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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“My dear – don’t be angry…” The burns caused by the holy light bullets were restored to normal as soon as his power was renewed. The vampire, who had been fed in every sense of the word, was thrown on the bed and looked apprehensively at his human who had tugged on a short sleeve shirt and rushed out of the bed, thinking for the first time how nice it would be if the handcuffs stayed on for a while longer.

“I’m not mad. You can’t see blood, right?” Doctor Shang squatted in the corner and seriously gagged, drew a wet towel to wipe the residual blood off his neck, and replied nonchalantly.

“Honey, according to the tutorial, we should go take a shower now, otherwise you might get infected…”

Carefully glancing at the look of his doctor, the King of Purebloods dressed and tiptoed over, also squatting next to his human. The human’s body was tentatively encircled, but the other side coldly pushed him away, “I am a doctor myself, I know what to do. Step aside, you can sleep outside tonight. You’re not allowed to come in until I speak.”

“What’s going on?” He hadn’t noticed before since he had been too oblivious, but when he was pushed around, the vampire’s gaze instantly fixed on the bruise on the human’s arm. Worrying about whether he had forgotten his own impulse, Wei Long nervously took him into his arms and rolled him back like the wind, placing him gently on the bed, “Honey, did I not control my strength just now? I’m sorry – I’m really sorry…”

“It’s okay, I was in a hurry to get back from the blood draw, so I didn’t press carefully, so I’m bleeding under the skin.” The doctor Shang kindly dismissed the idea of scaring him, and raised a helpless smile, patting his arm comfortingly, “It looks scary, but it doesn’t hurt. It will go down in ten days.”

The appetite of the storm was suppressed, and remembering the heart of his doctor in order to feed himself, the vampire’s eyes took on a strong apologetic self-recrimination, hanging his head and squatting on the side of the bed.

“Well, you are still a vampire, drinking a mouthful of blood can make you aggravated like this.” The human doctor was inspired by the infinite love of human healers, smiled and shook his head, “Are you still hungry, have you recovered? Look at your vitality, I think it should be almost well…”

Hearing a little bit of resentment in the tone of his own human, the king of pure blood quickly leapt up attentively. He poured him a glass of water to quench his thirst, and ran to the bathroom to turn on the hot water. He strictly measured the water temperature before he ran back with the thermometer in his hand, “Honey, do you think this temperature is okay, will it be too hot?”

“Okay, okay – I should appreciate your sincerity.” Under the vampire’s serious look, Shang HaoJia nodded with laughter. He didn’t allow him to help him, he limped into the bathroom, still not good enough to bang on the door, “Next time you have to report, remember!”

“Remember, I will definitely report next time.” The vampire, who has never reported a single time, once again raised his hands in sincerity and swore. The vampire’s guide to love was taken out from under the pillow and two hearts were drawn after the phrase ‘show weakness, if you can do it, you can be pampered.’

The wisdom handed down by the old ancestors could still be useful at times.

The vampire still remembered to hide the secret book carefully before he left the room with quick steps, intending to get some midnight snacks for his human. Although he didn’t feel anything amiss when he had cuddled him before, judging from the taste of today’s bite, his doctor was still a bit on the thin side.

In addition, he also had some other things to deal with…

The human doctor’s arm had a conspicuous bruise, and the vampire’s eyes could not help but slightly darken, until covered in a layer of dangerous dark red.

Without this accidental injury, Shang HaoJia would not have been in such a hurry to feed him. As for the culprit of this injury, it should naturally be counted on a certain defeated snow fox. His doctor suffered so much, the bold fox should also pay a price…

With the howling of the snow fox, the vampire’s mood finally improved, and then he carried a few plates of snacks and a pot of tea, back to the room with brisk steps.

With the blessing of the dragons, the human doctor’s body quickly recovered to its best condition. The necessary cleanup was carried out neatly, and a simple shower was taken before he exited the bathroom, just in time to hear the ghostly cry of the snow fox, “What’s going on, you chopped off its tail?”

“Honey, I made a double bed for our babies.” The vampire entered with a spring in his face, put the tea and snacks in his hands on the table, and took the basket off his arm and handed it over like a treasure.

The snow-white fox fur that had just been pulled off was fluffed up inside the basket. The little kitten was comfortably rolled a few times, hugged the human father’s arm with his little paws, rubbed the back of his hand affectionately, and then comfortably hugged the dragon egg and snored.

“This amount of fur… Did you actually pull out all of it’s fur?” Intensely curious about the snow fox’s current shape, Doctor Shang held his jaw and sighed, placing the basket on the bed. He gently scratched the chin of the little kitten twice, and fell back into the profound concern of the half-grown boy eating the poor old man. “Although so far, we have not encountered any problems in feeding the little one. But according to this progress, as long as a meal can not find someone to blackmail, this villa might not be saved…”

“Honey, please don’t worry, I’ve pretty much got a plan. The two of us will take a trip to the auction, and if all goes well, we should be able to solve this problem once and for all.” With a light smile and a definite nod, the pure-blood king gracefully leaned down and picked up the human and gently placed him on the bed. He also poured a cup of tea for each of them, and got into bed himself and went over, “It’s a good time to sleep, shall we try sleeping together?”

“In fact, I originally wanted to share a bed first and then gradually…who knew you would directly progress to the last part…” The human doctor shook his head with palpitations at the thought of what condition he would have been in without the dragon’s blessing. Then he glared at him indifferently, as he picked a cranberry cookie and stuffed it into his mouth. “I felt there was something wrong with that auction, but I couldn’t tell where it was strange. If it’s a gathering of non-human races, why must a human be invited there?”

“Galleff’s auction has been a tradition for hundreds of years, and is said to have always been authoritative, and is the only auction that has been approved by the Special Agency – but it’s really the first time that a human has been invited there.” Then nodding thoughtfully, the vampire shallowly sipped the cup of milk tea, as his blood eyes revealed cautious vigilance, “In that case, we might as well not take the risk -“

“Of course we should take the risk, we just need to be fully prepared for the measures.” Naturally not willing to just let go of an eye-opening opportunity, the human doctor dug a spoonful of chocolate cake into his mouth, excited to sit up straight, a serious calculation up.

“I’ll ask Yogurt to go, and Mr. Oatmeal will probably go with him. You remember to ask Wayne Loki to follow, so we have the Zhuge baked fish. You can try to send a message to John Doe, but the underwater fish is probably still addicted to the treasure and can not help themselves. Xian Bei and the two of them followed, and the two Mr. Dragons will definitely go. How does it sound?”

“Sounds – very appetizing…” The vampire nodded solemnly, whispered a reply, and hastened to change his words before his own human looked over, “Sounds well thought out already. We can probably get a cloak of invisibility when Mr. Sheng Kebike comes tomorrow, so we’ll be able to make sure we get out of here no matter what.”

After eating and drinking and washing up, and returning back to the soft bed, tiredness followed. The human doctor finally could not resist a soft yawn, laying his head on the pillow, and pulling the quilt to wrap them both up tightly, “Today, sleep in bed. But if you move your hands and feet again or other nonsense, you know what to do…”

“Don’t worry, my dear – I’ll definitely keep our agreement in mind.” Smiling lightly and kissing the human doctor’s forehead, the vampire gathered him to lie down on the bed. Raising his hand to turn off the wall light, he himself followed and lay down, carefully dividing the summer cooler over the two.

The temperature of the air conditioner seemed to be a bit high. In the hot summer night, the vampire beside him had a refreshing coolness and had become a rather attractive existence. The human doctor was too lazy to go through the remote control of the air conditioner, and after tossing and turning a few times under the covers, he finally couldn’t help but move over and resign himself to the vampire’s arms.

The vampire blinked twice in the darkness and tucked the remote control under the pillow without a trace, before finally closing his eyes in satisfaction.


Tomorrow morning, ‘on a summer night, cuddling together under the quilt to sleep’ could also get two hearts…


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June 2, 2021 11:12 pm

So… they did the biting thing and arrived at the last base while they were at it… And we didn’t get to see anything at all…😫😭 It’s disappointing but I guess we can’t help it.

Thank you for the chapter!!

June 3, 2021 9:06 am

I feel like we may have been slightly cheated.
Thank you for translating.

June 7, 2021 3:50 pm

Looks like hubby got a bit over excited with his first….bite. Ahem.

June 8, 2021 5:36 am

404 error: smut not found. 😭

Or possibly 403: forbidden chapter… 😅

May 9, 2022 5:30 pm

Thank you for the chapter.

There is a slim chance the author is teasing us. I’m when he said the deed, he could have been talking about biting not sex. Not that the author would ever tease a bunch of bent rotten people. -blink-

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