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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Dude, we’re not talking about you – just singing out of tune! Why are you crying so loudly?” Before Shang HaoJia could figure out how to comfort his friend who had lost the meaning of elf life, a bottle of beer was suddenly thrown on the table, and when he looked over, he saw a tall boy.

The boy who came up was obviously from the group of cosplayers, wearing an odd black dress, bow tie, and carrying a large chainsaw on his shoulder, “Come on, listen to my advice. Blow up this bottle of wine, a man should not cry. There are many cosplayers, so does everyone have to be a good singer?”

“You’re the cosplayer. I’m not a man, I’m a male elf!” The elf, who was in a state of total collapse, shot up in anger. But before he could finish speaking, Shang HaoJia was quick to cover his mouth and pressed him down without a word.

“He said… he said he was what?” The boy was taken aback and stammered out a question.

Doctor Shang pressed the man to the table with one hand, and looked up calmly, still natural and unperturbed, “Nothing, he said he was a Smurf.”

“Oh oh, I was shocked…”

The man was frightened by the staggering male elf. The boy patted his chest, which was relieved. Shang HaoJia kicked hard under the table, and nodded with a friendly smile towards him, “He is just a little bit drunk. I’ll talk to him, it’s okay. Thanks for your kindness.”

“It’s okay, we’re just here to stay up until dawn and worry, so I came to say something.” The boy waved his hand cheerfully and sat down in his chair, and then pulled the elf’s ear twice with interest. “Not to mention, the quality of your elf ears is really good, you can’t see the marks at all – where did you buy them? We’ll have a look at them later, the elf in our group has robot-like ears and usually doesn’t dare to lift his hair.”

After being stomped severely, An Muxi woke up a little and finally remembered that he was in the human world. The boy pulled on his ears for half a day before he replied in a low voice.

“I – I… online shopping, other ones don’t fit very well…”

“Then I’ll leave you my contact information. Send me the name of the store, I’ll make sure to send you a big red envelope.” The boy obviously took it seriously, pulled out a business card from his pocket and shoved it toward him, and then affectionately put an arm around his shoulders and patted it. “Buddy, I’m not saying – on the basis of your condition – at Comic-Con countless people would ask to take your photo. Pick yourself up a little, wear nice clothes and you will directly become a small star, no problem. Why do you have to hang yourself because you can’t sing?”

“Because I just want to sing. My biggest dream in life is to sing. I am a longing soul abandoned by the Lord to sing!” Crying, the light elf strained his neck and replied loudly, then ran out of the bar in grief and anger.

The boy blinked blankly at the change in front of him and looked at Shang HaoJia, whose face was full of unbearable eyes, and sympathetically patted his shoulder, “Dude, your friend is good-looking, but this brain – you should take him to the hospital later to get checked…”

“It’s okay, he’s just drunk. Later he will quiet on his own.”

Shang HaoJia really couldn’t bear to admit that he was a doctor and smiled helplessly and intended to get up and go out to check on him. The boy pulled his arm when he stood up.

“Just now I did not notice, your appearance is also quite good, you do not play cos?”

Looking at the boy who was obviously still green, Shang HaoJia shook his head with a light smile and replied patiently, “I don’t, I’m too busy with my work.”

Hearing his answer, the boy got excited instead, got up and pressed his shoulders with both hands, “Then you’re not in a group with him?! Do you have anything to do during the day today and can you do us a favor? One of the cos wizards in our group couldn’t make it. Today’s Comic-Con will be on stage, we’re just one person short – help us for twenty minutes, we’ll give you two hundred dollars okay?!”

“I have nothing to do during the day, but I have never played cosplay, and I’m afraid I won’t know how to cooperate with you…” Having just met a Hogwarts student, he never suspected that now it would actually be his turn to be invited to play the wizard.

Shang HaoJia helplessly gave a lost smile and was thinking of ways to politely refuse him. His face was suddenly poked with a pair of glasses, and handed an exquisite wand, “Look, look, look, you think he can replace Yi?”

“Not to mention, he really seems to fit, his body is also similar.”

From the side, a boy dressed up as a vampire, looked him up and down, then nodded slightly, and took the initiative to get up and walk to him, “We really can’t find any way out, if we can’t get enough people together, we can’t go on stage, and we would have to pay the organizer’s deposit. We’ll pay for all the props, makeup and styling. The price can be set by you. I wonder if you can help us with this?”

“I used to be a resident singer here when I was in college, and I know what it’s like for you guys to want to pursue something you like…” Looking at the eager and nervous students in front of her, Shang HaoJia suddenly changed his mind. Nodding with a light smile, he looked again at the vampire-dressed boy on the side. “I’m doing you this favor today, and I don’t need you to pay me anything – that little brother who plays the vampire – Do you have any more of these fake teeth? Can you give me a new pair?”

“Yes, yes – I have several new ones here, if you are interested, take them all!” Hearing his words, the boy with vampire makeup nodded excitedly and pulled out five or six fake canines from the prop bag on the floor and put them on the table, “This one doesn’t really affect anything when you get used to it, and you can hide it in your mouth, are you interested in this too?”

“Not me, it’s my-” Picking up a brace and playing with it in his hand, the dedicated Doctor Shang’s mind was still spinning with new treatments. The name that had reached his mouth was spun again, so he changed it without a trace and changed the subject again. “…There is a friend of mine who is currently in need of some experiential therapy. When are you leaving for Comic-Con and how do I need to accommodate your schedule?”

“We’ll leave in time for 8:00, it’s only 4:00. You can go ahead and keep your friend company, or send him home. Just leave us contact information.” The head boy nodded sincerely at him and took out another paper and pen and handed it to him, “Thank you very much indeed, you’ve helped us a lot…”

“You’re welcome, I actually agreed to do it for the fake teeth.” Shang HaoJia smiled and shook his head, raising his hand to take the paper and pen only to habitually sign his name, then ran out of the bar to find An MuXi.

He felt the wind rush by again, and a hand clutched his wrist, “Child, quickly come with me, there is a problem…”

“What’s wrong?”

Not knowing what kind of trouble there would be now, Shang HaoJia raised his eyebrows in surprise. He was suddenly tapped on the shoulder, “Friend, can you tell us what your name is and what your status is?”

Turning around, there were two more middle-aged men at the table. They were both wearing black trench coats, with large sunglasses over their faces, and the collars of their trench coats were pulled up quite high, making them almost impermeable.

Doctor Shang, who has read many ghost stories, raised his eyebrows indifferently, looked at the two in front of him who also had no vital signs, and calmly patted the one arm that was holding him down. Avoiding the group of students, he guided them to a secluded corner. “What do you think my name is, and what is my identity?”

“I heard the elf who just came in call you Chips, but with what we know about human society, there shouldn’t be such a strange name. Otherwise, His Highness Loki would be called Wang Laoji-“

Before the first revelation could be absorbed, he was hit by another one, “His Highness Loki has stressed three times that we are not allowed to mention His Highness Loki’s name, and you have drunk it all on the blood!”

“I forgot, I forgot – I am guilty, I am ashamed of the trust of His Highness Loki…” The kicked blood clan member hastily stood up straight, respectfully drew a cross on his chest and sincerely confessed his sins.

He could not help but sigh lightly, Doctor Shang had obviously had a certain assessment of the identity and intelligence level of his opponents this round. Sitting down calmly on the sofa, he poured himself a glass of wine and calmly played with the wand in his hand, “So, you are sent by Loki. Who did he tell you to arrest?”

“No, no, we were not sent by His Highness Loki, and the name of His Highness Loki has never come out of our mouths.” The other Blood shook his head hastily and denied it vehemently before looking at him warily again, “You are holding a wand, so by all rights you should be a sorcerer, but the person we are looking for is not a sorcerer.”

He wanted to know why he was being targeted in the first place, but Shang HaoJia suppressed his vague unease, took a sip of wine without moving, leaned back into the sofa, and asked a patient question, “Then why are you looking for me?” 

The Blood seemed to be startled by his question, hesitated for a long time before pulling another photo out of his pocket, “We’re looking for this male human. The elf said he knew this human and that he was inside the bar.”

Seeing his stupid ID photo in that pale, withered hand, Doctor Shang lifted his gaze and looked kindly at the elf who had slithered over close to the edge. An MuXi, who had regained his human appearance, was scared by his gaze, and shrunk his neck, but still honestly slipped to the edge of the sofa and sat down, “I did say I was drunk. I did not look carefully…”

“Look, let me help you sort it out. First, you are looking for an ordinary human being. Am I an ordinary human being?” Too lazy to pay attention to the elf, Doctor Shang quickly unfolded the professional state, patiently leaned forward and looked at the two Bloods in front of him.

The question was not difficult, and the two Bloods shook their heads without hesitation, their movements appearing to be quite consistent, “No, you are a wizard.”

“Very well,” Doctor Shang nodded in satisfaction and encouragement, and then took his wand and tapped the glasses that had just been poked on, “Second, I’m wearing glasses. Did the man in that picture wear glasses?”

“No, he’s not wearing glasses.” Encouraged by Doctor Shang, the Blood who had previously been chastised by his companion had learned to snatch the answer and nodded again with blessing, “I see, this human is not you, and you are not the one we are looking for.”

“Very well, you can go now.” Finally having barely muddled through, he could also not know whether there will be any new changes – after all, the intelligence of the villain could not always be so suspect. Having confirmed that he must have been targeted, the calm Doctor Shang wiped the cold sweat from his palm without a trace, but his heart grew heavier and heavier.

“Wait!” Another Blood suddenly stopped the companion, pulled out a book, and seriously took out a quill, “We still need to know the names of you two. Chips… this name is too suspicious, hearing this name makes it sound like you are not good people.”

“…” Shang HaoJia took a deep breath and looked up frankly, “My name is Le Shi, the happy Le, the trouble for Shi.”

“Very good, that’s a much more normal name, I know that human society has the surname Le.” That blood nodded in satisfaction and looked at An MuXi again, “Your turn, Mr. Elf. What’s your name again?”


“I-” An MuXi was momentarily speechless, until he met Shang HaoJia’s stern gaze, and paused half a long time before finally he heaved a sigh. With deep resignation, he lowered his head, “Well, I will not hide from you, my name is Mo Xilian…” 1


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Translator Notes:

  1. Moxilian = Momchilovtsi (莫斯利安). Momchilovtsi is a Chinese brand of drinkable yogurt produced by Bright Dairy & Food, a company in Shanghai. Made from lactobacillus bulgaricus imported from Bulgaria, it was inspired by the yogurt in the village of Momchilovtsi, Bulgaria. 


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With subordinates like that, his Highness Loki might not be the brightest bulp in the bunch either. And this elf friend was this close to causing serious trouble! Looking forward to the performance.

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Cosplaying for some fake vampire teeth he gets glasses and a dummy wand that fool the bad guys. This is the Three Stooges of BL. Great chapter!

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