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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“So it’s like that…”

The blackmailed kidnapper responded with a sullen voice. With a glance at Wayne Loki, who had already begun to hold up the little orange cat and spin around in circles, he gave a decisive nod, “Okay, then, we don’t want him.”

“Insensitive human – you will regret it!” Obviously not anticipating the direction of the plot, the other party was speechless for a moment, angrily put down a threat, and hung up the phone violently.

He’d seen a lot of things in the past few days, and a blackmail call wasn’t enough for Doctor Shang to take it seriously. After putting away the phone and finishing his breakfast in a few bites, he got up and patted Wayne Loki’s shoulder, “Take good care of your brother at home, and I’ll bring you back blood sausage after work.”

“I also want to eat blood sausage, white meat!” Wayne Loki, who was engrossed in playing with the cat, obviously didn’t hear the phone call. Putting the little Taotie on his head, he skillfully grabbed two bags of powdered milk and strode towards the backyard.

“So, he doesn’t seem that badly off…”

Suddenly, a bit of an unfamiliar voice sounded behind him. 

Shang HaoJia subconsciously turned around, a middle-aged male with unfamiliar appearance, sword eyebrows and eyes, the most traditional Chinese handsome image was standing there, “Mr. Xian Lin?”

“How do you know?” When he called out his identity, Xian Lin’s eyes widened in surprise and he looked at him incredulously, “This is the first day I appeared in front of you, and my voice is different from when I was a dragon, how did you still know it was me?”

Looking at the horns on the humanoid gold head and the large tail behind him, Doctor Shang pondered for a moment, but still had the decency to choose to look past the obvious, “Probably – I’m just gifted…”

“That must be the case. Only gifted people can sign a contract with our son, and I think you’re good, giving them both a good start.”

Proud of his vision, Xian Lin narrowed his eyes and nodded, then pulled the two little ones out of his pocket and shoved them into his hands without a word.

“Theoretically the newly signed person and the dragon have to spend three days together in order to achieve the integration of qi. You’re too busy at work to take time off, so ask them both to follow you to work.”

“Take them with me – won’t it really cause a panic?” Worriedly picking up the two little ones, Doctor Shang had almost anticipated a vibrant scene in the emergency room and couldn’t help but raise his hand and rub his temples, “Do I still need to give them some disguises, like disguising them as pens or something…”

“No need. Unlike those who raise phoenixes and have to pretend to be sculptures, we dragons aren’t that fussy.” Xian Lin waved his hand unconcernedly, responded cheerfully and proudly patted his shoulder, “Dragons are born to mimic, one of them will mimic as a spark and the other will mimic as a lightning bolt. Once you head outside, absolutely no one will know you have two dragons on you!”

“And then everyone will know that I am all the way sparks with lightning…” After imagining that scenario, Doctor Shang couldn’t help but feel that his head was as big as a bucket. He was about to think of something else when the two little ones, who were sleeping, woke up, rubbed their eyes with their tails, and stuck to his body without warning.

Xian Bei’s ears heard most of the conversation between the two, so he wrapped around Doctor Shang’s wrist, and rubbed his dragon horns against the back of his hand, “Brother Doctor don’t worry, we two are originally small, so our mimicry will not be so conspicuous…”

“Yes, yes – we are both very powerful, and can also protect Brother Doctor!” Although awake a few seconds later than his brother, Xian Bao also immediately perked up, and nodded in agreement, “And we also have a skill! Because we are rainfall dragons that can call the wind and rain, anyone who carries us around with them will also always be as cool as rain…”

“This is a good reason, I am convinced – come to work with this brother.” Under the hot summer sun, even with Doctor Shang’s tenacious will, he was deeply impressed by this benefit. With a decisive nod, he accepted this new treatment of sparks with lightning the entire way.

Although he had a husky bloodline, the werewolf butler was still very reliable in driving, and within half an hour, he brought the people to the hospital smoothly. With the excited cheers of the two little ones along the way, Doctor Shang also started his first shift with the portable air conditioners.

“We’re back from our walking vacation – how was your vacation, wasn’t it great?” As soon as he walked into the department, he was greeted by the painful stares of his colleagues, which almost made Doctor Shang feel a bit vain. 

Nodding vaguely, he took the white coat thrown by his colleagues and put it on neatly, “Wasn’t it busy? I came back for an extra shift in the middle of my vacation…”

“Not at all busy. We received two hundred people who registered every day, but also witnessed the last injury incident, so we had to take time to help the family write a statement.” The colleague patted his shoulder, but his expression suddenly took up a look of mystery, as he fervently squeezed his eyes at him.

“You don’t even know what amazing thing you missed out on on your vacation – have you ever seen a werewolf? We have seen them! Such big scary guys, no wonder they can hurt so many people at once. We all signed a confidentiality agreement, so this matter can only be passed around in our department. We absolutely can not say anything, that is, we are colleagues. We only reluctantly told you.”

“Even if you go out and say it, how many people will believe it? The look on Xiao Shang’s face tells me that he definitely doesn’t believe it. He hasn’t seen it with his own eyes. It’s also impossible to listen to your nonsense.” The deputy director interjected and pulled out the photos from his phone, pulling Shang HaoJia to the corner and surreptitiously handing it to him for a look. “Come on, we are all about seeing is believing, let me show you a real one – this is what I secretly took, I want to open your eyes, but do not tell others, alright?”

“Yes, yes, I will not say anything to anyone else.”

The small dragon in his pocket was moving around, and Doctor Shang nodded sheepishly. He pressed back the little guy who wanted to poke his head out to see the fun, raised his hand without hesitation and swore, “This is the secret of our department, I will definitely keep it strictly and never disclose it.”

“Old Shang, aren’t you surprised at all? This is a werewolf, not some genetically modified rabbit or new breed of mice – they can really transform before your eyes!”

Seeing that he didn’t even react with a little surprise, his colleague felt disappointed and shook his head discouragingly, “Aren’t you afraid that some Frankenstein monster will show up like in Resident Evil VIII?”

“Resident Evil has reached eight?” 1

Shang HaoJia really marveled at a sentence before suddenly reacting, hastily standing up straight in the condemned gaze of his colleagues, raising a hand to solemnly change his words, “No, I was just so surprised that I lost the proper reaction…”

The colleague then nodded in satisfaction, patted his shoulder, and pushed him out of the consultation room, “That’s more like it – Okay, hurry up and get your medical records together. We haven’t even gathered our medical records for the past two days, and we’re purposely saving them to prepare for your return.”

After being pushed out of the door, Shang HaoJia instinctively took a few steps forward, before suddenly coming back to his senses and turning around in dismay, “Your two days’ medical records are not even done – don’t they check them in the department?

“Of course they do. The notice is for this afternoon, so you still have a morning to go.” The deputy director nodded sincerely and patted his shoulder, his tone solemn and dignified, “Xiao Shang, good comrade…”

“Good comrade is now going to sort out the medical records – you guys get busy, don’t expect me to come down and help!” Doctor Shang felt a strong sense of indignation and left behind this group of ordinary humans who were excited for half a day after seeing a werewolf, and resolutely turned around to go upstairs.

There were many kinds of patients in the emergency room. There were patients who were really critical; there were those whose conditions weren’t really serious but only had severe symptoms; there were also those who didn’t even have severe symptoms but just didn’t want to wait in line at the clinic. All kinds of handwritten medical records were waiting to be entered and had accumulated into a small mountain on the desk.

Based on his long experience, Doctor Shang took a glance at the height and thickness of the mountain and saw his heavy workload for the morning. He turned on the computer, put the two small dragons in the pencil holder, pulled the chart cart over, and started to work with full concentration.

Time always flew when one was concentrating on work. After finishing the cart of medical records, the sunlight outside was already quite blinding and the heat could be felt through the window.

Doctor Shang stretched his back and was about to feel a piece of candy to feed the dragon, but found that only Xiao Xian Bei was left inside the pencil, “Wang Wang, where is your brother?”

“Someone down there is releasing energy fluctuations, he said that I should after Brother Doctor, and brother went down to see!” Xian Bei behaved by fluttering to the human doctor’s palm plate well, tilted his head and replied, tilting his head to the side, before straightening his neck again and added, “They have gone to the stairs, and will soon go upstairs – seems to be a what is called lemon tea…”

“Lemon tea?” Doctor Shang’s pen in his hand knocked lightly on the desktop, raised his eyebrows and looked at the door, and happened to see the half-grown teenager who had just stood in the doorway. “Don’t say a word, let me ask – do you have a brother named Wayne Loki, and you are here to find him?”

“How do you know?!” The teenager took off his baseball cap and glared at him warily, suddenly ripping off his jacket with one hand, he revealed the prominent tattoo of a cross on his shoulder.

“I’m Vita Lemoine, the second youngest of the Les family. I want you to let my brother go – I’m a smoking, drinking gangster! Are you afraid yet?!”


“Mn…” Doctor Shang pondered politely for a moment, sat up slightly more upright, tapped on the table, and told the lead Xian Bao to swim back to his side. “Let’s not talk about being afraid for now – do you know that one to two days after the tattoo, a new tattoo is best not to get wet, which includes your sweat too?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Resident Evil Village was announced at the PlayStation 5 reveal event in June 2020 and was released on May 7, 2021. Most probably would recognize it from the meme of the “Big Booba Lady.” If you want to watch the game as a Let’s Play, I highly recommend Jacksepticeye’s version.


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