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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Well, you’d better stop talking for now.”

Looking at the super angry bloodsucking ball, Wei Long finally lost his smile and turned to pat the werewolf butler’s shoulder, “My friend, can you help sneak the old gnome’s spare dentures here? Remember not to let him find out, or the bloodsucking vines and bone devouring flowers in the garden will definitely cause trouble.”

“Gnome – oh, I know where it is.” Always the best at finding things and hiding things, the hybrid husky thought of the target location after a little thought. Nodding readily, he walked quickly out the back door.

Looking at the werewolf’s back in horror, Wayne Loki shook his head desperately and popped up violently from the sofa, “Thanks to you, you are thtill a pure-blood chicken king, talking so thpicy, actually can’t wave my theeth back!”

“I’m not a chicken king, I’m the only remaining male descendant of the pure-blood family, this point you must distinguish clearly.” Meticulously corrected the other party’s misnomer. The world’s only remaining pure-blood king shrugged, shook his head helplessly, spread the take-out boxes on the table one by one, and arranged them in a strict line. “Unfortunately – just like the information you’ve been given. Due to prolonged starvation, my strength has been inhibited to a considerable degree, so I’m currently just pulling teeth, and as for veneers, please forgive me if there’s really nothing I can do about it.”

“…So you just be flipping ah!” The blood-sucking ball slapped the sofa angrily, and his eyes fell on the duck-blood vermicelli soup in front of him, when his voice stopped abruptly.

The four eyes were facing each other, Wayne Loki struggled for a long time, finally reluctantly grunted and turned his head as he pushed the lunch box, “Yeth I’m angry angry angry. You pithed me off. I’m not going to – argue with the likth of you.” 1

“Who cares about five, six, seven or eight, hurry up and put your dentures in first.”  2 With the husky’s natural ability, He JiaLun did not take long to come back, without saying a word, he interrupted Wayne Loki, and roughly stuffed the dentures into his mouth. “Don’t worry, it’s new – the old gnome’s memory is not that good, so there are hundreds of dentures in total, so you don’t have to return them.”

“Thanks, it’s much better now.” Although far from the originally expected level of recovery, but at least finally able to speak properly again, Wayne Loki undoubtedly still felt quite satisfied. Nodding with hot tears, he pushed the duck blood vermicelli soup and duck’s blood and beef tripe in spicy soup 3 together without good grace, “Okay, okay, I’ll eat. Just wait until I get my strength, I’m still waiting for my teeth…”

“There’s no need to hurry to eat, it’s better to cure your allergy first.”

Looking at the two aromatic delicacies in front of him, the King of Purebloods was silent for a long time, and finally could not help but give up. Shaking his head helplessly, he graciously rolled up one side of his sleeve. “Although my blood is of little use to the teeth that have been cursed off by myself, an ordinary allergy symptom like this can still be cured with just one bite.”

“Do you think I can bite your arm with such teeth?!” Looking at the other party’s straightforward and frank look, Wayne Loki’s anger exploded, taking out the dentures and slamming them on the table, “You give me a bite, but how can I bite?!”

“Then what do you think?” Wei Long raised his eyebrows, folded his arms and leaned into the sofa, slightly inclined his head and waited for the other vampire’s proposal.

“……” Wayne Loki opened his mouth, then angrily picked his dentures and stuffed them into his mouth. He pulled out a letter opener from his pocket and slapped it on the table, “What else can I do? You need to bleed for me to drink. At worst, I’ll have to return this favor to you!”

Looking at the blood-sucking ball in front of him with a smile, Wei Long cleared his throat and leaned back into the sofa with aplomb and replied calmly, “You seem to forget that I have hemophobia – I obviously do not have the means to complete such a difficult job independently. And I have good reason to believe that my dear doctor would not stand to let me bleed with a letter opener.”

Hearing the conversation between the two and being mentioned, the doctor looked up from his lunchbox and put down the chopsticks in his hands, “Even if it is true that there is a knife, I am not in favor of you losing blood at this time. In fact, this is a common allergy symptom for him, and it can be treated symptomatically with anti-allergy drugs…”

“Unbridled – you are the pervert, you humans are all perverts!” Wayne Loki shot up and interrupted him angrily, obviously feeling strongly dissatisfied with the naming of this class of medicine.

Doctor Shang, who gladly accepted the blood gangster young master’s comment, raised his eyebrows noncommittally, then took out a small pill box from his pocket and grabbed a piece of medicine from it, “Xian Bao, Xian Bei, force his mouth open.”

The two little dragons were obviously very interested in this kind of game. They answered excitedly, scrambled over, and tacitly used their tails to work together to force open the blood-sucking ball’s mouth.

Doctor Shang nodded in satisfaction, tossed the medicine in his hand into his mouth with precision, and fished out a large white rabbit candy from his pocket to share with the two little guys as a reward.

“How about cooperating and making a bet – if the reaction on your body goes down smoothly, it means that what you have is indeed an allergy?”

“You—” The blood-sucking ball was stuck in a dilemma, not knowing whether to expect his recovery or to continue to swell. But still refused to lose his temper, fiercely glaring at the human doctor in front of him. “I’ll bet on it. I don’t believe that your human medicine will have the same effect on us vampires!”

“The effect is indeed different, your swelling will reduce much faster than humans.”

WIth a serious pat on Wayne Loki’s shoulder, He JiaLun flipped out a mirror, and mercilessly shoved it in front of him, “Congratulations, pervert – this time I’ll be the notary, Doctor Shang won. “

“How can it be – how can I be the same kind of pervert?!” Wayne Loki shook his head in horror, holding his head and squatting into the corner, suddenly fell into a strong doubt about his ball life, “Fake, it must be fake, I’m still a ball, I must still be a ball…”

Confirming the efficacy of the drug, Doctor Shang nodded in satisfaction, and picked up a mouthful of rice into his mouth. He curiously touched little Xian Bei’s dragon horns, “WangWang, why don’t you eat sugar? Don’t you like the jujube flavor?”

“Does Brother Boctor also get sick?” Although he cried his heart out when he was cured, and after healing, the little one became a lot closer to this brother with a sweet milk candy aroma. Moving along his arm to his shoulder, he gently rubbed his neck, “Brother Doctor smells weak, and not as delicious as before…”

“You non-human races, is this the only way you know how to compliment people?” Suddenly, he realized that he was not just food for one or two races. Shang HaoJia smiled helplessly, took the small dragon that was trying so hard to dent into his neck, and gently patted its dragon horns, “Brother suffered a little injury, was bitten by a pervert, and needs to recuperate for a while, but I will be fine.”

“Do you think I wanted to bite you? If you hadn’t suddenly come up to me at that time, I would have evolved into true pure—” Hearing the familiar two words, Wayne Loki, who was in the corner, self-loathing, jumped up sensitively. After the annoyed retort, his look changed greatly, and his hand covered his mouth, “No, no, I did not say anything, and you guys did not hear anything…”

Picking out a piece of chicken leg meat from the lunch box and feeding it to Xian Bei and Xian Bao who came up, Shang HaoJia looked at the thoughtful vampire beside him and asked a curious follow-up question, “What is true purity? Is it also your classification level?” 

Xian Bao, who was stronger than his brother and had inherited the bloodline, gobbled up a mouthful of chicken and raised his tail to answer, “I know – Zhen Chun is a kind of yogurt! I drank it when I was a guest at Xiao Hu’s house, it’s delicious!”

Xian Bei chewed slowly and ate a small piece of chicken before seriously correcting his brother’s mistake, “No, that is called Chun Zhen, brother remembered the name backwards again…”

The two little ones shifted their attention again and muttered about which name was the right one. Wayne Loki vainly glanced over twice, wanted to slip back into the corner as if nothing had happened and was suddenly intimidated by pressure enough to freeze in place.

“I’ve been thinking about why you actually have the ability to resist my pressure, and actually have some resistance to the natural abilities of pure bloods.” Wei Long slowly got up and walked unhurriedly in front of him. His eyes turned blood red, two canine teeth showed between his lips, his body had a faintly condensed black fog around him.

Although the overwhelmingly strong pressure caused other’s hearts to jump, and even to the side, the golden dragon and fire dragon were unconsciously frozen in place. Shang HaoJia was still able to move freely. The two little ones around him also seem to be oblivious, still arguing unconvincingly about who remembered the name more accurately.

Looking at the two dragons not far away, Wayne Loki’s eyes flashed with some defiance. He tried hard to break free from the oppression of the pure blood, but as soon as he moved, he was crushed to the ground by the sudden increase in pressure again.

“If I were you, I would meekly choose not to move, lest I be enraged and strike to deprive you of your bloodline.”

A faint black color diffused within his crimson eyes, but that black color was different from the old days, as if it carried a regal and powerful power. The pure-blood king with his aura in full swing hooked his lips up an icy smile, half-crouched down to look at him, and lifted his jaw with one hand. “I really never thought there would be a pseudo-pure-blood in this world – it seems you didn’t arrive in this city by chance, but chased me all the way here. If that’s the case, why didn’t you make a move on me earlier?”

“I’m just procrastinating, what’s your problem? I also have to fall in love, how can I have the time to chase after you every day!” The strong intimidating pressure had almost condensed into substance. Wayne Loki struggled to lift his head, and gave in with a cold snort, “If you want to deprive me of my bloodline, just do it, we the tea – bah, we, the Les clan, won’t bow down to you righteous forces!”4


Hearing his words, the King of Pureblood’s expression suddenly moved slightly and patted his shoulder affectionately, with some meaningful smile right in his eyes, “No, no – I think you misunderstood. Not only will I not really deprive you of your bloodline, on the contrary, I will also help you evolve into a true pureblood bloodline. After evolving into true purity, you will become the only male pureblood vampire in this world, and take on the major task of reproducing the blood race. When that time comes, you can then enjoy the life of a lovey-dovey relationship…”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 般见(识<—-this also became a lisp here)
  2. Punning with his seven lisp because the angry in previous sentence sounds the same as 7.
  3. This is a hard pun to translate. The two used here are 我们凉茶 and 我们莱斯, which only are different by the last character. wǒ men liáng chá versus wǒ men lái sī.


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May 26, 2021 1:16 pm

Interesting development, is he planning to give up his bloodline? And why is Mr Loki looking for a relationship?? The two dragons are adorable!

May 27, 2021 6:35 am

More then he deserves!
Love it when Wei Long’s vampy powers get an airing 🧛‍♂️
‘Honey’ isn’t really a term of endearment an old English person would use… unless he picked it up from watching American TV programmes ☺ (joking and I don’t dislike it).
Thank you for translating.

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