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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“But… if I keep a Bi Xi, what is the difference between it and a turtle…” Although he was impressed by the generosity of the dragons, Doctor Shang, who still had his senses intact, could not help but whisper a sigh of relief after carefully recalling the legendary shape of Bi Xi. 1

“I see, boys want to be cool, no problem.”

Seeing that the annual tribute of two bags of milk candies was about to arrive, the golden dragon waved its tail and nodded readily, “Don’t worry, we have a special egg examiner. It will either be a Suanni Lion or a Bi’an Tiger 2. I’m sure I’ll give you two powerful ones, so you can easily dominate the whole neighborhood when you take them out for a walk!”

Not expecting this kind of discussion, Shang HaoJia helplessly smiled, took out his phone to open Taobao, intending to determine the specific taste of the big white rabbit. The Golden Dragon, however, when he hesitated again, rolled his two sons over with his dragon whiskers and arranged them into a heart shape without any further ado.

“I remember that you humans call this – yes, heart! Don’t dilly-dally, honey, one or two? The dragon eggs are included in the package!”

“…” Looking at the situation in front of him as if Jiangnan Dragon Farm had closed down, Shang HaoJia’s hand holding the phone could not help but freeze. He was crying and laughing at the forced purchase of the golden dragon, and for a moment did not know how to react.

The two little dragons that were sold by jumping off a building obviously did not have the sense of being sold. Xian Bao, because of his strong body and fast speed, jumped in front of him and wagged his tail desperately, “Brother Doctor, Brother Doctor, you just leave it to me! I can help you demolish the house – No, help you clean up the house!”

“And there is me too, Brother Doctor, I also have a use!” Seeing his brother actually unrighteously trying to steal the first step, Xian Bei was not willing to show weakness, and followed by chasing his brother. Cradled in Shang Haojia’s neck, he gently rubbed his earlobe with his head.

“Now the day is so hot, you humans must find it particularly hard to bear – and so if you want it to rain, I will cry. The meteorological bureau is aware that I love to cry, so no one cares about me when it rains a little…”

The breath of the little dragon was not yet strong, and the soft dragon breath swept over Shang Haojia’s ear. The human doctor gave an uncomfortable, small cough before hastily moving the little guy, “Well, if I sign you two together, will there be any influence?”

“No, we are one and two, as good as a dragon!”

Hearing that Brother Doctor finally agreed, the two little dragons who were fighting endlessly just now immediately stopped fighting and entwined intimately.

Shang HaoJia could not help but laugh lightly and patted the two little dragons’ horns. The black fog suddenly exploded with a pop, and a black shadow swooped towards Shang HaoJia.

“Protect Brother Doctor !” Xian Bao majestically roared, agily leaped up, gripped the black shadow, and then forcefully flung it back and forth twice.

Although the little dragon usually did not see any threat, it was after all, the descendant of the true dragon, and in a moment of crisis his outbreak of power could not be underestimated. The black shadow screamed and was thrown back and forth on the ground twice, but still stubbornly crawled towards the human doctor with tears in his eyes, dying to accuse the pure-blood king of brutal crimes, “Human, control your vampire! …He has the audacity to drink my blood!”

“I’m sorry, but that taste is really too tempting – it just so happens that I’ve been a bit on fire lately. For some reason, I remembered an ad I just saw on TV…” Apologetically leaning over slightly, the King of Purebloods smiled and shook his head, then walked quickly towards his human doctor.

“Liar! You clearly said that the blood of the Purebloods would be particularly hard to drink in order to protect themselves – eh?”

Freezing in the middle of his originally righteously indignant accusation of the other party’s crime, Wayne Loki lowered his head ready to check his own wounds, but suddenly a single movement caused him to notice something strange.

Doctor Shang’s gaze brightened and he stood up with relief, looking towards his vampire, “Congratulations! Have you finally managed to overcome this psychological obstacle?”

“I’m sorry, dear. I still haven’t overcome this. I can only ignore all negative symptoms for a short while because I’m in a pureblood state.”

Meeting his gaze, Wei Long’s eyes showed an apologetic smile. With a wave of his hand to remove the blood stains, everything around was restored. Then, one hand on the shoulder of his human, he accompanied him to sit on the sofa. “In fact, I also have to admit that due to performing too many recent conversions too often, I may not be able to turn on the pure-blood state again for quite some time…”

“Wait a moment first.” He didn’t expect him to just reveal his weakness so openly. Doctor Shang, who was experienced in fighting against enemies, hastily called a halt and vigilantly looked over towards Wayne Loki, who was barely holding the position of the villainous big boss, but his expression suddenly showed some confusion, “Is he – drinking his own blood? “

Looking at Wayne Loki, who was drinking vigorously, the vampire nodded blandly and responded in a serious manner, “The day is too hot, probably he is also a bit on fire.”

Doctor Shang’s thoughts for a moment spun around. Feeling a headache, he rubbed his temples, raised his hand to interrupt the other, “Wait, I’m a little confused… he will suck himself dry like this?”

“Theoretically he will not – because a vampire has no heartbeat, there is no blood circulation in the body, so usually by sucking blood will promote the renewal of blood in the body. The blood sucked will be quickly infused into the blood vessels throughout the body. And this is why when he sucked a mouthful of mixed blood succubus blood, immediately his whole body was swollen.”

After all, he was also in a relationship with the doctor, so Wei Long had read a lot of basic medical knowledge to catch up. Under the actual doctor’s gaze, he elegantly nodded, gave a light smile, then calmly threw out a rather professional statement, “Sounds very scientific, I accept this argument.”

Doctor Shang rested his jaw and nodded thoughtfully, but then suddenly looked curiously at the difficult blood drinker in front of him, “What about you? How do you usually get your blood circulating?”

“I–” The vampire who had recovered from the pure blood state suddenly showed some embarrassment, touched his nose and coughed lightly with a slight sense of urgency. 

Before he had time to answer, the werewolf on the side had already grumpily interjected into the two people’s conversation, “Oh – I finally understand, no wonder you’re sleeping upside down when you have nothing to do. I thought it was the vampire’s racial habit, thinking it’s a good idea to shake it before going to bed…”

“My friend, have you cut the watermelon yet?” The vampire turned his head and showed a kind smile towards the talkative hybrid husky. 

He JiaLun subconsciously shivered, hurriedly put the fruit plate in his hand on the table, “I cut it. You two eat it. I’ll go see if the old gnome is still looking for his dentures…”

Satisfied with watching the werewolf leave, the vampire then quickly adjusted his demeanor and resumed his elegant smile. Thoughtfully taking a slice of watermelon for his own human, he returned to their discussion, “Dear, this topic really does not make much sense, we can talk more about it later. I just vaguely heard that you and the esteemed True Dragon Highness talked about signing.”

“We’ve pretty much reached an agreement, and if there are no surprises, we should be signing up with the two little ones.”

Taking a bite of the watermelon, he cut off a small piece for the two eager little dragons that had come over.

Shang HaoJia nodded, and no longer cared about the vampire brand perpetual motion machine in the corner, and looked at the golden dragon,”Mr. Xian Lin – may I ask if I need to do any preparations if I want to sign a contract with your two sons?”

“No, no, you can just sign with the little gold dragons at once.”

Seeing that the other party had bought his two sons over at once, the golden dragon’s eyes took on a hint of joy, as if he were imagining a steady stream of milk candies falling from the sky, “Have you heard the song? ‘I have horns on my head, I have a tail behind me…'”

“……” With a complicated look at the frank-faced golden dragon, Doctor Shang had a difficult mental struggle and turned his head to look at the two little ones who were simply blinking their eyes, “Xian Bao, Xian Bei, is it true what your father said?”

“Yes! The first lesson in the first grade textbook of ‘The Essential Readings of the Dragon Infancy’ teaches us to sing this song in preparation for our future signing!” Xian Bao nodded vigorously and dragged out a huge school bag from under the tail of the fire dragon, and took out an exquisite picture book from it, spreading it on the table with a snap, “Brother Doctor, if you don’t know it, we can teach it to you. Neither of us is out of tune!”

“No, I actually do… but I’m still curious what was the way you dragons signed before the song was created.”

Looking at the clearly marked English and Chinese and the two little dragons named ‘Xiao Ming’ and ‘Xiao Hong,’ Doctor Shang couldn’t help but rub his temples and looked up at the golden dragon, “I’m sure your signing history is much longer than this song…”


“That’s true of course, we have at least been our Chinese totem for several thousand years!” The golden dragon proudly straightened his back, his tail slapped the ground twice, cleared his throat in a serious manner, and proudly flaunted his singing voice. “Before this, what we used to sign was ‘Giant Dragon, Giant Dragon, you’re two years short of two years, forever and ever’ – only now this bunch of kids, one by one, they all disliked the old version saying it didn’t sound good, which is why they changed it to the new one…”


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Translator Notes:

  1. These are chinese mythical creatures.


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