, you are a skilled doctor, and I can appreciate that you are really proud of your profession – A doctor is a profession of guardian of life, and I cannot, because of my own selfishness, change a patron saint of life, into a monster that does not live or die.”

The vampire’s inky pupils were filled with unadulterated sincerity, Shang HaoJia’s breathing could not help but slightly stagnate. He subconsciously held the hand that remained between his collar, opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly a teenager’s anxious voice came from the stairs.

“Brother Long, I heard Uncle Ghost say that a flying lion came! Was it that traffic bureau wing lion?!”

The originally ambiguous-to-the-extreme atmosphere was broken unexpectedly. Both of them were startled, and their hands were instantly separated, each sitting back on the sofa.

Shang HaoJia’s face was already so red that it was about to burn, and he hastily picked up his cup of tea to cover up his original embarrassment. Fortunately, Wei Long’s condition didn’t allow him to blush, he just blandly straightened his clothes, raised his head with a light cough and looked at the teenager wearing a wizard’s robe on the stairs.

“A’Xi, why did you run out, have you finished all your homework?”

“Not yet – I told you I couldn’t read English! What the hell is that all about? I can’t even read a paragraph…” Hearing him mention homework, the teenager suddenly slapped the armrest twice in annoyance and responded angrily.

Wei Long helplessly gave a laugh, but still patiently beckoned, “Come – this is Doctor Shang. If he didn’t help you to block this matter to the past, you can be sure that because of maliciously cursing a law enforcement officer the Special Agency would arrest you. “

The teenager looked a little over twelve years old with slightly pale skin, but not like the vampire without a trace of blood. Hearing this, he glanced at Shang Haojia curiously, his eyes were bright and lively; he was obviously not a calm child.

Wei Long pulled him to his side and smiled apologetically toward Shang HaoJia, “By blood, he should be considered my nephew, and he’s currently living in my place. He’s now in his first year at Hogwarts, just call him A’Xi.”

“I didn’t curse him! I just said that if he was being so uptight he was destined to have a bald head, then I wasn’t wrong either…” The teenager huffed a response, but still obediently walked over, standing in front of Shang HaoJia, and narrowed his eyes up and down, carefully looking at him.

“You look like a human – well, you should be a human. This brother, I see that your face is square and the heavenly court is wide. Your eyebrows and contours of the gods show a clear appearance, very rich and noble. Looking at your qi branch, it’s open like a peach blossom. Your heavenly stem met a positive star, and this is really good luck. You will meet good things in the near future, so you must cherish it more…”

“…” Looking at the teenager in a wizard’s robe in front of him, who was talking with a lot of enthusiasm, Shang HaoJia turned his head in a complicated mood and looked at Wei Long who looked innocent at the side.

“I didn’t know Hogwarts offered such an advanced course in fortune telling?”

“If only Hogwarts taught this, I would have learned better than anyone.” At his words, the young man’s expression suddenly fell, pulling his wizard’s robe listlessly, “I really don’t understand what they really think, actually have to take a wand – how much better it is to directly use the talisman paper with vermilion ink? It must be extravagant, getting all those fancy things…”

“Well, you go back first, I will check your homework during the day. You don’t have to worry about the winged lion, since you really didn’t curse him, nothing will happen.” Wei Long shook his head with a smile and patted his back, gesturing for him to go back first. 

Hearing his assurance, the teenager finally breathed a long sigh of relief, and a smile came to his face, “Ah, then I’m relieved – Brother Long, Brother Shang, then I’ll go back first, you guys take your time to talk…”

Looking at the teenager’s breezy back, Shang HaoJia still hadn’t been able to recover from the strong contrast, so he shook his head and looked to the side at the vampire, “I suddenly feel that I may need to know about your family members.”

“I would love to introduce you to my family, but my family members, if I were to take stock of them, would probably be enough for me to talk about them all night long – and A’Xi is only related to me by blood, but cannot be counted as a member of my family. To explain this, we have to go back to our original topic, the Les family-led mob power and black market trading.”

The vampire smiled helplessly, replaced a new teacup, and poured himself another cup of tea. “Dear friend, I don’t know if you understand, in the beginning, under the influence of gothic culture, there was also a vampire cult among humans – some people think vampires are cool, and some people hope to stay young forever and make time stand still. Changing someone is an ability that only vampires with a blood purity of B-rank or higher can possess, and the number of such vampires is now rare, so such enthusiasm has given rise to a new form of changing called test tube changing.”

“…” Originally still listening quite seriously, after hearing the last words, Doctor Shang finally managed to choke and spit out a mouthful of tea, “I have an inexplicable intuition that the person who came up with this name is probably my peer…”

“Is there a similar medical term in human society?” The vampire good-naturedly wiped away the tea on his face, and gently patted the back for the still-coughing human doctor.

“I don’t really know much about the exact means of implementing this method, but one thing that can’t be denied is that – even though the sub-vampire born from a test tube doesn’t have proof of identity, it still has a blood connection with the vampire who provided the blood. And in A’Xi’s body, it just so happens that my brother’s blood is flowing.”

After finally catching his breath, and after listening to the other party’s words, Doctor Shang couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows slightly, “He doesn’t look much like a vampire to me, and his vitals are all normal – so does the sub-vampire only have a whitening function?”

“Later on, humans also gradually found that the pure vampire state was not suitable for survival in human society, so a series of new attempts were carried out – A’Xi was one of the experimental subjects. When I was tracking my brother’s attacker, I accidentally found him and brought him back here.”

Wei Long, however, just shook his head and let go of his hand to sit back down, “He was originally an orphan who followed an old Taoist priest to remove ghosts from his doorstep, and after the old priest passed away, he wandered around and was taken for human experimentation. The magical talent in him was probably stimulated by this experiment.”

“No wonder that set of slang was said so skillfully, and our hospital entrance stall fortune teller said exactly the same…” Finally lifted from the Hogwarts misunderstanding, Doctor Shang was relieved, picked up the pen and continued to write a few lines on the paper.

“So the business that those mob families do is actually to attack vampires of relatively pure blood and then sell their blood – this time the Golden Dragon attack was actually the same situation. Could it be that they got big in this kind of business and opened up some new business, like helping koi refine into dragons or something like that?”

“By definition it would not. After all, just like how the dragon race relies on the essence blood to pass on its power, the change is also a unique ability of the blood race. The blood of other races should not have such an effect.” The vampire finally couldn’t resist his curiosity and took a look at the handwriting on the paper. But he found that apart from the words ‘Wayne Loki’, he couldn’t identify a single word.

“My dear friend, please forgive my constant curiosity – there are probably very few languages in this world that I don’t know at all. Is that some new coded script you are using?”

“Uh… you can interpret it that way. It’s a mysterious code that we doctors use to communicate with the pharmacists who fill the medication prescriptions.” Subconsciously using the doctor’s special prescription font, Doctor Shang glanced at the paper, then nodded in a serious manner, righteously digressing, “You said your brother was also attacked by them. Was it also Wayne Loki who made a move?”

“It wasn’t him. I could originally only confirm that it was a werewolf gang, but now it seems highly likely that it was John Doe.” Wei Long nodded slightly, responded contemplatively, and just as smoothly accepted the code name proposed by Shang HaoJia.

“That day when I sent you to work overtime, I heard that it was a werewolf mass wounding, and thought that this matter was related to their clan, that’s why I tracked it down in a hurry. But after I followed the scent all the way there, I only saw a werewolf who was howling miserably and hurting people everywhere, and an elf who was chasing after him not knowing what he was shouting…”

“Very well – from this paragraph onwards, I probably know the plot.” Thinking of An MuXi who was so sad he became an elf ball, Shang HaoJia still had the decency not to continue on this topic. He turned the pen in his hand twice and wrote this matter down together on the paper.

“Although we can’t see anything yet, we can’t rule out that there is no connection between these things at all. After all, the elves will not go to purify the werewolves for no reason, I think the Special Agency must have something that led to the shortage of manpower in a big way, to send out even the elves like him at that level…”

“MuXi’s power is still very strong – at one time a dark magician infiltrated the Special Agency headquarters and tried to unleash a spell to awaken all the evil races that had been sealed. No one was able to stop his magic chanting, and only His Excellency, who was only thirteen years old at the time, managed to do so, and he was thus granted the status of Apostle of Light.”

The vampire shook his head, looked serious and explained, and sighed lightly with deep sympathy, “According to the popular legend, in the ring match within the elven race, no elf was able to persist in chanting for more than three minutes in front of His Excellency MuXi either – just don’t know what the reason was, his status in the Special Agency was never high, and he was even eventually relegated to an idle position of little use like today. Until now, many passerby races are still unable to understand the intention of the Special Agency to do so.”

“So that’s the case, then he’s really powerful…” After struggling with a vaguely aching conscience for half a year, Doctor Shang finally still kept the promise that would’ve been of little use, and nodded to himself, “Okay, let’s not talk about him – I still have a few problems to sort out. Let’s take them one at a time and take stock of the whole situation again.”

“My dear friend, I trust your keen intuition and thoughtfulness, please feel free to ask questions.” The vampire nodded with a smile, followed his example of holding his arms and leaning forward, looking at him patiently, “I will tell you everything I know about the situation.”

After inexplicably establishing the relationship between the two sides, Shang HaoJia was suddenly unable to look straight into those inky eyes. With a light cough, he lowered his head and pulled the vellum paper in front of him.

“Let’s organize it in chronological order. The origin of all things is probably the snobbish strife between the two families of Wayne Loki and John Doe. Both races are in the mob, and both target relatively pure-blooded vampires for hunting on the black market as test tubes – the raw material for test-tube change…” The human doctor who was used to sperm banks and test tube babies struggled to complete the sentence, couldn’t help but rub his temples, the tip of his pen tapped the paper twice, “So you actually traced it all the way to China because your brother was attacked?”

“No – because I had been expelled from the Blood Clan, after awakening, I was also unable to get in touch with my kind, so I had to follow the location in my memory to find the wealth left behind by the original Pureblood clan. Fortunately, because those riches were indeed very hidden, they weren’t discovered in all these years, and also succeeded in rescuing me from the dilemma at that time.

“Those riches belong to the ancient European continent, and most of them have clear historical traces. If I try to sell them in Europe, it would undoubtedly attract the attention of the Blood Elders and other races, so I picked something safe enough to trade for a sailing ship, transferred all the wealth to the ship, and headed all the way towards Asia, finally hitting the road off the coast of China. It took a few more twists and turns before I finally settled here and was investigated and vetted by the Special Agency to qualify to live here, and gradually made contact with some of the reliable forces left behind back then.” 

Shang HaoJia waved the paper at his face, as if trying to cool down. Seeing his action, the vampire thoughtfully snapped his fingers, a carved wooden window opened with a sound, and the fresh air after the rain flowed into the hall with the moonlight from the window.

“Thanks a lot, that feels better.” The fresh night breeze and the spirit, Shang HaoJia took a deep breath, sat up straight towards the vampire and nodded, “Let me guess – has the Special Agency people told you about your brother being attacked, and let you come to investigate this matter?”

“Dear friend, I have to say that you not only have very quick thinking, but also understand the many ways of this. If you are absorbed into the Special Agency, even with your mind alone, you could definitely sit in a very high position in it.” The vampire nodded with a light smile and looked at him with more and more appreciation.

“In fact, I don’t have too deep a bond with most of my fellow clansmen, but my brother had secretly offered me help after I was initially expelled from the clan, and had also taken me in for a while without the knowledge of the brutal Queen Mary I – so even though I knew full well that the Special Agency had informed me of this matter, in order to take advantage of the thousands of years of hostility between the werewolves and the vampire, and to use me to check the power of the werewolf race, I still accepted the task of investigating this case.”

“Forget about the Special Agency – according to my frequency of overtime and work intensity, if I work another part-time job, I can really consider changing races, and try out what it’s like to live a life of exhaustion.” The conscientious Doctor Shang shook his head without hesitation, decisively rejected the proposal, then sullenly clenched his right hand into a fist, slightly leaning against his lips on the table, and leaned forward to look at him speculatively.

“So, you have actually been pursuing this matter… I’ve been thinking about it since just now. Remember Mr. He once said that your slumber caused the purebloods to think they were extinct for a while, and when you were describing the classification of the vampire’s bloodline, you didn’t simply describe it directly. You used a broader classification of B-class or higher. According to this, are you already the last male pureblood vampire in the world?”

“Dear friend, your powerful memory and extreme clarity of thought, are already comparable to an excellent detective, and really leave me deeply shocked…” He didn’t expect to see the human doctor grasp so much information with just two simple words. The vampire’s eyes widened in surprise, and a faint blood color diffused in his inky pupils, “Yes – although I’m not always willing to admit it, but if the statistics are correct, there are only thirteen vampires left who are completely pureblood. Apart from me, the rest are all virtuous women…”

“This is the real reason why you fled Europe, right?” Looking with interest at the vampire’s palpitating look, Detective Shang leaned back into the sofa and teased his lips meaningfully. “In fact, in China, there was an animal that was once in a very similar position to yours, called the giant panda – in order to keep them from becoming extinct, the experts also put in a lot of effort. For example, forcing them together to pair, but they also showed them pornoghraphic movies day and night to give them sexual enlightenment education, and even thought about an artificial third party for their mating. Haven’t you tried anything to continue to perpetuate your race?”

“So all these means were invented by the Chinese – the Chinese are really horrible…” Like he remembered extremely horrible memories, the vampire’s originally bloodless face actually seemed to get even paler and he subconsciously leaned back towards the sofa, hands tightly cupping the tea cup. “No – we did not try anything. Before they had time to try, I had decisively fled Europe… In fact, a pure blood vampire does not mean much, just that their blood is pure. Even if mixed with human blood, there will not be any significant weakening in power, so there is no need to be born pure-blooded…”

“Not exactly. I believe that the reason why those treasures were left until now had not been taken for you to smoothly retake them, was probably more or less related to your lineage.” It was rare to see the usual elegant and calm vampire reveal such a nervous look, Shang HaoJia lightly coughed to cover up a smile, and solemnly shook his head, “I’ve watched the movies, and pure bloods certainly have more special skills than the existence of mixed blood, otherwise this setting would be not too boring.”

“Dear friend, please give me a break – I don’t want to remember those past events that are enough to give me nightmares for 500 years.” Wei Long finally helplessly begged for mercy, put his hands together and bowed towards him twice, sighing with tears and laughter, “Let’s talk about my brother. If we continue to talk around this topic, I’m afraid my heart will be scared to beat again…”

“In fact, I was originally going to mention some suggestions to help you out of this predicament – but considering the extent of damage this topic is doing to your heart, we’d better change the subject for now.” Doctor Shang smiled and shook his head, thoughtfully accepting the suggestion and relaxed into the sofa, “Let’s talk about your brother first, I’m also interested in his identity – you’re brothers, yet you’re the only pureblood, so your parents aren’t actually identical?”

“He is my half-brother. After my mother fulfilled her duty as a pureblood and gave birth to pureblood offspring with my father, she finally met a half-blood vampire who she truly loved. She left the family to marry and have children with him, giving birth to my brother.” Finally getting rid of the original horrible topic, the vampire was relieved, he gently nodded, “A vampire who leaves after performing their duties like this will not be punished by the family, but would also no longer be sheltered by the family. So the family always lived on the European continent, and after I was expelled from the whole island of England, it was they who temporarily took me in, and the way that I could rely on the relic to gain power was also revealed to me by that profound gentleman.”

He could hear the closeness of the vampire’s words for this family, so Shang HaoJia nodded gently and sat upright to ask a serious question, “Are they all okay now? I think since you have already met my parents, I should pay them a visit or two at some point…” 

“In the later battle of purebloods, almost all pureblood vampires were sniped or sneak attacked to death, and my mother was not spared. That gentleman buried my mother and accompanied her into a deep sleep. And I was also mistakenly thought to be dead and buried deep at the time, so I don’t really know anything about what happened after that.” Meeting his concerned gaze, Wei Long only shook his head regretfully and sighed very softly, “After I woke up, I tried to look for them with a faint hope. But apart from the fact that my brother had fallen into a deep sleep because he was attacked, I never got any more clues.”

“Speaking of your brother’s situation, I’ve always felt a little uneasy – knowing that if your brother’s bloodline is enough to be targeted by them, then you’re undoubtedly going to be in even more danger.” Shang HaoJia sat up straight and looked at him, his face taking on a rare seriousness, “Although you have been expelled from the family, your origin is known to all, and they may not be able to trace you all the way back to you based on your brother. I remember you said that the vampire’s power was above yours, and if we extrapolate according to common sense, the werewolf who can become an opponent with him probably also has a comparable level of strength. What are you going to do if they both have their eyes on you?”

“I did think of this possibility, but if I apply for special protection from the Special Agency at this time, it is likely that this matter will be taken directly to the top of the Special Agency. There are some races in the Special Agency that are not friendly to both werewolves and vampires, and if they launch a referendum because of this, they will probably use it to expel us from the country.” The vampire didn’t appear to be alarmed when he heard that he was likely to be in danger, but only shook his head slightly and sighed lightly with a light smile. “I originally had a very good impression of this country, and now I have an additional attachment that makes me feel infinitely lucky and sweet, all the more so because I won’t be willing to leave just like that…”

“I do think that it is actually right not to contact the Special Agency instead.”

The first time he saw the vampire, he was able to get used to his frank and eager confessions, but Shang HaoJia couldn’t help but avert his gaze a little and calm his troubled mind, “Although I am not fully aware of the Special Agency you are talking about, in my opinion, no one can guarantee that there is no collusion with them inside the Special Agency. Especially since the Special Agency has asked you to pursue such matters, I can’t help but suspect this possibility.”

“The Special Agency is a coalition of senior members of various races; the elders of the blood race, the leader of the wolf race, and the head of the human special ability department are also in it.”

After thoughtfully introducing the composition of the Special Agency for the human doctor, Wei Long’s eyes also brought some gloom, then he nodded slightly, lost in thought, “This suspicion is indeed very reasonable, I need to take into account this kind of situation, and should not be too trusting of them…”

“In fact, you actually have an option that just never occurred to you.” Gently patting the vampire’s shoulder, Shang HaoJia sat up slightly straighter and looked at him with an open mouth. “Since I was a child, my mother has taught me the truth of life, called ‘people are iron, rice is steel’. If I’m not wrong, this saying is actually equally applicable to any race. The reason why that vampire is stronger than you is not necessarily because his talent is better than yours, it’s probably because, you’ve been hungry for just a little bit longer…”

“My dear friend, I have to admit that your judgment is indeed as accurate as always.” Avoiding his gaze, Wei Long smiled helplessly and shook his head bitterly, “But – it’s probably not really practical to go looking for a new altar right now, either. And most of the locations of the natural altars I remember have been destroyed by human activity and large-scale construction, and the few that remain are simply too far away from here…”

“I think you probably misunderstood what I meant, my dear vampire.” Shang HaoJia sighed lightly and held the unsuspecting vampire with both hands, half leaning down to meet his gaze seriously, “You are a vampire. Even if you do have some unspeakable secrets, you should be able to stand up to the name of your race, right? Hemophobia is hemophobia, it’s not like you can’t digest and absorb it. Haven’t you thought of any way to drink the blood without seeing it?”

“To – to drink the blood?” The vampire was stunned, his eyes suddenly showed a difficult color, his lips slightly pursed in a reluctant hesitation. “How about – we think of some other ways, or I will go to find a new altar…”

“It’s just a sip of blood. Is it too difficult?”

The vampire, who has always been calm and elegant, was really embarrassed by the blood-sucking matter to this point, Shang HaoJia really thought it unbelievable, so he simply half squatted in front of the sofa, “I have never seen a patient with milk sickness. I really can’t imagine how you feel, but I don’t believe that when you were a child, your family has never tried to feed you blood blindfolded. —What happened then, why didn’t it work?”

He raised his head in a half-crouch like this. The whole person had a lot of teenage demeanor and the vampire subconsciously lowered his head to look at the pair of curious clear and bright eyes, and suddenly felt that his chest, which had been silent for a thousand years, had moved inexplicably. He was compelled to slightly bend down, inch by inch close to the human doctor in front of him.

The Vampire’s Guide to Love Appendix Number 7 — When a boy stares at you, he is asking you to kiss him.

The vampire, who finally realized that he had probably taken the wrong script and shouldn’t have read the code for courting ladies but should have referred to the appendix on chasing boys in the back, felt greatly encouraged and carefully kept his movements calm and not reckless, doing his best to conceal his infinite nervousness and apprehension, but he couldn’t help but reach out and gently wrap his hand around the human doctor’s neck.

Fifteen inches, ten inches, five inches – just when the vampire had almost succeeded in his first step, kissing the human doctor in front of him, Shang HaoJia suddenly moved, and without any hesitation, he turned his head to the side to avoid it.

He suddenly snapped out from his trance. Realizing his rudeness and offense, Wei Long stood up in a panic, inadvertently bouncing the sofa behind him about ten meters away and hitting the fireplace behind him hard, “Sorry, my friend, I—-“


“…Didn’t you just try to bite me?” Shang HaoJia was also taken aback by his reaction, sitting on his butt, blinking blankly at him, “I saw you were really a bit tangled, so I wanted to help you out – I have offered my neck to you, since giving you a meal is so difficult…”


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