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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Really?” When he heard the promise of his doctor, the vampire’s gaze abruptly brightened. Determined to seize this opportunity even if he really had to suck blood, “Honey, in fact, I’ve been looking forward to having some in-depth contact and discussion with you about the lips and teeth…”

“Huh?” Doctor Shang blinked blankly, stared at him for a long time, and then suddenly slammed his fist into his palm, “I got it! You wait here. I’ll be right back!”

This time it was finally the vampire’s turn to fall into a profound bewilderment. Due to the human doctor’s instructions, the pure-blood king, who was unsure whether the kiss was successful or not, had to honestly use the horse stance at the edge of the bed. After hesitating for a while, he pushed up the power that was vaguely showing signs of depletion in his body and focused it to heal the burns on his buttocks and thighs.

After all, it was not a light physical task to do a horse stance every time. He had heard that the activity they were about to do was physically demanding, and he’d better save as much as he could for a rainy day.

Doctor Shang quickly left the room and followed his memory to the kitchen, where he saw the werewolf butler wearing an apron, chopping the meat on the table, and mumbling, “He’s up, he’s down. He’s up there, he’s down there. He’s up, he’s down…”

“What’s up and down? Do you have a clean bottle?” Looking curiously at the half-breed husky who seemed to be possessed, Doctor Shang took a boning knife and measured it twice, but shook his head cautiously. He removed his scalpel from his pocket and passed it over the flame of the stove several times.

“Yes, I do…. Doctor Shang, have you two created the next generation so soon?” The werewolf who had been brainwashed by the two little dragons subconsciously replied. Just after handing him a milk bottle, he suddenly lunged as if he had realized some terrible truth.

“What next generation? Why are you so strange all of a sudden? Do you have a fever or are you in heat?” When Shang HaoJia tested the temperature of his forehead, he found that it was still normal, so he stopped caring about the strange werewolf who seemed to be in heat. He rinsed out the bottle and put it on the table, then took the scalpel and gestured twice to his arm.

“Doctor Shang! You must not think about it! Whatever sort is born, many of us will raise it for you!” Convinced that something unspeakable must have happened to the two men, the werewolf butler was frightened by his actions and once again exploded, then defiantly lunged over and tried to stop the human doctor’s irrational behavior. “If you want to scare him, just get some chicken blood, duck blood, or snow fox blood and splash it on the ground. It doesn’t have to be your own!”

“I’m not trying to scare him, I’m trying to find a way to get him to eat something.” Doctor Shang rubbed his temples, feeling a headache, but patiently patted the kind-hearted werewolf butler. “He’s injured, so if he doesn’t eat again and starves himself out, he’ll be in trouble. You’ve been with him for so long, yet you’ve never seen him willing to drink blood at any time?”

“No, no, I wasn’t with him!” The hybrid husky shook his head without hesitation. Only halfway through the sentence did he react to what he was saying, and hurriedly waved his hands, “No, no – I mean I have not seen him drink blood. He seems to be particularly resistant to this, and always refused to drink any blood. Once I saw the vampires fight, and while others would use their mouths to bite, only he refused, and insisted on wearing a mask to fight with others…”

“It seems that this is the only way… You help me take care of the little guys. I’ll coax him to eat something first.” Doctor Shang nodded soberly, gauged how many cuts it would take to fill the bottle, and wisely gave up on this impractical and crazy idea, “Although I know it’s unlikely – do you have disposable syringes at home?”

“Yes we do. Mr. Yan often experimented with rabbits, so he has a lot of syringes there.” The werewolf butler hurriedly nodded and went to fetch a few unopened disposable syringes for him. The human doctor’s face did not change as he drew his blood and filled it, he could not help but shiver, “Doctor Shang, there is actually frozen plasma in the refrigerator, if you want to give him a drink, I will go to the microwave oven to heat it up…”

“Although I don’t know much about the taste of this stuff, according to the rule that fresh steak is better than aged beef, and fresh vegetables are more nutritious than those that have been left for several days, it should still taste better with freshly released blood.” Shang HaoJia shook his head reasonably, drew a tissue and pressed the eye of the needle for a while, before rolling down his sleeve, “It’s his first time to drink blood, so it’s better to leave him a good impression, so that he won’t have a bigger psychological shadow about food in the future.”

“Good point. Fortunately you now have the blessing of the dragon clan, so it’s okay to lose a little blood, otherwise that guy would be heartbroken.” He JiaLun nodded with deep understanding, glanced at the cute pink milk bottle, but still could not help but shiver, “Doctor Shang, I think this solution is feasible, but you probably need to spend some effort to convince him. After all, at his age, he may not be very willing to eat from a bottle…”

“I know, I’ll think of something.” Doctor Shang nodded and touched the handcuffs pinned to his waist. After mentally rehearsing the process of pushing the other party onto the bed to pour blood in him, he took the milk bottle and confidently left the kitchen with quick steps.

He JiaLun, who did not believe the rhetoric at all, held his arms and watched him walk away before shaking his head as if he had long seen what was going on, and sighed lightly with worry, “I didn’t expect that old antique to be so mighty to me, actually the one down there, and actually got up so soon…”

Doctor Shang carried a milk bottle embellished with cute little pink flowers back to their room, locked the door with his hand, and shook it towards his vampire, “Come and try, I think your idea was very reasonable, and this time I am fairly confident of success.”


The vampire, who was still in a crouching position to heal, looked up blankly, in wide-eyed surprise, apparently having been completely unable to guess what direction his own human had taken that invitation. Shang HaoJia, however, was in no hurry, first cautiously looking in the right direction before striding over and pressing the vampire down on the bed.

“Honey – there is actually no need to rush. Maybe we can take a shower first and then discuss the location a little…” The vampire, who had been taken aback by the doctor’s overly blunt actions, coughed lightly and was racking his brain on how to turn the situation around without hurting his human’s pride, when the human on top of him suddenly pulled out a milk bottle and shoved it into his mouth with a steady hand.


Instantly convinced that the two little dragons indeed learned from his doctor, the pure-blood king blinked helplessly, subconsciously wanting to speak, but his body suddenly tensed up.

Like hearing a call to action that was completely irresistible, his eyes instantly became blood red, two canine teeth also quickly dropped down, and stuck precisely in the middle of the pacifier.

It was a taste he had never tried before – a completely different taste from the bitter blood he remembered being forced down his throat. The tantalizing sweetness, the irresistible aroma, even the silent blood seemed to rush and flow through his veins, hitting his eardrums one after the other, overwhelmingly sweeping away his entire will. It was as if his heart was beating once again, and he struggled to pull his consciousness away from his raging appetite, only to realize that the energetic beating was coming from the human being ambling over him.

The blood in the bottle was not enough for a few bites of an adult vampire, and Shang HaoJia was only trying to break his deep-rooted subconscious with this. Estimating that the blood inside had been drained, he tossed the milk bottle aside and unbuttoned his shirt with one hand.

“How about it? Is it not actually hard to drink? You should at least respect my dignity as food. If you dare to spit it out again this time, you’ll sleep hanging outside on the windowsill tonight.”

“No, Honey…” Wei Long blinked painfully. He did his best to suppress his raging, ravenous appetite, and shook his head with difficulty, “I haven’t eaten for too long, and I’m worried – worried that this will excite my beastly nature…”

“It’s okay, I’ll keep an eye on you.” Pressing his vampire in his arms, Shang HaoJia answered with certainty, and then fished out the cold glowing handcuffs from his waist.

“…” The vampire blinked the tears from his eyes, but nodded tenderly and stretched out his hands towards him without reservation, “Come on, these handcuffs have the effect of imprisoning the power of the blood, it’s just right for me to use them now…”

“No need for two hands, one is enough.”

The blood red eyes shone with frank and sincere deep feelings, and Shang HaoJia’s eyes held a light smile. He handcuffed the other side to his own right hand and firmly interlocked their fingers, then tilted his head to reveal his neck.

The human body was healthy and well-proportioned, perhaps because of long hours of hard work, day and night, but also slightly thinner than the normal body type. He moved his head and opened one side of his collar. The beautiful clavicle and smooth deltoid muscles were exposed.


The vampire subconsciously glanced at him, and his eyes became an untraceable red. He finally could not help but bitterly laugh out loud before giving a self-loathing, heavy sigh. “Honey, you’re like this – I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist the other sense of bestiality…”


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