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My Junior Still Hasn’t Killed Me by Zi Lu

Genre: BL, Comedy, Transmigration to a fictional novel, XianXia, Fast-paced romance
Novel Status in Country of Origin: Finished, 29 chapters + 5 extras
Translator: Rikko
Editor: Addis
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Author’s Summary

Transmigration into a XianXia book. Male lead(top) is younger than the main chara. Beware: There is slight imprisonment involved in the latter part.

The twenty-year-old Zhong Yan ended up transmigrating. Moreover, he was burdened with the mission of leading the villain down the right path.

The moment he set foot onto the world, he witnessed the villain murdering someone.

Zhong Yan, “… Seriously, I saw nothing…”

With a smile as refreshing as a spring breeze, Gu XuanYan replied, “Of course I believe you, Senior brother.”

Zhong Yan, “…” Help!

Scheming villain top x bottom who loves to diss internally

Exiled Rebels Scanlations Summary

[Prevent the novel villain, Gu XuanYan, from continuing his murdering, while also changing the trajectory of his life, and assisting him in ascending]
This was the mission Zhong Yan got after transmigrating into a novel he read the night before his test.

However, not only was his current identity just a wimpy, low-level sect senior, but also a no-name background character in the novel who should have died after witnessing Gu XuanYan’s first murder!
Can Zhong Yan prevent himself from being silenced by Gu XuanYan? Will he manage to complete his mission and get back home?

TLDR: a fast-paced romance of a transmigrator and the novel villain he is supposed to save


Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

The current cultivation world was divided into five cultivation practices– Daoism, demonic, Buddhism, spiritual arts 1, and martial arts. The most influential among them was the cultivation practice passed down by Patriarch Lü, Daoist cultivation, which boasted a multitude of sects and disciples all over the world. Only Mount Jade Dwelling and Green Summit were the most famous out of all the sects.

Situated southwest of the Great Wilderness, Green Summit had numerous breath-taking mountains and captivating, high mountaintops. It was founded seven hundred years ago and had four of its sect members ascended, making countless cultivators vying to get there. There were more than three thousand Green Summit disciples, with chief disciples at the top of the hierarchy, followed by Rank One, Two, Three, and Four disciples respectively. All of them were either studying under the sect leader or the three sect elders and trained in various Green Summit’s mountains.

Resting on his bed, Zhong Yan recited the plot of the novel in his heart before letting out a frustrated sigh. The nearby Qing You rushed to the bedside as soon as he heard that, “What’s the matter, Senior Qin?”

Cultivators sure have sharp ears. Zhong Yan forced a smile in an instant, “Nothing. My wounds just sting a bit.”

Qing You sighed as well, “Senior Qin, your injuries are too serious, my heart almost stopped when I came over to treat you just now. You surviving is already a blessing from Patriarch Lü. Please bear with it, Senior Brother. I’m heading out to boil more medicine for you.”

Zhong Yan wished he could just tell him, your Senior Qin didn’t survive. If he’s fast, he probably has already drunk Old Lady Meng’s Soup. 2 However, the moment that thought crossed his mind, an androgynous robotic voice rang out. [Warning; please do not reveal your identity, host.]

Great, now even his brain was throbbing in pain together with his wounds. Yet again, Zhong Yan lay onto his bed in indignance as he looked on wordlessly at the departing Qing You

Yesterday night, Zhong Yan was still a second-year university student at the end of the term preparing for the end-of-year linear algebra test. While his roommate was pulling an all-nighter revising in the midst of tears, Zhong Yan consoled himself in his heart, how can I study well if I’m not relaxed? With a piece of mind, he clicked on a web novel.

It was a standard wish fulfillment web novel. The main character was from a wealthy family, had perfect looks and personality, and showered with luck. Since young, he believed he should be the savior of civilians. On the other hand, the villain was a nefarious, cold-blooded murderer who wished to take revenge on humanity. Both of them leveled up by defeating monsters and training, before having a final battle at Forbidden Apex. In the end, the evil lost to the good; the villain was killed tragically by the main character. The novel ended right on the night before Zhong Yan’s test.

Anguished wailings and enraged barking started flooding into the comment section. All comments had ‘Killing the villain off? Over my dead body!’ or similar complaints. As it was human nature to have a herd mentality, such comments blanketed the comment section. Some even began writing fanfictions of the villain’s second life, which garnered numerous likes. Some fans of the main character started criticizing the fans of the villain of having screwed up ethics, causing a bloodied flame war to break out. Amidst them were a huge bunch of main character and villain shippers who cuddled with one another while trembling tearfully.

It was no wonder the readers got so emotional. After all, the villain was too pitiful. He was born into a family of cultivators. As his parents refused to cooperate with despicable cultivators, the villain’s clan was eliminated when he was seven. He only survived because a loyal servant escaped with him, but unfortunately, the servant died right after their successful escape. The villain lived a poverty-stricken life until he was twelve. Due to his exceptional aptitude, the third sect elder of Green Summit picked him out when they met, brought him back, and took him in as a disciple.

Immensely grateful to his Master, the villain worked hard in his training. In just seven years, he had formed a golden core and was promoted to a chief disciple. However, at that time, he inadvertently discovered that his benefactor was actually one of the culprits involved in his clan’s murder. Furthermore, as his Master couldn’t ascend even after years of training, he had switched to the path of demonic cultivation. His Master only brought him back just so he could kill him for his cultivation base after he formed a golden core.

In a fit of rage, the villain killed his Master. From then on, he walked the path of evil as he searched for every single culprit of his clan’s murder to take revenge. During that point of time, not only did he suffer betrayal from his friends in the sect, the girl he loved died tragically due to him. In the end, he became utterly evil, turning his hatred from his enemies to the entire world. He brought disasters to the masses and so, various moral sects sent a punitive expedition against him. The novel concluded with him dying in the hands of the main character.

[Gu XuanYan had no idea exactly how many injuries he sustained, but the blood kept seeping out from his clothes. The blood-stained snowy ground made it an even ghastlier sight. Due to his broken golden core and ruined cultivation base, his mouth was filled with a metallic taste. He knew he was on the verge of death, yet he had no care about it. Lifting his head to the sword-wielding masses, he sneered, “It’s merely another round through the cycle of reincarnation; another round of centuries-long training.” After using his final bit of strength to utter his last words, he collapsed into the snow.]

It was just too devastatingly heartbreaking, wasn’t it?! The author had emphasized early on that the novel was centered around the good, with the moral faction as the main character and the villain was just a side character. Nevertheless, Zhong Yan felt the villain’s characterization eclipsed the main character sometimes. He couldn’t help himself from commenting. [If there is someone who treated Gu XuanYan wholeheartedly, he wouldn’t have been driven into a corner and ended up in such a state. Esteemed Author, are you seriously not considering to write an extra to save him? T_T]

Perhaps it was his retribution for not revising or for shamelessly acting cute even though he was an adult guy. When he woke up, he realized he had transmigrated into the novel and became a character named Qin MingXi. Moreover, a robotic voice was in his mind, dragging out every word. [System: 111. Host: Zhong Yan. Mission: Prevent the target from continuing his murdering, change the trajectory of his life, and assist the target in ascending. Current points host possesses: 100.]

Disoriented by the series of unforeseen events, Zhong Yan accepted the mission with a muddled head. After straightening out the plot again, he attempted to communicate with the system. [Why did I transmigrate?]

The system sighed at the question. [Gu XuanYan’s fate was actually firmly established—turning his back on the good which resulted in his body perishing. But who’d have thought the grudge you readers had was so strong that it affected the development of this world. There is no choice but to alter the villain’s fate.]

Zhong Yan asked. […So what does that have to do with me? I’m just a weak, pitiful, and helpless university student.]

The system answered with a snail-like pace. [Fate is originally set by the heavens, so a new turning point is needed to alter it. Coincidentally, you commented that the ending would be different if someone treated him wholeheartedly. So, the organization decided to make you that turning point.]

Serves you right for commenting nonsense without thinking, serves you right for reading web novels instead of revising.

Zhong Yan was speechless for a moment. All of a sudden, Qing You, who just went out to boil medicine, entered the room again with a panicked look, “Senior Qin, Sect Leader, and the Sect Elders are here!”

Green Summit Sect consisted of three Sect elders and a Sect leader. It had severely strict rules. Disciples must train in the mountain their masters were in charge of. The Sect Leader and elders rarely met, let alone their respective disciples. However, Sect Leader, Li XunJi, together with two Sect elders and all of the fifteen chief disciples assembled in the bamboo house normal disciples rested in today. That was only because Green Summit’s third Sect elder was murdered and Qin MingXi was the only witness of the incident. Zhong Yan had a slight suspicion the system was messing with him by sending him to this part of the plot.

Cladded in a white Daoist robe, the imposing Green Summit’s Sect Leader, Li XunJi, sat by the bedside. Both his hair and beard were pale white. As he looked at the person in bed, he questioned in a deep voice, “Did you have a clear view of the hoodlum that killed YunJi?”

Zhong Yan knew he had transmigrated to the time when the villain killed his first victim, starting his path of evil. Nonetheless, he had no idea what character he was playing and didn’t know if he should tell the truth. After all, he couldn’t find a character inside the novel with the name Qin MingXi in his memory. Seeing the disciple in front of him was silent, the Sect Leader knitted his brows and repeated his question. Zhong Yan had no choice but to drag himself back to reality and deal with the matter at hand.

He stammered, looking helpless and timid, “Sect Leader, just… when this disciple entered to deliver tea and noticed Third Sect Elder collapsed in a pool of blood, someone ambushed this disciple from behind… This disciple fainted even before getting a clearer look.”

Upon hearing that, everyone’s expression had a subtle change. Some were fearful of the assassin’s high cultivation powers, while some displayed their disdain covertly. They began discussing how mediocre Senior Qin’s aptitude was. During the twelve years in the sect, the only thing that grew was his age; his cultivation base stayed the same. Apart from training, he could only do menial chores like serving tea every day. However, the incident displayed how weak he was. He couldn’t even parry one blow from the culprit, let alone having a close look.

Light snickers filled the room right away. With a scowl revealed on his face, the Sect Leader, at the bedside, was just about to speak when a voice rang out. “Since the assassin came prepared and the sudden realization of Master’s death was so shocking, it is normal for Senior Qin to be momentarily unguarded. With how severe his wounds are, it is fortunate that Senior Brother survived. It’s best for him to focus on recuperating before recollecting the incident. He will be able to remember some details in due course.”

The voice was cool and collected. Zhong Yan raised his head to take a look, only to see a young man who was around twenty years old. His attire was light green, matching the green cloth he used as a hair tie. His stature was as tall and straight as bamboo, his features as attractive as jade, his eyes having a refreshing, boyish look. Noticing Zhong Yan looking at him, the young man lifted the corners of his lips slightly, appearing gentle and respectful.

He was the villain, Gu XuanYan. With such an honorable air around him, there was no way anyone would have guessed how murderous he would be in the future. However, this was expected; not a single soul in the original story suspected him at all until the conclusion. He only revealed himself at the end because he fell into a trap, which cornered him at a cliff. After all, Gu XuanYan’s identity was a Green Summit chief disciple and one of the leaders in the expedition against the head of demonic cultivation; everyone listened to his orders obediently. Besides, he would never let anyone survive his killings…

Right when that thought was on Zhong Yan’s mind, the system spoke in a faint voice. [But there is a survivor now though.]

Zhong Yan went speechless. Fuck you.

The Sect Leader sighed as he heard Gu XuanYan’s reply, “In that case, everyone is dismissed. Let’s continue this when your Senior Qin recuperates. Security must be tightened in every mountain in this period of time.” After a pause, he gritted his teeth, “Not only did that bastard murder your Third Sect Elder, they broke his golden core too. The Green Summit vows to avenge him!”

Zhong Yan stole a swift glance at Gu XuanYan. He looked as unruffled as ever and even helped the Sect Leader up before giving a gentle reminder to take good care of his body. Zhong Yan found it a pity. He was just born in the wrong era. If you were living in modern times, with your good looks and superb acting, your house would be filled with awards in no time. You will never turn into a villain.

When everyone else headed off, Qing You went up to Zhong Yan to assure him, “Senior, there is no rush. You will remember given time.”

Zhong Yan complained internally. Bro, I did remember what happened, but I don’t have the guts to spill it out. As he looked at the innocent expression on Qing You’s face, the melancholy enshrouding him dissipated, reduced to a simple sentence, “The medicine might be drying up.”

Qing You scampered out the door while Zhong Yan rested on the bed again.

[Sure, I can help him with ascension, but at least drop me onto a better point in time. Either when he was still a young, honest boy, so I could save his family and prevent him from turning evil, or when he just realized his Master was his enemy, so I can bring him away. He has already stepped onto the path of evil, how the hell can I save him now?!]

After a rare pause from the system, it replied a little awkwardly. [We aren’t all that stable too, the exact period you got dropped off couldn’t be determined… Look on the bright side; he only just began to turn evil. If you try your best, you can still lead him back to the right path.]

The transmigration system has bugs like this too? Zhong Yan’s vision darkened for a bit. He could only comfort himself that at least he didn’t arrive at the end of the novel. The villain probably wouldn’t even give a hoot if he ended himself off right there and then.

Zhong Yan asked again. [Just now, you kept warning me not to reveal my identity, scaring me from saying anything more. What personality does my character have? What’s his relationship with the vill—with Gu XuanYan?]

The system pulled out its documents. [Qin MingXi, a member of the Sect ever since he was ten, a disciple of Third Sect Elder. Possesses mediocre aptitude, in Elementary Essence Condensation stage, a Rank three disciple. Timid, wimpy, and rarely speaks. As his powers are weak, he will help out in daily menial tasks. He happened to be the one serving tea the night of the incident. As for relationship… the target has never paid any attention to you.]

Zhong Yan tried his best to recollect the novel plot once he heard the details. However, after spending some time scouring his memories for every single character, he admitted defeat. [Why don’t I even remember the novel mentioning this character? Is this a new character you guys created?]

[He had been mentioned though.] The system defended itself. [Let me recite it for you—Once Gu XuanYan got an answer about the process of his clan’s murder, he killed Li YunJi on the spot and destroyed his golden core. As he was about to leave, he chanced upon a disciple who entered the room to serve tea. In for a penny, in for a pound, Gu XuanYan killed him off too.]

A disciple… a disciple… a disciple…

Zhong Yan seriously had an urge to wail at that moment. In the end, not only was he a side character, he was a background character without even a name; he was only referenced as ‘a disciple’! It was futile using such an identity to attempt saving the villain; the villain didn’t even know who the heck that character was!

The system consoled him, [That’s not true; he definitely remembers you now.]

Oh, right. I’m the sole survivor of his murder.  Sorrow overwhelmed Zhong Yan as he gnashed his teeth, [I finally get it.]

The system asked at once, [Get what?]

[You must never slack and read novels before a test; Karma will bite you in the ass!]

Junior 1

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Translator Notes:

  1. mythical creatures such as spirits practice this cultivation
  2. In Chinese mythology, all dead souls have to drink this soup to erase their memories before heading to their next life. For more info:

Rikko (Translator)

Loves BL and bunny rabbits.


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