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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


The two little dragons insisted, so Doctor Shang had to resign himself to lead a vocal part and accompany the two little ones to finish the children’s song. The vampire stood by happily, smiling, and took out his cell phone to record such a rare and precious scene.

At the very next moment when the last note settled, Shang HaoJia suddenly heard a dragon roar in his ears. The dragon roar was thick and long, as if it could easily evoke the deepest awe in people’s hearts. Then in front of him, the shadow of a golden dragon suddenly emerged slowly.

It was the image that fits best with the oldest Chinese totem – a dragon with eyes like bells and golden armor, claws on auspicious clouds and body with lightning, slowly hovering in mid-air, eyes staring at the human below.

“Brave young man, yo–“

Shang HaoJia blinked blankly and suddenly had a slightly ominous feeling in his heart. The dragon was still majestic, but three pictures appeared in front of him, and he continued unhurriedly.

“Did you sign with this ordinary Welsh Green Dragon, this Norwegian Ridgeback, or these two small Golden Dragons?”

“…I have to say, your dragon’s captcha is much more user-friendly than 12306’s.”

Doctor Shang was moved to sigh lightly and clicked on the photos of the two little guys. The dragon’s head suddenly shone with a golden light, and the words ‘Signing progress 25%’ appeared on the dragon’s body.

“Very well, you have passed the honesty test.” The dragon’s progress bar increased and he nodded in relief, and a golden decree appeared in front of him, at the very beginning of which were a few words in Chinese characters, ‘Dragon Clan Signing Instructions.’

In this line below the title, at least a few thousand words of dense script were written. The contract’s fine print included tribute, dragon egg breeding, social life and many other aspects, as well as detailed provisions of many extremely trivial details.

“No need to look carefully. It includes some ‘It is forbidden to eat fried dragon eggs’, ‘No return or exchange for broken dragon egg shells’, ‘Must be timely with the baby dragon birth control’ and other such nonsense. After signing, you will be given a paper copy, along with the dragon egg. You can just check the box at the end that says ‘read and agree to the above terms.’” The golden dragon impatiently tapped its tail twice, briefly and concisely summarized the essence of the instructions, blew lightly toward the shadow, and the holy decree automatically floated to the very end.

“Do I still need to do birth control for baby dragons? Can an ordinary vet hospital provide it?” Following his words and drawing a check at the end, Doctor Shang took the time to scan the instructions and curiously asked a follow-up question. But before the golden dragon could respond, the copy of the contract suddenly rolled up quickly and transformed into a shiny golden dragon scale, which gently landed on his palm.

“This is the membership card. It will guide you to the special hospital for dragons. Depending on the type, it can be discounted up to 20%, so it’s no problem to use it as many times as you want.” Looking at the human’s bewildered look, the golden dragon then proudly explained, as it waved its tail, “How about it? Are we particularly up to date?!”

“Indeed – exceptionally up to date…” Doctor Shang rubbed his temples and nodded with mixed feelings. Only after he responded, a beam of golden light suddenly gathered him in it.

“Congratulations to the user for passing the responsibility and courage assessment. The following is the general condition check. Please do not hide and do not move your position. If the check is interrupted due to irresistible reasons, you can chorus “Little Green Dragon” again and reconnect with the Dragon Auspicious Cloud Client.”

The golden light seemed to carry an inexplicable magical power, sweeping Shang HaoJia carefully from head to toe, as if a vibrant power had been poured into his body. The original weakness and dizziness caused by blood loss also dissipated instantly, leaving only a pleasant warmth and comfort.

“After testing, the user’s bloodline purity is greater than 99.99% human, a pure-blooded Chinese race. No history of infectious diseases such as dragon plague. No history of bad dragon abuse information records. No existence of threatening factors such as injury and frailty. Has recovered to a generally good state and is allowed to proceed with the contracting. The signing ceremony will take place immediately. Please turn off all shielding talent and magic supplies with shielding function. The dragon client needs to record the specific location of each user truthfully. We will absolutely keep the user location confidential and responsible for the user at all times.”

Along with the thick mechanical dragon chanting beep, the dragon progress bar jumped to seventy-five percent in one go, and most of the dragon’s body shone with a dazzling golden light, with only a few inches of dullness left in the tail.

As if they had been waiting for this moment, the two little dragons pounced into the human doctor’s arms with a cheerful cry, tacitly linking their heads and tails and coiling into a dragon walk tai chi pose.

“Okay. I thought I’d have to take a test, answer the right number of questions to pass and so on…” Finally surviving to this level, Doctor Shang only felt a little relieved. Then he felt a piece of golden light slowly gather, and eventually project onto the two small dragons, then the small dragons fell on his chest.

An extremely mysterious connection rose from his chest and slowly spread out, ineffable, but somehow made him feel sacred to the extreme.

Shang HaoJia subconsciously closed his eyes and listened to the chiming dragon roar reverberate in his ears, slowly opened his eyes, and a golden aura flashed from his eyes.

“The contract is completed. Please collect the contract subsidiary dragon eggs within three days. The above is the Wiring Dragon Wushen number for your service, please fill in your evaluation on this dragon’s head: 1. Satisfied, 2. Very satisfied. Thank you for signing. Hope there is still a chance to serve you.”

The solemn atmosphere was completely broken by the prompting sound, and Shang HaoJia cried and laughed and shook his head. He obediently wrote a two on the dragon’s head, watching the huge dragon’s silhouette take off into the air, “How come there is not even an unsatisfied option? If the user really feels unsatisfied, what do they do?”

“Is this a joke? Which human dares to say they are unsatisfied with our dragon clan’s service? If he dares to be dissatisfied, we will swallow him in one bite!” The golden dragon proudly waved a claw, but when that pulled his wound, he had to suck back the cold air back, “We have a dragon service. The dragon eggs will be sent here. You don’t have to do anything. it will arrive in an incubator and they will not break. As long as it is placed there, sooner or later it will hatch! You don’t need to worry much about it.”

“Many thanks…” Deeply convinced by the service attitude of the dragons, Shang HaoJia helplessly smiled. Lightly stroking the horns of the two small dragons, he looked threateningly at the vampire who was fiddling with his phone with a smile on the side.

“Later, when I check the phone, if there is still a video of me singing on it, you will eat all these pieces of duck blood, okay?”

“Please don’t worry, Dear – I’ll delete the video, you can check as much as you like.” The vampire nodded painfully and agreed without hesitation, deleting the videos right in front of him.

The human doctor was suspicious of such a quick attitude, but when he was about to ask more questions, his werewolf friend poked his head in through the door again. “You believe him? The villa is installed with the latest developed monitoring crystal ball, which can record all the sounds and images twenty-four hours a day and project them in three dimensions at any time. What’s so good about the video recorded on the phone? Of course he said he’d delete it…”

“My loyal butler, are you impatient to shave because it’s summer?” The vampire lifted his head, revealing a smile as warm as the cold wind, and his midnight-like eyes flashed with a blood color.

The hybrid husky shivered in fear as he felt the murderous intent in his smile, and closed the door with a bang, leaving Wayne Loki, who was about to slip out the back door, pinned in the doorway.

“Almost forgot about him. We’ll talk about the crystal ball later. What’s he going to do?”

Glancing at the newly minted pureblood vampire, who was caught in the doorway, Shang HaoJia quickly went over and dragged him out of the doorway.

“Are you still hemophobic now? It is best not to come over first, he got herbal tea juice everywhere…”

Slightly depressed, Wei Long hurriedly stood up to respond, secretly decided to be sure to transfer the contents of the crystal ball as soon as possible, and then test send a backup stalactite copy, “Dear, for the time being, you do not have to worry about him. He has been marked by me, so it is impossible to run away. How do you feel now? Has your body fully recovered?”

“It’s no longer a problem. Their healing effect is pretty strong. I feel like I can go out and run a triathlon now.” Shang HaoJia nodded, carried Wayne Loki to the side, and expertly wiped up the blood scattered around. Afterwards, he instructed the two little dragons to wait for him obediently, and nodded towards the golden dragon. He picked up the portion of duck blood vermicelli soup and turned around to walk up the stairs, “Come back to the room with me, I have something to ask you.”

“Honey, let me explain…”

Sensitive to the fact that the crystal ball might not be saved, the vampire hurriedly and quickly followed, rapidly thinking in his mind about the emergency backup method. The human doctor, however, just turned a deaf ear and went upstairs, carrying the takeaway and moving quickly into the bedroom.

Aware that there seemed to be a hilarious event to watch, the two little dragons came together to whisper a few words, rolled their eyes, and quietly followed without a sound.


Backhandedly closing the bedroom door, the vampire bitterly smiled and spoke in a low voice, about to make another effort to save the precious video data, when he was pulled by his own human to sit on the bed, “What the hell is going on? Can you make sense of it now?”


Vaguely aware that the two sides focus on issues seemed to be a bit off, Wei Long blinked blankly and asked subconsciously.

“You’ve always been very resistant to blood-sucking, even if you convert to a pure-blood state, you shouldn’t be that easily compelled to do so.” Shang HaoJia looked at him seriously, and his expression had taken on a bit of gravity, “What exactly made you bite Wayne Loki? Was it because this conversion to pure blood was too much and drained your power?”

“My dear – I have to admit that I am in awe of the sharpness of your thinking and the meticulousness of your observations…” Looking at his gaze, Wei Long’s eyes then showed a helpless smile and he nodded gently. “This was the case. Wayne Loki originally belonged to a very special ‘pseudo-pure-blood,’ which was due to his parents each carrying a part of the pure-blood recessive genes. It so happens that all the recessive genes were combined with each other, despite the very low probability, resulting in the son of the representative now having all the characteristics of a pure-blood. However, he still does not have the racial talent of a pureblood.”

“So presumably – the heterozygotes crossed, and then gave birth to a pureblood…” Doctor Shang nodded thoughtfully, quickly understanding the other’s statement, “I can understand this. Then what?”

“And then in this case, these pseudo-purebloods were able to take this part of the talent by sucking the blood of purebloods, and such a takeover would cause some damage to the blood donor side. Even the most powerful purebloods would definitely leave the pureblood state or even fall into dormancy – and once they fell into this state, it meant that they were ‘preyed upon’ by him, and he would not need to assume any obligation to me.”

Looking at his own intelligent human, the vampire smiled lightly and nodded slightly, his eyes then shone with heartfelt appreciation.


“But if I sucked his blood, until the end of his purification, I would hold on to the pure blood state, and the meaning would be completely different. In this way, he would become my offspring, not only having to obey my instructions, but also have to call me Father…”


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Seriously, the contract was insane lol it was so detailed! He couldn’t even read all of it! Included with a delivery service! You could only pick two options either satisfied or very satisfied lol the husky blows up the vampires cover every time lol

May 28, 2021 1:09 am

Huh….i am lost again😅😶😅😶😅😶

May 28, 2021 3:15 am

So now Shan HaoJia is under the dragons’ contract & protection. Wei Long got his wish. And our dear husky, butler He will probably be shaved next time we see him.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 29, 2021 3:02 am

Oh Wayne Loki, you’re not going tpto be happy.
Can’t help but be curious about Wei Long’s ‘home videos’ 😊
Thank you for the chapter.

June 7, 2021 12:32 pm

the signing ceremony even had captcha security on it. Doctor is very smart to ask about videos and werewolf husky is dead meat if hubby has to delete all the surveillance recordings too.

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