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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The Saint Lions had always kept their word, and once the appointed date arrived, Sheng Kebike arrived at the villa early with the invisibility cloak.

The two sides of the deal had a pleasant one-handed delivery, and the lion immediately glowed with the wig. He was happy to go back and forth in two circles, lingered in front of the mirror for a while, and didn’t hesitate to agree to the vampire’s request to temporarily block the air traffic of the auction house.

“Bats you should be able to control, I will talk to the owls, one night at most, any longer and we have to report – you want to do anything quickly, I will pretend that the mane is too long blocking the eyes, and I didn’t see anything.”

Sheng Kebike grasped his chest, and without asking what was going on, he agreed to go, flapping his huge wings in the air.

Until the huge figure of the sacred lion couldn’t be seen, the sky was still faintly thundering with a loud roar, “Daughter-in-law come and see, I have hair – this time it is real hair! No lie, just shaved off the head of the lion!”

“I don’t know if those lions left any shadow… Did you send them chili fries afterwards?”

As soon as he got off work, he rushed all the way back to the auction. The human doctor fiddled with the similar invisibility cloak like in Harry Potter with interest, while busy stuffing a mouthful of sandwiches into his mouth, curiously pursuing the question.

“Please don’t worry, dear – those lion spirits will regrow their manes in just one night. I’ve already sent them in three boxes of chili sticks, which I hear are selling like hotcakes at the zoo, and the animals are loving the snacks for pleasure.” Wei Long nodded with a smile, refilled his cup of tea, and sat leisurely beside him, “JiaLun’s brother is very interested in this business, and if he succeeds in getting into the zoo, it will probably become a long-term stable business.”

“JiaLun’s brother – what breed is he?” Thinking about the distinctive looks of the wolves he had seen these days, the human doctor choked on his milk tea and coughed twice. Astonished, he looked up, and really couldn’t imagine how a werewolf would mix inside the zoo – after all, Zhen Xi was just an example, in his knowledge base, those wolves could grow hair, but most of them still maintained the upright walking human form.

“Look at what you’re asking, since it’s my brother, then of course he’s also a husky – could it still be one of those stupid Alaskans?”

Originally, still lost because he couldn’t get a black market ticket, but didn’t think he could be brought in by that old vampire, the werewolf butler, who had not yet realized that he had become a free fighter, stood beautifully in front of the mirror. He was agonizing over which set of clothes he should wear to go out, and when he heard the human doctor’s inquiry, he replied smoothly without thinking. “JiaLun’s brother’s bloodline leans a bit more towards his mother, so he has not been accepted by the werewolf society. Today during the day he found me and said he wanted to try to see if he could mix inside the wolf park. I think they aren’t really that different in appearance, so it should still be possible.”

Looking at the werewolf butler whose mind had already flown to the auction, the vampire laughed helplessly and had to patiently explain the reason for the matter for his own human.

Shang HaoJia’s hand holding a cup of tea gave a beat; he couldn’t help but imagine a husky and a pack of wolves loving each other, then nodded in respect. “That’s quite an ideal… By the way, what about the fox, do we really want to send it to the zoo?”

“The cage you want is done, I applied the talisman water on it three times, it can seal the demon beast’s power for seventy-two hours – also, according to the information, I think that quod egg of yours is about to break its shell. You’d better take it out with you today, lest the little one can’t find out who his father is when he opens his eyes.” Before his words fell, Yan Maifan came down from the second floor and tossed the tiny golden silk cage containing the snow fox over. He himself followed and sat by the sofa, handing the dragon egg, which was already covered with strange patterns, to the human doctor.

In the past two days the Bi An egg’s strange movements had become more and more frequent, and the egg shell had more fantastic patterns. The number of Bi An were very rare, the dragon family also didn’t have the experience of raising one. The two people worried about whether there was something wrong, so Yan Maifan needed to check the cause, and didn’t expect to add another mouth.

The human doctor’s heart still felt a lot of anticipation, even though he felt a lot of pressure. The dragon’s egg was accepted with a thank you, and then he asked a question without worry, “Many thanks. Do I need to worry that it will be accidentally touched and broken?”

“Don’t worry, the dragon’s shell is harder than most things, almost only the dragons themselves can break it. In a critical situation, you can probably still generate a high physical damage index by taking it and aiming it at the enemy’s vitals and throwing it over.” Yan Maifan nodded seriously and turned his attention to the snow fox in the cage, casually opened the cage latch and pulled out the snow fox which was now only palm-sized on the table, “By the way, that vermilion flame pattern I always draw badly, your doctor’s hand is steadier than mine, you can let him try.”

The vampire exchanged a glance with him, nodded and took out his phone and put it on the table, “Honey, can you draw this flame pattern?”

Looking at the promotional picture of a second-tier online game on the phone, Doctor Shang couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and gently put the dragon eggs in his hand aside. Taking the brush and vermilion water from the two little dragons, he examined the snow fox that was slowly melting on the table, “What’s this for, don’t you think it looks good?”

“This is the conclusion we finally discussed – after all, compared to the nine-tailed fox, the snow fox is just too worthless.” The vampire nodded slightly in a serious manner, but did not forget the roots of his doctor’s origin. The snow fox was pushed forward and looked sincerely at the human doctor. “My dear, please do not worry – in the Garlew auction, as long as someone is willing to auction down, all transactions are possible. Dyeing young bear people disguised as baby pandas, using ostrich eggs to pass off as dragon eggs, having carp spirits change only halfway to call them mermaids, and so on are all very common, and are completely allowed and accepted among non-human races, depending on whether the buyer’s eyesight can see it or not.”

With a gradually deepening understanding of the non-human race, Shang HaoJia had no doubt that there would be people who would fall for such a trick. One hand pinched the snow fox’s head and picked it up, tracing a few strokes according to the sample diagram, but suddenly remembered an important question. “I see – I can try to draw a picture to see, but shouldn’t the nine-tailed fox have nine tails?” 

Obviously prepared for this problem, the vampire smiled and nodded, gently patting the two little dragons’ dragon bodies, “This is thanks to their help, the props have been completely prepared.”

The two little guys were familiar with both of them, but they were obviously still closer to the human doctor. The last time Wei Long tried to touch Xian Bao’s dragon horns, he was bitten on the finger by the little guy who hadn’t completely gotten rid of the husky gene, and actually held his hand while whimpering and tossing his head. The passing Golden Dragon saw the scene and beat up the indomitable son along with his other father at that time.

He really didn’t want to recall the time when there was rain in the local area that almost flooded the villa. Under the strong protest of the gnome florist, the pure-blood king who rarely scruples about what existed finally had to bow to the dragons and always be on the alert for any unexpected situation that might cause rainfall.

“Doctor brother, doctor brother, we found a secret – the snow fox’s hair grows especially fast!”

Finally came the time to offer treasure, busy all day the two little guys jumped up and down excitedly, into the closet rummaging around. After several trips back and forth, they came up with eight fake fox tails in their mouths.

“Don’t let me see them – you send me to the zoo, sell me, too! Or hurry up and stew me to feed that little ancestor. Once I turn back or become bigger, really quite big, should be enough for him to eat half a meal!” Once he saw the eight snow-white fake tails, the originally dead Arctic fox suddenly jumped up. He didn’t care that the hard ground below was paved with stones, and with tears in his eyes, he let out a loud cry and rooted down to the ground.

The two little dragons looked at each other and skillfully lunged. One wrapped around the neck of the snow fox, a steady grip on its tail, the snow-white fox dangled like ramen noodles in the air, wobbled twice, then was unceremoniously thrown back to the table.

“How many times did you guys pluck his hair…”

When doing experiments back in the day, he had to pull the hair on the ears of rabbits. Seeing the puddle of snow fox on the table, the human doctor quickly grasped the truth of the matter. Although there was nothing good about this inferior snow fox, it still didn’t stand on the position of experimental animals used for humane disposal, in the necessary implementation of the principle of euthanasia, habitually touched its neck twice, index finger lightly knocked two cervical vertebrae off the location.

“What are you going to do – I’m telling you, you can still count on selling me to feed your family Taotie, no hands on me!” Although not clear about the intention of the human doctor’s action, the instinct of the beast, the snow fox’s hackles raised and he instantly exploded into a snowball. On the ground rolled to avoid the demon’s hand, he slipped into the corner of the cage.

Not yet realizing what he did, the human doctor raised an eyebrow, his hand stopped in mid-air, as he innocently looked at the fox in front of him who was scared of deformation. The snow fox with hackles raised squatted for a long time, and vigilantly glanced at him, let out his claws, pulling its whole tail under himself, shivering while hugging its chest.

Sure enough this human is the big devil – humans are too scary!


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June 4, 2021 2:21 am

In the eyes of many supernatural creaturs, out of all being leaving in that villa, the scariest one isn’t the big Vampire Pureblooded King, but his mate, the human doctor. And the vampire is absolutely the sweetest, calling him ‘dear’ every time.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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