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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After a lot of chaos, the dragon finally finished handing over the eggs. With a ‘two’ twos on his forehead 1 and a face full of blood, he returned to the dragon headquarters with positive feedback from the customer.

Little Taotie seemed to recognize the human doctor who smelled delicious as his father. Wagging its small tail, it twisted behind him, and gripped his trouser legs, gently shaking it, while blinking his eyes, he tilted his head, and begged for food to eat.

Although he knew that the little one’s mouth was a bottomless pit, Doctor Shang’s heart still softened by the cuteness. Putting the unmoving Bi An egg in his pocket, he leaned down and picked up the little kitten, gently nudging it on the nose.

“Hungry? Wait a minute, your big brother is making you milk powder—”

His words had not yet fallen, when, wearing a gray wolf apron, Wayne Loki pushed open the back door, the iron spoon in his hand knocked twice hard on the door frame, as he reluctantly snorted, “Young Master Taotao, come and drink the pot of milk!”

The little Taotie’s nose moved and his eyes lit up with a swoosh. From Shang HaoJia’s arm, he leapt down, stepping on the air several times, and then dove into the large pot of milk.

“This breathtaking basin…” When he saw the pool-sized tub of milk, Doctor Shang sighed in awe and turned to look at his loving vampire, “What was this tub originally used for? To bathe elephants?”

“No – at least theoretically, it should not be.” When he heard his human’s voice, his attention shifted from the kitten to the basin. The vampire held his jaw in thought for a moment, smiled and looked at Wayne Loki, and a threatening shade of blood flashed through his inky pupils. “My stupid son – can you tell me where the kun 2 that was originally raised in this basin had disappeared to?”

Although he was slightly stronger than the anorexia-afflicted Pureblood King, Wayne Loki could barely resist under the suppression of his bloodline. Instinctively shrinking his neck and taking a step back, he defiantly straightened his chest and bravely fought against the forces of justice, “It can drink the milk of the basin, but I have to be hungry!”

Unfortunately, this brave and righteous stance only lasted for three seconds before Wayne Loki was completely softened under Wei Long’s kindly gaze. Resentfully, he lowered his head, pursed his lips and shrank back. “I got greedier and greedier, and then I tried to take a bite, it suddenly turned into a big bird and flew away with a flutter…”

“I know I know – I’ve heard this story before!” Good student Xian Bei, once he heard this, his eyes abruptly lit up and he excitedly raised his tail to grab the answer to speak, “This story is called ‘The Journey to Freedom’ – the first line is ‘There is a fish in the northern underworld, its name is Kun!’”

“Yes, yes, I remember that too, and then, ‘The Kun is so big that it cannot be stewed in one pot!’” Xian Bao wasn’t to be outdone, and nodded as he interjected, then pursed his mouth with greed, “If I could stew such a big pot of fish soup, how good it would be…”

“…I think we should change the Taotie’s affliction. Whoever is around will also feel hungry together.” Looking at this circle of apparently brought to the distorted picture of the creatures, Doctor Shang couldn’t help but sigh lightly, raised his hand and rubbed his temples, “If that’s the case, I’ll be even less likely to be able to afford it… But, that’s good news for you, child’s father,  do you feel that blood is a little more appetizing now?”

“In all honesty, after seeing how fast the little one drinks milk, I’ve had no time to focus on my appetite…” Accepting this rather local Chinese style name well, the vampire blinked innocently and looked towards the already empty big iron basin. In a light leap, he drained the basin of milk in one gulp, trapped in the bottom of the basin anxiously mewling little Taotie to fish up, worryingly drying its wet soft fur.

“Dear, please forgive my hindsight reflex arc. But it occurred to me – at the rate it’s eating, I’m afraid our challenge will begin once it’s weaned…”

Shang HaoJia smiled bitterly and sighed lightly, before he could reply, Wayne Loki on the side suddenly shouted in pain, holding up his phone and flung himself to the iron basin, “…Where are the fruits of my labor?! I wanted to take a picture and send it to my dad! I’m not even this diligent at home, I haven’t even managed a drop of the blood my brother drinks – I’m simply more diligent than Aunt Susan who makes apple pie!”

“That’s okay, you can continue to be diligent now – by the way, now we generally don’t speak so pretentiously in an accent. You don’t have to be too deliberate, or the picture will look strange.” After taking the little Taotie into his arms and feeling his belly, Doctor Shang sighed helplessly and patted his shoulder sympathetically, “It probably needs two more pots, and the temperature should not be too hot. Remember to burp him after feeding so he doesn’t choke, okay?”

“You’re kidding! I’m a noble blood gangster young master with a gang waiting for me to inherit – how can I be stuck here doing these stupid things?!” Under the pressure of heavy workload, Wayne Loki’s anger finally exploded completely. Only to recklessly put his life on the line to resist oppression, the little Taotie suddenly stepped on his arm and jumped on his shoulders, biting a mouthful of his head.

“What are you doing – Taotie, I’m telling you, this is your big brother’s head! Hurry and let go of me! I will give you milk powder!” Too scared to move, Wayne Loki gathered up the momentum to grab the kitten. When the human doctor took the cat off, he snorted angrily, grabbed two bags of milk powder, and ran into the backyard like the wind.

The little Taotie plopped down in Shang HaoJia’s arms, rubbing his arm petulantly, proudly showing off his glorious battle results to his dad.

Although his heart was painfully dripping blood, the human doctor still couldn’t help but laugh out loud, gently patting the little guy’s head, “Good job, the discipline of your big brother’s job will be left to you. If he still dares still disobey, bite him again…”


Wayne Loki was so tired that he collapsed on the floor and spread out, almost going into a dormant state.

The human doctor was gently persuaded by the vampire to go back to the bedroom to rest, but the little Taotie also followed him back. He jumped on the bed and made an indent in the pillow, lying on the pillow of his human father, and snored comfortably in no time.

Doctor Shang opened his eyes at 6:00 a.m. and put on his clothes before going to wash up, but suddenly he felt his pants leg being tugged by something. “No, I can’t take you to work with me. In case you are hungry outside, eating the wrong thing would be a problem.”

Bending down to pick up the little guy, Shang HaoJia wiped its face for it, and gently rubbed its head, helplessly smiled and shook his head, “Be obedient – stay at home with big brother to hatch your brother, okay?”

“Mee–w!” Hearing about hatching a younger brother, the originally listless little kitten suddenly perked up. Nodding vigorously, he jumped vertically onto the small table with the Bi An egg on it, and solemnly pulled the dragon egg into his arms.

Encouragingly patting the little one’s head, Shang HaoJia put the little kitten and the dragon egg into a basket and carried them downstairs, handing them over to Wayne Loki, who had almost tamed them, and took the water handed over by the werewolf butler to rinse his mouth, “Where did Mr. Wei run off to again? Was he gone all night?”

“He said there was something he had to check out. He told me to tell you not to wait for him for breakfast, I’ll take you directly to the hospital later, and he’ll pick you up from work in the evening.” He JiaLun nodded, put the breakfast he was carrying on the table, and suddenly changed his look of interest, mysteriously lowered his voice and came over. “Doctor Shang, Doctor Shang, I’m not saying that you two are making great progress – should you try teaching him to sleep at night next, and add some other love interest for you two?”

“Makes sense, I really should teach him to sleep at night… What kind of fun are you talking about?” Seeing the meaningful gaze of the hybrid husky, Shang HaoJia can’t help but blink in bewilderment, but after he asked this detailed question, his phone suddenly relentlessly vibrated.

The screen showed an unfamiliar number. Although the owner of the number was not yet known, after the recent succession of strange encounters, the human doctor instinctively went on alert. Biting into his sandwich, he cautiously pressed the answer button, “Hello, who is it?”

The phone clattered for a while, and then came very non-standard Mandarin.

“Lei Hou, I am from the triad. My son is now in your hands – immediately prepare a ransom of three thousand milliliters of plasma, put it in the D section of the hospital parking lot. No delay, you hear me?”

“Okay, thank you for calling specially to inform us that your son is in our hands…” This was the first time he’d ever seen a kidnapper take the initiative to call the kidnappers, Doctor Shang raised his eyebrows and for a moment didn’t know how to respond to the other party’s rather unique opening. “Please allow me to ask one more question, since we have your son in our hands – on what logic are you asking us for ransom?”


“My logic is simple, stupid human being.” The other end of the phone seemed extremely arrogant, and with a dismissive response, switched back to the fluent universal language. “——I don’t want this son if you pay the ransom.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. He’s knitting his eyebrows here. Chinese 2 is 二.
  2. A legendary fish that could turn into a bird. Like the KunPeng.


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