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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Sorry, sorry, sorry – my dear friend, I have misunderstood the whole thing…” Wei Long bowed helplessly and reached out towards Shang HaoJia who was sitting on the ground, but because he was too flustered and again failed to grasp the force, he pulled the human from the ground up in the air.

Before he could react, Shang HaoJia felt an almost brutal force on his arm. His whole body stumbled forward two steps, and fell into the other person’s arms.

The human doctor was in the middle of a hug, but this time the human doctor was in front of the vampire’s chest. The sweet scent of blood mixed with the faint smell of Lysol filled his nostrils, and the human body in his arms was well-proportioned and healthy, blood rushing between the carotid arteries, roaring. The vampire’s eyes, stimulated by instinct, finally glowing with a faint color of blood.

Although the change of circumstances was a bit unexpected, Doctor Shang had obviously been used to dealing with all kinds of unexpected situations. He felt the change in the strength of the vampire’s embrace, patted his shoulder encouragingly, and relaxed on top of the other side of his body, voluntarily showing one side of his neck, “Don’t be afraid. It’s just a bite, I believe you can do it!” 

The vampire’s pupils became bloodier and bloodier under the compulsion of blood, and his embrace tightened unconsciously. The two sharp canine teeth suddenly elongated, but he didn’t have time to bite through the skin of the human neck, and suddenly whimpered. He let go of the embrace and took two steps back, hastily raising a hand to cover his mouth.

“If you throw up at a time like this, whether as food or as your boyfriend, I would really be embarrassed…” Doctor Shang rubbed his temples with a headache and looked at the vampire, whose eyes were tightly closed. He then sighed helplessly, but still held his arm with concern, “How – do you want to get better, if you can’t even do this?”

“No, I – I’m not very skilled in the process of canine teeth growing out yet…” The vampire waved his hand with difficulty, vaguely answered with a sentence, then hastily turned his head sideways, wretchedly spat out a mouthful of bloody foam.

The experienced Doctor Shang was bewildered in place for three seconds before reacting to the fact that the vampire in front of him hadn’t had time to suck the blood of others, but had accidentally bitten his own lip. He pulled him down on the sofa and poured a cup of tea into his hand, “It’s okay, don’t open your eyes. Rinse your mouth first, and you can open it when I say it’s okay.”

“I’m really sorry, my dear friend, for making you laugh…” Wei Long, with a bitter smile, took the cup of tea and gargled. Doctor Shang skillfully put a cookie into his mouth, while patting his back, “It’s okay, don’t take it to heart – okay, all the blood is gone now, you can open your eyes.”

The original blood color in his eyes had long faded, and it had returned to its original midnight-like ink color. The first thing he did was to put the plate aside and look at the other sofa far away from the fireplace, Shang HaoJia simply turned sideways and sat on the arm of the sofa where vampire was, taking him by the shoulder and patting him, “My dear friend, have you really never sucked blood before? How come you are so unskilled?”

“In fact, due to some not-so-fond memories of being force-fed blood as a child, I am subjectively very reluctant to take blood.” The vampire helplessly gave a light smile and gently waved his hand. From the slightly chaotic situation, he had recovered in the blink of an eye, and he had even moved back to his original spot on the sofa. “Although I can theoretically suck blood, I will also be tempted by the sweet smell of blood. But if I really drink the blood, instead, it will make me feel very nervous…”

“This mainly belongs to the psychological trauma type of sequelae, the treatment is actually similar to Xian Bei’s fear of heights. Let’s take our time, it can be cured.” The vampire could theoretically suck blood, so Doctor Shang nodded with certainty. He leaned over slightly and looked sideways at the vampire, who hadn’t been completely freed from his embarrassment, “So – what exactly did you misunderstand just now?”

“…” The vampire refused to cooperate and shut his mouth tightly, blinking without resentment.

Something like the Vampire’s Guide to Love, it was really all a lie!

“Okay, okay, I won’t ask – anyway, I can kind of see that coaxing you to drink a mouthful of blood is probably no less difficult than coaxing patients to drink medicine.” Taking the vampire’s silence as silent defiance, Doctor Shang generously patted his shoulder and sat down on the sofa that was easily moved back to its original position, “Let’s try – well, let’s try two to three therapies first today. What time is it now? I basically have no more biological clock to speak of these days…”

“Two to three more therapies?” Although he once fondly called the other party his doctor, hearing that he was really going to be treated as a patient, the vampire suddenly felt that the future was bright, almost as desperate as if it was sprinkled with sunshine.

“It’s about one in the morning, and we’ll be back between seven and eight o’clock in the evening. My dear friend, you have probably rested for three to four hours…”

“I can’t believe I slept for so long, no wonder I don’t feel sleepy at all.” Sensing the vampire patient’s low mood, Doctor Shang nodded, and then thoughtfully pulled away, “Speaking of which, I don’t know much about it. How much would the strength of a malnourished vampire like you who hasn’t been eating properly be affected – if there was a ranking, what would be your approximate ranking?”

“We do have an accurate ranking, in fact this ranking is also accurate to the point. The test was just about a month ago, and was hosted by the Council of Elders, so it is quite current and accurate, and all creatures with Bloodline blood must take it. The test results are also backed up at the Special Agency, and according to my authority, I should be entitled to access them.” The vampire shot up and sat up straight, answered seriously, but a few helpless smile suddenly appeared in his eyes and he shook his head gently with regret. “However – as far as I know, my name in that one ranking is not in the top, only barely in the upper middle. Because that physical side included four major items, height and weight, pull-ups, high jump and long jump, and lung capacity test…”

“…” After a moment of silence with mixed feelings, looking at the vampire who was also poisoned by the examination system, Doctor Shang patted his shoulder with deep sympathy, “My dear friend, you seem to me to be very well proportioned and have a strong ability to jump long and high, so which test did you fail?”

“The weight of the blood race is different from that of humans, it can be controlled by their own strength, so the stronger the strength, the greater the corresponding can make themselves gain weight. In this test, since the top thirty all collapsed the weight scale, the top thirty all received full marks, and I had the honor of occupying a place in it.”

The human doctor’s admiring and shocked gaze finally encouraged the vampire’s originally low mood, and he sat upright and seriously continued to explain test by test, “As for the high jump and long jump, because of the ban on the use of gliding talent by flying races, in addition to a flea spirit that has become refined because of sucking vampire’s blood, I was also fortunate enough to get second place. I was a little weaker in strength and only dragged the ship about 50 nautical miles. Although it ranked in the top ten among the blood races, there were quite a few mixed races with extreme strength that were too good at this one, so they only ranked around the roughly fiftieth place.”

“In that case, the problem lies in lung capacity…” Doctor Shang nodded, holding his jaw to analyze a precise sentence, but suddenly felt wrong, “That’s not right. Due to your race, you don’t have to breathe nor do you have a heartbeat, so what use is your lung capacity? It’s not like you can gasp for air?”

“After all, our lungs still retain its original function, if necessary, we can also deliberately keep breathing. But our test lung capacity has less to do with breathing than it does with eating – because a vigorous appetite often symbolizes a vampire’s enhanced potential, and there was once a vampire who sucked a whale dry during its ascension and is now one of the youngest members of the Elders. This was the fundamental reason why I was banished from the family in the first place; the elders always firmly believed that a vampire who did not suck blood would never have the necessary power, even if he could live on.”

To corroborate his words, the vampire’s chest actually did start to heave when he said so, taking two meticulous breaths before relaxing again into the couch behind him, smiling and shaking his head. “As for the test at the time – to be honest, I didn’t even get to do that one. Because they told me that the test was based on being able to suck a few cows dry in one breath…”

“But your strength is still not below most vampires, which shows how strong your talent really is.”


The vampire was praised with true emotion. Seeing the vague blood color representing delight flashing in those inky eyes, Doctor Shang also nodded with a cordial smile, and the conversation then suddenly turned, “But I still believe that if you can overcome this problem, your strength can definitely go up several more levels – don’t you think so?”


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Thank you for translating.

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It’s quite fascinating how we got here from discussing a mog war between one Wayne Loki and John Doe. And dr. Shang your sleep shedule is seriously messed up.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 23, 2021 7:38 pm

Definitely an interesting read, so the good old doctor is considering that they can get together? Loving it! He is strong even if he hasn’t sucked blood, he just has some traumas associated it with it, hopefully they can get resolved! ❤️❤️

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