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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Under the selfless and patient care of Doctor Shang, although the vampire was not very cooperative in both subjective and objective aspects, he had to follow the instructions of the human doctor and completed the two systematic treatments honestly.

“That’s good, no need for psychological pressure. Next time we will raise the difficulty.” Doctor Shang patted the vampire’s shoulder and gave him an encouraging hug.

Although reluctant to associate a good red wine with blood, and reluctant to go through the repeated practice of lengthening his canine teeth, the vampire showed a considerable degree of grace and patience. He accepted the sudden embrace with a flattering smile and took a deep breath of the sweet scent of the human doctor, “Darling, I have to admit, you smell really tempting…”

“My pleasure. I’d love for you to bite me too. Let’s work harder and try to get me to treat you to a meal. I’ve been donating blood for years, so I’m still pretty strong.” Doctor Shang nodded his head, said thank you in a casual and insincere way, and then turned back to the topic of treatment.

The human doctor held back the vampire’s words ‘can I kiss you’ that were already on his lips. The vampire blinked the tears from his eyes and finally gave up the idea for the time being, resigning himself to the painful reality that he had to be treated.

“I’m very grateful for your selflessness, and I will always cooperate with you in your treatment, and will keep trying. Are you sure you don’t need to sleep again, Dear? I remember that you humans are mostly daytime creatures, it should be time for you to rest…” The vampire asked a concerned question after looking at the time on the wall clock, but Shang HaoJia just waved his hand in a refreshing manner and poured himself a glass of red wine.

“Humans are, of course, a creature of the night and day, but how can an emergency doctor be considered human? I’d rather have a good meal now. Is there anything decent to eat, what does your little wizard eat?”

Wei Long laughed helplessly and was just about to reply when the phone in the other person’s pocket vibrated again.

“If I have to work overtime today, then my vacation will really be exactly the same as if I didn’t take it…” Although the mouth casually complained, the dedicated Doctor Shang still took out his cellphone neatly. But after glancing at the caller alert on the top, he raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“It’s MuXi – why did he call me at this time? Did Mr. He send the boy to him?”

The vampire nodded and stood up with concern, “He’s been delivered, and JiaLun only came back after confirming that he had been taken over by the Special Agency. Now he’s resting upstairs too, do you need me to wake him up?” 

Shang HaoJia, however, just waved his hand gently, picked up the phone and got up from the couch and paced two steps, “MuXi, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with that boy again?”

“Shrimp – shrimp strips, you hurry over, drink with me…” The voice on the phone was drunk. 

Hearing that it’s not about the youth again, Shang HaoJia was finally relieved and moved to stand in front of the window, watching the sky hazily blend into the dawn, holding the tall glass in his hand and turning it around. “Didn’t you say you were allergic to alcohol? You didn’t even drink at our lab party, so what is this now?”

The other side seemed to understand his words after a while, then burped before speaking vaguely, “I’m not allergic – I’m just if I drink, my ears will become pointed, and then my hair will turn blond, and I will become particularly handsome…”

“…” Sensing that the other party was nakedly bragging, Doctor Shang put the cup coldly on the windowsill and kicked over the friendship boat without hesitation. “Then you should use your racial talent and go pick up a girl to drink with you, my dear Mr. Light Elf–“

The boat of friendship had not yet completely sunk, Shang HaoJia suddenly saw the vampire was gesturing at him, with slightly raised eyebrows he stopped the conversation, one hand pressed over the microphone, “What is it – what is the problem?”

“They are indeed like this in the elven race. Although in normal times they can be disguised as human appearance, but, once drunk, they will change back to their original appearance. If we leave it like this, so that his identity is exposed, it will probably affect his tenure in the Special Agency again.” The vampire explained in a low voice, and hurriedly looked sincerely at the human doctor in front of him, raised his hand to his left shoulder, and said with serious affection, “But in my eyes, there is no one more handsome and dashing than you, even among the elves-“

“Well, well, I’m willing to raise dragons anyway, so there’s no need for this between us.” Hearing that it would likely also affect his best friend’s tenure, Shang HaoJia’s expression finally got serious. Interrupting the vampire’s eager praise, he pressed the phone back to his ear again.

An MuXi was crying in the police station. He also saw it. The guy obviously attached great importance to this job. Although he didn’t know what hit him, he ran to drink for no reason. It was definitely not worth losing his job. No matter what, it’s also the friendship of making mung bean soup with centrifuges in the laboratory. Doctor Shang was still planning to pull on his brother at this time.

The elf on the other end was apparently still feeling sorry for himself and drinking by himself, and had actually started humming in a daze. Thinking of the previous werewolf berserking accident, Doctor Shang almost instantly heard the siren of the first level of war and straightened up fiercely, “Let’s have a good talk. Don’t sing and we can still be friends. Where are you? I’m coming to you!”

“Look at you! Look at you! You are like this. I really can’t make sense of you…” The elf suddenly showed some displeasure, muttered a complaint, before finally reported the address, “In the back of the sea side, we always get together to listen to songs in that bar, you also worked as a resident singer for a period of time–“

“Okay, okay, I know, I’ll go there.”

Since he knew the bar, he asked the vampire if he could borrow a car.

“No, no, my dear – not to mention that I will never be bothered by your business, I had something to do tonight, and I can drop you off first, as it’s kind of on the way.” The vampire shook his head with a smile, leaned down slightly with one hand on his shoulder, and winked at him again.

“Don’t forget, I have to fulfill our promise with Mr. Winged Lion to make him a wig – you originally answered his request because of me, so naturally I am obligated to do my part. I’ll go and find all the ingredients tonight, so we can start making it tomorrow.”

“That’s good. Don’t push it too hard, in fact, you should be able to buy it on Taobao. I’ve seen the kind that cats wear to pretend to be lions, so have them make a large one, and you should be able to make it.” Shang HaoJia slightly hesitated, then still nodded. 

The vampire skillfully propped himself up and lightly leaped out of the villa.

The vampire’s chest was comfortably leaned on, feeling the cool night breeze hitting his face, Doctor Shang suddenly remembered the collar of the cloak when he came back, and curiously patted his shoulder, “By the way, I haven’t asked you – if you have the kind of cloak that can turn into black mist, why have you not used it the previous times?”

“This…” The vampire was hesitant to answer, but his eyes suddenly lit up and he grabbed the human in his arms and landed outside a bar, “We’re here, I can smell the scent of Apostle MuXi. Is this the right place?”

“Yes, this is the place.”

Shang HaoJia straightened his clothes, and then let go of the vampire who obviously still had something to hide, “Then I’ll finish his side first, and then we’ll talk more. Anyway, we still have plenty of time. You go ahead and get busy. I’ll call you when it’s done or when I can’t get it done.”

“Okay, you have to be careful too.” The vampire nodded with a light smile, and suddenly gathered the courage to step forward and gently embrace the human in front of him into his arms, intending to take advantage of this opportunity to kiss.

“I have nothing to do, but you should be more careful, remember clearly that if you can’t beat them, run. There is no shame in a strategic retreat.”

Already accustomed to the other’s eagerness to hug, Shang HaoJia graciously embraced him, and patted his back, then turned around and rushed in towards the bar.

Wei Long was left in the same place, stunned for a long time, before finally slackening his stance. He sighed lightly in frustration and took out a small notebook to cross out another part of the guide.

Apparently not realizing where the vampire’s frustration came from, Shang HaoJia entered the bar and looked around, finding the elf sitting in the corner, drinking.

The blonde hair, pointed ears and snow-white skin- all characteristics of the elves were exposed very clearly. Fortunately, he was sitting next to a group of cosplayers who had just left a comic book convention. Each wore an exaggerated exotic costume and their faces were painted with delicate makeup, beside which the genuine elf seemed dull.

Pulling up the already drunken elf, and steadily moving his chair, Doctor Shang felt a headache, rubbed his temples, and gave a laughing sigh. “This is not the first day you’ve been out of tune, so why are you suddenly giving up on yourself like this? Where’s the young man I got you? Even he couldn’t save you?”

“We went to the recording. The result is that he heard half and began howling as he changed.” An MuXi heaved a sigh, and poured a glass of wine into his mouth, then tearfully fell on his shoulder, “I was shocked and rushed to drag him to the Special Agency to check him, only to find that his wolfing trend was suppressed by the serum, but the husky genes are too powerful, so he is more like a dog…”

“…” Doctor Shang held the elf lying on his shoulder, sullenly silent for three seconds, “I do not know if this is considered a side effect…is there still salvation?”

“Normal situation. Same as your vaccination where you sometimes get a fever, drink more boiled water and rest, the effect will be gone in less than three days.” Deeply affected by the light of the genie, he impatiently waved his hand, and a hand pressed his shoulder. With tears, he sat up straight, “You do not care about me! I was the one who suffered the most from this incident! I just don’t understand! I know my singing is bad, but is it really that tragically bad?!”

“Well – probably not that tragically bad. At least – at least those mice who listened to you sing back then also did not die…” The other party’s emotions were a bit out of control, so Doctor Shang cautiously phrased his words and raised his hand to hold his arm, “Come on, think about it – I heard Mr. Wei say that you also stopped the Grand Wizard’s chanting. It’s not that you can’t sing. Just don’t sing. Don’t you elves know anything else but singing?”


“Nonsense, others don’t know how I stopped him from chanting, don’t you know that?” The elf, who was plagued by off-key singing, instantly collapsed, crying and hiccuping, “You know, anyone who sings with me will be abducted by me. The great wizard was just finally carried away by me…”


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Thank you for the chapter.

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I don’t know if dr. Shang is clueless or does it on purpose. As it is, his vampire darling will have to cross out the entire manual, because nothing seems to be working on this good doctor. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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