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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


It took some effort to convince the overly dedicated human doctor to stay in bed and then followed He JiaLun to the entrance of the villa. Only after seeing with his own eyes the most ostentatious carriage did Wei Long finally understand the reason for his werewolf friend’s surprise.

“You see, I’m not lying to you, right?” Shrugging his nose and sniffing, the werewolf tilted his jaw in a serious manner and looked curiously at the vampire beside him, “Smells like a lot of layers of flavor – what’s all this, you have relatives who brought specialties?”

“Not to mention that most of the members of the blood race who can be called my relatives and friends are currently asleep. Even if it’s true that the Bloods are traveling, they would never travel in such a pompous vehicle.” Rubbing his temples with a headache, the vampire still politely straightened his clothes and stood at the door to greet the other party.

“If nothing unexpected happens, the carriage should now have and not be limited to an elven apostle, a spherical vampire, two servings of cassoulet chicken and rice, duck blood vermicelli soup, and a hairy blood wang…”

“Great, great, is delivery so big now?” The wolves nodded in respect, and when they saw the carriage land, they left the vampire, who was afraid of the sun, inside the house and enthusiastically called out, “Thank you for your hard work, come on, give me the rice – how much is it? First of all, even if you send it in this vulgar and pompous way, I will not pay an extra delivery fee…”

“You are really a domestic husky, you only know how to eat, your eyesight is much worse than a corgi – this is the transport of our elven royal family, what do you know?” After glaring at the hybrid werewolf in front of him, An MuXi jumped down with a blood-sucking ball in one hand and shoved the take-out box that was in his hand, “My portion of cassoulet should be heated with Earth Fire, and the other one is for Doctor Shang. And the two portions of hairy blood wang and duck blood vermicelli soup, also bought according to his medical advice, ask him how to deal with – by the way, where is Potato Chip?”

“He–” The dutiful werewolf butler subconsciously took over the pile of take-out boxes. Before he could say anything, Wei Long had already introduced An MuXi to the hall with a smile and pushed him to the kitchen, “He’s upstairs in the bedroom. Because he was a bit tired, I suggested him to rest in bed, so I did not come with him to greet His Excellency the Apostle, please forgive me.”

“Upstairs – in the bedroom?” The well-read light elf repeated those words, and then his expression suddenly became rather indescribable. Meaningfully, he nodded towards the vampire and gave a mysterious smile that ‘you understand, I understand, and everyone understands’. “You two are making really fast progress – okay, you do not need to say more, Potato Chip is thin-skinned, know more is to be killed. Just tell him to lie down, and thank you for solving a confusion I’ve had for years…”

“What confusion?” Although Wei Long had inherited enough blood secret tradition, it was limited to the level of an empty rich theoretical knowledge. His thousand years of bachelor’s antique vampire practical experience was still very limited. At the moment, he actually failed to pick up the innuendo of the elf, blinked blankly, and subconsciously pursued a question.

“You also know – how much I also study medicine, the basic physiological knowledge. According to my research on various races, I really haven’t figured out whether you vampires can accomplish some necessary physiological activities or not…”

The vampire’s physiology was a very important part of his life. The vampire’s shoulders were tapped, and he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air and pull his hand back like an electric shock, “Hiss – it’s hot!”

“I’m very sorry, Your Excellency the Apostle’s words just now made my emotions fluctuate slightly, I didn’t control my power well and accidentally burned Your Excellency.”

Wei Long picked up an elegant formulaic smile, as if the air around him also jumped for a moment, calling the elf apostle, who had almost zero melee skills, to silence him at once. The vampire was still one of the most dangerous targets in the Special Agency, which had been marked with an S level, and he couldn’t help but be wary.

As if awakened by the moment of pure blood breath, the previously silent blood-sucking ball suddenly struggled with two circles of bones, forcefully patted the sofa, “It smells like spicy fries, quick give me a bite – can’t you see that I am dying?!”

“What did he say?”

The king of purebloods elegantly turned around and sat on the sofa, hands fell on the armrest. After glancing towards the ball-shaped vampire on the sofa, he couldn’t help but frown slightly and ask a question in disgust. 

“Are you in pure-blood mode?”

Once he saw Wei Long in pure-blood killing state, An MuXi looked towards him carefully for a long time before he understood why the other party suddenly changed his temperament. This was slightly relieved, and dutifully acted as a translator, “He said ‘It smells like spicy fries, quick wave me a bite – can’t you see that I am dying’ – this is what he said, but I have nothing to do with ah!…”

“See – you can die slowly, I’m not in a big hurry.” The scarlet blood in his eyes faded instantly, Wei Long smiled and responded, the aura on his body then faded, “Many thanks to His Excellency the Apostle for sending him here. You have avoided a direct conflict between the Bloods and the Special Agency, both from my own perspective and as a pureblood whose identity I am not actually very willing to assume, I offer you my high respect and gratitude for such a selfless and considerate act.”

“Liar, I clearly think you’re having fun scaring people with pureblood scare…” Shaking his head resentfully, he took his heated copy of the takeaway from the werewolf. The frightened elf still couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice, and then couldn’t help but worry about his best friend’s married life, and gathered enough courage to sit up straight and glare back.

“I can tell you, the two of you in the future when you fight, you are not allowed to be so aggressive with Potato Chips. The Convention on the Peaceful Coexistence of Humans and vampire, the six hundred and fifty-third edition of the final amended version, the second edition of the beaten to death version provides that in any case, vampire to human intimidation, coercion, etc., to not cause harm, but also subject to the penalty of a three-day ban on blood – although it also seems to have no use for you…”

“In my unawareness, the Special Agency has actually all but held six hundred and fifty-three meaningless meetings.” The vampire shook his head and laughed lightly, poured a cup of tea for himself, also thoughtfully poured a cup for the elven apostle in front of him, and pushed it in front of him with one hand, “Please rest assured that I will never be even half as threatening or detrimental to him, no matter what form or situation I am in.”

“Wrong, in fact, we had six hundred and fifty-four meetings. Because being beaten to death does not change the version strictly to distinguish, and the difference between the first version and the second version…”

Raising his hand to take the cup of tea, the elf who had suffered from the torment of the side sighed full of bitterness and nodded towards him as a sign of gratitude, “By the way, this is only the Convention on the Peaceful Coexistence of Humans and Vampires. Do you want to know how many times the Werewolf-Vampire Armistice has been reprinted?”

“Sadly, I happen to have no interest in that question.” Relentlessly interrupting the other man’s complaint, Wei Long blinked apologetically at him, lightly sipped his tea, and looked to the side at the bloodsucking ball who had started mumbling again, “What did he say again?”

“He said – he said to take him away quickly, he smelled something ominous…”

An MuXi went over and listened carefully, then sat up again in bewilderment and looked around curiously, “What ominous odor can there be here, your hairy blood wang paste?”

Before his words fell, there was suddenly an ear-splitting dragon roar behind him. With a loud bang, a marble floor tile in the living room was smashed to pieces by the golden dragon’s tail, “It’s him – it’s this herbal tea seller who chased me all the way and beat me into this state!”

“What nonsense, the noble gangster owes my race!”

Hearing Golden Dragon’s words, the bloodsucking ball that was still thinking of running fast suddenly leapt up in annoyance, bounced on the sofa, and said angrily with slurred teeth, “If you didn’t call me Wayne Loki, I wouldn’t have missed you for so long!”

“All right, all right, you quickly stop talking.”

The elf who had listened to him stammer all the way, now only felt more and more of a headache, a hand pressed the bloodsucking ball back into the sofa.

“This esteemed Dragon Highness, as the Dragon and Blood belong to the same very powerful race, there is also no significant conflict, so the Special Agency in principle there is no system to restrain your two races fighting – I can pretend not to see anything, but please a little less noise, my friend is upstairs, and  he may need more rest…”

“I can’t move yet, you go help me roast him!” The golden dragon was so angry that he blew his dragon whiskers, his round dragon eyes glared into copper bells, but his voice was really lowered a lot, and he patted his tail towards the fire dragon who was in a dilemma.

The fire dragon was obviously much more sensible than its fiery companion. The vampire’s master looked at the side and received the signal not to be impulsive in the other party’s gaze, so he turned around with difficulty and scratched his two little paws in front of his body twice.

“Dear, you see he has been hurt so badly – if he is willing to go through the procedure of civil disputes and compensate you, we will let him off this time, do not injustice when the time comes, okay?”

“Gas me… you can not go back to sleep in the nest tonight, and can not follow me to this year’s Peach Conference – no ginseng fruit, none!”

Although the same gave the vampire master a little peace and quiet hint, but, they are also flat out beaten all over the wound. The golden dragon who was full of anger with nowhere to vent, coldly grunted and turned his neck, let the fire dragon shake two small claws. He wanted to say how to persuade, but said nothing.

The elf on the side heard the ginseng fruit, his eyes suddenly brightened, and the look suddenly showed a strong eagerness. Quickly walking over, one hand on the shoulder and one knee pointing to the ground, in front of the crowd, he respectfully bowed towards him.


“Respected divine dragon highness, if I give this blood-sucking ball to your disposal, you can give me a – no, half a ginseng fruit? I’ve heard that ginseng fruit can cleanse the muscles and marrow and shed the bones, and I think this disease of mine can only be cured with this level of treatment…”


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May 25, 2021 11:13 am

The elf was willing to give up the other vampire for a piece of Ginseng lol also the elf being worried about his friends marriage! They haven’t even gotten so far! Lol

May 25, 2021 11:26 am

Loki vamp is in trouble and that’s one fickle character! One angry dragon. One weary vampire. One recovering doctor. What will happen next?
Thank you for the chapter.

May 25, 2021 11:34 pm

The elf….what a 180 degree turn😂😂😂😂

May 26, 2021 4:08 am

The vampire ball is so done for! Roast him, Dragon Highnesses, roast him untill he’s crispy. And this Elf friend, I think you should study law instead of medicine.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 7, 2021 11:59 am

Uh oh. Dragon daddy has to sleep on the sofa for a while. I love how they keep calling the other vampire a blood-sucking ball cause he’s all swollen. The conversations in this story are really great!

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